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  2. I've maintained for years that Turbine staff post frequently on incognito "just a normal player" accounts in order to subvert the discourse and deflect criticism back onto unsatisfied paying customers. And without fail, the ones who are always the first to refute and deny this theory are the very ones whom I suspect are on payroll. One of them does it here whenever her name is conjured (I'm sure you know who I'm talking about). Half the bullshit she types could ONLY come from the mind of someone who is being paid to type bullshit. The only thing worse than a Community Relations Manager that doesn't even try to do a good job are the shills who prop him up so that he doesn't have to.
  3. There was a thread, I can't remember which one, but after a few pages of general civility That Wolfgarde douche chimed in with the usual "stop whining fuckers" post. Cordovan immediately closed the thread for "insults." It seemed like he was looking for the excuse to shut it down. He could have chastised that lone asshole and deleted their post. I wonder if Wolfgarde was sent in to give him that excuse.
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  5. Pity. In his defense I have to say that forum communities are poison.
  6. He's been doing that since they pulled him off DDO and saddled him with a game (and a community) he demonstrably cannot stand. He has no interest in improving the game or in satisfying customers. All he wants is a paycheck that he doesn't even deserve.
  7. a few people have been sharing the many infractions that Cordovan has been handing out (through PMs). the majority of them he isn't even bothering to put a reason, he's actively deleting posts and in a lot of the cases, the threads he is using to back up the infractions are those simply critical of the dev decisions. he also made a point to close (at the time) the only active loot-box discussion thread. others have popped up since then of course. i'd say he is on his way to sapience level douche-baggery
  8. Cordovan has a long way to go still, before he reaches Sapience level. He's made some progress though.
  9. What a clusterfuck. SSG make Turbine look like a competent developer https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?660351-Cord-of-the-Rings-Summarised-12-7&p=7798545#post7798545
  10. Yeah I never thought to see a negative post from Nymphonic https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?660522-End-game-enjoyment&p=7798178#post7798178
  11. Lord of the Rings LCG

    Thanks for the clarification - its been a while since I've done anything with cards (and I no longer have the disposable income for CCG's in any event) It does look interesting !
  12. Lord of the Rings LCG

    No it's based off the later one by Fantasy Flight Games - LOTR:LCG. I rate it very highly. This adaptation looks a bit dumbed down unfortunately, but at least it's a LCG instead of CCG, so no random card packs. Link to the original card game: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/the-lord-of-the-rings-the-card-game/
  13. Lord of the Rings LCG

    Are you thinking ME:TW CCG or the later one ?
  14. It's not long before Cordovan snaps at someone and tells them to go play a different game if they aren't happy.
  15. EA, p2w, and lootboxes

    I was going to start a topic but I was beaten to it. https://theintercept.com/2017/12/08/video-games-loot-boxes-gambling-gaming-star-wars-battlefront-2/
  16. Lord of the Rings LCG

    Something to keep an eye on. Looks like a heavily modified version of the card game which is good and bad. Good because the card game was really quite fun. Bad because it looks like it has been pretty heavily modified. Still looks like something to keep an eye on. http://store.steampowered.com/app/509580/The_Lord_of_the_Rings_Living_Card_Game/
  17. Serverpopulation

    Zeitraum: 04.12. - 10.12.2017 23:59 EU-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 392): Logins EU-LOTRO US-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 389): Logins US-LOTRO // 04.12.2017 - 18:05 Bullroarer Update 21.3 Ende Beta #5 // 06.12.2017 - 00:45 Bullroarer Update 21.3 Start Beta #6 // 08.12.2017 - 17:55 Bullroarer Update 21.3 Ende Beta #6 // 08.12.2017 - 22:55 Bullroarer Update 21.3 Start Beta #7 // 08.12.2017 - 05:25 Landroval Neustart // 09.12.2017 - 17:55 Crickhollow Neustart
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  19. There's this one post that stands out as morbidly amusing. "I honestly believe SSG think their playerbase is full of stupid people. They think we can not see past things like this " Sitting on the sidelines here for a few years, and just enjoying the show, I can't help but notice that, after all the fail moves on Turbine's/SSG's part, and people STILL being there, and paying to be fed horse manure, that SSG are obviously correct in their assumption wrt. their playerbase. Or what is left of it, anyway. SNy
  20. Cordovan's replies. Even the fanbois are beginning to see through his bullshit.
  21. Any post in particular that you're referring to (If you click the #number at the top right corner of any post, you get a link for that particular post)? I had a brief look and couldn't see anything major. Then again, I have no idea what this Ash nonsense is.
  22. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?660351-Cord-of-the-Rings-Summarised-12-7 Incompetence is one thing. CONDESCENDING incompetence is quite another. It is as if they genuinely WANT people to stop playing.
  23. Christopher Tolkien retired from estate

    Fine by me. Modern culture is saturated with LOTR to the extent that I'm tired of hearing about it (same way I feel about Star Wars, Transformers, and super heroes). Kind of like punk bands that go mainstream, I guess. Tired of listening to millennials pretend like they've read the books when they obviously have not ("Tauriel is my favorite character from the books!!!"), and the hypocrisy of boomers who condemned the books when they were published but consider them classics today because it's now respectable to do so. Don't get me wrong, I like the LOTR films just fine, but The Hobbit films are just as terrible as the Star Wars prequels, and the level of fanboi hype those brought to the culture just really makes me ill. That seems to be the mantra of the world today; "Let's take something that was great, and make it not great so the lowest denominator can appreciate it too!".
  24. FFXIV gets a music system!

    Behold! As an FYI, it helps if you increase speed to 1.25x as the system still needs a bit of work, but it's off to a good start!
  25. Serverpopulation

    Zeitraum: 27.11. - 03.12.2017 23:59 EU-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 391): Logins EU-LOTRO US-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 388): Logins US-LOTRO
  26. Christopher Tolkien retired from estate

    That's really a shame, because MEE needs to change stance since gaming is such a huge industry these days (which is why EA does what it does). Otherwise, LotR is going to revert back to some niche fantasy epic... and fade like the elves...
  27. Christopher Tolkien retired from estate

    First, the LotR licensing is done through Middle-earth Enterprises, not the Tolkien Estate. Second, Middle-earth Enterprises (FKA Tolkien Enteprises, not related to the Tolkien Estate) has not gone the way of GW's model at all. While, like GW, they license to anyone with a pulse, unlike GW, they don't put any real IP quality control behind their decisions, focusing instead on the return-of-profits for licensing. Laurie Battle of MEE, said it quite plainly, in an interview (cf. Other Hands Magazine, Issue 10/11) with Professor Chris Seeman, noted Tolkienologist and publisher of the Other Hands fanzine (before MEE shut him down without mercy): So, unless MEE has changed its focus since that interview, they will be unequipped and, frankly, uninterested in pursuing GW's model.
  28. Christopher Tolkien retired from estate

    I'm not sure about a licensing blitz since the LotR/Hobbit and the Silmarillion (and the rest of Tolkien's writings) are owned by two different entities. Unless I missed something. Really, it has already happened with regards to LotR material, considering all the games there has been over the last decade or so. I guess, in theory, it could happen with 1st Age or even 2nd Age stuff. If they ever are brought under one umbrella then all bets are off.
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