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  2. LotRO Housing

    3 months
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  4. LotRO Housing

    Not personal houses - but you can form guilds with just 1 person and wait until rank 7 - don't remember how long that took - it was a bit I think
  5. LotRO Housing

    Was there ever a time in LotRO where alts could purchase houses, so a single account could have multiple personal houses on a single server?
  6. Gorgoroth lootboxes additions: new shinies

    Eh... I'm not really sure how fair it is to include DCCGs [Digital Collectible Card Games] like Hearthstone, Hex, and Mt:GO in comparison with loot boxes in other games as M:tG uses packs as their primary card distribution method for most of their sets and expansions. I mean, if you're going to condemn the DCCGs, at least condemn the real world CCGs while you're at it.
  7. Gorgoroth lootboxes additions: new shinies

    As long as there are loot boxes in game, and they will be their till the servers shut, it is better to have cosmetic stuff in them.
  8. Serverpopulation

    Zeitraum: 09.10. - 15.10.2017 23:59 EU-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 384): Logins EU-LOTRO US-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 381): Logins US-LOTRO // 10.10.2017 - 14:05 - 16:40 Update 21.2 // 13.10.2017 - 14:15 - 15:35 Downtime Hotfix ??? // 15.10.2017 - 13:10 - 14:45 Downtime Hotfix
  9. I put those items in the wardrobe, and disenchant them for 80 ashes. You are lunatics to care about it.
  10. Gorgoroth lootboxes additions: new shinies

    I don't blame a business for jumping at an obviously profitable new trend, no matter how much I dislike it, I can understand why when you see games like madden and hearthstone making a fuckton of money out of crates you might try the same thing.
  11. Of course you can blame them. For starters, not all the title you listed are MMORPGs. Second, there are just as many games that steer clear of them.
  12. Gorgoroth lootboxes additions: new shinies

    Lootboxes are here to stay, overwatch, hearths tone, dota, lol, fifa, shadow of mordor, tomb raider, madden... Etc... So many games now with loot boxes or packs, you can't blame ssg for jumping on that band wagon to be honest.
  13. why does it matter what is in the loot-boxes? isn't the argument that the loot-boxes themselves are the problem??
  14. For others, the game isn't complete when you've got cosmetics locked away from you by micro-transactions.
  15. Gorgoroth lootboxes additions: new shinies

    Dont see whats wrong with cosmetics in lootboxes, even if they are exclusive to lootboxes. The dont effect the the game and if people what to spent money for a slim chance to get them, well you know what the save about a fool and their money
  16. Gorgoroth lootboxes additions: new shinies

    So these are just cosmetics? Not sure I see how this is any worse than any other micro transaction stuff.
  17. Another lure to get people to buy keys for Gorgoroth lootboxes: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?659116-Lootbox-Replicas&p=7780972#post7780972 SSG: past the point of no return. Many players: gullible and plain stupid. Game over.
  18. I dunno if LotRO would last that long.... Hopes and dreams can only sustain you so far.
  19. How about this one: Hotfix tomorrow morning (Sunday) from 7am till 11am est .....? And people think we have to be thankful for that.....
  20. Watch out. They'll be back on you with a witty retort in about 3 years.
  21. And this is exactly why you don't cater to your game to childless octogenarians... because they have the reaction speed of a dead fish and they're mean as sin to anyone pointing that out.
  22. LOL elite? That's gotta be one of the funniest things I've heard in a long time.
  23. Wait, so SSG isn't this new group completely different from old Turbine who are going to do an amazing job with Lotro? The Lotroplayer article is very good in summarizing the problems - easier/faster than reading the forum thread. What is most telling about the Official Forum thread is that over and over players explain how unfair this is (due to them destroying their old armor), and Cordovan and SSG decide to be completely silent on this problem. I went through the Dev tracker and Cordovan is making other posts, but SSG refuses to discuss this problem with players. Looks really bad, IMO. They are not treating players as people, but instead as a commodity.
  24. Yeah, this one hit a nerve with a *lot* of the people still playing. LOTRO is giving away 50 mithril coins per account, with code MORDORMITHRIL. Good through October 22. Gotta keep on SSG's good side in case they ever send out more lootcrates to their volunteer PR staff.
  25. And still there are douchebags who commented on that post with shit like this: "I used to hold The Lotro Players in the highest respect and enjoyed the articles. Now that Lotro Players seems to have become a Lotro hate group, I see no reason to be partner to it." Or: "I’m thinking you should change the name if the site to Lotto Elite Players since all your complaining and negativity revolves around the 5 percent of the playerbase that it affects. It’s a game, a good one." (I bolded that part, because I'm still amazed at the tastes of some people) Even the supposed lead director of the site said: "This has gone on long enough… I’m tempted to pull this article down from the site… " Don't want to go admitting faults, do we? Amazing, really.
  26. Wow, even LotroPlayers is on the offensive... http://lotroplayers.com/2017/10/10/so-youd-like-to-play-a-game-that-punishes-you-for-supporting-it/
  27. Patch 4.1

    Yeah, I mean, they push out so much content that it's probably one of the reasons why FFXIV is actually able to go toe to toe with WoW. Blizzard will take note though, which is only going to be a win for everyone.
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