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  3. From Well, it's a step in the right direction, and it's small incentive to get those users to upgrade. I'd be more impressed if that client just happens to not show up, as it would demonstrate that SSG is doing the right thing and dropping XP and Vista support.
  4. I'm guessing this entire expansion is going to be one giant rehash of everything in LotRO, and then we're probably not going to see any new non-derivative (that is, using new assets) after Mordor releases, as most of the story will have been concluded. What really concerns me is how little noise this expansion has created, I mean, compare what FFXIV did with Stormblood (,39210#1y ), and that's even with FFXIV NA Datacenter getting DDOS'd ( ) since the start of Early Access. The stark contrast between both kinda makes it look like SSG is more focused on DDO than LotRO because an instanced based world has a lot of advantages over a continuous one, especially considering that it's better suited to dealing with the aging client. I mean, take a look at - it's almost rage inducing considering how few updates of similar quality LotRO got during that same time frame ( ).
  5. It sounds too much like Radiance and I don't trust them to not fuck it up in some way.
  6. So, we had a preview of the Mordor xpac today (6/22/2017). Basics 5 new regions within Mordor. 10 levels of content (level cap is 115). Virtue cap increased to 20 from 19. Occurs after the destruction of the ring & downfall of Sauron. Non-epic plot line called the Black Book of Morder. New crafting tier (but no new guild rep tier). New craftable minstrel instruments (no new trainable instruments). Craftable gear at level 105, 110, & 115. More streamlined essences. No new monster play features or skills. New "shadow/light" mechanic. New ways to get gear, including from landscape & reputation, as well as the ability to deconstruct gear and barter the results for other gear. New "Allegiance" system. Regions Looks like a major plot will be that the "king" of each region will be fighting for dominance. I think it's obvious they are reusing assets. To me, several regions looked a lot like Isengard/Nan CurunĂ­r and the "industrial waste" area just outside the revamped Thorin's Gate. That surprised me, since I was expected it to be more like Angmar. There also seemed to be a lot of Gondorian-style architecture in the ruins, thought that might just be because they were porting to convenient, "safer" areas. Mount Doom did look good. One of the regions has rivers of lava (think of the lag), which is somewhat reminiscent of the Rift and the instances where we deal with Mordirith. Another region is the "Valley of Spiders". It is being overrun with the spawn of Shelob. No indication is Shelob would make an appearance (it's almost certain there will be an instance involving her. The players would probably riot if they were not given a chance to spank her). No indication if the waters of Morder are toxic. There will be stable-masters, since some good guys will be scouting ahead. But there will be no major hub. Shadow/Light Mechanic The Shadow mechanic is an effect that tiers up the further off the main path you go. It can be countered with a "Light of Earendil" effect that is applied to your gear. They did not really show how it works, other than some particle effects around your character. Nothing was really said about the Light effect, how it's obtains, or how it is applied to the gear (except that it will be a separate thing). You are being encouraged to go off-script, however, because there will be rewards (gear) out there. This sounds a bit like Radiance. Epic Story/Black Book Plot It wasn't clear to me how the epic is going to be handled in the xpac. In one breath they would say that the epic won't be available until the xpac goes live, and in another they were saying that they were taking a bit of a break from the traditional epic to tell their own story with the Black Book plot. Gear & Stats Great is supposed to be much more plentiful and easy to obtain. There will be a token you can use on an item that breaks it into "Ashes", which can be bartered for other gear. The idea is that if your character needs Might-based gear, and you get something with Will on it, you can break it down and barter for the Might piece. This seems to work even for the raid gear. There is no indication on how these tokens will drop (I'm thinking it's going to be a store item). They mentioned that the MOBs are going to be more powerful, but that our characters would also be more powerful. They are revamping Vitality to make it more important. No new skills or trait points. No discussion of essences. New audacity gear for PVP will be available in a later update. There will be new relics for LIs. They did not say there were new tiers, but that they will be "different ones" for the same slots. I assume that means new Crafted relics. No word on whether there will additional xp tiers for imbued LIs. Allegiance System The devs have come to rely on Reputation as end-game content. And the Allegiance system seems to be reputation on steroids. Basically, you pledge your allegiance to a specific race (elves, dwarves, men, or hobbits), and build up rep with them in order to get gear & other rewards. This is supposed to be done for story purposes, with the idea that you'll pledge to one race. You can, however, pledge allegiance to multiple races, but it the difficulty level tiers up with each race you pledge to. They want you to play through the region on multiple alts. And yes, they said that. Since QuarterMaster U ported into Erebor, the dwarven faction is obviously led by Thorin III, who succeeded Dain after the Battle of Dale. It not clear if there are non-allegiance reputation factions. High Elves Nothing new here. They can be any class except Burglar. They will have their own staring zone, racial deeds, etc. You will not be able to convert an existing elf into a high elf (no real surprise there) Miscellaneous Stuff They have added more options to the Barbers so you can customize your character almost fully. No flowers to pick. No word on prices or pre-order packages. An instance cluster will be released separately. No word on whether it will be bundled with the xpac. First preview will be available on Bullroarer tomorrow (6/23/2017). You can download the client and transfer your character now.
  7. The key thing we don't know is what the SSG build system looks like. If it's based around using an archaic version of MSVS, then there's going to be odd issues with bitness.
  8. OK, that was helpful and I can say that I can actually relate to most of the comments, especially wrt. the ones from the female developer. About the process to switch from Awesomium to CEF (Chromium Embedded), I need to do something similar, with the help of (hopefully) others, but from XULRunner (mozilla, basically) to CEF. Though I don't quite get why she finds it worth mentioning that it can now display web content. That doesn't appear to be the hard part, after looking into it a bit. The hard part would be interaction, scripting and connecting back- and front-end. Maybe I misunderstood. Anyway, wrt. to the 64bit-ness. She talks a lot about stuff that has, basically, nothing to do with the bitness issue, per se. What she says about them using an ancient version of MSVC (is it so ancient that it doesn't have a 64bit target? Is that conceivable?) and especially all the libraries they use... would be an issue for them either way. If I understand that correctly, they have not been updating their build system and dependencies in a long time, which would of course help explaining the issues at large to a great extent. Then again, while I haven't touched the client for ages, I don't remember them supplying a whole lot of external DLLs with the client, and short of static linking, those dependencies might actually lie more in the tooling for content creation and updates as well as stuff on the server than in code for the client. Then again, she spoke about client bitness, and don't I remember that they had been talking about server bitness when they announced their big move to the new datacenters? SNy
  9. New to exploration and this forum. I had done some exploration before but I didn't quite know many exit points until I found this thread (and some others from Google). With the help of ibfe77, I learned a lot about jumping mechanics and exit points so I could explore the Middle-Earth more thoroughly. The first five screenshots are recent and were taken while exploring with ibfe77. Screenshots of the north of the Trollshaws were with my other friend. I know these pictures are nothing new but it doesn't hurt to bring some activity to this thread.
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  11. /facepalm Edit: Even Blizzard gets this one right:
  12. I went back to the anniversary videos - Cordovan asked the engineer, Zyrca, about it. She explained the "challenges" involved in the upgrade. Cordovan did come back and say that the 64-bit client is something they are investigating, but they have not committed to it. At about 8 minutes in.
  13. Thanks. So not even some written piece at some 3rd party (a)social media site, but a mumbled piece in a live stream that the only other participant understood as an announcement? Nothing to see there, move along. SNy
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  15. While browsing the offical forums the other day i came up with a completely random thought - has anyone ever been out exploring and having Erebrandirs Horseshoe equipped? I doubt it will have any effect, but who knows, this thing sometimes changes little things in the game, like giving a buff, changes lines in quest texts or spawning extra NPCs. They never said what all of it's effects are... I equipped it and tried to visit hobbit & squirrels but no luck, invisible wall still wouldn't let me pass, and escaping in the southern lone-lands towards the hidden village still resulted in a port. Anyone tried this also in other places? I know it is a total crazy idea, but hey, who knows...
  16. Thank you for sharing, Brystan. This is one of a few hidden areas that do not even require a single jump. However, I doubt that anyone in this thread is using mods to reach certain areas. Many routes involve difficult jumps and/or techniques which most players do not know.
  17. An Area in Western Balewood where you encounter Undiscovered Territory, access is easy and doesnt require any mods. Co-ords approx 33.7S 74.8W at border
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  19. However, if the type of person we're talking about that's still on XP or Vista is one that views a computer as an appliance, and doesn't understand WHY to upgrade, they're probably not going to have the technical knowledge to install Linux and Wine and get them both working.
  20. Rather than run XP or Vista install a good Linux distro ( ) , and install wine-staging following the instructions at You can download and install the client then, everything just works, no hacks/fixes required.
  21. And people also confuse "supported operating systems" with "whitelisted operating systems" >.>
  22. I'm going to miss those claims like "I run lotro in ultra settings with my Windows ME machine that has an Intel Celeron and 1GB of ram" People confuse loading with playable.
  23. They are. It's been mentioned, people are treating it like it's the next coming of the Valar, and it's going to solve all of LotRO's problems because they don't understand what this really means. If anything, a 64 bit client is going to mask some of LotRO's issues at the expense of higher memory consumption, and cause some of the entitled sitting on XP and the 32 bit versions of Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 to lash out in anger because they don't understand why Turbine has to enforce a memory limit on their clients and point figures at us entitled using our 64 bit OSs being racist against them.
  24. People on the OF are saying it's from Cordovan's LOTRO Twitch stream. I don't watch those so I haven't heard it myself, but that's what the source seems to be.
  25. It really comes down to when the code base was written, as there could very well be parts of the code base that are old enough where pointer size becomes an issue. It's an issue where SSG may just need to suck it up and go get help in order to fix it, but that's something I would NEVER broadcast to anyone.
  26. The client is doing that NOW, and fails in trying to continue doing so at the 32bit limit. Also, it's like, 2017, if you hit bugs because of incorrect assumptions wrt. the size of ints or pointers, you have been doing something very wrong in the course of the last, like, 15 years. Types like size_t and (u)int[xy]_t have been a thing since C99. Of course, if you have been exclusively targetting Windows and used stuff like PULONGLONG and other horrors (of course, in sometime last millenium MS invented upper-case macros for just about any useless type) and all that nonsense, you might well end up in some trouble. Then, again, since we're talking Turbine legacy code here that likely stems from sometime around then, yeah. SNy PS. I meant to ask earlier, but since I now replied, anyway, care to elaborate on the source of these rumours?
  27. Ah, yeah... you get a lot of really screwy quests sub 30 because that's how a lot of the game features are introduced to the player as there's a really long tutorial for a lot of the game features. That one is for the FFXIV equivalent of the barber.
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