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  2. So you make a clicky on your skill bar of the appropriate emote and click it. I'd say maybe kinda lame. Nothing to get too riled up about, imo, but to each their own. Might be fun with some friends to go back and do the old instances. Or, don't do the Trifles quests if you don't want to. And, yes, a grand remembering would have been cooler for sure.
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  4. Actually MoL said he had nothing to do with the scavy stuff, being busy with other things: (Principally, though, I agree with you; he's as frustrating a quest designer (especially in quest flows and space/time usage) as great a story crafter.) This thing smells like an intern or underexperienced bright young dev with marvelous ideas, yet without the in-depth knowledge of the game and its history. My take on the matter, from the OF: (Just FtR & just in case, my main main, being a semi-completionist, can do all of it...)
  5. The whole 10 year thing smacks of MoL. This is entirely my OWN opinion and experience of him, given some MANY years in alpha testing... many major updates get put up for testing or festivals, and I will quickly say "but, this just doesn't work, because XYZ" as an alpha tester I'll be told direct from MoL "We can't please everyone all the time..." A hippy kinda answer anyway. Even if I was constructive, and he will say that all the time. A polite way to say "this is what you're getting" And he ALWAYS replied on story driven elements, narratives, or episodic content. IE I asked him when he was online about stats and the essence system, he passed me on to another dev, basically he had no idea and couldn't care much less. That would be my guess to why a story driven part of the game is so fractured from what you need to experience it - MoL JUST does story. He's great at epics but ask him to build a toon to do the 10th anni, yeah good luck!
  6. The year 3: Trifles requires you to do an emote on an instance boss 10 separate times to complete the quest. Yeah, that's annoying, nothing mild about it. I was expecting something along the lines of the end of Volume 2 where you go to re-bury the Mithril Axe and all the dwarves you ran into along the way come back and talk to you about the things you did together. "Hey, remember when we did that thing? That was cool, wasn't it? Here's something to remember it by". But this is "Hey, remember when you did that thing? Go do it again! And go do all those other things again too! And we've got 10 years worth of random stuff like this for you to do again!"
  7. As I said, isn't it a look back at where the game has been for the last 10 years? Wouldn't instances be part of that? Now, if they want you to get something off the final boss of CD or ToO I can see being mildly annoyed. Is that the case? In some cases it might be having to do simple addition, imo, not calculus.
  8. A common refrain I've seen is "I'm a casual. I'm nowhere near cap because I'm not one of those loser power levelers. I'm patient, taking my time, enjoying the story. NOW LET ME GET MY ANNIVERSARY STUFF NOW!!"
  9. It isn't just a "look" back, in many cases it's making you replay old content. If I go to a college reunion I don't expect to have to take Calculus classes again.
  10. I think this is spot on - almost anyone playing for more than a short time will have or will soon have capped characters if they want them. The anniversary is aimed at the longer time players - and is completely optional. The completionists already will find they need to buy content and get to high levels
  11. I understand only characters that have unlocked them can do them. So what? It's a look back on where the game has been over the last 10 years. Are you expecting every quest have to have you visit Hobbiton and Bree? Any completionist is already going to have a max level character, no? I really don't understand the bruh-ha-ha over optional 10-year anniversary quests when they lead you to all the places the game has been over the last 10 years.
  12. I still think that in a visit to the history of Lotro you can't just visit the low-lvl areas, but you have to visit all. Those areas are also part of the game and the history of the game. Carn Dum was thé 6-man instance during SoA, you can't not visit that place in a tour in my opinion
  13. The easiest "Year 3" sends you to Moria, the top of Minas Tirith (like if is "memorable" to visit that laggy monstrosity), Caras Galadhon, Nar's Peak... All paths have some kind of restriction: reputation, level, own quespacks, expansions, mithril coins for traveling, now grouping (Carn, Dum, Sammath gul, The Foundry, Dome of the Stars, Suri-Kyla, etc). Besides, the design of the quests gets old fast, there are quests that send you to locations you already visited in previous years. I think the biggest problem is that the people who usually do festivals, play them in several characters, not all of them capped or with enough level to travel to lvl +100 zones. Then there are the completionists, those who wanted to get all titles. It was expectable that many of them are pissed. People, who usually don't go to the forums, showed up to complain. Bottom line they screwed it and they know it, but they are far from recognize it.
  14. I've kind of enjoyed the scavenger hunt.
  15. Exactly, and there are quests to complete in Carn Dum, in a couple of Moria Instances, Sammuth Gul (Mirkwood) & even in the Forges of Isengard. These are places a level 10 or 20 character - and in many cases, a level 50 or 60 - just cannot go. And I saw on the Forums that there are quests for Year 4 in skirmishes. Attack at Dawn was listed, which means that F2P or Premium players can't complete that leg of the quest unless they've purchased the content.
  16. Only characters that have unlocked those areas can do them.
  17. What's wrong with quests in those gated areas?
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  19. The Scavenger Hunt is a complete mess. The Year 2 quests were sort of understandable, since I really doubt there are any original developers left working on the game, and the ones who designed the quest didn't know the Red Pass & Retaking Weathertop were originally fellowship-only quests. However, it's unforgivable that QA didn't know enough to test whether the quests were available. The Year 3 quests, though? Requiring people to go into gated areas like Caras Galadhon, Moria & Mirkwood, and even into instances? What were they thinking. Well, obviously, they weren't.
  20. I found on twitter that according to Lotro and DDO website are not that secure... I'm not expert but from what I've read this could be big.
  21. I took a break from LOTRO and finally got around to doing all 8 class quests in SWTOR. They were amazing and I wish more games did extended stories like that. I know SWTOR has changed a lot from its original state but for a semi-casual like me it was easy to get into and advance and not get hung up min/maxing weapons/armor/etc. The community actually is pretty decent once you get past the 2 starter zones and stay away from fleet
  22. I doubt there are many people that have been playing actively over 10 years that dont have a max level character. There may be some that only RP and have never leveled up because of that. Other than that there will be some that started playing 10 years ago but stopped and come back every once in a while and play for a few hours. They are unlikely to buy quest packs and expansions any more so havent reached max level
  23. I don't understand why people who play 10 years don't have a character even near the lvl cap And I also don't understand why they expect to be able to do everything with their low lvl character. A anniversary questline that visits all the iconic locations/ moments will visit all those locations and not only those in low-lvl areas.
  24. Zeitraum: 18.04. - 23.04.2017 23:59 EU-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 359): Logins EU-LOTRO US-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 357): Logins US-LOTRO (10th Anniversary impact)
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  26. For the 10th Anniversary, I was curious and decided to find and reinstall LotRO via Steam. And then promptly watched LotRO eat it hardcore in Minas Tirith again... while FFXIV was running in the background. Why should LotRO crash after consuming more than 2.7GB while FFXIV was running stable and only used 600GB RAM? #LotROsDead
  27. I logged in and did the Scavenger Hunt year 1 to 3. Some quests are a bit grindy, especially those where you have to visit locations all over Middle-earth. The ones visiting taverns in The Shire and Bree are less of a hassle. The easiest way to get tokens is just to do the Beer fight in Thorin's Hall, as it has the quickest cooldown. Many folk have so many tokens from previous years, they can simply exchange them and get a lot of the new anniversary rewards immediately. I spent a couple of hours online and earned enough for the Steed of the Unflagging Dragon. It's only 40 tokens.
  28. Here is a link to a thread with some pictures of new rewards: Many people complaining that they didn't get a horse for playing 10 years.... but then there was this: And then there is apparently this: "Get a free Reveller's Gilded Cloak with the Coupon Code CORDOVANMAN, now through April 28th!"
  29. I'm surprised they let it run that long
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