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    Lord of the Rings Online should be renamed to Festivals Online. Of course that is after the incoming audit from the Treasury Department and the IRS. Class balance? I suspected from first hearing this, that the worst possible situation could occur. This being Hunters are currently hitting npc test dummies for over 1 million points of damage. Vastin seemed to have a notion of what he wanted, however it looks like he caved in the the complainers and now it appears to be far from what he originally said. Basically he probably screwed up the Hunter class so much it may never return to any semblance of falling inline of so called balance. Minas Morgul? I never saw this actually happening. To see it pushed back doesn't surprise me. Mordor, I used up LP I had for several years and purchased it. I approached the Black Gate and realized I had a quest ring lit up in the Waste Lands from previous content. I decide I should clean that up and then move on. Next I knew, unannounced I was watching Frodo cinematic of the ring being destroyed. Ten years, to have that moment essentially stolen from me, was to say the least depressing. Mordor grind, grind, grind, falling through the landscape a dozen times per session, and many other failings to numerous to mention. Allegiance, more grind and several of the instances for it are broken. To this day those instances are being exploited by circumventing the design. I couldn't bother to make a ticket due to knowing six months later they still existed as old content. Northern Kingdoms, the grind is real and often returns you to old Mordor, Allegiance grinds to progress. The staggered dailys in this region are mundane and boring. All that crap just for Essence nearly puts me to sleep. SSG said there would be no new level increase yet somehow they forgot that. 80 quest for 5 levels means even more repeat grind. PvMP, It is the worst I have ever seen it. I think it is atrocious and should be deleted from the game completely. That comes from a Creep only player for over 5 years. Lag,lag,lag. it won't ever be fixed and I know that. SSG empty words is all I hear about a new engine. Soon with Apple ending support for its 32 bit products, I expect the Mac version to disappear. Gold spammers, Ha Ha Ha I laughed when I saw Cordovan in a live stream where the gold spammers flooded world chat. How embarrassing that had to be. Its no wonder he does the live streams while stoned on pot. For me this game isn't nearly as fun as it once was. I don't drive myself mad like many of the truly addicted idiots that think this is good game design. The fanboys who constantly try to squash any dissent in game and on the forums will likely go through some counseling to adapt to the real world after this game gets shut down. Come June 5th I might get to see how the long the sun will be giving light. Cordovan will have to eat those words and I'll have no problem spoon feeding them back to him. I made a thread asking for SSG to not burn the community like many closing games do by telling lies and then dropping the bomb. I made that post because, I saw a possible impact from what the US Government was about to do concerning Russia and sanctions. I'll watch and see what happens. Moving on to Legends of Aria regardless. It will have many features I always wanted LotRo to have. RIP LotRo