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    Edit: on that note, I don't want to go and put on my big boy pants, but if everyone could simmer down and stop bringing up Amorey, we can all go back to the peace and quiet we had before. Normally I'm all for a bit of back and forth, but this has been pretty bland and repetitive. The walls of text are starting to make it very clear it's not skilled trolling, it's emotional ranting, and that ain't good for nobody.
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    Modbreak: Right, mod powers activated, tidied an already spiraling derail.
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    If I'm so irrelevant, then how come you've replied to me on this thread over a dozen times? You say one thing, yet you're doing another. That is the very definition of hypocrisy. So you see, I'm not calling you names, I'm simply stating what you're proving yourself to be. And for the record (not that it matters), I don't have multiple forum accounts. THIS has been my forum name in LOTRO since beta. You're inventing a scenario inside your head, and you're trying to fashion a narrative that does not exist, and you're turning around and trying to accuse me of doing just that. That reminds me of the schoolyard bully who knocks someone down, then runs to teacher and claims that person actually knocked THEM down just to avoid getting in trouble. I haven't said anything about you that you haven't proven yourself to be true. You're an asshole. You've proven that. You're proving it now. You're a shill for Cordovan and Turbine/SSG. You've proven that. You're proving it now. And you bait and flame people on the OF so you can report them and get them banned. You've proven that. You're proving it now. Personally, I'm not jumping on the bandwagon and calling you fat the way other guys here are, because that's not who I am. I honestly don't care what you look like on the outside. All is know is that based upon your actions, your deeds, and your words.......you are incredibly ugly on the inside. You're disingenuous, you're manipulative, you're hypocritical, and you're false. If Eddie Haskell were a woman, THAT is who you would be. Now are we done? Because I'd much rather taste your salty tears when LOTRO is cancelled than at this very moment in time. After all, you have MUCH more important things to do......right?
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    It is a bike ride...I give you that
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    Well aren't you the Square Enix shill?
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    That's assuming she can run. For all we know, she's so plugged in to LotRO, she's gonna need some help from Morpheus.
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    Because it's totally the players' obligation to do SSG's job for them. Someone got PAID to produce that trailer. Let that sink in. Money that could have been spent on, oh I don't know, paying another QA tester? Or maybe even paying Amorey and Hurin a little extra to shill a little harder for them on social media....
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    I've seen a dozen threads saying they don't. But I knew before you even posted that you'd adore them, because that's what you do. You take the contrary stance to EVERY single criticism against your precious LOTRO devs. I still maintain they're paying you to do so. It can be the only logical explanation. No one could possibly be that blind, or that complacent to base mediocrity. And for the record, both your avatars look like men now.
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    To be entirely fair, they did manage to get every remaining LotRO player together to make that video. That's quite a feat, considering the ever-looming threat of lag from having all three players in one spot.
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    At least they have a single fan out there willing to make a quick video in celebra- wait, is that supposed to be SSG's official attempt at an expansion trailer?! Sweet Jesus, how are there people still stupid enough to pay these scammers money?
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    I.....don't recall having picked a fight with you. It's not my fault you got so incredibly butthurt because I don't want to play another MMO with a cash store and neck ties. I REALLY don't understand why you're taking it so personally. Nor do I particularly want to. You can say what you want to about my personal beef with Amorey and Cordovan, but this......this is bizarre......
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    Note that what I said was about a difference of taste, not how someone might behave while having said difference.
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    You unleashed an open season on OF, don't try to step back now bitch.
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    Zeitraum: 07.08. - 13.08.2017 23:59 EU-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 375): Logins EU-LOTRO US-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 372): Logins US-LOTRO
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    This was a big reason I stopped playing when I did. Trait trees were the final nail in the coffin for me. I'm honestly hoping another company gets a shot a making a LoTR-MMO. Surely someone can put the rights to better use.
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    I've not tried it, yet. Big boy pants are still off. Giving everyone a chance to simmer down before it's needed. And I do mean everyone.
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    Man, I haven't seen a Lotro-related thread like this in ages. Really takes me back a bit.
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    No, she's such a weak person that it was inevitable that she'd take the bait once she got word of it. Eh... it's more to the point that everyone is trolling everyone... but she's kinda sucks ass at it. Unless you is trolling (given how derptastic you are, it's doubtful) incubus = male, succubus = female... I wonder when she's going to figure that out XD Prolly never XD
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    Still going at it, huh? That is an interesting point, though. Of course, you're leaving out the fact that a few folks turned it into the Amorey show before she even arrived, amigo. What, you didn't think she would take the bait? And now that she has--and is trolling a few of you in a hilarious manner--you want her to go away? You summoned the succubus and she has appeared. No turning back now.
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    Do you get a kickback if you mention FF14 in a post? Or just once per thread?
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    Y'know, the exact same can be said about you. .... so what do you call this post? As are you. And the same can be said of you. And the exact same can be said of you. Y'know, maybe you should actually believe your self-righteous bullshit and practice what you preach. Oh, and take off your tinfoil hat while you're at it.
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    Keep the posts coming, I'd rather have you post here where we can collectively laugh at your fat ass. Keeps you from shilling on the OF, which is detrimental to the game
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    You got a real hang up over "grown up guys", don't ya? I mean, I don't get any sexual attention from men either (regardless of their penis lengths), but you don't hear me getting all upset about it.
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    Y'all do realize there is an Ignore feature on these boards? You could think about using it to spare us this useless chatter. SNy
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    If you have better things to do, then why are you even here replying? No, I see no evidence whatsoever that this statement is true. I begin to question whether you even actually play the game you keep shilling for. There are a finite number of hours in a day, and you spend a disproportionate amount of those hours reporting posts on the OF and pumping sunshine up people's asses. Those aren't the actions of an individual with 'far better things to do'. So your assurances don't really hold a lot of weight. All you've really accomplished here is proven yourself to be a hypocrite, a troll, and a liar, which I already knew, as did others here. But by all means, keep proving it. Keep showing your true colors. Keep making yourself look bad. I'm actually enjoying watching you laying bare your sins to the LOTR community without me having to type one word.
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    Look, I don't want to really get into it with you, because you've already admitted you have a huge hate-on for Cordovan right now...but what you are saying is flat out incorrect. There are threads still open right now where people are blasting that trailer to bits. Also, there are open threads (with a lot of negative of posts) about the AOV and the new avatars. Just sayin...
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    I have to give it to ssg cord, the OF are way more open minded than it used to be at sapience days. They let people say their piece, even when it's negative opinions about ssg.
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    Omg, can someone please delete the last 5 pages of petty juvenile back and forth bullshit?
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    This seems like standard pricing to me, compared to the way overpriced Mordor packages. But then, we already knew that LotRO was going for a last ditch effort to liberate as much money as possible from our purses. Arenanet has been steadily increasing the amount of people who work on the game over the past couple of years https://www.polygon.com/features/2017/8/1/16074532/guild-wars-2-path-of-fire-expansion-behind-the-scenes-feature-reveal Now, the LotRO fanboys/apologists might wonder how you can grow a company with such ludicrously low prices, but I guess the makers of GW2 have found an entirely new and revolutionary way of making money with their game: Designing and developing interesting content that people actually want to play. They didn't even need to milk one of the most famous IPs to get there, it's all original work! This just exemplifies once more how badly Turbine/SSG have ruined LotRO, which has been on a slow and steady decline from the day it was released.
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    If a single person--that you've never met--deters you from going back to a game, something tells me you probably weren't too keen to begin with.
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    touche. Unless it's a bike in FF XIV, right?
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    I will consider your offer and come back to you in due course. Thank you kindly for the interest on a side note your kid avatar is also a bit creepy but I am not that picky
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    There were some cracks in her sickly-sweet bullshit on the OF a few times too, if you paid attention you could see the real monster under the facade. I don't let people like that anywhere near me.
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    The difference with he FFXIV forums is that the devs don't silence people that have feedback that isn't a glowing review of the abilities. As I main WHM and (and have since I started back before HW went live) I know exactly how SE responds to people that correctly saw the lily and confession mechanics as garbage, then campaigned to get them fixed. FFXIV's forums tend not to have the toxicity because YoshiP is also front and center most of the time, and YoshiP also had the balls to admit when he's wrong and when SE screwed up like when apologize for the mess that was 1.0. Toxicity comes not from players being anonymous, it comes from players feeling like the devs are telling them to go pound sand. And when you have players, like Amorey, that are not helping the situation, of course some of us are going to want to tell her to take a long walk in a no-go zone in London.
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    And that, folks, is the true colors of Amorey laid bare. She can dish it out, but she can't take it herself. The true sign of a sniveling coward. Such a hypocrite, too. She started this thread on the OF to flame everyone who is dissatisfied with the botched character models, and when it didn't go her way, she herself asked her lord and master Cordovan to lock it. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?656658-New-Avatars-appreciation-thread That, folks, is the very definition of cancer.
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    Whatever you say, shill. The proof is in the pudding. Too many coincidences. Too many decimated game communities. Too many instances with YOU at the scene of the crime. Also, too many other shills on the OF with the exact same writing style and syntax as you................. It must really burn you that you don't have the clout or the power to have me banned here as well, doesn't it? You and your cohorts can't bully me here, toots. Doesn't that just piss you off? Now, why don't you run on back to the safe space bubble of the OF and complain to Cordovan how I'm hurting your precious little feelings so he can pat you on the head and tell you how important you are, hmmm? Because you're not going to find that here. You've got a long and arduous day ahead of you telling all the naysayers that LOTRO is fine and that your ugly-ass characters look beautiful. You should really save your strength for that. Also, if there was even a shred of truth in the last paragraph of your reply, you wouldn't have even replied at all. And don't be too flattered by the attention. In the years to come, when I think of LOTRO, I'll think of how fun it was when it launched. I won't give a second thought to ignorant shills like you who are responsible for destroying it.
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    ok, the obsessive rants/speculations over Amorey is getting a bit weird. not to mention, she's probably enjoying the attention you're giving her, no?
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    I disagree about the avatars, as what people wanted was to have modern looking avatar models... What we got was a different shade of lipstick on the pig =/
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    What you see on the OF is classic astro turfing. It's much easier for them to have a couple of 'renowned' players call everyone with valid criticism a whiner and complainer, than it is to fix or create new content. That is also the reason for why the staff choose not to address these issues at all. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astroturfing I for one, think that the Avatar Update wasn't necessary. I think the PC models looked just fine, and worked and blended well with the graphics of the game, and other parts of the game like the Cosmetic System and poses/emotes. It is clear that the people who work on them now have no clue what they are doing, and seem to be younger and newer content developers who have grown accustomed to the way young people look now: Fake and covered in make up. I personally don't really care enough about avatars, and it makes no difference to me (clipping issues and problems with poses and emotes are a bad look, but we have long known they don't really care very much about the quality of the product anymore, and it's all about milking the last $ out of LotRO). My girlfriend on the other hand, had to switch back to the old avatars, she was really bummed out about a couple of characters being completely ruined, and she also couldn't find any other options at the Barber that could have helped remedy the situation.
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    I'm expecting the hobbit revamps to turn them all into variations of Chucky from the Child's Play movies.
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    In before Amorey thinks the new emotes are terrific.
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    I can't ignore the androgynous running animation in female elves. I suppose that is how Amorey runs irl because, of course, she likes it.
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    If you ignore the trailer (I mean, wow)...if you ignore just about every PR disaster that led up to this expansion (the bundles, the high elf, etc.)...if you ignore how dreadfully awful they ended the epic story (cinematics, etc.) and I admit, that is a lot to ignore...questing in Mordor is, dare I say it...fun. So far. It's probably mostly due to the increased difficulty. It's still the same old type of quests, but it probably seems fun because it's a departure from what we've had for a few years now.
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    TheyBreakGames (C) and StandStillGames (C) present the Don't Buy Mordor Trailer Not all legends are truly tested, viewer discretion is advised!
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    No, if you are going to fix the avatars, you do what WoW did and update ALL of the character models to be higher poly, while also overhauling your graphics engine at the same time. You don't screw with the meshes because that makes formerly feminine female avatars look like they're trans. And they should get fired for doing such a lackluster job. The only way to have made it any worse is if they did stick puppets instead of uninspiring combat footage.
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    That bottom character is most definitely not an improvement. Was going to log in tonight and check it out, not looking forward to seeing what my characters are going to look like now
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    A ) You're gonna fall over B ) Shots aren't going to be nearly as powerful due to how your core body works as you basically fire with your upper torso, and not your arms (which means the skimpy little girl archer actually can't do jack because she lacks the musculature to use the higher draw strength strings = slower arrow = less damage and range). So please, YouTube this endeavour and show us =D Edit: Or maybe they should have modeled those bird brains off of:
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    Just a blonde elf that thinks it's a flamingo. Definitely worth throwing down big bucks.