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  1. LotRO Dev Halt?

    If it's the stream I'm thinking of, Cordovan clearly said that resources were being diverted because they are finalizing the Mists of Ravenloft expansion for DDO. It's due out next week. He also clearly stated that they are sharing certain teams, including art assets. If there's any controversy surrounding this, it's either because SSG or the LOTRO players are being super-sensitive.
  2. Tedious

    I finally started Mordor. While I'm just in Udun, I'm finding the best word to describe this xpac is "tedious". While MoBs are slightly tougher, it seems like the effect of the changes is that the Mobs are more likely resist, block, parry, and/or evade, and so the fights are much longer. And that means it takes a lot longer to fight your way to the quest objective and then fight your way back out. I'm kind of sick of trash MoBs on the whole - I just want to complete the quest and turn it in without all the fuss and muss. Also, there seem to be a lot more auto-bestow quests, rather than ones quest giver NPCs; and that makes it much more difficult to find quests. And they still haven't learned that upon respawn should be set higher when a new zone is released - it's been nearly impossible to find some of the MoBs. So, yeah, after a few hours of not getting much accomplished last night, I parked my toon. A fool and his money, and all that....
  3. Mordor Trailer

    Not even going to comment...
  4. Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    4 days out from the supposed release date, and it looks like the dev & artist interviews is all they are going to release. This dev interview for the high elf was a huge waste of time. https://lotro.com/en/u21-High-Elf-Dev-Interview
  5. Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    I used a Blessing to catch up with some friends that were leveling in Moria. It was a mistake for 2 reason. First, the friends stopped playing soon after. Second, even with the virtues & the gear in the package, I had to complete the Moria intro & unlock the LI system, and Moria itself was not really a pleasant experience. The guys I was running with intended to do the instances on-level, but the toon was completely not ready, and it took a lot of work to get him even remotely ready.
  6. Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    New Dev Interview about the allegiance system: https://www.lotro.com/en/u21-Allegiances Quartermaster U clarified on the official stream today that these are not Dev Diaries, but preliminary to the Dev Diary. I suspect the are preliminary to nothing.
  7. Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    If the AoV is like GoV and BoV before, you'll end up a level 105 with no virtues or trait points. You'll still have to grind to get the character in any kind of shape for the journey through Mordor. Worse, you'll probably have to do that even before you step foot in Mordor due to the changes in the stats. I doubt it'll be much of a time-saver.
  8. Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    You don't get the High Elf with the Standard Edition. The Aria of the Valar is a stupid thing to give people in this package.
  9. http://store.turbine.com/store/turbine/en_US/custom/pbpage.lotro-mordor. 3 pre-purchase packages: Ultimate Fan bundle costs 129.99 USD. Collector's Edition bundle costs 79.99 USD. Standard Edition bundle costs 39.99 USD. FAQs are also available at https://lotro.com/en/u21-FAQ.
  10. Mordor Preview

    So, we had a preview of the Mordor xpac today (6/22/2017). Basics 5 new regions within Mordor. 10 levels of content (level cap is 115). Virtue cap increased to 20 from 19. Occurs after the destruction of the ring & downfall of Sauron. Non-epic plot line called the Black Book of Morder. New crafting tier (but no new guild rep tier). New craftable minstrel instruments (no new trainable instruments). Craftable gear at level 105, 110, & 115. More streamlined essences. No new monster play features or skills. New "shadow/light" mechanic. New ways to get gear, including from landscape & reputation, as well as the ability to deconstruct gear and barter the results for other gear. New "Allegiance" system. Regions Looks like a major plot will be that the "king" of each region will be fighting for dominance. I think it's obvious they are reusing assets. To me, several regions looked a lot like Isengard/Nan CurunĂ­r and the "industrial waste" area just outside the revamped Thorin's Gate. That surprised me, since I was expected it to be more like Angmar. There also seemed to be a lot of Gondorian-style architecture in the ruins, thought that might just be because they were porting to convenient, "safer" areas. Mount Doom did look good. One of the regions has rivers of lava (think of the lag), which is somewhat reminiscent of the Rift and the instances where we deal with Mordirith. Another region is the "Valley of Spiders". It is being overrun with the spawn of Shelob. No indication is Shelob would make an appearance (it's almost certain there will be an instance involving her. The players would probably riot if they were not given a chance to spank her). No indication if the waters of Morder are toxic. There will be stable-masters, since some good guys will be scouting ahead. But there will be no major hub. Shadow/Light Mechanic The Shadow mechanic is an effect that tiers up the further off the main path you go. It can be countered with a "Light of Earendil" effect that is applied to your gear. They did not really show how it works, other than some particle effects around your character. Nothing was really said about the Light effect, how it's obtains, or how it is applied to the gear (except that it will be a separate thing). You are being encouraged to go off-script, however, because there will be rewards (gear) out there. This sounds a bit like Radiance. Epic Story/Black Book Plot It wasn't clear to me how the epic is going to be handled in the xpac. In one breath they would say that the epic won't be available until the xpac goes live, and in another they were saying that they were taking a bit of a break from the traditional epic to tell their own story with the Black Book plot. Gear & Stats Great is supposed to be much more plentiful and easy to obtain. There will be a token you can use on an item that breaks it into "Ashes", which can be bartered for other gear. The idea is that if your character needs Might-based gear, and you get something with Will on it, you can break it down and barter for the Might piece. This seems to work even for the raid gear. There is no indication on how these tokens will drop (I'm thinking it's going to be a store item). They mentioned that the MOBs are going to be more powerful, but that our characters would also be more powerful. They are revamping Vitality to make it more important. No new skills or trait points. No discussion of essences. New audacity gear for PVP will be available in a later update. There will be new relics for LIs. They did not say there were new tiers, but that they will be "different ones" for the same slots. I assume that means new Crafted relics. No word on whether there will additional xp tiers for imbued LIs. Allegiance System The devs have come to rely on Reputation as end-game content. And the Allegiance system seems to be reputation on steroids. Basically, you pledge your allegiance to a specific race (elves, dwarves, men, or hobbits), and build up rep with them in order to get gear & other rewards. This is supposed to be done for story purposes, with the idea that you'll pledge to one race. You can, however, pledge allegiance to multiple races, but it the difficulty level tiers up with each race you pledge to. They want you to play through the region on multiple alts. And yes, they said that. Since QuarterMaster U ported into Erebor, the dwarven faction is obviously led by Thorin III, who succeeded Dain after the Battle of Dale. It not clear if there are non-allegiance reputation factions. High Elves Nothing new here. They can be any class except Burglar. They will have their own staring zone, racial deeds, etc. You will not be able to convert an existing elf into a high elf (no real surprise there) Miscellaneous Stuff They have added more options to the Barbers so you can customize your character almost fully. No flowers to pick. No word on prices or pre-order packages. An instance cluster will be released separately. No word on whether it will be bundled with the xpac. First preview will be available on Bullroarer tomorrow (6/23/2017). You can download the client and transfer your character now.
  11. 64-bit client?

    I went back to the anniversary videos - Cordovan asked the engineer, Zyrca, about it. She explained the "challenges" involved in the upgrade. Cordovan did come back and say that the 64-bit client is something they are investigating, but they have not committed to it. At about 8 minutes in.
  12. Windows XP?

    So, the SSG folks had to release a special client for Windows XP/Vista users. Seriously, XP? Get a new computer.
  13. 64-bit client?

    SSG seems to be pinning all their hopes on a new 64-bit client for LOTRO. Cordovan, at least, thinks it'll solve a lot of the performance/lag issues. Will it really help, or just introduce all new headaches and performance issues?
  14. Who is Composer now for Lotro ?

    I sure someone on staff knows how to use a synthesizer. We'll be killing orcs to a mad bossa-nova beat!
  15. Exactly, and there are quests to complete in Carn Dum, in a couple of Moria Instances, Sammuth Gul (Mirkwood) & even in the Forges of Isengard. These are places a level 10 or 20 character - and in many cases, a level 50 or 60 - just cannot go. And I saw on the Forums that there are quests for Year 4 in skirmishes. Attack at Dawn was listed, which means that F2P or Premium players can't complete that leg of the quest unless they've purchased the content.