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  1. I doubt there are many people that have been playing actively over 10 years that dont have a max level character. There may be some that only RP and have never leveled up because of that. Other than that there will be some that started playing 10 years ago but stopped and come back every once in a while and play for a few hours. They are unlikely to buy quest packs and expansions any more so havent reached max level
  2. Companies, in general, only care about the bottom line. How they can maximise profits, meet quarterly targets so they get bonus. Unlike many things in life healthcare is not a luxury that people can do without. The US has the highest per capita spending on health care in the world, yet has less practicing physicians than the OECD average and also less hospital beds than the OECD average. So where the hell is all the money going. Running healthcare to make money is just a bad idea in my eyes
  3. Obamacare is #winning when the alternative was #Trumpcare When the healthcare system is run for profit it is always going to become expensive for the public as the for many people the alternative to paying is suffering Also how bad was #Trumpcare that even with control of the Whitehouse, Senate and Congress it still would not pass
  4. Still play from time to time, but only my main, all my alts will stay where they are
  5. Seems he has a number of convictions for assault, GBH, carrying a knife etc the last being in 2003. He was also investigated a number of years ago by MI5 but was not part of any current investigation. Agreed the response was impressive. Also the response of Tobias Ellwood MP, who try to save the policeman is due respect. He had no idea what was going on, if the attack was continuing or not but he spent 15 minutes doing CPR. As for those criticising the medics that tried to save the attackers life, there job is to treat anyone that needs treating, not to judge, not to guess who has done what and ignore those they think dont deserve treatment. Also it is always better to take these people alive, they can provide intelligence services with information that may help stop other attacks
  6. The name being mentioned is for a man who is in jail, so not likely to be him. So far we know nothing about the suspect nor their motives, best not to jump to conclusions like Channel 4 news did
  7. Big battles are just worse versions of defensive skirmishes
  8. So sorry to hear, you will be missed
  9. If it not broke dont fix it
  10. Who do you think leaks everything to wikileaks
  11. Watch Paul Ryan's face when Trump says the time for trivial fights is behind us, about 7 seconds in. Dont think he believes Trump
  12. The first game was a massive success, this was always going to happen. Most people who will buy this dont care about the lore.
  13. In 2012 other took less than 2% of the popular vote. This time it was around 6%. I wonder how many people decided to vote other rather then Clinton in swing states that ended up costing her a win
  14. Where I work, those that need to access their emails on the go, mainly management, have a work phone. The phone is setup by IT and the do regular checks on the phone. They are not allowed to use the phone for non work related activities.
  15. But Clinton is Satan so she must be condemned and just ignore anyone else doing the same thing.