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  1. Gorgoroth lootboxes additions: new shinies

    As long as there are loot boxes in game, and they will be their till the servers shut, it is better to have cosmetic stuff in them.
  2. Gorgoroth lootboxes additions: new shinies

    Dont see whats wrong with cosmetics in lootboxes, even if they are exclusive to lootboxes. The dont effect the the game and if people what to spent money for a slim chance to get them, well you know what the save about a fool and their money
  3. Made around $433 million in total, around 89% internationally and 11% in the USA. It cost around $160 million. Not sure there is any money in sequels
  4. Meanwhile, back at Turbine...

    I best heard this season described as a season of moments and when you look back there was a lot of really good moments. I get it people are upset that few people died other than red shirts, but we are so near the end there is not much time left to introduce new characters so you need to keep people around to have the big battles to come.
  5. Meanwhile, back at Turbine...

    easy fix, just have someone Thormand If I have to spend a third night out here i am going to fuck one of you
  6. New OF Community Guidelines

    The mass unbanning of accounts is largely pointless. Most people who had a ban wont go to the forum, hell many wont even play the game any more, so they will not know they are unbanned as there is not much chance of SSG emailing them to let them know. So it is a PR move that sounds great but in reality is meaningless
  7. Messages

    I just get the loading screen
  8. Mordor Trailer

    They should have shown some shots from the new raid that came out with the expansion, oh wait never mind
  9. Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    Other than a new intro for High Elves is there anything different about them compared to other Elves
  10. Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    With virtues so low you need to grind lots of slayer deeds, so how do you speed this up, buy the scrolls from the store. Perhaps that is part of the plan.
  11. Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    Is he foruming wrong
  12. Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    Not all content has to be solo, but the main story line should have a solo option. So have raids and such, but open up the main story to everyone Just think how many more they could have if the didnt exclude some play styles
  13. Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    Not played to much, but loving the speed up you can do, will make leveling grinding so much easier
  14. Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    I do play solo RPGs, especially Final Fantasy may favorite gaming series, I have just bought FF XII to replay. Why does giving players choice annoy you so much. It does not affect you You complain about people wanting the best gear while playing solo, but you are just as bad say people should play the way you want or go play something else on steam
  15. Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    That is the main reason I quit FF XIV. No having lots of time to play meant not doing the main story. I know I am not alone in this. If there had been a solo option I would have continued playing, and paying, so forcing one kind on playing type on players just looses you those p[layer and there money. I dont expect to get the best gear solo, I dont need the best gear if I play solo. I just want to play the game and enjoy the story