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  1. Northern Mirkwood

    Any thoughts ? I waited until the first patch so I didn't run into some of the bugs that existed the first week (like the map being off) Haven't quested there yet other than the run to the King Thranduil palace
  2. Bullroarer Update 22 (Build #1)

    Thanks MP ! Any idea on whether this is going to be a light-gear grind with the current gear we are working on becoming obsolete ?
  3. Lord of the Rings LCG

    Thanks for the clarification - its been a while since I've done anything with cards (and I no longer have the disposable income for CCG's in any event) It does look interesting !
  4. Lord of the Rings LCG

    Are you thinking ME:TW CCG or the later one ?
  5. LotRO Housing

    Not personal houses - but you can form guilds with just 1 person and wait until rank 7 - don't remember how long that took - it was a bit I think
  6. Primary Source: http://dulfy.net/2017/10/02/swtor-united-forces-update-server-merges/
  7. Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    Stop looking in the mirror and you won't see that negative IQ
  8. Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    Don't feed the troll folks ... she's getting exactly what she wants
  9. Cordovan has nothing on the ol' Sap
  10. Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    When did HD come out ? I bought it with TP in January of 2014 - but not sure when it was released
  11. Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    I didn't realize there was a wrong way (at least on this forum)
  12. Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    Thank you and well said