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  1. But Mrs. ODP spends more time lecturing the forums about elements of the game and lore that she has less than no clue about .... and you could do that with a win95 rig
  2. Sorry for delay - was on vacation in Europe I think if you pick the timing right with the double xp they seem to give periodically - it would be possible to level solely on class quests - I did that on most of the classes and always ended up in the high 50s or low 60s on most - depending on how much of the planets I felt like doing I'm an alt-aholic so I had all crafters leveling up roughly the same time and the gear rewards covered any shortfall I noticed. The PVE was much easier now than I remembered it being and most of the class skills much watered down from before as well - but it was still fun (and you can set the difficulty in ops/missions harder if you like and there sounded like the difficulty jumped a lot then)
  3. I think this is spot on - almost anyone playing for more than a short time will have or will soon have capped characters if they want them. The anniversary is aimed at the longer time players - and is completely optional. The completionists already will find they need to buy content and get to high levels
  4. I took a break from LOTRO and finally got around to doing all 8 class quests in SWTOR. They were amazing and I wish more games did extended stories like that. I know SWTOR has changed a lot from its original state but for a semi-casual like me it was easy to get into and advance and not get hung up min/maxing weapons/armor/etc. The community actually is pretty decent once you get past the 2 starter zones and stay away from fleet
  5. I'm surprised they let it run that long
  6. Been playing through all the story lines in SWTOR (6 of 8 done) but plan to go back and catch up to the epic on my main at some point (I actually like being an expansion behind - when I get to it - not so many people competing for the same mobs/locations/resources)
  7. Sorry you have to go through all this - enjoy what you can and take it 1 day at a time
  8. Same
  9. +10
  10. Excerpt: The Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online have been acquired by Standing Stone Games, a newly-formed independent game studio made up of the same groups that have been working on LOTRO and DDO for years. We remain committed to both games, and are thrilled to be able to take these games in exciting directions for a long time to come. Standing Stone Games will operate as an independent studio, with global publishing support from Daybreak Games.
  11. What's the name of that demon that appears if you mention their name 3 times ?
  12. Wow fanboi ..... talks like a duck .... walks like a duck .... etc.
  13. It will be interesting to see where this goes - DAOC was my first mmo and I remember it fondly
  14. It wasn't terrible with rep accelerators (which aren't priced too badly from skirmish camps - I tend to horde my marks though)
  15. The smell or the substance on your hands ? :-)