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  1. Right around the beginning of this year I decided to dust off my trusty lotro account and give it a whirl. While hardly ground breaking the content around and after Helms Dump wasnt too bad and some was quite enjoyable. Then I hit level cap. Holy hell is this endgame flower picking/FA grind fucking horrible. Made me wish I was doing anything else in the world. I could not believe how unenjoyable and grindy it was. Run one FI, then 4 dailies in North Ithelien <spelling> then pick flowers. The amount of grind to put essences in this slottable armor is unreal. I was really somewhat ok with the game until that point. I could even stomach getting forced to do a handful of those shitty Epic Battles in the book quests. I dont know what they were thinking with this but its such a lame ass horrible idea. I did manage to get my mini somewhat geared, but the though of doing all of that endless mindless grind again turned me right off. I renewed my sub and cancelled that bitch before I could get billed for my second month. What a disappointment. I knew lotro was a shell of itself, but heard it was improved, and yes it was improved a bit, i found it enjoyable enough to not only take some of my spare time but also some spare cash. Then came the flowers. Endless endless flowers. Endless dailies and endless FIs. It was like going back to your ex girlfriend...oh yeah, thats why I dumped her ass. Lesson learned
  2. Ditto. I tried so hard to get into this game and it just doesnt happen. My good friend stretching back to D2 days leads a guild in this game and Ive tried many times to play with him. Honestly a freaking auction hall would do more to get me to try this game than housing or other fluff
  3. Didnt they start at level 50 at one point because they never got around to actual leveling progression? Im definitely enjoying my fleeting time in ME, but dont plan on ruining it with a Beorning, but Im bigly curious about the class itself
  4. I have a slight recollection when this new class/race debuted, pretty sure it was purely a money grab. Im currently in a kin that is 9+ pages long member wise, there are TWO beornings in the whole kin. I dont think Ive ever seen one in ME. What in the hell do they do anyways? DPS? Heals? Tankstrel?? I have difficulty staying in World Chat due to the amount of vomit posted there, but I do my best to keep it up and not once have I seen a group seeking a beorning, nor have I seen a beorning seeking a group then a fight break out over players trying to recruit him/her. Were they ever finished? Does anybody here actually have one? Do they suck as bad as I imagine??
  5. Ahh thanks. I really dont care for details, just more do care that it is extended. Thanks for that clarification even if its totally unclear. Lotro is currently the only game Im mucking around in and its more to hang with old friends than honest to goodness gaming. More or less biding time until D3 Necro, hopefully that breathes some life back into that game
  6. According to Cordovan it has been renewed Haha I see him spouting off in the open letter thread. I havent touched the fanboi forums in ages until this new announcement. Really wish they would have acted on my ticket instead of ignoring it Ive tried to search the FAQ there, there is no FAQ, the FAQ page gives you a search box. I type in license and it says no results. I think we have a Sapience™ run around going here. If anybody with forum access can find this so called license renewal announcement Id love to see it
  7. Kudos to Turbine on these, they could be a good idea. Im sure other games implement something similar. Thanks for the replies
  8. My days of multi alts are over for sure. My stable of 65-85 toons are crafting only. Im currently leveling a fresh RK and have a fresh Warden made that I may play in the future. I was never a TV person so my free time was lotro just because I had it. Now my personal business is taking off my free time is much less than it was. Lotro is probably what I will use to fill my free time, but it will be much much less than the past
  9. Since Im casually playing again and starting from scratch Ive been questing in North Downs recently. Just outside of Othrikar early yesterday morning I ran into a level 100 Dragon type nemesis named Rotspittle or something close to that with 1,500,000 morale. How many up to level characters would it take to kill such a mob and what does it drop? Im assuming the loot is underwhelming since he was still in the area a few hours later when I signed on in the mid afternoon. Surely if he was worth it he would have been killed. I know others saw it as I saw one low level tool get toasted by him and a few others questing in the area. I did have world chat off so I dont know if anybody announced his presence there.
  10. Wow that really sucks. I had heard all the fanbois claiming the game was much better now, I was hoping the 95-105 grind was better than the 20 levels before it which is where I previously quit the game. I guess thats what happens when you run a game in maintenance mode and use interns from middle school to design your content
  11. 2 Weeks later and ZERO replies from Turbine on my request. We should drain that swamp too
  12. Im test driving all of my toons since I was able to get them all on the same server with the free xfers. Im the most upset about my warden being in that zone/area where they didnt give two shits when they designed it and all of the quests are as boring and mundane as fuck. Might split between my LM at level 75 and RK at level 1. The rest will be used for their crafting and maybe played at a later date. Definitely dont have the time or desire to push multiple toons through the garbage areas they made when they were lazy and ripping off their profits for their failure of a MOBA and shafting lotro. Ill be on my LM Whitelighter and RK Tesla. Also a former Imladris player. Went there after E when they started the new servers. We made the kin "What Ring" then eventually migrated to Meneldor. Can you recommend a decent Kinship? Not necessarily hardcore raiding, but not a "parades through Bree" one either
  13. To expand on my post on the Lotro is fun thread Im giving this a serious thought of playing again. Ive tried ESO and GW 2 and neither can keep me remotely excited and D3 is as stale as can be. Im asking current players, should I play old toons (65-95) or start fresh? Ive have an RK I rolled the day the new servers launched to snag the name Tesla and hes still there level 1 waiting. I realize there is the horrible horrible trait grind ahead, but then again Ive never played the revamped areas. My old toons were never played much after trait trees and Ive mostly forgotten how to play them. Do you guys and gals think I should give it a go with a new toon, or dive back into an established toon that I havent touched in nearly 2 years? Ironically Im quite excited about this, but theres a yuuuge chance the exciment can wear off fast. BTW Im on Crickhollow if anybody else is playing there.
  14. I was actually wondering if I should play some old toons (ranging in levels from 65 to 95) or an RK I made the day the new servers launched to snag the name Tesla. Havent really played much RK so its an interesting thought, kind of a start fresh and give LOTRO a fresh look as opposed to diving head first into picking up shit, setting tables and collecting logs with a level 95 Warden with whom Ive mostly forgotten how to play. While heading into Xmas is generally my busiest time of year work wise, after that its dead until the spring. Perfect time to maybe dive in head first to this RK. Edit: Forgot to add that Ive tried hard to like both ESO and GW 2 to no avail and as much as I love D3 that shit is getting stale fast. There is almost a need for me to find a game to help with my free time as Im not a TV person at all
  15. I wouldnt get my forums account back just to go over and sling insults, obviously Id be on a short leash. If I can stomach all of the changes I'd use it to find a kin, use the warden forums or something along those lines and try and become a productive player again. Lets just see how my ban appeal is met first. Tried to see if my wife was interested in playing again and she had no kind words to say. She was given a LIFETIME ban for having the same IP address as myself. Of course she does we live together, those fuckwits at the old OF banned her anyways which just shows how vindictive and unfair the douchey wonder twins Sap™ and Twatta™ were back in the day