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  1. Jedy2

    LOTRO Solo and PVP

    People are different. The general opinion is that while ESO is now much improved and better than is was at first, it doesn't shatter the world. - Decent community. - Passable graphics. - Average game-play. Well balanced scaling mechanics. Good PvP. - Some hidden difficulty - on the face of it it's a face-roll, but... - Average story quests. - Still, the dev who invented storage and the 2 x 6 slots skill-bar should be killed. Horrible Elf-faces. Too many Elves. Another game with no Dwarves. As I wrote - people are different. I swore to wait until ESO becomes at least buy to play, bought the basic version for 10 quid, and having much more fun than from drinking two beers. But remember - I have my fun in all the games I play * and I have my kin support in almost all the MMOs . * Yes, you guessed right - if I don't have fun, I don't play.
  2. Jedy2

    LOTRO Solo and PVP

    Funny thing is, I'd agree with most of the negative opinions on LOTRO state. With some caveats of course - "and the community has devolved into one of the most toxic group of hive-mind sycophants I've ever seen...and I played Star Wars Galaxies FFS. " This means the person writing it lives in a different world from mine - I have a wonderful kinship full of kind people, with whom I enjoy many games . As I think I wrote here, I am on another semi-break from LOTRO (refused to grind Hytbold, pick flowers or grind Tokens now.) SSG is not doing much good. and don't let me start on loot-boxes either. It's still a decent raid and game. Enjoying ESO now, will come back to LOTRO soon. (after the ESO novelty effect wears off)
  3. Jedy2

    LOTRO Solo and PVP

    Highly exaggerated. Would have to write a lot to prove it. And FF XIV is a good game.
  4. Jedy2

    LOTRO Solo and PVP

    The Abyss raid is good. (Though the trash part is wayyyyy too long. ) IMHO this game had once the best raid in any MMO - The Rift of Nurz Ghashu. Basically - most of the raids in LOTRO were good or very good - the problem is - ONLY ON LEVEL, so basically - "one use only", each expansion made them obsolete. PvP is another matter altogether - it sucked, sucks and will suck balls.
  5. Jedy2

    LOTRO Solo and PVP

    For me it was WoW, LOTRO and FF14. I dabble sometimes in SWTOR as a free single RPG, and right now trying out ESO - not as bad or simplistic as its reputation. In LOTRO I refused to grind Hytbold, pick flowers or grind tokens. Therefore have time to check out other games.
  6. Jedy2

    Well, the UK's screwed...

    No. If stirred, hatred spills out of society with surprising intensity. 50k+ "PATRIOTS" marching under pseudo-Nazi banners in bloody Poland of all places. Revival of fascism in Italy, and general spread of hatred and xenophobia - I do hope you all defenders of free speech remember the hecatomb it led to the last time. Jews. Muslims, Blacks, immigrants, aliens - matters not. Any target is good. Preferably one that virtually does not exist. (Like the 42 refugees in Poland, or its 3000 Jews) Let us split the society, induce the rise of hatred, bad blood, fear, negative emotions - and ride the wave!!! Onward! To Victory! We Will Win! Seig Heil! Too much Political Correctness or a few silly rulings is a puny price to pay if it stops this massacre. My post from two years ago, just after Populists came to power in Poland;
  7. Jedy2

    Well, the UK's screwed...

    There are idiots everywhere - in a Polish forest some celebrated Hitler's birthday. Obviously wiping off a quarter of Poland's population will get you that. The problem becomes serious when morons elect their representative to rule their country. If you live in such a shit-hole country I advise you to get rich quick and think about Switzerland or Norway as emigration targets. I'll give Poland a two years stay of execution. (Until next general election). P.S. Freedom of speech for Elf-haters or Satan worshipers - sure. Go ahead. Hitler and ISIS worship? Not so funny, in my view.
  8. Jedy2

    Give away - LotRO Europe stuff

    We, Polish Dwarves, like unexpected Elves for dinner. We have many good recipes with them.
  9. Jedy2

    Give away - LotRO Europe stuff

    Lifer, so mainly interested in tea towel...
  10. All the best to my favorite cesspool of negativity, where the trolls their clubs swing, and the bluebirds sing... Live long and prosper!
  11. Pity. In his defense I have to say that forum communities are poison.
  12. Cordovan has a long way to go still, before he reaches Sapience level. He's made some progress though.
  13. I put those items in the wardrobe, and disenchant them for 80 ashes. You are lunatics to care about it.
  14. Seems fair. They could have avoided bad blood if this was their first suggestion. I was royally pissed off (for my friends). Personally nonplussed.