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  1. Seasonal Grumblings, everybody!

    Happy Christmas everybody! Don't get too drunk now, will you?
  2. Open tapping creates stalkers.

    Heheheh. Is there anything I can do as a man loremaster though? I would have liked an invisibility spell by now (you know, loremasters supposedly being masters of lore), but nope
  3. Open tapping creates stalkers.

    I'll have to get used to it, then. I like going at my own pace though. I don't want to feel rushed by someone jumping around me whenever I stop to have a sip of beer.
  4. Open tapping creates stalkers.

    So yesterday I was quite happily questing on my own in the misty mountains and all of a sudden I had this person latch onto me from Gloin's camp and follow me around. It was all quite disconcerting. She/he didn't say anything to me. No "Hi, do you want to quest together?", just silence. I thought they'd get bored after a while and go do something else, but nope. Still following me. So naturally, I thought maybe they needed help on a quest or something and for some reason couldn't ask me. I asked, politely, why they were following (I'm not opposed to have a quest buddy, I'd just prefer them to ask me first!), and got the answer "Because of open tapping". I didn't exactly know what it meant, but as I understand it now, any person who contributes damage (no matter how much) gets the xp for killing a mob. (And loot aswell?) Hmm.
  5. Are you kidding me?

    There's an idea. Seems like alot of work though. Think I'm gonna pass for now.
  6. Are you kidding me?

    I would make one, but I'm not touching that insecure login with a barge pole.
  7. Are you kidding me?

    Yeah, It's the whole attitude of Turbine. I'd have respect for them if they could take criticism and people could voice their opinions, but it seems they're working overtime on stamping out all negativity because they know they're doing badly.
  8. Are you kidding me?

    WTF. You got banned for that? That forum's like communist China. Shame... I had a good laugh reading your posts on there, Doro!
  9. We need a Lies Turbine has told thread

    Fixed that for you.
  10. WB stop Skyrim MERP Mod

    Hi MERP guy. Best of luck and everything. WB are... well, I don't know the polite word for them.
  11. You know how I know Turbine is failing?

    It's ludicrous that they go searching other forums for "wrongdoings". That Sapience guy must have some serious issues for him to be that vengeful. Strikes me as someone that's incredibly insecure.
  12. You know how I know Turbine is failing?

    Does that get a prize?
  13. You know how I know Turbine is failing?

    Wow... From what I've read and heard about that guy I wonder why he's still employed in that position. Yeah, the best chance of success would be to write to them, with various evidence enclosed for best effect.
  14. Simple truths about Riders of Rohan

    Hold the phone. I thought you were being sarcastic. If I was mistaken I do apologise.
  15. Simple truths about Riders of Rohan

    *snicker* Damn! I've only been here afew days and already i'm a cynic! (And I haven't even PLAYED RoR yet!)