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  1. Update! the history scrub continues: these are public archives: http://web.archive.org/web/20180509003139/http:/www.columbusnova.com/andrew_intrater.html & https://web.archive.org/web/20171105095759/http://www.columbusnova.com/jason_epstein.html they can rewrite history all they like, the internet doesn't forget. these 2 are going to have ALL their books cracked open and poured over with a fine tooth comb. whether it is 10 shell companies, or 100... the LLC "Flow-Through" that likely got a lot of expenses paid and profits shifted to "former" parties... the tax bill is coming too & it will only be that much larger, the more assets they attempt to keep in play. government has its own cache as well: or the GM's are just not banning frequently anymore... & those who used to get their reports responded too previously are having separation anxiety when ignored. its basically a proxy bot flooding chat with 3 variations of the same ad on every server... & the spring fest encore just started back up. ignore still works just fine, & so does the chat filter plug in. but those upset, are in a tizzy because no GM is acting on their "harassment" report and banning the bot.
  2. for preservation, info on 2 key people: the scrubbed profile for Andrew Intratar: http://www.columbusnova.com/andrew_intrater.html and the Cached Version & the scrubbed profile for Jason Epstein: http://www.columbusnovamb.com/jason-epstein-partner/ and the Cached Version soo... my grapevine thinks the next "Happening" is a week and a bit away, but before months end. yeah i know ridiculous, but seems ([sic]NOT)Columbus Nova (whom Jason Epstein allegedly didn't work for after 2017) bought both newer Rhapsody & the much older Napster (likely both "bought for a song"... no pun intended) and reverted the newer name for the older. as for the companies i listed which you quoted, was from Bloomberg, and though it is a rather large list... it would seem at this point, to also be incomplete. it is missing details on Gawker! & the specifics of his involvement with Harmonix are a tad muddied on Bloomberg, they are mentioned separately & i failed to include. a very tangled mess of a web of shell companies, all failing to correct the record... until right around exactly the same time the US Treasury started freezing assets. & the remaining assets that have been used to "wind down" operations (including salary payments) are due to be locked down June 5th. & whatever does make it through & past that date that hasn't been sold off, still has the jeopardy of things like audits hanging over their heads. Edited to Add: one more link: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2018-05-11-harmonix-denies-association-with-columbus-nova it seems the odd symptoms of denial have affected pretty much all companies that appeared to claim purchase from Columbus Nova at one time or another.
  3. what i find most interesting about the article linked in this quote above is this little tidbit i'll quote below: isn't it interesting that Avenatti, who has not begun the process of discovery associated with an actual trial, has access to all these "so called" documents... as if he was being fed them (prematurely) by someone. hope this... unconventioned approach... doesn't backfire. Renova was the Russian firm, Columbus Nova was: Columbus Nova had holdings in pretty much anything and everything, not just daybreak. Jason Epstein was the managing partner @ Columbus Nova in charge of Daybreak... and also on boards of: Clareos Inc: an internet based analytics co. - Rhapsody International Inc.: a music streaming service (Napster?) - Odyssey Media Group: a social content platform - Map Anything Inc.: uhh... route planning software for drivers. - Cyalume Technologies Holdings, Inc.: manufacturer of bloody glow in the dark junk, among other things. - Watsco inc.: heaters & air conditioning, yadda yadda. as well as connections too: eLink Communications Inc, Ameritrans Capitial Corp., Tufts University, CIFC LLC, & Intergis LLC. so it wasn't just MMO's, or distributed computer games. & the 4 or 5 divisions within Columbus Nova alone (i didn't list)... this was just Jason Epsteins ties alone. of which there is a record, tax filings, business registrations, etc. going back many years (Daybreak the last 2 or 3)... a huge mess to sort out. not quite.
  4. well they finally got round to scrubbing Jason Epstien partner blurb from Columbus Novas web page, so my previous links will go to a modified page... not to worry, everything is Cached but just for fun i will permanently quote here, what they are trying to memory hole out of existence: there are legal ways to decouple this mess, but erasing the above doesn't seem to fit those avenues. wouldn't surprise me if this winds up with jail time for some US citizens, or conditioned plea-bargain deals... thing is with all these LLC companies from Renova all the way down... the company shell game of tax avoidance & the scrambling to keep assets in play... what happens when the story of 3+ years of failing to correct the record triggers an audit? this mess probably has gone on for far too long.
  5. that is the thing with an 11 year old game inheriting a game engine and client that is even older legacy code (Ashrons Call 1998) it gets incredibly troublesome passing that off to an entirely new team. so any new buyer is going to be saddled with inheriting that burden, or paying a heavy price to fix/upgrade those issues. so you are playing it safe when saying the existing team will be part of any potential future timeline. because without them, it is entirely likely the game will end... abruptly. but as outlined in THIS from FAQ for ^^: that General License 12A expires: 12:01 a.m eastern daylight time, June 5, 2018 after which: that filing wind up date is Tuesday June 19th. 2018. but whatever is required sorted needs happen by June 5th 2018. should there be a new publisher or relationship unwind in that time frame, they have a whole lot of "ifs" to sort through. & the question of fair market value may come up depending on the buyer being someone like (Jason Epstein) or selling at a loss if someone like Intrepid Studios happens to be in talks to acquire assets. regardless any money paid out immediately gets frozen by the Feds. so yes, there is a chance things could go on, though i wouldn't call it "as normal." it is also entirely possible the lights will go out rather rapidly. either way it is a huge mess... i'll pass on making any predictions.
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    testing 123

    and we are back in business :) everything seems to be view-able again. can post, etc.
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    testing 123

    is this thing on? can anyone see/read this?
  8. what is Cord going to do though, really. i actually thought his stream statement was OK. & not adding to that Blurb, IMO, was smart. whomever is behind writing that post (seems someone who is also heavily involved with EQ teams) did a terrible job, or was directed to do a terrible job. someone within Daybreak is directing moves & it is indeed hamfisted ... & the potential jeopardy it may bring as a result, dumbfounding really. the kind of stupid a heavy cocaine user would push & think a good idea. so yeah, i'll applaud Jerry for not adding to that train-wreck of PR. keep his hands clean. smart move. it would also seem reasonable that SSG reached out to Daybreak for something to placate with & that is what they got. either way, with the gravity of what is going down, i think it was best for Cordovan to not add anything more. yeah the footprints left in all the memory-holing of media, with new additions... the person, or persons driving this come up short in the level headed department. it is a disaster. it also doesn't seem compliant with the reporting/filing component required by the Department of Treasury which opens the door to all kinds of liability. it really is a complete mess. i wonder if the Limited Liability Company structure will continue to be the appropriate for Daybreak, if they should manage to continue? those assets (or a large portion of them) will no longer be moving (flow through) to parties (Renova) who are now frozen. regardless, it would seem there are definite time pressures forcing things forward, so it is very likely new news will continue to unfold over the next month+. i don't think today's layoffs are the last of the happenings ... more to come.
  9. http://massivelyop.com/2018/04/26/daybreak-has-now-been-hit-with-layoffs/ the timing. is this an isolated occurrence, specific to a single product? ... or will this be the snowball? well it is not related to a single product, at least that much is clear. it seems to be a rather substantial purge. @daybreak.
  10. well this is a rather big pickle. anyway i am one to focus on time frames. THIS ACTION was issued on April 6 2018 & went into effect April 23 2018. there seem to be 2 provisions to minimize impact on parties involved. May 7 2018 seems to be the wind down time frame for foreign entities & June 5 2018 the date given to United States persons and entities. so a window of 43 days for effected parties to sort out the details. & there are reporting requirements & restrictions limiting. a rather big pickle. don't think it was actually Jason Epstein responding to massively, but rather comms within Daybreak, who appear to be creating a narrative out of whole cloth. & one that could get them into legal hot-water with the Feds. if this is to clean up the narrative & perhaps down the road Jason Epstein can divest the assets... the potential bigger mess this could make... it just seems to me to be a profoundly stupid thing to do. ... with regard to SSG, there isn't much a dev house can do with this situation as it will be resolved well outside of their ability to influence. as to what impact this will ultimately have for Lotro (& DDO), well be finding out over the next couple months i would guess. Warner may come back into the picture, or somehow Daybreak may manage to pull clear of this mess, who can say for certain... way too many unknowns. only thing i do feel certain of... this is a big mess.
  11. yeah the amount of internet memory holing that will need to be done in order to make the new narrative RE: Jason Epstein the actual owner & remove all ties to Columbus Nova (& Renova whose assets have been locked down)... is astounding.
  12. Read the relevant info here: Recent Dust Up very fishy are the details. the about face from Daybreak on previous statements regarding Columbus Nova... the potential for legal jeopardy... this is very likely going to get messy. hard to not see a negative impact down the chain of companies tied too. only real question is how much time before the shit hits the fan? the internet never forgets: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/soe/index.php?threads/sony-online-entertainment-becomes-daybreak-game-company.11500068269/
  13. LasraelLarson

    Explore Middle-Earth (56k warning!)

    since photobucket no longer allows remote loading of images, testing out if new site works as see lots of old posts with dead photo links. Mirkwood at night is kinda impressive around Dol Guldur areas: so that works, nice to have a freeloading photo site that works /end test post
  14. LasraelLarson

    EA, p2w, and lootboxes

    decent vid. not really much commentary to add beyond how this battle will be fought. will the opposition sink costs if there is a long game at play? & on that front, not sure the shelf life is there for games that scorch the earth financially. EA and the likes will only front a financial legal battle if there is a shelf life of profits long term & without concerted opposition (legal clout backed financially) Governments might just get legislation passed... caveat: just as the video above states how EA is overvalued & not based of multiple new developed IP, but rather the value is in profits generated via monitization schemes introduced around 2009... the stock backers are out of touch. most folk engaged in this battle, from Governments, to the Investors backing the Corporate Title Holders... how this is all framed will be key to any potential legal battles. i am not confident in the forces at the helm & this could end up anywhere; from somewhere good, or entirely bad, to anywhere in between. wanted to add this is info unique to our little segment of this saga & how it all came to be... THIS: led to THIS: not much has changed really. of note RE the 2 vids i linked... and interesting game of where are they now. Ben Cousins (first vid) channel was active 3 years ago & radio silence for 2 years (Battlefield shuttered) & a year ago a 21 second bird watching vid & then nothing. & Fernando... *crickets* rather apt.
  15. LasraelLarson

    Have you voted? ;)

    convenient excuse. but seriously why would you not be able to create more jobs? especially if your intent was not to erode and destroy the middle class. them elites will never forget those who've tasted a decent life & rue the day they let a little of their power slip. fiercely they fight for the return of the rule of Kings (or the vested nobility.) but honestly, if you had both drive & brains, what exactly would prevent you from growing the middle class & employing greater numbers. even convincing the masses to jump on board, advancing & improving as a society? it might be structured differently than the 50's, but have you gotten so cynical, that you see no options? who else is remotely close to the mark of shifting & rolling back this Marxist baloney? you think all these social media censorship & suppression of counter narratives is a result of Trump? just be thankful Hillary did NOT win, or these would have went ahead completely unopposed. i defend Trump because i am certain, he is purposefully playing the fool & opening himself to the attacks, part as distraction, certainly... but also to bait multiple traps. did you notice in his little segment on Sweden, he included several other places to look too... yet he played the word salad on Sweden & where did the media focus? how many other places did they ignore in the process... Germany, Brussels, Nice & Paris. they took the bait hook, line and sinker. & draft, after draft, after draft (rather than final prints made public) have leaked out, by leakers Trump has specifically said he wants to stop? it has been going on since before he took office. maybe the leaks are intentional. maybe the leaks contain specific small, but critical differences in detail, as to expose who is leaking. i defend Trump, because i believe he (& his close confidants in his administration & former employ as security) are gaming everyone. some will be redeemed, others exposed will rage quit: the freakouts are predictable & the strategy is a risky one, but it does have a payoff. maybe like Trumps intended immigrant vetting proposals... one day the media will apply an actual journalistic filter & vet their sources for accuracy, rather than just regurgitate nonsense... or they'll juts keep regurgitating & freaking out, all the while losing what little credibility they have left. either way, there is a pay-off for surviving the storm. i don't ask & even if i did, you are under no obligation. in strange company, sometimes less is more. indeed, you are free to criticize. it doesn't cost you anything at all, but your time. use it as you please. i merely offer options, not currently included in your assessment. Trump has a savvy side, built and refined over decades worth of experience & as result of, connections to utilize. a side he seems comfortable with not having taken seriously, whilst folk who are, "too smart by half" fixate on the buffoonery. no. if that is how you chose to see it. though when espousing methods of success; should you really be surprised if the spotlight is shone at your own example as testament of the soundness of your method? especially if you've stated it several times... maybe. however, are these not once again leaked drafts? could happen, or it could just be a ruse/distraction. stay tuned for the next episode... well you sure have labeled him into a corner... i bet that showed him good! have you ever considered other strategies, when the art of persuasion you employ, falls on its face? or simply agree to disagree? or are you satisfied with the conflict, in spite? maybe you just love to fight? what is it?