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  1. Explore Middle-Earth (56k warning!)

    since photobucket no longer allows remote loading of images, testing out if new site works as see lots of old posts with dead photo links. Mirkwood at night is kinda impressive around Dol Guldur areas: so that works, nice to have a freeloading photo site that works /end test post
  2. EA, p2w, and lootboxes

    decent vid. not really much commentary to add beyond how this battle will be fought. will the opposition sink costs if there is a long game at play? & on that front, not sure the shelf life is there for games that scorch the earth financially. EA and the likes will only front a financial legal battle if there is a shelf life of profits long term & without concerted opposition (legal clout backed financially) Governments might just get legislation passed... caveat: just as the video above states how EA is overvalued & not based of multiple new developed IP, but rather the value is in profits generated via monitization schemes introduced around 2009... the stock backers are out of touch. most folk engaged in this battle, from Governments, to the Investors backing the Corporate Title Holders... how this is all framed will be key to any potential legal battles. i am not confident in the forces at the helm & this could end up anywhere; from somewhere good, or entirely bad, to anywhere in between. wanted to add this is info unique to our little segment of this saga & how it all came to be... THIS: led to THIS: not much has changed really. of note RE the 2 vids i linked... and interesting game of where are they now. Ben Cousins (first vid) channel was active 3 years ago & radio silence for 2 years (Battlefield shuttered) & a year ago a 21 second bird watching vid & then nothing. & Fernando... *crickets* rather apt.
  3. Have you voted? ;)

    convenient excuse. but seriously why would you not be able to create more jobs? especially if your intent was not to erode and destroy the middle class. them elites will never forget those who've tasted a decent life & rue the day they let a little of their power slip. fiercely they fight for the return of the rule of Kings (or the vested nobility.) but honestly, if you had both drive & brains, what exactly would prevent you from growing the middle class & employing greater numbers. even convincing the masses to jump on board, advancing & improving as a society? it might be structured differently than the 50's, but have you gotten so cynical, that you see no options? who else is remotely close to the mark of shifting & rolling back this Marxist baloney? you think all these social media censorship & suppression of counter narratives is a result of Trump? just be thankful Hillary did NOT win, or these would have went ahead completely unopposed. i defend Trump because i am certain, he is purposefully playing the fool & opening himself to the attacks, part as distraction, certainly... but also to bait multiple traps. did you notice in his little segment on Sweden, he included several other places to look too... yet he played the word salad on Sweden & where did the media focus? how many other places did they ignore in the process... Germany, Brussels, Nice & Paris. they took the bait hook, line and sinker. & draft, after draft, after draft (rather than final prints made public) have leaked out, by leakers Trump has specifically said he wants to stop? it has been going on since before he took office. maybe the leaks are intentional. maybe the leaks contain specific small, but critical differences in detail, as to expose who is leaking. i defend Trump, because i believe he (& his close confidants in his administration & former employ as security) are gaming everyone. some will be redeemed, others exposed will rage quit: the freakouts are predictable & the strategy is a risky one, but it does have a payoff. maybe like Trumps intended immigrant vetting proposals... one day the media will apply an actual journalistic filter & vet their sources for accuracy, rather than just regurgitate nonsense... or they'll juts keep regurgitating & freaking out, all the while losing what little credibility they have left. either way, there is a pay-off for surviving the storm. i don't ask & even if i did, you are under no obligation. in strange company, sometimes less is more. indeed, you are free to criticize. it doesn't cost you anything at all, but your time. use it as you please. i merely offer options, not currently included in your assessment. Trump has a savvy side, built and refined over decades worth of experience & as result of, connections to utilize. a side he seems comfortable with not having taken seriously, whilst folk who are, "too smart by half" fixate on the buffoonery. no. if that is how you chose to see it. though when espousing methods of success; should you really be surprised if the spotlight is shone at your own example as testament of the soundness of your method? especially if you've stated it several times... maybe. however, are these not once again leaked drafts? could happen, or it could just be a ruse/distraction. stay tuned for the next episode... well you sure have labeled him into a corner... i bet that showed him good! have you ever considered other strategies, when the art of persuasion you employ, falls on its face? or simply agree to disagree? or are you satisfied with the conflict, in spite? maybe you just love to fight? what is it?
  4. Have you voted? ;)

    well then, you seem to have it all figured out... with that level of genius; it is a wonder how you ever got stuck in a call center, with the advice you dispense... & Trump being so inept, how has he ever made it this far? when Trump talks to Hannity about waterboarding: i get the visceral connection he is trying to make with a certain portion of his base... but Trump is wrong. what matters is that Trump is with General Mattis 100% (not 70%, or 80%, but 100%) who does not condone waterboarding & will not use it. when Nikki Haley first addressed the UN (she has said some nasty things about Trump, btw) she iterates the same stance all Trumps people have taken to date: i do not agree with this position. my point here is, my support for Trump isn't some blind unconditional worship. & with some things Trump communicates, things he believes, etc. aren't necessarily what will be official policy. other things are part of his negotiation technique. as for him repeatedly buffooning & lacking clarity with his statements... i actually think it is on purpose. there is methodology behind his madness. not to mention the people he has surrounding him who are also experts in similar methods (Flynn & Kushner.) Trump knows what works & he is employing it & he is also exposing things, including leakers. you don't agree with the methods, but again, you work in a call center & he is the President. & then there is the matter of what i referred to earlier as "canary trap" or what in the business world is known as A/B testing which is also used in real estate. Trumps Sweden blunder... is part of his playbook. that's what pewdiepie said... hur hur. i can't see your face, or hear an intonation of voice, if it was self evident in what you wrote, i missed it. the act of whistle-blowing is rather uncharted waters. & the differences between private entities Vs the State & what can be legally classified... *shrug* as for prosecuting, really depends on how far along in the building of a case the prosecuting party is & how much time that prosecution will take. it is still very early on in Trumps presidency & where in the list of priorities pursuing legal prosecution happens to be. i can say for certain, that if non court proceedings can be effective, it is a lot less time taxing to pursue those avenues. no Milo is not a pedophile. pedophilia: attraction to prepubescent "Children' hebephilia: attraction to pubescent or "early adolescent" youth. ephobophilia: attraction to post pubescent or "late adolescent" youth. Milo is also not guilty of committing ANY of the above, though he did advocate what is dubbed "pederasty" or relations between pubescent & post pubescent males & that sexual maturity wasn't a constant. he also later conceded current laws where "about right" with regard to age restrictions. he indeed did put his foot in his mouth & is getting crucified for it. Adults shouldn't be touching kids, PERIOD! & the only gray area i would concede is did the relationship start when both parties were "teenagers." regardless, Milo can bounce back from this depending on how he plays his cards. & the pedophile smear being lobbed in his direction is nothing more than grounds for defamation. slander if spoken, libel if in print. you mean George Takei? https://heatst.com/culture-wars/george-takei-spoke-glowingly-about-being-molested-as-young-teen-by-older-man/ Camp Councillor or Priest... i guess pity Milo didn't say it was a Mullah, maybe then he could get a pass, but Priest... OH HELL NO SISTAH GUUURL!
  5. Have you voted? ;)

    again, these extremist forces came into existence because of a desire for regime change (Iraq, Lybia & Syria.) they were created due to meddling. the good thing about cleaning them up... it won't require mass deployment of troops. that clean up is already well underway. much further along than "normies" in the West realize. you are going to see shifts in the very near future. big changes coming for Iran especially. i think most in the West have no clue what is already taking place. so no, i do not believe there is a contradiction at all. big wars are a thing of the past, hopefully for good.
  6. Have you voted? ;)

    ISIS came about after the power vacuum left in Libya after Gaddafi was ousted & with each new power vacuum, they just grew and grew... getting armed (even trained) all along the way by Western influence. ISIS came to power as a result of that meddling. so no, i do not consider cleaning up that mess a contradiction. or the US can increase its own production. the Gulf states just recently cut production due to low global prices. Canada is actually a fairly large supplier as well. Venezuela & other South American countries also produce significant supplies. reliance on the Middle East isn't as big a factor as you might think. if you look back at Trumps views on past conflicts, he was pretty much against military action in previous conflicts over the last 20 or so years. & there are non military options as well. i do not think Trump will be the first to send troops. i actually think the opposite. if Trump weathers the storm, we are likely to enter an entirely new era with regard to the middle east. you assume he fucked up. i don't concede that point. again, Trump didn't make something up. the Fox news story wasn't making something up either. he isn't fear mongering when it comes to mass unvetted immigration either. it is something well understood in critical mass theory and social dynamics every single time across all of Europe when ever a Muslim population hits a percentage, it shifts. & why when numbers aren't at that self sustaining point, things are peaceful. technically not an actual "no go zone" but absolutely a place that you can no longer go unguarded, or if a women, without covering. every time. & in the late 60's and early 70's it happened in the Middle East (Afghanistan & Iran.) fake news, was a term originally dubbed by establishment media to marginalize sites like Brietbart, Drudge & other right leaning publications. Google, Facebook & Twitter were going to actively suppress the social media & advertising of anyone dubbed fake. was even a list made by an extremely partisan 3rd wave feminist and SJW... but it got thrown back in their faces, in many ways thanks to Trump. the concerted effort to shut out of the conversation alternate voices to the narrative is ongoing & that is what is truly dishonest, even downright sinister... but it will backfire. these freak outs over Trump have been happening since long before he started running against Hillary Clinton for President. the only difference was with each Victory, that circle grew to include larger numbers & now he is acting President & making policy that affects both domestic & foreign... the freakouts are global in scale. no one seems to be covering their ears just yet, but rather all the usual suspects seem eager to pounce... maybe this time they'll get him.
  7. Have you voted? ;)

    & that is a massive factor! for decades the West has been interfering in political games of regime change & influence. that needs to stop! i actually think Trumps latest pic (H.R.-McMaster) may have an upper hand in the right approach... the Middle East meddling has to stop. the other thing i think is critically wrong, is that we in the West are the ones to help. first that assumes the Middle East can't solve its own problems & second that we in the West with dramatically different culture are going to be able to address things that are frankly entirely foreign. all in all the West needs to step back & let the Middle East work out its own problems. the numbers being displaced is way outside the realm that would be helping anyway. all this is doing is further destabilizing things & that doesn't help anyone.
  8. Have you voted? ;)

    something new is happening every day. Malmo is the bloody rape capital of the EU. Car & or Bus fires is the new Swedish black. & Trumps word salad guffaw had media firing all guns once again, Globally. they fixate on the flaw, the whole time talking directly on the subject he wants discussed. & now he pushes the next button: it may rub you the wrong way, but it is effective & if something is effective, you keep doing it. as mentioned before, since 2005 Swedish "powers that be" have actively suppressed reporting by police and the press. the lid is coming off there as well. someone posted the recent time cover a while back... i actually kind of like the image so i re-dubbed the header: almost Odin-esque in his resolute face. calm in the storm.
  9. Have you voted? ;)

    correct, a story on fox news. for accuracy, lets use Trumps actual words: he never mentions incident. take care you don't become yet another talking head repeating media narratives. Trump is talking about numbers of immigrants & the rise in crime as a result. if you look at Swedish news sources, you'll see it is actually true: http://www.friatider.se/ http://www.svt.se/nyheter/ arson is the big one, the other being the rising shift in assaults in migrant heavy areas. & of course the increase in incidents of rape. all directly related to migrant heavy populations. & the incidents are almost daily now. what an absolutely pointless comment considering it doesn't have any relation to what you posted after. cheap. your happiness, isn't anyone's responsibility but your own. the problem is 100% yours. do you not give a single crap about due process? the accusation is sufficient. pathetic. pray you are never accused of rape & the accusation alone ruins you. honestly mate, raise your standards! no the majority isn't any longer statistically true. increasing numbers is shifting the statistics. & it is more than just crime. it is also culture: * female genital mutilation is on the rise. * marriage to minors? overburdening infrastructure: https://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/western-europe/2014-05-19/stockholm-syndrome the increasing pressures & suppression of news or speech related to immigration & migrants. when areas reach critical mass; the calls for Sharia do as well. this isn't just about the assault, arson & rape, though all those statistics are way up among migrants.
  10. Have you voted? ;)

    ^was relatively calm though not entirely without incident. those are the Arson's, there were other isolated incidents related to migrant problems, which is all Trump pointed to... "migrant problems"^ ^great Twitter account BTW^ Trump being Trump; calling the plays. it is all about awareness. Sweden actively suppresses the incidents, but that suppression isn't absolute & never will be. & with what Trump did, plays to breaking through that suppression. same goes for all the new social media Throttling & other means being employed to suppress dissent to the establishment narrative. and all this is coming from people who live in walled off compounds: http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/mark-zuckerberg-angers-hawaiian-neighbors-building-foot-wall/story?id=40214802 or many mansions: untouched by the problems the policies of globalization & mass migration cause. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/feb/16/mark-zuckerberg-new-facebook-manifesto-letter but they do get cheaper labor. meanwhile: who is actually benefiting from this rampant globalization, rising debt (tax) burden of the middle class & collapsing infrastructure? & the left & portions of the right are currently being rather useful tools in the implementation & by tool i mean useful idiots. not really, he never mentioned a terror attack but rather the problems of migrants in Sweden. story was aired on fox previous night discussing migrant issues in Sweden: if you look at the actual transcript, it is word salad-y enough, he actually mentions no one incident, rather problems in general. & the attention is going exactly where it needs to. & Swedish media is going to the trouble to print English versions of all the incidents on the 17th. up till now they were suppressing the stories, or not reporting. don't think that will be as easy to do from now on. not to mention the fact that there are ample past examples of the rise in issues directly involving migrants. but by all means keep underestimating Trump.
  11. Have you voted? ;)

    actually no. Editorial & Opinion are fully credible. all freedom of the press guarantees is not being subject to government regulations or licensing. it is no protection against libel, however. http://www.schooljournalism.org/libel-laws-freedom-of-the-press-and-journalistic-ethics/ had to revisit this as a showdown may be in the works: heh.
  12. #Pewdiepiegate THE SWEDISH FIRE RISES! ;P

    ah understanding that is kinda central to the point. Sarah Silverman was a comedy writer for SNL back in the day & did stand up, (TV & Movie work came later.) she had a ton of risky material, as example: made fun of Asians plenty, rape jokes, etc. not just the black face & Hitler costume. Sarah routinely strayed into controversial territory for a joke. & that is all pewdiepie did... made a joke of material deemed by some to be out of bounds. but the Wall Street Journal (3 reporters published articles) went further accusing him of being a fascist / racist / white supremacist & contacted the 2 companies who hired him as influence due to size of his audience. so the point is... is every employee who works for Disney now fair game because of this precedent set? (which includes Silverman) or is something else the actual motivation in this move? i don't consider either Silverman, or pewdiepie to actually be racists, etc for making off color jokes. how old is the audience for Wreck it Ralph 2?
  13. Have you voted? ;)

    you don't think General Michael Flynn knew he was being recorded? and yes it does depend on what he actually discussed. curious that was not actually made print, no? now if the IC did have an actual case (FBI having listened to the tapes of conversation in question cleared Flynn on January 23, 2017) spooks would NOT leak, in fact if they had a legitimate case, they WOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT LEAK! so the initial press to talk, (Washington Post & New York Times) whilst they do not produce a transcript, the do seem to be 2 separate versions of the leak. now did all the other media just repeat these 2 alleged claims, or where there more than just the 2 versions? could be a canary trap like gambit after all... so if the press can maintain credibility, does their freedom still diminish? i fail to see how being critical, does anything more, than challenge a narrative. does the narrative not stand or fall on it's own "soundness?" how has the press been stifled from reporting in a single way due to actions of Trump?
  14. Have you voted? ;)

    from video: - Michael Flynn resigned, not exactly the same thing as being fired. it is actually an important distinction. Flynn may be back. i can't predict Trump here, but i don't think Flynn is actually gone, merely not in front of the scenes. he may be back, he may continue to operate outside of an official tittle. also Flynn's lie was an omission, one that could have been manufactured to leak various versions: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canary_trap the actual transcript of Flynn's conversation with Russian ambassador is unpublished. all the media did was inform the public of a leak, with no details. you assume only one version was leaked. yet not one media actually published a transcript. the leaks ARE real; the news is fake. additionally you haven't yet unpacked the danger. what is risked by Trump repeatedly lambasting the media? Chris Como's hurt feelings? co-anchor even laughed at Como's hyperbole. the press has remained free to lambast Trump non stop since he officially started to run against Clinton News Networks cherished nominee Hillary (& even before, though the focus was much different when it was just against other Republicans.) & Trump will continue to use that against them. again, what is the danger? outline & unpack that please, because i don't see a danger.