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  1. On top of the Black Gate, looking into Mordor: Mordor side of the gate, shame that you can't get far here: Better view of the Black Gate taken by another exploiter explorer:
  2. Minas Morgul, not much to see here:
  3. There is one video of him flying around Middle Earth:
  4. ​ After completing my first playthrough with 200 hours on the clock i can say that the game is okay.
  5. Managed to get inside Carn Dum without entering the instance itself: There were no mobs or bosses in the overworld part of Carn Dum except at the gate: In the sewer/dungeons there were mobs but the bosses could not be activated: The castle itself could not be accessed. We tried to get inside Urugarth but only managed to get under some structure:
  6. I had to try this myself: Coldbear was not in the same dimension: There were some level 50 elite-master orcs, who could be killed for silver: This place had some problems with culling: Helegrod giant wing, no mobs: For some reason headbutt was disabled here: High Pass:
  7. I have a question about subscriptions, did Turbine™ consider lifetime subscriptions as a failure?
  8. Wait, what? Are you saying that Turbine™ actually tried to make a console version of LotR:O™?
  9. United Kingdom, not even once.
  10. Implying the Heart of Thorns is not a novel about Trahearne's and Scarlet Briar's romance.
  11. New promotional material released for Witcher 3 showcasing the power of Next Gen consoles:
  12. I bet the reason for delay is consoles.
  14. E.Ψ.Ǝ: Divine Cybermancy is only about one dollar in steam right now. It is a FPS RPG hybrid with co-op option and persistent player characters. If you buy it then don't even try to understand the plot, just do what you are told to do.