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  1. So sorry to hear this. Take care.
  2. I'm really looking forward to the DLC, and I agree it is much better than FFXIII. I'm feeling very positive about the FFVII remake and looking forward to Kingdome Hearts 3.
  3. Was going to comment but changed mind.
  4. I haven't purchased a thing since the Minas Tirith Update. I really do not know how, or why, I forced myself to complete that content. The poorly designed Minas Tirith, the fetch and talk to so and so quests along with the insultingly bad Forlong quest chain, has seriously put me off ever giving them any of my money. And now finding out that all of the poor decisions were actually by the developers and not WB, no, not excited to see what they do next.
  5. Anyone played Final Fantasy XV? I loved it, but think it is a weird, frustrating, old fashioned, modern, flawed game that should not work but somehow does. I'm gutted they didn't actually hire a writer to make the story consistent and comprehensible because I think with an extra year's development this game could have been amazing. Square Enix also need to stop trying to be cool.
  6. I got Architect, (INTJ-T) Analyst.
  7. I don't really have any interest in what they are going to add to the game next. Minas Tirith was a milestone destination, I think many wanted the game to at least reach before shut down. I thought they did a terrible job with it. Far too many fetch and talk to so and so quests. Boring and not at all alt friendly. Poorly designed and a chore to traverse. Ugly. We all know Mordor is going to just be reused Angmar assets and I dread to think what ridiculous quests that EP is going to have. HD was dire. I am truly baffled how certain fans still retain their enthusiasm for the game and this is coming from someone who played the game on average over 60 hours per week and did this for over two years. I think they started to lose it with the Isengard expansion which to me was just filler content. There was not enough story in that location to justify an expansion. They lost me at HD. I came back at Dol Amroth, but the magic had just gone. I log in and play here and there, but I think that is just out of habit. Haven't purchased anything after the Minas Tirith update out of disgust for the quest design.
  8. Yeah, I feel exactly the same. I do wish all of the staff at SSG well, but I cannot support the game at the moment because I just don't think they are offering anything that is worth spending money on, and they keep making the same mistakes over and over and over. The devs, it seems, are just going to carry on as normal, churning out the same, tired, grindy lacklustre content. They don't listen, don't act on feedback and just plough ahead, business as usual.
  9. I know many of us have felt that LOTRO has been in a precarious state over past few years due to the several bouts of redundancies at Turbine, but I think it is in an even dire position now. Anyone have any ideas as to why WB let go of LOTRO? I just don't buy the optimistic view many people have in game and on other forums that the devs launched a buy out so that they could take over the game and finally do what they want with it. Lot's of folk have this romantic view that the game is going to have a renaissance now the devs are in charge with its future secured. They get quite angry when one offers a different view and simply states the track record of Daybreak. To me, it seems more likely that WB were going to shut the game down by not renewing the license and that the devs banded together to do a staff buy out of the game and it's assets. SSG won't reveal how many staff they actually have nor what kind of deal they have with Daybreak. What are they hiding? A small limited start-up company with loans to pay, and who knows what deal with Daybreak (I wonder if they have funded SSG somehow or have a stake in the company) is going to have bring in the cash fast. I'm expecting a hell of a lot more store items and fluff, and I think the sales of this new expac will make or break SSG.
  10. They also said in a recent interview that WB didn't interfere in the development of LOTRO so the changeover will have minimal effect on their plans. Everything is all down to the dev team it appears. In the interview grind was mentioned over and over and how it is not fun and causes problems. The devs gave the impression they did not see it as a problem and would not be making any changes. Yeah, it's going to be business as usual.
  11. Yeah, it's really not lore appropriate no matter how they spin this new race, but then, so aren't Hobbits being fantastic fighters, roaming as heroes all over Middle-earth. The whole game wouldn't exist if they stuck to the lore 100%. But, yeah, to me this does seem to be pushing the boundaries of the lore a bit too far. The race is sure to annoy many die-hard Tolkien fans that are still playing, so I am a bit surprised they are going to go there and upset a significant part of their player base. I do agree that they are probably adding this race to make the expansion pack look more like an expansion as opposed to a quest pack, but surely they could have been more original than this? I think the people still play would be more than happy with the new avatar update dropping the same time as the EP.
  12. Yes, an auction hall. I don't get why they do not have one. The system they currently have is just ridiculous and unintuitive. I also think the story to the game is dire. I found many of the individual quest arcs very immersive at first, but that got old quickly. I don't get why so many people think the game's lore is great. I find it boring, unimmersive and the peoples unrealistic. It's all just so generic trying desperately to be interesting and different.
  13. The housing looks good, but it is not enough to tempt me to play the game again as I find it boring and I just cannot get into the lore.
  14. Merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year.