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  1. Another lure to get people to buy keys for Gorgoroth lootboxes: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?659116-Lootbox-Replicas&p=7780972#post7780972 SSG: past the point of no return. Many players: gullible and plain stupid. Game over.
  2. How about this one: Hotfix tomorrow morning (Sunday) from 7am till 11am est .....? And people think we have to be thankful for that.....
  3. Does anyone remember that, quite a few years ago now, Turbine tried to sell armour through the store? Enough players went vocal about it, and it didn't happen. I wonder whether that was the moment when the wheels started turning: how can we make money off armour? Et voila, no more crafting updates, armour that required essences, and then... craftable essences that required solvents. And now.... drum roll.... BiS gear from lootboxes.... Shame SSG, Shame.
  4. Mordor Rant

    It only makes sense when players are wrong in assuming that the choices they see made, and that they don't like/want, leads to less income for the company. Then it makes sense from a business sense of view: the game is a means to the end: more money. There is the clip in this thread: but I don't know whether that's exactly what I was referring to. Maybe another poster has a better link. I seem to remember a much longer audio tape.
  5. Mordor Rant

    That's the million dollar question. From a player's point of view (my point of view): they said they couldn't change housing, for years. Then it turned out: they could and they did, with movable hooks. (They implemented it when they could monetize it in an acceptable way through the Belfalas neighborhood). They said, for years: we can't do cosmetic weapons. But they could, and eventually, they did. They said, for years: we can't give you a weapon that grows with you. But eventually they made it and monetized it. From what I have seen, systematically, what players would ask for, they would not get: no raids ('there is no raiding community'), and above points. Many players also feel that there has been a lack of promotion and advertisement of the game. Quite often, on the OF, a player asks 'enhance VIP', but I don't think it's necessary, there are enough people who pay for VIP on a continuous basis. When people would get what they asked for, it often appeared in a way very different from what expected (based on the past). Look at the crafting tier: who would have ever thought that collecting regular crafting recipes would be placed behind grinding landscape quests? Crafting was also sabotaged in favor of essence gear. The players also got what they didn't ask for or expressed they didn't want: a store, hobbit gifts, loot boxes with keys in the store, advantage through the store, trait trees, avatar make overs, big battles. And there is more, but I can't care to remember it. For years, Lotro supplied money for gaming endeavors that led to nothing. That money didn't make it back into the game. For years, players thought that 'WB made them do it', but SSG admitted that that was never the case. So it's either that indeed, they are that stupid, or: this tactic has made them a lot of money. If it's the latter, then what appears as 'sabotage' is WAI. Paiz said: they will keep playing (and paying) regardless of what you throw at them. And I guess that has turned out to be true. If their strategy is to keep the whales, with as little expense on Turbine/SSG's side, then I think they are succeeding quite nicely. That the game is a mess does not matter to them. And that that doesn't make sense to the player base is understandable.
  6. Mordor Rant

    I am wondering about the comments (in another thread?) about the iLI losing its use because people have to trait differently in Mordor. Some say that SSG/Turbine has forgotten that because of iLI (which is a costly affair, mithril coins, legacy replacement scrolls etc.), the trait set up a player uses has more or less become fixed and that, because of the $investment of said player, it's not ok for the producers to make the drastic changes we see atm. Oversight or WAI? Although I would have liked to see iLI output for myself, I am glad that I've never gone the imbue route.
  7. Messages

    I get the same message that Doro gets.
  8. Tedious

    The name of that horse better read: Ode to Canada. Very appropriate when Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday this year.
  9. Guild Wars 2 pre-purchase

    Interesting similarities with Mordor 'pre purchase'. Also interesting non-similarities, such as price of the 'ultimate' of GW. https://buy.guildwars2.com/store?Action=html&Locale=en_US&SiteID=gw2&_ga=2.200355758.1465047269.1502278359-871134787.1502278359&cid=104%3A5%3A%3A%3A%3AGlobal%3A289%3A%3A%3A&pbPage=pathoffire&themeID=4785548100
  10. Mordor Trailer

    Ha, and then 15 of them at the same time
  11. It is dead then. It's as I feared....

    When the game went f2p, there were quite a few posters on the OF who would write 'you will not recognize the game when they are done with it, everything will be pushed by the store'. It has turned out worse than I ever expected. I will play as long as the game stays open, without spending a penny. I will play the game my way and enjoy it, which means that I will only do stuff that I like. I keep playing because I have tried other games and don't like them, and because I have enough acounts, toons, kins, and houses that always give me something to do.
  12. Mordor Trailer

    With the help of the barber, while using the old avatars, I have been able to make changes that make them somewhat acceptable to me. +++++++ What p****d me off even more was that unique armor pieces from my level 88 hunter were sitting in my bags, because SSG has suddenly decided that it can't be worn past level 85. My tailor's crafting options are: - make level 80 medium armor or - make level 85 guild armor There are no level appropriate landscape drops in the AH at the moment. Both crafting options have significant draw backs: in 2 levels the hunter can wear level 90 armor (... but the critted version will not be teal but the level below teal). The level 85 guild armor will take 6 weeks to make because of the cool down on large guild symbols. People have asked multiple times to have this cool down removed, but SSG doesn't do it. It's really sad to see how SSG restricts us in all kinds of ways to play the game how we are used to. It is also sad to see that these restrictions are in place to push us to the essence armor and its grind and to prevent players from benefiting from earlier earned bonus armor pieces/sets.
  13. Mordor Trailer

    I like your idea with the title. For lifers, vip, premiums alike. With regard to 'finishing the epic from start to finish: the only f2p'ers who can get it are those who bought Helms Deep (the epic was gated behind the purchase of HD) with points they collected themselves, otherwise they are no longer f2p.
  14. Mordor Trailer

    It's incredibly busy at the barber in Bree...
  15. Mordor Trailer

    I ..... want my old avatars because I am used to them. want SSG to keep its fingers off my dwarves and hobbits. heard that the epic is not worth its name. It's short, it's rushed, its rewards are underunderunderwhelming. The age of Lotro has passed. have a daughter who, after playing through this last epic, just said (she is still at 105): 'That epic is disturbing. The players and Mordor deserve something much better. I will never spend a penny on that game again'. She will now just play the festivals, for free, and never will she set another foot in Mordor again. BTW, during the epic, she got the chance to do what she has wanted to do for a long time now: throw her character into the lava at Mount Doom.