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  1. Mordor Rant

    I am wondering about the comments (in another thread?) about the iLI losing its use because people have to trait differently in Mordor. Some say that SSG/Turbine has forgotten that because of iLI (which is a costly affair, mithril coins, legacy replacement scrolls etc.), the trait set up a player uses has more or less become fixed and that, because of the $investment of said player, it's not ok for the producers to make the drastic changes we see atm. Oversight or WAI? Although I would have liked to see iLI output for myself, I am glad that I've never gone the imbue route.
  2. Messages

    I get the same message that Doro gets.
  3. Tedious

    The name of that horse better read: Ode to Canada. Very appropriate when Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday this year.
  4. Guild Wars 2 pre-purchase

    Interesting similarities with Mordor 'pre purchase'. Also interesting non-similarities, such as price of the 'ultimate' of GW. https://buy.guildwars2.com/store?Action=html&Locale=en_US&SiteID=gw2&_ga=2.200355758.1465047269.1502278359-871134787.1502278359&cid=104%3A5%3A%3A%3A%3AGlobal%3A289%3A%3A%3A&pbPage=pathoffire&themeID=4785548100
  5. Mordor Trailer

    Ha, and then 15 of them at the same time
  6. It is dead then. It's as I feared....

    When the game went f2p, there were quite a few posters on the OF who would write 'you will not recognize the game when they are done with it, everything will be pushed by the store'. It has turned out worse than I ever expected. I will play as long as the game stays open, without spending a penny. I will play the game my way and enjoy it, which means that I will only do stuff that I like. I keep playing because I have tried other games and don't like them, and because I have enough acounts, toons, kins, and houses that always give me something to do.
  7. Mordor Trailer

    With the help of the barber, while using the old avatars, I have been able to make changes that make them somewhat acceptable to me. +++++++ What p****d me off even more was that unique armor pieces from my level 88 hunter were sitting in my bags, because SSG has suddenly decided that it can't be worn past level 85. My tailor's crafting options are: - make level 80 medium armor or - make level 85 guild armor There are no level appropriate landscape drops in the AH at the moment. Both crafting options have significant draw backs: in 2 levels the hunter can wear level 90 armor (... but the critted version will not be teal but the level below teal). The level 85 guild armor will take 6 weeks to make because of the cool down on large guild symbols. People have asked multiple times to have this cool down removed, but SSG doesn't do it. It's really sad to see how SSG restricts us in all kinds of ways to play the game how we are used to. It is also sad to see that these restrictions are in place to push us to the essence armor and its grind and to prevent players from benefiting from earlier earned bonus armor pieces/sets.
  8. Mordor Trailer

    I like your idea with the title. For lifers, vip, premiums alike. With regard to 'finishing the epic from start to finish: the only f2p'ers who can get it are those who bought Helms Deep (the epic was gated behind the purchase of HD) with points they collected themselves, otherwise they are no longer f2p.
  9. Mordor Trailer

    It's incredibly busy at the barber in Bree...
  10. Mordor Trailer

    I ..... want my old avatars because I am used to them. want SSG to keep its fingers off my dwarves and hobbits. heard that the epic is not worth its name. It's short, it's rushed, its rewards are underunderunderwhelming. The age of Lotro has passed. have a daughter who, after playing through this last epic, just said (she is still at 105): 'That epic is disturbing. The players and Mordor deserve something much better. I will never spend a penny on that game again'. She will now just play the festivals, for free, and never will she set another foot in Mordor again. BTW, during the epic, she got the chance to do what she has wanted to do for a long time now: throw her character into the lava at Mount Doom.
  11. Forum update w/ broken style?

    Looking good!
  12. Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    "This problem was specifically identified in older content" WTF Wow. You really got to wonder with those folks. Who knows whether that's even the truth. But they needed an excuse, and messing up 'older content' would of course be sacrilege. Well, good for everyone who has indicated that they couldn't release Mordor as it was sitting this weekend in BR. Fingers crossed that they actually fix and improve what they have at the moment. Perfect timing btw, end of Sunday afternoon. Sales tapering off, not much lost.
  13. Mordor Dev: Leveling and Difficulty

    I think that they don't care about the stat bloat. That stat bloat was fed by the essence grind/levels, which was fed by the hunger for $$. What they care about, again/still, is $$: new grind = new $$. Even if there was no stat bloat, they would still introduce a new grind, because of the $$. That requires less thinking/consistency on their part, while if we had a very well done system/balance, it would take more skill to build on it. The whole idea is: how to extract as much $$ with as little input. They did the same with the trait trees = money money. Years later they admitted they were wrong, but they never corrected it, because it still makes money. This whole idea of 'we created thousands of pieces of gear'... seriously? Didn't they simplify gear before this into 3 classes: light, medium, heavy, each with its own fixed stats: vitality/will, vitality/agility, vitality/might? Let me translate this 'we created thousands of pieces of gear' in a different way: 'we created a new grind, in that you are going to want to hunt for piece X that has stats A, B, and C, but it's going to be difficult to find it, because we have made the drop rate abysmally low'. The new essences/grind/'radiance' can be introduced because it's Mordor. Present it as something Mordor related and it becomes acceptable to a larger part of the players. My plan is to start with The Wastes after tomorrow and get to 115 any way possible before I go to Mordor. I am very glad that I didn't do anything else but some flower picking, as far as gear/essences went. Even if I would like to get some good gear, I won't play this game. 'I am not a hamster and this is not a wheel'. People buy 'Mordor' despite SSG, not because of it.
  14. Mordor Dev: Leveling and Difficulty

    You made the wrong choice.... now grind some more to correct it.
  15. This dev interview was linked to on the OF recently: https://www.lotro.com/en/U21-Level-And-Difficulty and at the end of that brief 'interview' this is included: With words one can pretty much justify anything: first when implementing a serious change, and later when removing said serious change. The implementation of the change was: introducing essence-gear that ultimately could hold 4 essences per piece of armor. Stepping away from that change: less essence slots and less % of your stats. Let's say here what the above quote doesn't say: 1. We developed essences to be a money maker - solvents, essence removal scrolls 2. Because essence gear is a money maker, we ruined crafting for many years: thou shalt not craft thy own useful gear 3. We made it so that very little non-essence gear was available in game 4. Because we didn't want to give people what they wanted, essences added a major 'end game' grind to the game, including flower picking, flower gear, and flower essences 5. 1.-4. was done with intent 6. We knew that at some point we would make less money, because a. people have maxed out their essences = they need a new grind; and b. when people have maxed out their essences, they no longer buy items listed in 1. 7. We can no longer force the players to grind out 4 new essences/item because they have done that already and don't want to repeat it. We also can't ask them to continue that grind from level 105 - 115. Therefore, with Mordor, we will introduce new grinds; your old essences become useless; you will grind out: new essences and crafting recipes for new gear/weapons. Here is how they package their justification: No, you didn't. Towards the introduction of Mordor, the money stream dried up, because people had made/acquired the best essences they wanted and they started to realize that their essences will be useless once Mordor hits. How interesting that you now bash your own system, when you have to sell us your newest concoction, and when you ignored the many players who wanted to be able to either a. craft gear (that was good enough for them) or b. asked for simple changes, e.g. the ability to slot a new essence over an already slotted one (or both). Of course, because it's still good money, right! How noble of you to understand that people weren't going to grind 4 essence/piece on throw away items. But as end-game grind, that grind has to stay intact. Boohoo. I trust that balance between the classes will be even more difficult to find once players enter Mordor. This is already evident on BR OF. It is also clear that some older in game items have better stats than new Mordor gear (which can only be obtained after grinding a lot of ash). It sounds as if you guys have no clue what you are doing with regard to gear at the moment (this is enforced by what Vastin wrote on the OF about a necessary overhaul of the LI system), and therefore, once again, leave it up to the individual players to figure things out. Which we will, no doubt. However, many may/will leave any new essence grind for what it is. The consequence of having only essence gear to use as a 'baseline' for the new gear seems to be that there is no more baseline. Don't hide that you don't know what you are doing by saying 'we make your decisions more interesting and complex'. And once again, you bash your own forced essence grind of the last few years, while attempting to sell us that what you have come up with now will be better. I trust that the sold Mordor packages + the solvents/removal scrolls you are going to sell will equal if not surpass the past income you made off the essences. Nothing here is accidental, benevolent, or good game design. Just don't sugar coat it.