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  1. Terribly sorry Spiteful
  2. Saw it on Twitter
  3. 2016 wasn't all that bad as it included my 40th birthday
  4. You asked for it...
  5. Merry Christmas and happy new year!
  6. The vilest of all trolls. Always the first in all my ignore lists. (Had to use alt account for a while due to forum trouble.) On topic, I'm on the cautiously optimistic side with a grain of wishfullness added
  7. Years of ignoring the problem even existed to begin with I guess...
  8. I dislike that part too. Also them being rep gated in Central Gondor. They should be giving the rep instead. Nevertheless they should be upscaled and added to several older regions such as Moria. There are many off-the-path areas of Moria suitable for RT hunts. Regardless of the challenge level or rewards it was fun to group up, hunt them and chatter along.
  9. Pity they didn't scale them up and add new ones. Not that they were awfully challenging or anything like that but they were usually a fun way to socialize. I fondly remember our nightly all-RT raid runs on Imladris.
  10. I'm with two kins on Crick: Tarciryan Knights and Forever Notorious. The Knights befriend first, invite later. The Notorious might be more open. Both are very good kins with fun and mature people. Try getting to the leaders (with a hi from "Kibi" ): Iorviel for the TK and Eaton for the FN. I'll add you friend when I log on to Crick. Foro is excellent indeed. I regret skipping it quickly with doing the Epics only in my rush to get to Moria the first time. If the game survives (and my enthusiasm with it) I'll do it complete with a character someday.
  11. Better to start from scratch if you didn't play after the trait trees. In case of some classes such as the RK the changes amount virtually to entirety. The revamped areas are good. Also, generally, the pre-Moria phase offers the most choices to play and replay differently; you can go to the North Downs with one character but to Evendim with another, you can pick Angmar or Forochel etc. Moria is still the gem of LOTRO realm. On trait grind: - Do the first 6 books of Volume II while you're in Moria as opposed to leveling past it quickly. It's a horrible exercise in back-and-forthness but the story line is great. - Try to advance as many class deeds as possible. Include the skills necessary for the grind in your rotation even if you wouldn't normally use them. - Ask a kinnie or friend or a random helpful personality to walk you through the BugBattleBlunders once you're past level 60-ish. It will help accumulate a few points gating your 2 precious traits and also save you from having to do them when you're doing the HD epics. - Try remembering the good old times you had pre-level 75 or imagine the relatively better times ahead in Gondor while grinding every single damn quest alongside the epics in Western Rohan. Also, the story arcs are pretty good (IMO; not everybody agrees) unlike the quest structure wrapping them. I'm theoretically on both Landy and Crick though lately I've been chiefly grinding some gear for my Landy Kibilturg nowadays. Still, add Kibilturg/Zigilturg and say hi if we happen to meet on Crick
  12. LOTRO is horrendously alt-unfriendly.
  13. I totally agree with the op but I don't have anything to add to this thread