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  1. Is that going to be a new Walking Dead spinoff on AMC? The Undead Assholes?
  2. I guess the difference is most people don't start threads to call the rest of the player base "retards" or essentially forum stalk people by storing a compendium of everything they ever said over the course of many years.
  3. Free Ubi Games

    I got this email a little while ago and Ubisoft is giving away Assassins Creed IV, Watchdogs, and World in Conflict complete for free. https://freetrial.ubisoft.com/?a&ncid=1-0---1-eml-31-29-crm-url-17-2-4-1217-6----ubiDM67808&ubisoftid=7597d6b3-ee78-4d55-ac5d-29954e429186
  4. Not that we really want to go down that road again, but I don't think that person is a paid shill. I think they're your typical "I love something and I view any criticism as a threat to it's survival." Some people however, seem to get away with being vile pieces of crap for a lot longer than they should. Some things are justified. Banning Throgrum and The Jagoff being two of them.
  5. There was a thread, I can't remember which one, but after a few pages of general civility That Wolfgarde douche chimed in with the usual "stop whining fuckers" post. Cordovan immediately closed the thread for "insults." It seemed like he was looking for the excuse to shut it down. He could have chastised that lone asshole and deleted their post. I wonder if Wolfgarde was sent in to give him that excuse.
  6. It's not long before Cordovan snaps at someone and tells them to go play a different game if they aren't happy.
  7. I stopped subbing about 5 months ago and I've logged in a total of three times in the last month. Once was to help a family member do some quests. The other two times lasted about five minutes and then I was immediately reminded why I stopped. It wasn't the lootboxes that did me in, it was the haphazard attempt at balancing and the shitty gear for light armor classes. The release of Mordor was the first time that leveling up actually made me weaker and taking a second stab at radiance was a stupid idea.
  8. I'm waiting for the day when that all blows up.
  9. They have a dedicated percentage of whales playing the game that thank them for everything they do. "Thanks oh benevolent lords of Lotro for bestowing upon us a huge waste of money." I've bought things over the years that some people would consider a waste of money. However, I like to get value for my dollar and no digital release is ever going to be worth 130 bucks. Other companies charge those kind of figures but at least they give you tangible items you can display.
  10. I feel the same way. People were way off when they thought that not being on WB's boot was going to be the saving grace of Lotro. They just traded one publisher for another who is even more nefarious in their ways of gouging the customer than WB was.
  11. LOL elite? That's gotta be one of the funniest things I've heard in a long time.
  12. This my friends is how you kill a game. I swear there must be a level on the IQ scale lower than retarded. These dipshits couldn't find their asshole with a map and a mirror. At this point I think it's intentional. They want to get rid of lotro and the only way they can do it is to ensure it's no longer profitable. Then they can wash their hands of it and focus on DDO, or whatever the fuck they do there, besides fondling each others nuts.
  13. Trolling, an all or nothing affair?

    Come on, no one actually likes peppermint bark. It's the candy your grandmother gives that sits in the box for 10 years and can be used as dry wall. If I'm having to pick a flavor I would go with chocolate peanut butter.
  14. Trolling, an all or nothing affair?

    I had a point to starting this thread, but I've stopped caring between then and now. Feel free to delete this one. I think it's only the third one I've started in 3 years.
  15. Trolling, an all or nothing affair?

    Shouldn't all trolling, high brow or otherwise, have the same consequences?