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  1. LOL elite? That's gotta be one of the funniest things I've heard in a long time.
  2. This my friends is how you kill a game. I swear there must be a level on the IQ scale lower than retarded. These dipshits couldn't find their asshole with a map and a mirror. At this point I think it's intentional. They want to get rid of lotro and the only way they can do it is to ensure it's no longer profitable. Then they can wash their hands of it and focus on DDO, or whatever the fuck they do there, besides fondling each others nuts.
  3. Trolling, an all or nothing affair?

    Come on, no one actually likes peppermint bark. It's the candy your grandmother gives that sits in the box for 10 years and can be used as dry wall. If I'm having to pick a flavor I would go with chocolate peanut butter.
  4. Trolling, an all or nothing affair?

    I had a point to starting this thread, but I've stopped caring between then and now. Feel free to delete this one. I think it's only the third one I've started in 3 years.
  5. Trolling, an all or nothing affair?

    Shouldn't all trolling, high brow or otherwise, have the same consequences?
  6. I have wondered for some time why, in order to be considered a troll, your remarks must be ad hominem laden flame fests. Why is the need for extremes the only cause for recourse? Trolling can have many flavors.
  7. I don't normally do this but in your case I'll make an exception.
  8. Posting on here doesn't make me a Hypocrite. Allowing what douchebags say on the OF to consume my entire being and then telling people to find other hobbies would. I made a mistake several years ago of bitching about someone I thought was a real jerk on the OF. After the obligatory "stop qqing, git gud, l2p" bullshit, I learned a valuable lesson. This place is a free place to complain about the game and the developers. However, coming here looking for people to help you wage war on those that choose to post there, isn't exactly the best use of your energy. It makes you look petty and childish, and people will latch on to that and completely ignore any legitimate critiques you may have.
  9. To be totally honest with you.. I don't really give a shit why you post here or don't post on the OF. If you want to include yourself in the "some" go right ahead. However, I think some of you should probably find other hobbies. Too much anger leads to ulcers and a pretty miserable existence. Next time you want to take offense make sure it's not because you are looking for a reason.
  10. When did I ever say you shouldn't or couldn't post here?
  11. I don't think some of you actually read the forums and come here only for some good ol' fashioned confirmation bias. That Hurin guy has been bitching about the slippery slope of the cash grab f2p store model for years. Seems unlikely for a shill to point out to people that eventually everything will be p2w and they're going to be ripping us off with sub par content to push out stupid shit in the store. He was right you know.
  12. Meanwhile, back at Turbine...

    Spoiler alert guys. Gosh I haven't even seen the latest tits...I mean episodes. Turbine developing any game is like watching your 90 year old grandfather attempt to bend over and pick up a dime. At some point you would prefer he just give up and let someone else do it.
  13. New OF Community Guidelines

    Well, Frelorn didn't do much of anything really, as far as forum moderation went. That's why people like TheJagoff and that Thorgrum turd went unscatched for so long. The fact is some people don't have lives outside of their gaming cocoon. Their only social interaction is online games, in this case Lotro. When they feel that someone is "threatening" their beloved game, be it criticism, "trolling", etc. they go on the offensive. They take it as a personal affront to them. The same thing happens when someone gets bent out of shape if you don't love a band they love. They act as if they wrote the songs. Now their "offensive" is blowing rainbows up the cm or dev's asses until they can fart multicolored bubbles. It's incredibly frustrating for someone who feels let down by the game. Just like it's frustrating when you're having technical issues and 85% of the response are "I don't crash" There seems to be a commonly held belief that if it does not happen to me, it must not exist. Now regarding whether a specific post is worthy of banning it would have to be something truly horrific. What often occurs is that they get a report on someone and then skim through their post history to find a pattern of behavior. If you have a pattern of being a pain in the ass then it's likely going to get you banned. If you throw in the name of the CM or the poster that the response is directed toward. Well, then you've just hit the fuck you lottery.
  14. Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    You know the only reason there was that whole xp, vista debacle was because the security protocols that are tied to the store were updated and they're not supported by either of those OS. The solution was creating a way for xp and vista users to continue to open the store with the browser of their choosing. The reason why they wont "officially" drop support is because they're really isn't a reason. The code they use for this game is so wonky, patched and back asswards that no one that works for the company even knows what to do with it. The game is not optimized, will never be optimized. Money is the biggest reason, but there is that other reason that no one speaks about. That's the 65+ year old players who will never give up xp because they've gotten used to it and spend a shit load of money. As far as they're concerned they can look at pictures on facebook, check their email, and load lotro so they can post on the forums that using the AH one shot them in bree and it's too hard.