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  1. a few people have been sharing the many infractions that Cordovan has been handing out (through PMs). the majority of them he isn't even bothering to put a reason, he's actively deleting posts and in a lot of the cases, the threads he is using to back up the infractions are those simply critical of the dev decisions. he also made a point to close (at the time) the only active loot-box discussion thread. others have popped up since then of course. i'd say he is on his way to sapience level douche-baggery
  2. LotRO Dev Halt?

    I'm not sure what you mean by that. If I pay a sub for a game, it's because I want to play and support that game. It probably would have been better off if Cordovan just gave his usual "they are working on it". The last thing someone wants to hear is that a particular type of content is currently on hold because resources (that your sub helps fund) have been diverted to another game you don't give two shits about.
  3. not to derail this thread by interjecting some FFXIV sanity, but I agree 100%. PvP should be more about the skill of the player than anything else. The PvP scene is thriving (at least on my server) especially with the intro of the new 48 person rival wings, it's fucking brilliant and more importantly it's fun. back to the thread...the prod letter is all spin and no meat. the fanboys/girls are salivating over the idea that Erebor will be of the same magnitude as Moria which of course is impossible with the current "indie" team. while my lotro obsession panged a bit at the thought of seeing dale and laketown considering they haven't even mentioned anything about what they are doing to actually improve the performance all the pretty landscape doesn't mean shit in the end.
  4. Loot boxes need to go away, period. I don't mind micro-transactions. WoW and FFXIV have them but they're all fluff really--mounts, cosmetics, housing items...the fact that those items are on the store doesn't bother me because it's a direct, honest purchase. There is nothing direct or honest about a loot box.
  5. Of course you can blame them. For starters, not all the title you listed are MMORPGs. Second, there are just as many games that steer clear of them.
  6. why does it matter what is in the loot-boxes? isn't the argument that the loot-boxes themselves are the problem??
  7. Wow, even LotroPlayers is on the offensive... http://lotroplayers.com/2017/10/10/so-youd-like-to-play-a-game-that-punishes-you-for-supporting-it/
  8. Patch 4.1

    yeah, the final duty was great...didn't see that coming, I was actually on the edge of my chair trying to click on those bloody spheres lol. I'm obviously a big softie...when she said goodbye to Raubhan...major feels for pixels on a screen. The 24 man will blow you away, lots of new tactics/strategies...and visually, it looks amazing.
  9. It gets better, their hot fix screwed things up even more... https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?659055-Bugs-yet-again! Who runs a patch on Friday the 13th anyway?
  10. Patch 4.1

    trailer released with the live letter:
  11. Patch 4.1

    Can you imagine LotRO in the hands of SE (all while keeping the current aesthetic/feel of Middle Earth)? I try not to think too hard about that, because we know it will never happen, but...
  12. Patch 4.1

    I'm hyped for the new 24 man, the trailer for 4.1 should be out in a week or so?
  13. same thing happened with the last 2 Transformers movies as well, if not for China both movies would have tanked.
  14. i find it amusing when all else fails, people resort to playing the victim. people are too easily triggered, they hold on to hate and negativity for far too long. it's unhealthy. remember, you don't even know these people. there can never be any real exchange of ideas if every other thread turns into a rage fest because someone simply mentions a person on the OF, which lately has been the trend here.
  15. i think it's pretty obvious who has the actual grudge(s) here. some of us just find it entertaining to watch them come unhinged.