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  1. Of course you can blame them. For starters, not all the title you listed are MMORPGs. Second, there are just as many games that steer clear of them.
  2. why does it matter what is in the loot-boxes? isn't the argument that the loot-boxes themselves are the problem??
  3. Wow, even LotroPlayers is on the offensive... http://lotroplayers.com/2017/10/10/so-youd-like-to-play-a-game-that-punishes-you-for-supporting-it/
  4. Patch 4.1

    yeah, the final duty was great...didn't see that coming, I was actually on the edge of my chair trying to click on those bloody spheres lol. I'm obviously a big softie...when she said goodbye to Raubhan...major feels for pixels on a screen. The 24 man will blow you away, lots of new tactics/strategies...and visually, it looks amazing.
  5. It gets better, their hot fix screwed things up even more... https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?659055-Bugs-yet-again! Who runs a patch on Friday the 13th anyway?
  6. Patch 4.1

    trailer released with the live letter:
  7. Patch 4.1

    Can you imagine LotRO in the hands of SE (all while keeping the current aesthetic/feel of Middle Earth)? I try not to think too hard about that, because we know it will never happen, but...
  8. Patch 4.1

    I'm hyped for the new 24 man, the trailer for 4.1 should be out in a week or so?
  9. same thing happened with the last 2 Transformers movies as well, if not for China both movies would have tanked.
  10. i find it amusing when all else fails, people resort to playing the victim. people are too easily triggered, they hold on to hate and negativity for far too long. it's unhealthy. remember, you don't even know these people. there can never be any real exchange of ideas if every other thread turns into a rage fest because someone simply mentions a person on the OF, which lately has been the trend here.
  11. i think it's pretty obvious who has the actual grudge(s) here. some of us just find it entertaining to watch them come unhinged.
  12. Wow. I mean...there is a lot that can be said for what you just typed here. disproportionate amount...compared to what exactly? who is EVERYONE?? Hundreds of players??? but that last bit...you've clearly got a few screws loose (not that I needed any further proof of that)
  13. You might want to look up the definition of the word "fact". Sure, whatever you say--if anyone would know it would be you. I'm sure in another week or so, you'll be blaming someone else for the fact that you supposedly don't play LotRO anymore. Should be fun.
  14. 1. So one week it was Amorey, this week it's Hurin...how many people are you going to blame for the fact that you (supposedly) gave up on LotRO? The fact that any of these people has influenced how you feel about an MMORPG says more about you than it does about them. 2. Al started this thread to discuss the valid point that Hurin made on the OF. You (and Dalthalion) decided to turn it into yet another hate parade about a person on the OF--so if anyone is starting "some drama" here, it's you.
  15. QFT. it seems to be a trend for certain people on this forum to hold on to grudges--specifically aimed at people on the OF--for what seems like months, maybe years. People they have never met. People who never give them a second thought, or probably find it entertaining when they try to bash/bait them on a separate forum. Case in point: Hurin has been an extremely vocal critic of SSG and Turbine in the past and continues to be. So when I see people call him a shill and express happiness that he might get banned (even if they agree with what he is saying) it just comes across as petty. As in, this dude pissed me off one day long ago and I just can't get past it type of petty.