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  1. You know that's such a 2000's look at the competition... no wonder LotRO is all but forgotten.
  2. Almagnus1

    LOTRO Solo and PVP

    Eh, I'm on hiatus until they release a LotRO x64 client. Until then, there's alwasy MMOs like Warframe (yes, it is an MMO) and FFXIV.
  3. Almagnus1

    Well, the UK's screwed...

    Yeah, I really don't get why we want to go after Russia other than the US government has far too many Baby Boomers that want to kill the big bad and have their pound of flesh for God only knows why. China, on the other hand, I full well understand why economic warfare (think Art of War applied to business) is worth it because the Chinese do not respect intellectual property, and they have a really band penchant to take someone's tech and turn around and sell it to their competitor (take a close look at the latest Xbox and PlayStation consoles and you'll see what I mean). To be fair though, once we can economically disengage from China it's going to change the economic landscape - and I think that's a lot of what's driving Trump's tariffs as being a service economy is a strategic weakness because you are at the bidding of your suppliers, not the other way around. I've heard it say that for Europe to live, the EU must die. I'm hoping now Europe has a better appreciation for what the US has always dealt with with the Latin American migrants that keep trying to come here for a better life. To be clear, though, I'm not against immigration, just undocumented immigration that works outside of the existing system.
  4. Almagnus1

    Well, the UK's screwed...

    I don't think that's actually accurate, as some of the stuff I'm seeing about North Korea is that Trump is secretly engaging in back channel negotiations with them. The problem with Korea is that each side thinks of themselves as the actual regime, with the other being an attempted coup. That said, I get the feeling that the North Korean leadership is actually really smart, but completely amoral, arms dealers. North Korea understands that staying alive and doing arms demonstrations (which is essentially what they have been doing) is the key to their survival because the US foreign policy is creating a market opportunity for the North Koreans. North Korea also understands that the US could wipe them out at a moment's notice if the US decided to do just that, however, the real problem with the Korean situation is that Seoul is the other side of the DMZ from North Korea, so North Korea essentially has that city at gun point meaning that we need to tread carefully so North Korea doesn't kill millions in retaliation as part of something akin to a dead-man's switch when the regime is taken out. North Korea also realizes that keeping it's population completely disarmed and fed just enough to live, yet not well fed enough to revolt is key to staying in power. Of all of these problematic states, IMO North Korea is the one of least concern because what they want is survival and to sell weapons, so we need to approach them that way and not back them into a corner that forces North Korea to nuke something (or someone) for fear of survival. IMO the real problem are the Islamics that want to enforce Sharia on everyone (which, btw, is completely incompatible to Western civilization) - especially the ones that will tell you that THAT societal poison is completely and totally harmless, and you will be able to live your lives the same under Sharia as you can now. They say it's a religion of peace.... What they don't tell you is that it's peace through tyranny.
  5. Almagnus1

    Well, the UK's screwed...

    I would anticipate a second US civil war long before WW3 tbh. The Democrats have gone so far to the left that they've made the center to the right - essentially they've done the political equivalent of "With us or against us", and have basically been committing sedition trying to overthrow Trump, who was lawfully elected. Throw in all the identity politics and they're going to keep pushing the everyone until they snap back... because we all know that when push comes to shove, the Conservatives will win in a brawl because the Democrat's are basically a bunch of soyboys and beta males that can't compete with alpha males in a fight. That, and the US military has zero reason to back anything the Democrats do because the Democrats have done nothing but demonize the US military. What really gets me about all this is that the Democrats aren't looking at Pence, because of how the Presedential succession works ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_presidential_line_of_succession ), so if they do manage to defeat Trump... how is Pence going to handle all this? I don't like it, and I really don't like that the media is after their sensational news story by blasting propaganda that the sheeps (like several of the other posters here) swallow hook, line, and sinker. It's setting the stage for the second US CIvil War... and that's never a good thing.
  6. Almagnus1

    Well, the UK's screwed...

    If you had freedom of speech in the UK (which you don't, btw), then the entire court case against Ct. Dankula for that pug video never should have been tried. You don't, and now there's proof that the UK effectively has Islamic Blasphemy laws being actioned upon. If that's not something worth being outraged over, then you are so clueless about what's going on that we may never be able to explain it to you because you don't have the IQ (or willingness) to comprehend the situation.
  7. Almagnus1

    Well, the UK's screwed...

    At least there's a grassroots movement that's getting momentum... Maybe some home amongst the despair?
  8. Almagnus1

    Well, the UK's screwed...

    Here, watch the UK "police" in action. This is what got Lauren Southern banned from the UK... for what basically amounts to blasphemy against Islam. Islam is a religion of peace... Peace through tyranny.
  9. Almagnus1

    Well, the UK's screwed...

    There is no such thing as "hate speech", because you can boil down "hate speech" to "things I don't like to hear". The problem with hate speech legislation is that it allows the government to abuse said legislation because there's little difference between hate speech legislation and blasphemy laws in practice. I mean... this is a thing because of the abuse of power from the UK government: The UK government forced out two men and a woman because they are "wrong thinkers". And before anyone asks, Lauren Southern is officially recognized as male in Canada, and he's often misgendered as female. The sad thing is that the UK government read 1984, and then used it as a guideline for how to run a government. ----- And then there's the defendant's response, and a good summary of why this case is so critical for the UK:
  10. Almagnus1

    Well, the UK's screwed...

    With freedom of speech, you need to protect the extremes, the assholes, and the bigots... or the average folk do not have freedom of speech. Based off of what's going on with Count Dankula... the UK is completely screwed. You can read about this https://reason.com/blog/2018/03/20/count-dankula-meechan-hate-speech-nazi . The more stuff I see about how screwed up the UK is, the more I'm convinced that England is now an Islamic colony, and no longer the proud kingdom that has survived for more than a millennia that also birthed the United States. A kingdom felled by identity politics. Hopefully y'all in the UK can either your country fixed, or get out before it all goes to hell.
  11. Almagnus1

    Explore Middle-Earth (56k warning!)

    You should try imgur.
  12. Almagnus1

    Give away - LotRO Europe stuff

    Well, the dwarf could be eating the elf and it not be strictly cannibalistic....
  13. Almagnus1

    Give away - LotRO Europe stuff

    One unexpected house guest later.....