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  1. From Well, it's a step in the right direction, and it's small incentive to get those users to upgrade. I'd be more impressed if that client just happens to not show up, as it would demonstrate that SSG is doing the right thing and dropping XP and Vista support.
  2. I'm guessing this entire expansion is going to be one giant rehash of everything in LotRO, and then we're probably not going to see any new non-derivative (that is, using new assets) after Mordor releases, as most of the story will have been concluded. What really concerns me is how little noise this expansion has created, I mean, compare what FFXIV did with Stormblood (,39210#1y ), and that's even with FFXIV NA Datacenter getting DDOS'd ( ) since the start of Early Access. The stark contrast between both kinda makes it look like SSG is more focused on DDO than LotRO because an instanced based world has a lot of advantages over a continuous one, especially considering that it's better suited to dealing with the aging client. I mean, take a look at - it's almost rage inducing considering how few updates of similar quality LotRO got during that same time frame ( ).
  3. The key thing we don't know is what the SSG build system looks like. If it's based around using an archaic version of MSVS, then there's going to be odd issues with bitness.
  4. /facepalm Edit: Even Blizzard gets this one right:
  5. However, if the type of person we're talking about that's still on XP or Vista is one that views a computer as an appliance, and doesn't understand WHY to upgrade, they're probably not going to have the technical knowledge to install Linux and Wine and get them both working.
  6. And people also confuse "supported operating systems" with "whitelisted operating systems" >.>
  7. They are. It's been mentioned, people are treating it like it's the next coming of the Valar, and it's going to solve all of LotRO's problems because they don't understand what this really means. If anything, a 64 bit client is going to mask some of LotRO's issues at the expense of higher memory consumption, and cause some of the entitled sitting on XP and the 32 bit versions of Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 to lash out in anger because they don't understand why Turbine has to enforce a memory limit on their clients and point figures at us entitled using our 64 bit OSs being racist against them.
  8. It really comes down to when the code base was written, as there could very well be parts of the code base that are old enough where pointer size becomes an issue. It's an issue where SSG may just need to suck it up and go get help in order to fix it, but that's something I would NEVER broadcast to anyone.
  9. Ah, yeah... you get a lot of really screwy quests sub 30 because that's how a lot of the game features are introduced to the player as there's a really long tutorial for a lot of the game features. That one is for the FFXIV equivalent of the barber.
  10. True... but it's more in the forefront because we're getting more classes, more main story quests, and finally heading into completely new territory that's not being recycled from 1.0. I mean, can you blame me for being excited about it? The hype is real!!!!! =D Was that 1.0 or A Realm Reborn? 1.0 sucked hard core (which is why FFXIV offlined while it was being rewritten and remade into A Realm Reborn)... but I'll spare the rest of the board more rambling on that point...
  11. When was the last time you were seriously hyped up for something from LotRO?
  12. Wow... suggesting Turbine drops support of XP and Vista has really excited some people into resisting this move forward. I'm completely and totally baffled by this exchange, as I would bet money that there's a high correlation between the segment of the population still on XP and Vista and the segment of the population that are not contributing financially to LotRO.
  13. Actually, it's a comparison that's getting made on Steam a bit, especially when someone wants to try an MMO. So I'm going to continue to make it, as FFXIV's success is what LotRO should have had if Turbine hadn't of flubbed it so badly. Edit: That and early access for Stormblood (4.0) starts on 6/16 so it's kinda taking forefront as HYPE!!!!!
  14. Can you take a screen shot of the error so we can see what the error is? Also, if you aren't using LotRO via Steam, try launching LotRO through Steam and see if the issue persists.
  15. Yeah, that's a stark contrast to what Square Enix has done for FFXIV with it's expansion (early access starts on 6/16)... both expansions were announced at the same time and I'm basically at fully hype mode for the FFXIV one.... while wondering where the LotRO one is >.>