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  1. For the 10th Anniversary, I was curious and decided to find and reinstall LotRO via Steam. And then promptly watched LotRO eat it hardcore in Minas Tirith again... while FFXIV was running in the background. Why should LotRO crash after consuming more than 2.7GB while FFXIV was running stable and only used 600GB RAM? #LotROsDead
  2. In theory, it would allow LotRO to get a newer client, and then have a relaunch of sorts as "Lord of the Rings: The Fourth Age", or something along those lines. Granted, that would assume the devs would actually have the technical knowledge or enough capital to fund the creation of an updated client.... but this isn't Square Enix, and the title is all but dead at this point. SSG may be better served moving on. Edit: Yeah, got the bright idea to download and update the client via steam, with my plugins, and the client fell over after consuming ~2.7GB of RAM in Minas Tirith. That's 4-5x as much RAM as FFXIV was using, a paltry 600-700MB while I was standing in the endgame city of Idyllshire during the PST primetime. Having both side by side on my desktop, I'm just dumbfounded at how washed out and bland LotRO looks when compared to FFXIV, even when I'm supposed to be in awe of something as awesome as Minas Tirith. Sadly, that client is the biggest issue LotRO needs to overcome, and I doubt it will ever do so.
  3. If the expansion is solid enough, and SSG is smart enough, hopefully it pulls in enough revenue to finance a client update. That would go miles towards getting players back - as CTDs should never exist in a game, especially one that's being actively worked on.
  4. No, but that hardware lets me do work and experiments with Hyper-V on my home desktop. I do agree it's completely overkill for most any game, though. That said, it does prove a point about how LotRO completely fails to take advantage of modern hardware because it was designed for XP (probably Windows 2000 or 98SE truth be told), and was never updated to work with more modern Windows versions.
  5. Hey look, it's another troll from the OF trying to look down on us. Time for you to be introduced into why I think LotRO is a steaming pile of shit now. I was active until Gondor hit, and then stopped playing when a game that was of inferior graphics quality to everything else I play was crashing about every 15 minutes. How on earth a user experience that bad ever got pushed out to the playerbase is beyond me, but it's indicative of a studio that never cares. From what I have heard, I cannot reasonably expect to ever complete Gondor without LotRO being a crashy mess of an experience, and that's running on a system with these specs: Windows 10 Pro x64 Intel Core i7 3770K 16GB RAM NVidia GeForce GTX 770 4GB I should not have any issues with LotRO with the above stats, that I do shows that the LotRO client codebase is so poorly maintained that the studio doesn't have a prayer of fixing the issues. Rather, I'll play an MMO that's listed in - that is the top 100 games by activity on Steam. Those games have studios that care about them, not ones that are milking them for all they're worth. That MMO, which is FFXIV, also runs flawlessly on my hardware. All of this coming from a player that has stuck with LotRO from Forochel to Gondor, used to be active in the PvMP on Elendilmir back when the Creeps were a true force to be reckoned with, but went into retirement as literally every single player I knew went on to other games because they saw the direction LotRO's would be heading far sooner than I ever did. When you put that much time and effort into a game, and then have the game company be negligent about maintaining the game, is it any wonder that so many here are toxic towards LotRO and Turbine/Standing Stone?
  6. Wait, LotRO's server's are still online? I moved on to other games because the LotRO dev team can't figure out that they should do MAJOR updates once a quarter.... not 2-3 times a year. That and the game looks like shit compared to other titles... I mean, even WoW has better graphics than LotRO now...
  7. Except getting a midnight visit and a "long term vacation"...
  8. Why don't the two of you go check into the love hotel and spare us the details.
  9. What you have to keep in mind with the Clintons is that they have a reputation for being about the most corrupt politicians in the country, yet Slick Willie tends to get away with it... or ate least they have for a very, very long time. It's a bit like Al Capone and all the shenanigans he did back in the early 20th Century... and people calling for his arrest.
  10. Actually, this company is one of the major enterprise management software houses, so all of us corporate minions are actually dogfooding the cell phone management software product. So it's actually not cutting corners as we're all helping with the development and testing of the management software by using just about every phone model under the sun, and having people scream VERY LOUDLY at the team when something gets screwed up. 99.99999% of the time, you don't notice any significant difference from not being enrolled.
  11. The corporation I'm at will let you use a personal phone with a work email address, provided your phone meets their requirements for a mobile device and you submit your personal phone to their security policy. Once those two conditions are met (so your personal phone is basically managed by their IT department), THEN you can add your work email to your personal phone.
  12. So, would having a work email account and a personal email account on, say, a cell phone be considered a breach of security then? I still have an active Hotmail account, and that's from around the time that Microsoft bought Hotmail. Granted, it's not my primary email account, but the account is still in active use. I mean, changing an email account is a pain if there's no need to. I can see someone having an AOL account from decades ago, and never bothering to change it. Same is true for cell numbers these days, as my cell number is over a decade old, and for an area that's over a thousand miles away from where I live now. That's what they want you to think. **Adjusts tin-foil hat**
  13. You've got to get it right. She's the mistress that's got Satan whipped and completely subordinate to his mistress....
  14. Let's put it this way: Any of us that are using webased email are effectively using a private email server that can (and most have) been hacked, so following the logic upthread, none of us should be criticizing HRC about her stupidity with her email server, because we could have leaked classified information. The entire argument's a load of bullshit. The real big difference is security clearance, as I would highly doubt that the governor of Indiana would have access to secret or top secret information as most of that info is on a need to know basis, and I seriously doubt most of the governors would need to know any of it.
  15. I have to agree here. We're talking about a landlocked state that can only be accessed from Canada if someone sails across one of the Great Lakes (IIRC geography correct - not worth checking a map for this XD ). If something in Indiana posed a credible threat to US security, I would love to know what that threat was as, quite honestly, I don't see it happening there. It's going to be both fascinating and completely mind-bending due to the state's geographic location.