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  1. FFXIV gets a music system!

    Behold! As an FYI, it helps if you increase speed to 1.25x as the system still needs a bit of work, but it's off to a good start!
  2. Christopher Tolkien retired from estate

    That's really a shame, because MEE needs to change stance since gaming is such a huge industry these days (which is why EA does what it does). Otherwise, LotR is going to revert back to some niche fantasy epic... and fade like the elves...
  3. Christopher Tolkien retired from estate

    RISE FROM THE DEAD!!!! So a random Extra Credits got me thinking about reviving the LotR license, and perhaps Tolkein Estates needs to do what Games Workshop did with the Warhammer 40k license, as seen:
  4. LotRO Dev Halt?

    However, the truth with LotRO is that's not what's been happening with LotRO for a very, very, very long time. Just look at how Turbine managed to piss away all the capital that LotRO was raising.
  5. Until I see a public beta for it, I'm calling it the world's greatest vaporware scam.
  6. And yet, there's Star Citizen >.>
  7. Better be careful or one of those idiots are going to screenshot a post from here, post a pic of it on the OF, and then try to beat you over the head with it. Especially the losers with no spine and no way to beat you in a fair argument.
  8. LotRO Dev Halt?

    Not unless there's enough other LotR related content out there to bring LotR back into the public mind. At the current point in time, the Amazon LotR series is kinda the last gasp of a dying franchise.
  9. That's just it, we're asking a bunch of lawyers to do something right. I'd bet the Shire that they won't.
  10. Then there's the entire debacle over Battlefront 2 and lootboxes which is going to cause issues with gaming because (so far): EU is probably going to ban lootboxes Hawaii is looking into this issue, and will probably classify Battlefront 2 as a gambling game due to loot boxes (which means other US states are soon to follow) EA so badly screwed the pooch that it now has has Disney mad at EA because of the damage done to the Star Wars brand If the keys for the lootboxes and mithril coins for hobbit slots are a significant chunk of the LotRO revenue... that's a really bad thing for LotRO because another company's stupidity is going to hurt LotRO. It's one thing when they do it to themselves, it's another when (how did Warframe put it... oh yes) "A Cult Worshipping Money" does it to everyone else.
  11. Eh, if they take the FFXIV approach to PvP (where every class is assigned stats and has ~10 skills, down from the PvE 36 or so), then all gear does is make you look pretty. That and LotRO would need to replace the name with the class (so you only see Captains, hunters, guards, champs, and Valar mini instead of char name). It's too late in the LotRO PvMP scene for a change like that to work, and I'm convinced that something of that nature is absolutely required to balance PvP in an MMO because otherwise there's too many vairables in play.
  12. LotRO Dev Halt?

    I would expect the momentum of the player base to keep propelling the game forward for a couple of years after the dev halt.
  13. Yeah, the entire microtransaction stuff needs to die.
  14. LotRO Dev Halt?

    Eh... DDO updates far more frequently than LotRO does (or at least, did for many years) as DDO does at least a quarterly update, if not more frequently.
  15. LotRO Dev Halt?

    So given https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?659910-Sev-the-Absent-Producer Specifically: Reading between the lines of the corporate speak, I would expect to see (sometime in early 2018) that LotRO will no longer be receiving any content updates. I think the bastards have finally killed it.