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  1. Milt

    Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    Just saying, I don't like to group and I don't care for the social aspect of MMOs and the pack mentality that comes along with it. The obvious question is "why not play a first shooter game instead of an MMO?" The answer is, it really does add to the ambience and immersion of the game knowing that guy picking flowers next to you is a real person. I really do love the multiplayer aspect. I just don't like being forced to be a part of it. I'll group once a year, and I like knowing I have the choice. That's where it ends for me (immersion and choice).
  2. Milt

    Hello from Cordovan

    Thanks from me too Cordovan (ban was lifted today). It's a little thing but it means a lot.
  3. Milt

    Hello from Cordovan

    Kudos to the new CM for attempting this but let's be honest, it's too little too late. The damage was done long ago when Sapience played fanbois favourites against basically everyone else. Beyond a mild reminiscent yearning to have my June, 2007 join date back on my forum posts, I really couldn't care less about having my ban lifted (and I probably deserved the ban anyway). That said, Cordovan asked, so I'll offer the one thing I'd like to see in a CM: Every single infraction I ever received resulted from the same pattern: - Fanbois/ButthurtPvper/Troll attacks me for...whatever reason. - I respond in kind, typically destroying Fanbois/ButthurtPvper/Troll and putting them squarely in their place. - Fanbois/ButthurtPvper/Troll reports my response. I understand a community manager doesn't have endless resources to investigate every exchange on the forums but it would take 2 seconds to see I've never once reported anyone for anything, ever. It would be nice if a moderator understood that someone who carries around the report button in a holster is *inherently* the antagonizer. Unfortunately, the go-cry-to-momma types seem to win every time.