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  1. Explore Middle-Earth (56k warning!)

    off the map Above the Hill of Evendim!
  2. Explore Middle-Earth (56k warning!)

    Don't know but wondering has anyone else done this since bree revamp? i know its not off the map, but on world chat i was told its impossible to get on top of the prancing pony, but i found a way.
  3. Funny Mordor Teaser Poster

    No promos as far as I've seen I'm sure sometime later this month we will get mordor Trailer or some more info
  4. Funny Mordor Teaser Poster

    Was Bored so thought I'd make a funny mordor Poster based on Captain America naming him Eriador, Since mordor epansion coming soon
  5. Explore Middle-Earth (56k warning!)

    Wandering off the map behind the Barrow downs and South Guard Ruins, Ruins you see is as far i could go till hit hidden wall also found abandon camp
  6. Explore Middle-Earth (56k warning!)

    Other side of the Eastway in Ered Luin
  7. Explore Middle-Earth (56k warning!)

    on the other side of the door to south farthing
  8. Explore Middle-Earth (56k warning!)

    Here is the back way into the lost temple
  9. Explore Middle-Earth (56k warning!)

    I've wandered off the map many times but not gone to far due to walls, I did find the Non instance Version of the Lost Temple going off the map, will post screenshot later
  10. Hullo

    Crickhollow is fine, and has good population don't think its low in my opinion, it is active, a few do raids and such, according to some charts players posted we have good pop. gladden server seems to have the lowest pop.
  11. Hullo

    Hello i just joined this forum today thought I'd say Hi, been playing lotro 5 years now