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  1. This has to be deliberate. No developer/coder/community relations manager could possibly be THIS stupid. They have to be aware how many subs this is going to cost them, and how they have no chance of recouping the licensing fees. It's been one shithsow after another since the launch of Morder (aye, it started long before, but that was the brave new flagship of the rebranded studio). There's no way it's not on purpose.
  2. I noticed that as well. The usual suspects aren't anywhere to be seen. Kind of reminds me what's going on with a certain Hollywood production company right now. @Doro, it's not so much that it's his fault, as the sarcastic, "why so serious" tone his replies have taken. He didn't piss off the jaded cynics with lofty expectations this time. He pissed off EVERYONE.
  3. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?658936-Something-went-wrong An entertaining read at the very least. I genuinely hope this ends up being the final nail in the coffin for what's left of the community. I was actually beginning to think Cordovan would make it out of 3rd quarter 2017 with his job (contrary to my prediction last year), but now it looks like he's back on track. Fingers crossed.
  4. I suppose there's some reverence for the game that has genuinely put food on a lot of their tables for the past 13 years. Are you bored with making credits? Fast safe transaction satisfaction guarantee with going concern. Our dichotomy opens the combat.
  5. Can't even Access LOTRO Website - Help Please!

    It's easy. Just say "LOTRO is the best MMO on the market, and Cordovan is doing a fantastic job as CM. I don't mind gamebreaking bugs, and I absolutley love the new avatars!" three times. That should land you personal tech support, a fruit basket, and you might even get on his payroll. I don't want to insult your intelligence, but did you try deleting internet history? If you were banned for whatever reason, you may still be logged in the site. Clearing your cache might allow you to access the site again, but only if that were the case. Otherwise, I'm telling you, the Valar are trying to do you a favor.
  6. I thought you said you were "done"? See? You can't even be consistent with your ragequit. Now sit there and take your well-deserved medicine, or go find one of Cordovan's nourishing teats to suckle.
  7. It sure is. The two trolls who won't shut up about Final Fantasy XIV ganging up on the guy who told them where they could stick that shitty game, going out of their way to disparage every single post he makes.....THAT is a grudge. At least I have a good reason for despising Cordovan and Amorey. Your only reason for your hatred of me is that I won't play waifu dressup with you and Almagnus1. And if I'm not very much mistaken (which I'm not), both you and Almagnus1 were perfectly happy to have a go at Amorey when she was trolling here. You're both are inconsistent hypocrites, the same as Hurin, Amorey, Cordovan, and all the other fanbois and shills. You're both simply assholes who want to fight with whomever will fight you, and you'll change your opinions and outlooks as needed in order to facilitate that. If you don't stand for SOMETHING.....then you're nothing. Although to be fair, you two DO stand for shitty waifu MMOs, so there's that to be said, at the very least. That's very amusing how you spent hours crafting a response, and then completely invalidated that response with all your"P.S." afterthoughts that totally contradict everything you typed. That's proof positive that you know what exactly what you are, and what you have done. So the next time you decide to play devils' advocate on the OF because you're bored, and fight to the bitter end to disparage and discourage someone you actually agree with, you remember this. You bloody-well remember that someone out there sees right through your bullshit, and has accurately diagnosed you as the problem, rather than the solution. You think about that the next time you decide to troll a new player or to gang up on someone trying to offer valid feedback and criticisms for no other reason than you're bored. You're nowhere near as smart, or as clever, or as important, or as relevant as you think you are. Your ONLY memorable contribution to LOTRO is that you helped torpedo it into the ground. And you get to wear that badge in perpetuity.
  8. Whooptee do, you've had your wrist slapped for trolling. Your ass should have been banned years ago, because you are a cancer on the OF...a cancer that has driven off a disproportionate amount of the playerbase. However, because your head is perpetually up Cordovan's ass, you're allowed to get away with FAR more than the typical user, and EVERYONE here knows it. How many hundreds of players have you baited into getting banned, knowing full well what you were doing? How many "This thread should be locked, because it doesn't adhere to my narrative" posts have you shit out over the years? How many players with valid feedback have given up trying to express that feedback because of your inane trolling bullshit? You, Hurin, have done just as much harm to LOTRO as Turbine/SSG's plethora of mismanagement and incompetence with your asshat antics on the OF. Your wordsmithery won't avail you here, and you don't have Cordovan to run and cry to in order to get posts deleted that call you out for your bullshit. I disrespect Cordovan, along with ALL of his shills and ALL of the trolls that operate under his banner of security, because they have disrespected me. You sir, can go fuck yourself.
  9. The hypocrisy is staggering. But not entirely surprising.
  10. Can't even Access LOTRO Website - Help Please!

    Think of it as divine providence. And if that's not your cup of tea, think of it as the cosmic forces of the universe telling you "You don't want to jump down this rabbit hole". It's not the same game you left, even as late as RoR. But if you're stubborn like me, you'll have to find that out for yourself. Try clearing caches, and if that doesn't work, try a different browser.
  11. We're simply responding the the OP's "concern" that Hurin would be banned on the OF. Did you even read the OP? Because you don't seem to have all the facts. All you're doing is trying to stir shit, like you always do. Any other day of the week, you'd be railing on Hurin as well, but since the guy who called you out for shilling for another terrible MMO had something to say, you automatically got triggered and took a contrary stance. That's what you do. So just give it up, we see right through you. Hurin has violated the TOS hundreds of times on the OF, and he has never even received as much as an infraction, because he's a fanboi. He's not getting banned any time soon, so rest easy, and stop being a contrarian just for the sake of being contrary.
  12. He is inconsistent, and he likes to argue for the sake of arguing, simultaneously taking both sides of an argument just to pick a fight. That should sound pretty familiar to you, because you do it also. As far as grudges go.....when someone repeatedly tells me that my opinions are invalid, and that rather than offer feedback to the community manager I should simply stop playing......I'm always going to remember that. Hurin's self-righteous attitude is among the reasons that I gave up on LOTRO. There's no reason I should forget that, or let it go. He's certainly not the only one that soured my experience and my outlook on the game, and others are guilty of far more grievous offenses. But he's the one we're talking about right here and right now, and any other day of the week you'd be disparaging him as well, but it's been quiet on here, and you needed to start some drama.
  13. word. I wasn't going to touch it, because Al gets triggered whenever I post anything, but Hurin has been one of the biggest trolls on the OF since day one, as well as one of the biggest "everything is fine, lower your expectations and put your head in the sand with the rest of us" posters. When HE is dissatisfied, you know something is terribly wrong. That said, he's not getting banned under any circumstances. He's been too big of a shill, and too much of an asset for Turbine's defense team...er...i mean community relations manager.
  14. Meanwhile, back at Turbine...

    Oh I don't know. Like the fist of God......