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  1. You can't balance all ten classes when one of them isn't even finished (and never will be, because the Russian oligarchs aren't paying you enough money).
  2. What better way to destabilize western civilization than to oversee the games they play? Teach kids to gamble at an early age? Da. Emphasize entitlement and hand-holding through on-rails content? Da. Encourage moderators to censor any and all criticism levied against the product? Da. Makes you wonder how many of the forums shills are actually Russian operatives, eh comrades? But as much as I'd like to blame the Russians for turning LOTRO into the worst MMO on the market...that's all on the Americans.
  3. psalm8818

    LOTRO Solo and PVP

    Only if you have low standards and even lower expectations. But by all means, keep shilling, and earn that badge...
  4. psalm8818

    LOTRO Solo and PVP

    Turbine/Warner Brothers/Standing Stone Games have consistently watered down LOTRO to where playing solo is the ONLY way to play. A Loremaster can now literally level by simply putting a pet on aggressive and going afk. There is zero challenge in playing LOTRO landscape now (until you hit Mordor, which is designed for hardcore gamers). Other than being social (and extremely inefficient), there is absolutely no reason to group in LOTRO until you hit max level...not even to "learn how to play your class", because mods die so quickly while leveling up, there's just no way to learn how to do anything other than to spam a basic attack in order to try to land ONE hit before the boss dies. No two ways about it, LOTRO has become a massively shitty game, and most of the people who still shill for it are huge wankers with very low standards and even lower expectations. The only reason it hasn't been cancelled is because of the whales buying cosmetics in the store. Even the dev team has given up on LOTRO, and it has been limping along in maintenance mode for years, despite the new "content". The Beorning class is still in alpha development, there are still bugs in the game that have existed since 2010, the latest expansion has thrown all illusions of adhering to Tolkien lore out the window, crafting has become all but meaningless, and gameplay has been dumbed down to the point where a dog or a cat can literally maintain top DPS on a raid mob. There's just no point in LOTRO anymore. 99% of the founders are gone, and the community has devolved into one of the most toxic group of hive-mind sycophants I've ever seen...and I played Star Wars Galaxies FFS.
  5. Oh he definitely hates his job. It's perfectly obvious he resents being the CM for LOTRO. His baby was Dungeons and Dragons Online, but when Frelorn proved to be just as inadequate as Sapience, Cordovan was shoehorned into replacing him. Cordovan has demonstrated time and again through his livestreams that he not only doesn't actually PLAY LOTRO, but he doesn't understand the game mechanics. But most importantly, he doesn't understand the community. Nor does he want to. Do you know why? Because he doesn't have to. Turbine/SSG won't hold him accountable for being unable to relate to the community of which he is the COMMUNITY RELATIONS MANAGER. As long as Cordovan censors and suppresses public criticism of their product from the eyes and ears of the shareholders and/or CEOs (which is all he is capable of doing on the OF), then he meets their expectations. Which is exactly what is wrong with LOTRO. It only strives to meet the expectations of individuals who don't even play it.
  6. psalm8818

    Is SW:TOR in bad shape?

    A bunch of self-entitled millennials having their hands held through the entire game, then whining about a lack of endgame. Sound familiar? Seriously, SWTOR has always catered to the lowest denominator. Your can literally grind to max level while afk so long as your companion is set to aggressive....not that you'd need to do that, the XP you get from doing the "class" story quests can take you all the way to level 50 in about 6 hours. SOUND FAMILIAR?? PvP is a joke, and not even a funny one. And don't get me started on the space combat (both the on-rails arcade bullshit and the Star Conflict ripoff 3d pvp). SWTOR's community actually makes LOTRO's community seem decent. The game isn't really hurting for numbers....it's hurting for f*&^s to give..... If you really REALLY have a Star Wars itch that needs scratching, I'd either mess about with the Star Wars Galaxies emulators (which still suck, but hey, $tar War$!!!), or the upcoming Clone Wars Adventures emulator (a quasi-MMO that was definitely designed for kids, but IIRC they plan to add deeper game mechanics and more content). As for SWTOR....it's my hope that it goes offline soon, retooled as a total single player game and re-released as KOTOR 3, without all the MMO bullshit that never worked.
  7. psalm8818

    World of Warcraft "Classic"

    Blizzard sure has backpedalled from the infamous "You think you want it, but you really don't" Q&A. I think ultimately people playing vanilla WoW FOR FREE on private servers will continue to do so (unless, of course, Blizzard is using this as an excuse to take sweeping legal action against private servers), either because 1). Blizzard follows the Everquest model and simply timelocks content rather than actually emulating the classic game, or 2). No one plays it because it can take over 45 minutes to complete a kill quest in vanilla because of all the downtime, or 3). vanilla advocates realize that they in fact didn't really want it. I'm currently playing on 2 different local LAN servers using the 2 best project databases (1 vanilla, 1 Wrath of the Lich King) and frankly, I enjoy WOTLK far more than vanilla. But I still maintain that the only reason Blizzard is doing this is to shut down vanilla emulator servers, because if those playing on EMUs aren't satisfied with the live product, they're not going to stick around. And damned if today's WoW kewl dewd is going to put up with anything less than instant gratification and participation trophies.
  8. I've maintained for years that Turbine staff post frequently on incognito "just a normal player" accounts in order to subvert the discourse and deflect criticism back onto unsatisfied paying customers. And without fail, the ones who are always the first to refute and deny this theory are the very ones whom I suspect are on payroll. One of them does it here whenever her name is conjured (I'm sure you know who I'm talking about). Half the bullshit she types could ONLY come from the mind of someone who is being paid to type bullshit. The only thing worse than a Community Relations Manager that doesn't even try to do a good job are the shills who prop him up so that he doesn't have to.
  9. He's been doing that since they pulled him off DDO and saddled him with a game (and a community) he demonstrably cannot stand. He has no interest in improving the game or in satisfying customers. All he wants is a paycheck that he doesn't even deserve.
  10. Cordovan's replies. Even the fanbois are beginning to see through his bullshit.
  11. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?660351-Cord-of-the-Rings-Summarised-12-7 Incompetence is one thing. CONDESCENDING incompetence is quite another. It is as if they genuinely WANT people to stop playing.
  12. psalm8818

    Christopher Tolkien retired from estate

    Fine by me. Modern culture is saturated with LOTR to the extent that I'm tired of hearing about it (same way I feel about Star Wars, Transformers, and super heroes). Kind of like punk bands that go mainstream, I guess. Tired of listening to millennials pretend like they've read the books when they obviously have not ("Tauriel is my favorite character from the books!!!"), and the hypocrisy of boomers who condemned the books when they were published but consider them classics today because it's now respectable to do so. Don't get me wrong, I like the LOTR films just fine, but The Hobbit films are just as terrible as the Star Wars prequels, and the level of fanboi hype those brought to the culture just really makes me ill. That seems to be the mantra of the world today; "Let's take something that was great, and make it not great so the lowest denominator can appreciate it too!".
  13. psalm8818

    LotRO Dev Halt?

    At some point, the First and Second Age will be licensable, and licensed. Noldor, Numenoreans, Naugrim, Druadan, the Silmarils, Angband, Finrod Felagund, Turin Turambor, Beren and Luthien....content 100x the size of the tale of Frodo of the Nine Fingers and The Ring of Doom, and Mad Baggins. And I would like to think that there's a software company out there who could realize Gondolin without causing next-gen computers to lag and CTD simply by looking at it. I'm not even insistent upon an MMO. I'd be perfectly happy with an open-world sandbox (akin to Skyrim/Fallout/GTA/Just Cause) single player Middle Earth without shitty game mechanics and stupid half-ghost protagonists. I would only be interested in multiplayer if the Tolkien aficionados who initially populated LOTRO during the golden days of SOA flocked to it, and the feckless kewl dewds that destroyed the community when it went F2P stayed the shimmering fuck away. LOTRO had a terrific community early on, but that community is long scattered. Only a competent Middle Earth game (MMO or otherwise) would gather them together again.
  14. Agreed, I have very little sympathy for fanbois. Especially the vocal ones on the OF. They bear much of the blame for what LOTRO devolved into, and they've spent much of the past seven years bent over with a smile on their face while being reamed by the Horn of Gondor.
  15. psalm8818

    LotRO Dev Halt?

    Far as I'm concerned, that's when LOTRO DID end. What you're playing now is a soulless husk, propped up by trust fund babies with disposable income and extremely low expectations. And I'll be glad when it's gone, and someone else can take a crack at a Tolkien game that stands a chance of not being thoroughly sabotaged by the people developing it.