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  1. We definitely underestimated the dedication of the whales keeping that bloated carcass floating. Who knew there'd be so many people out there with so much disposable income AND no standards at all? However, that's not stopped the "padding" population from continuously dropping. Every month sees a lowest population of all time. Which does make it curious about why they're putting in raids at all. As you say, Turbine didn't give a shit because raiders were a minority, and I can't see that being any different for Turbine 2.0 either. My instant reaction is to suspect something nefarious behind it, some way to squeeze more money out or to just say "look we still have an end-game raid" even if it's just a quick 3-bosser.
  2. Oooh a whole raid this year. Sounds like the game's on fire! And visibly sheathed instruments? Pushing the boat out. WoW watch out, LotRO's coming for you. Aren't you lot just the luckiest SOBs out there?
  3. Looks like they might be prepping to get the Gray Havens ready there.
  4. I'm not keeping up with this. Am I right in thinking this is something to do with a games company being owned by a Russian and something illegal happened?
  5. Doro

    testing 123

    Working fine on my end, too. Cheers, Muer
  6. Doro

    LOTRO Solo and PVP

    I got entered into some beta for an expansion in ESO. Any point to playing that game? I gave up on all MMOs after LotRO, just to avoid getting my fingers burnt twice.
  7. Doro

    LOTRO Solo and PVP

    I still can't make heads nor tails of it. Something about dying, teleporting, and having a flag. There's a fight like the BG twins, one with some random evil elf guy, and a big, weirdly designed drake. There's got to be something I'm missing about all this.
  8. Doro

    LOTRO Solo and PVP

    I can't find any decent videos of it, but from what I've read it sounds like three bosses and all the videos claiming a "full run" are about 10 mins long. What's the actual deal with it? BG equivalent, or as bad as the Erebor cluster?
  9. Doro

    LOTRO Solo and PVP

    Not sure it would be possible to have a discussion anyway. It's not like neo-Turbine would listen. Might as well just release a bit of frustration at how crap that shambling corpse of a "game" is (and I'm honestly still surprised they have any players left... the dedication of whales is not to be underestimated).
  10. Doro

    LOTRO Solo and PVP

    I think that's the whining he's referring to.
  11. Doro

    LOTRO Solo and PVP

    Haven't played it for almost 5 years now, so I have no idea if anything's changed (I doubt it, since the game's not exactly the hot topic it once was). However, if it's anything like it was then PvP is terrible. The servers were too laggy for large battles, it was mostly just a large side camping a smaller one, PvE affected buffs in PvP, there was an addition of PvP currency that crippled the Creep side, Freeps were hit hard when Turbine added trait trees and killed custom characters off, and even though there's 2 PvP maps people only played 1 they'd had for years because the other sucked. PvP was always an afterthought, a mere side addition that many found entertaining until Turbine tried to monetise it and killed it. As for solo, it worked alright for me but that was before trait trees so I was able to make survival builds that weren't possible after Helm's Deep was released. And even if you do solo your way up, you're likely going to miss the old content as it was, and what reward is there for doing it all? It's just a long slog to grind your way to the top, and I have no idea if there's even any decent endgame waiting for you when it's done anyway. If you aren't already invested, I'd suggest looking at a different game. I mean, if I don't even bother to play it and I can play for free with a Lifetime account and a couple of thousand hours wasted on it, then it can't be that inviting.
  12. Doro

    Well, the UK's screwed...

    The situation is North Korea is strangely simpler than it perhaps should be. It was a case of the US targetting foreign "enemy" nations, invading them, de-stabilising the region, and then leaving it an even worse mess than it started as but with the leadership dead. North Korea was dangerously close on that list, but they kept pushing to find a way to defend themselves: nukes. As you say, they've got South Korea hostage, and the US was desperate to stop all their "enemies" from obtaining nukes because that puts them on a more even footing for mutually assured destruction (invasion of Iraq, constant refusal for Iran to have nuclear energy, the Israeli bombing in Syria of a supposed nuclear facility, etc). Which is why the minute North Korea got the capability to retaliate at that level, they became much more open. They have the defence they've so desperately needed, which has resulted in plenty of sanctions on a nation already struggling to feed itself with a corrupt regime in power (the irony being sanctions imposed by a nation that claims others shouldn't have nukes, while being the only nation in existence to ever use one against another nation). They have more power to negotiate without fear of just being invaded and given back to the South. There's a possibility what will happen is that the US will actually buy most of North Korea's nukes and placate them for now, until they make more and it starts all over again. However, the purpose of the conflict with North Korea was never the same as it was with places like Libya, or Afghanistan, which were there to destabilise the region and create the migrant crisis (thus impacting "peaceful" nations in Europe). The purpose is to start a war that would scale up properly. Begin as friction, work up to false flags, turn into a proxy war, then take the final step into a full-blown world war. North Korea and Russia are getting appropriately prodded, while Syria has become the perfect powder-keg to set things off. There's that saying that "the Fourth World War will be fought with sticks and stones", but that's not the case. There won't be a Fourth because the Third will consolidate power. There'll certainly be conflicts after that, but only at the level the US is engaging in (a much more powerful nation invading and destroying smaller nations for fabricated reasons). Islam, while a poisonous religion and deeply incompatible with Western civilisation (as well as Eastern civilisation, it only seems to thrive in places of low education), is the least of our concerns. The easiest way to tell is to see what the media shows us to be the "problem". They've been busy showing us all the shitty things "refugees" and the like have been doing in Europe, all through the lens that criticism of Islam is for racists and bigots to keep the propaganda going, but that just means their threat-level to us is very low in comparison. It's their hand waving to distract from the tricks they're pulling elsewhere. The only time Islam will be a threat to us is when they stop talking about it entirely.
  13. Doro

    Well, the UK's screwed...

    I've got my suspicions that an actual US civil war won't be coming for a while. The way The Powers That Be are working, it's all through small steps, not massive changes. A US civil war would create anarchy in their most powerful asset, and won't happen until they've dealt with "rogue" nations they haven't got a hold of yet. Currently, the idea is to continue enforcing this "two party" mindset. It makes it so much easier for them to control people when they can split them right down the middle and make them fight amongst themselves. They encourage the fanaticism and the division, that "us vs them" mindset, to keep people distracted from the fact that it's all the same bullshit at the top. Better for people to focus on the petty things instead of seeing the larger picture. In its current form, the US is the perfect puppet for them and provides the military might to act as the global army wherever they so choose. They definitely do want to push a more left-wing ideology, since despite them being "liberal" those ideologies actually promote the opposite of liberalism (control of speech, government interventions in businesses, redefining terms, self-victimisation, stronger focus on race/gender/sexuality differences, etc). Which is why they've got most of the media, and the schools, and the lobby groups, to help them promote it without needing to win the masses over. The vast majority don't agree with the sort of beliefs being pushed all the time in the media, but they're treated as if they're the standard (which was why so many were shocked on the outcomes of Brexit and Trump). What will happen (and is happening) is that Trump will continue to create friction with other nations, and likely end up in a war by the end of his term, which he'll hand over to a Democrat when they get into power (and they will, because the campaign will be to constantly promote all the bad things happening amongst Republicans). Then the next president will "miraculously" end the war and withdraw, creating a new peace treaty to show how good they are, all while the damage has already been done to the foreign nation and a new puppet government is in place controlled by TPTB that already control the US. Guns get taken from the US citizens (as a couple of overzealous students are currently promoting because they think school shootings are their biggest concern, "WON'T SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!"), then a "civil war" can be had again but this time it will mostly be a slaughter. This rabbit hole goes much deeper, too.
  14. Doro

    Well, the UK's screwed...

    To be fair, the UK's screwed beyond just this sort of stuff. If we're not just going to end up with social systems collapsing in on themselves and a consistently stagnating political system built to keep career politicians paid, we'll end up pushed into some stupid war for some obvious false flags (in before "tinfoil hats"). Take the Russian spy poisoning, for example. They wanted to kill an ex-spy that has been in the UK for almost a decade now. The reason you normally want to kill an ex-spy is to prevent secrets getting out, or to send a message. Well, they waited 8 years, so it's not to stop the secrets. And the message being sent? We have incompetent assassins. No way. Not to mention that the whole set up was so blatantly pointing to Russia, it's laughable. If you want to assassinate someone (who has no security in place at all), why would you make a massive song and dance about it with arrows pointing straight back to you? You wouldn't. Now we've got this chemical attack in Syria. Another case where the action gives the supposed perpetrator absolutely no advantages, and only makes it harder for themselves. Yeah, let's bomb civilians with chemical weapons for "reasons", that'll definitely help us win the war and not result in the rest of the world turning on each other over it. There's just no sense behind it, but before any investigation the media was immediately jumping to "Assad and Russia did it" (and gave away a bit too much when they got people in to start saying it's a threat to Israel, and of course they like to play the victim to excuse what they do next). Same with the spy poisoning, it jumped straight to "Russia did it", before the investigation which later concluded "we don't know where the chemicals came from". The media pushed it as much as they could. The same thing happened with the US elections. They immediately jumped to demonising Russia and making misleading claims like they "hacked" the election. At the time, I thought it was hypocritical nonsense to distract from what was happening in the US, but I realise now it was just an early step in the anti-Russia propaganda that's being built. All the players are being moved into place for WW3 (the exact reason I didn't want to see Clinton in power to start with, but it looks like Trump made a perfectly good puppet anyway), with the US getting confrontational with China and North Korea (even after North Korea tried to reach out to South Korea), and the UK getting confrontational with Russia. Will Sergei Skripal be our Franz Ferdinand? Will Syria be our Belgium or Poland? Tune in for the next exciting episode of "bloodthirsty tyrants working to fuck our planet up yet again"! I suppose it's not so much the UK's screwed, more that the world's screwed because of what half a dozen nations are doing.
  15. Doro

    Well, the UK's screwed...

    So it's "Daily Mail" to think that this is outrageous, and that the system in place can even allow for such an outcome to begin with? And what's the other half to this story that made the rest plain bullshit?