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  1. For others, the game isn't complete when you've got cosmetics locked away from you by micro-transactions.
  2. Watch out. They'll be back on you with a witty retort in about 3 years.
  3. And still there are douchebags who commented on that post with shit like this: "I used to hold The Lotro Players in the highest respect and enjoyed the articles. Now that Lotro Players seems to have become a Lotro hate group, I see no reason to be partner to it." Or: "I’m thinking you should change the name if the site to Lotto Elite Players since all your complaining and negativity revolves around the 5 percent of the playerbase that it affects. It’s a game, a good one." (I bolded that part, because I'm still amazed at the tastes of some people) Even the supposed lead director of the site said: "This has gone on long enough… I’m tempted to pull this article down from the site… " Don't want to go admitting faults, do we? Amazing, really.
  4. I noticed that the first post I linked to was removed, a non-sexual picture of a woman with loads of sausages in her face and the labels of fanboy for the woman, and SSG for sausages. The second post, with the insults and profanity, is still there, but that one is attacking complainers so of course it's fine. Same ol' same ol'.
  5. I got through the first 9 pages, and then skipped to the last 2 (this post made me smile). Though I can't see where Cordovan's at fault here. He's literally just a mouthpiece for the bad news. It's the devs who fucked up here (and badly, considering how many people apparently got rid of their old armour for this new barter shit). Is there a particular post amongst that 30 page thread you're referring to? Edit: kept looking, and this is interesting. What's the betting this defender won't get banned for their post?
  6. Trolling, an all or nothing affair?

    Only if they get caught. But, as I said before, people won't notice it.
  7. Trolling, an all or nothing affair?

    That's just low-level trolling. Really good trolling won't get noticed, which is why they don't get considered trolls.
  8. They just need to not bother with marketing in anywhere but China. Those guys lapped it up. And considering the audience out there makes up almost 20% of the entire world population, they're a pretty big market to focus on instead.
  9. Modbreak: removed a derail of the derail.
  10. Modbreak: removed a derail caused by a 5 year old necro.
  11. Yeah, I think Hurin can handle himself, he doesn't need extraneous posters with grudges to help him.