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  1. Well, the UK's screwed...

    "Hate crime" is something that needs to be abolished. The very concept of something being a hate crime is redundant. If you attack someone because of who they are, that's a crime plain and simple. If you're promoting violence against people, that's a crime. It doesn't have to be elevated to another special level of crime because they're different to you. It's divisive bullshit used by the supposedly anti-racist (though, ironically, more racist) left to protect their favourite interest group for that year. It also doesn't help that what constitutes "hate" is now loose and entirely dependent on who's doing the defining. Mark Meechan got done for being offensive, and that's considered a hate crime just because a group they don't see him as being the same as might get upset. So loose that the powers that be can use it to silence criticism of particular groups whenever they want (the actions of Jews in Palestine, the grooming gangs of Muslims in Britain, the stabbings/acid attacks of predominantly black/mixed race youths in London, etc). Control of language and expression is not the solution to preventing past mistakes.
  2. Well, the UK's screwed...

    Just a quick one, this was in Scotland, which is part of the UK, but not England. But on the topic, yes, this was fucking insane. What angers me the most was what the "judge" in this case said about why he convicted him of a hate crime. "In my view it is a reasonable conclusion that the video is grossly offensive." "The accused knew that the material was offensive and knew why it was offensive." "Despite that the accused made a video containing anti-Semitic content and he would have known it was grossly offensive to many Jewish people." It's a hate crime because it was OFFENSIVE?! Do me a fucking favour. Ooh better not upset the Jews, that would be anti-Semitic! Better not ever mention Nazis, because someone Jewish might be offended! You made a dog do a salute? Well, I guess you hate Jews! And since when has people being offended been considered a valued argument for what constitutes a hate crime? That's becoming a broad fucking definition now, where anything and everything is a "hate crime" if someone from a different group to you gets upset by it. How about we actually wait to find out just how many people WERE offended by a pug saluting, and then just tells those people to fuck off? What has their feeling of offence got to do with controlling reality? If we're talking offensive, how about the act of Jews bombing the shit out of Palestinians and taking over more and more land they don't own? That's pretty offensive both physically and metaphysically. That's also anti-Semitic, since Palestinians are also Semites. But nooooo it's only for when you might upset a few Jews (and I mean just a few, there's only about 6,000 in Scotland to begin with). No, can't even mention that, because it's anti-Semitic to do so. Fuck the UK. It's a stinking mass of leftist, spineless, self-entitled cunts, and it deserves to sink into the sea.
  3. Give away - LotRO Europe stuff

    Trust it to be the Slav that's into pseudo-cannibalism.
  4. Any post in particular that you're referring to (If you click the #number at the top right corner of any post, you get a link for that particular post)? I had a brief look and couldn't see anything major. Then again, I have no idea what this Ash nonsense is.
  5. When you've got so many wet-blankets as customers, you can be as blatant with your scam as you like.
  6. I'm at the other end of the spectrum here. I couldn't give a shit about including micro-transactions or loot boxes, as long as what can be gained from them are still achievable in-game in a viable way. My problem is when they start locking anything (and that includes so-called "fluff" like cosmetics) behind a pay wall, or when they start making it impractical to try to earn them through a legitimate in-game way. I have no concern about the gambling aspect, other than there are stupid kids playing who will get hooked, and I'd much prefer a higher age rating than to cater it more towards kids. It's a clever way for companies to make money off of whales who CHOOSE to gamble. But when they force it on everyone, with no alternative, it's an issue.
  7. Yes, I think any paid-for method of improving a character is an advantage.
  8. Except exp scrolls offer you an advantage as a Freep. The higher your level, your more dangerous you are to Creeps.
  9. Since when? I used to take under-levelled characters to the Moors all the time.
  10. Then better loot isn't an advantage either.
  11. Wait, how is an exp scroll not an advantage?
  12. Christopher Tolkien retired from estate

    And a lot that can be raped. Just look at how badly Shadow of War has handled Middle-earth. As much as I would like to see genuinely good interpretations, it will likely come at the cost the vast majority of adaptations being shit, and I'm not sure that's a cost/benefit I can handle.
  13. Amazon: Lord of the Rings for tv?

    This actually opens up a whole new possibility I hadn't thought of: a Dark Souls-style game set in Beleriand. I'd love to play a character that has to go around fighting massive beasts and powerful captains of Morgoth, with insane difficulty.