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  1. Cost-effective.
  2. Would it, though? Most people still playing are barely discussing the game, so how would anyone who no longer plays ever know about a minor update? Shit, I come here every day, and even I don't know where the game is at any more, what update we're on, or even who's currently making it. There's no chance for LotRO to ever get players back when the people that have left don't bother keeping tabs on it.
  3. LotRO's transformation has been much more like Sméagol to Gollum than Frodo to Ring-bearer.
  4. Judge sacked for trolling people on online news stories "Recorder Jason Dunn-Shaw, of Maidstone Chambers in Kent, is understood to have called one man a "donkey" and others "narrow-minded and bigoted". He also accused others of commenting "without thinking things through"." I mean, fuck, he belongs behind bars. That mad man is a danger to the entire planet.
  5. They always are. You'd think by now they'd figure out a pattern, but I guess they don't want to seem prejudice.
  6. You know in zombie movies, where they take shots of an empty city that's in ruins, with a load of slowly shuffling undead wandering aimlessly through the streets? That to me is LotRO, with the few players left shambling about the husk.
  7. I've seen a picture of the injured shooter and he was definitely "Asian" (and for the non-politically correct world, by that I mean Arab/Middle-eastern/Pakistani, not Oriental or the like). It's not too far a stretch to guess the motive.
  8. Rare for the hate preacher to actually commit the atrocities themselves. Usually they just get some other insane idiot to do what they tell them.
  9. That's exactly what she's claiming. The problem is that you can be spied on through your webcam, or TV, or phone (they can even find out what time something was recorded at by checking the background "buzz" of the electronic goods, it's fucking mental). But, as is a common theme among the Trump team, she's ignoring legitimate issues and making it sound like some insane conspiracy theory. On a side note, a grain of truth amongst disinformation is Huxleyan. Orwell thought the truth wouldn't get revealed at all. What's strange is that despite their two opposing predictions for the future, both seem to be occurring simultaneously.
  10. More nonsense from Kellyanne Conway. Microwaves have cameras in them that spy on us. Now most think she's just being an idiot again, but I think this is something more nefarious. I think this is a furthering of a Huxleyan attempt to make every bit of "news" available seem fake. To prevent people from actually believing when the truth is told. Flood the TVs with shit, let the masses point and laugh, and they'll do more pointing and laughing when an actual case occurs. We already had some TV, Samsung or some shit, acting as another spying tool, so it's likely there's other ways we're being spied on right now that we don't realise, but she goes on TV and makes it sound ridiculous by claiming microwaves are spying on us, which leads to all legitimate concerns of compromised tech to sound like crazy talk.
  11. Genuinely sorry to hear that. All I can say is try to get as much out of life as you can from now on. Then... who knows?
  12. The lack of a decent end-game has been one of the many problems in LotRO for a while now. New players don't know all their effort will be for nothing at the end, so they're shit out of luck for now. Old players already know, and either can't be bothered with the grind again or are just faffing around "to see Middle-earth". It's a massive put-off in any MMO, let alone one that's a desiccated husk in a coffin.
  13. Days have been made.
  14. Gameplay video is out. Looks like it's going to be more of the same, really.