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  1. Any post in particular that you're referring to (If you click the #number at the top right corner of any post, you get a link for that particular post)? I had a brief look and couldn't see anything major. Then again, I have no idea what this Ash nonsense is.
  2. When you've got so many wet-blankets as customers, you can be as blatant with your scam as you like.
  3. I'm at the other end of the spectrum here. I couldn't give a shit about including micro-transactions or loot boxes, as long as what can be gained from them are still achievable in-game in a viable way. My problem is when they start locking anything (and that includes so-called "fluff" like cosmetics) behind a pay wall, or when they start making it impractical to try to earn them through a legitimate in-game way. I have no concern about the gambling aspect, other than there are stupid kids playing who will get hooked, and I'd much prefer a higher age rating than to cater it more towards kids. It's a clever way for companies to make money off of whales who CHOOSE to gamble. But when they force it on everyone, with no alternative, it's an issue.
  4. Yes, I think any paid-for method of improving a character is an advantage.
  5. Except exp scrolls offer you an advantage as a Freep. The higher your level, your more dangerous you are to Creeps.
  6. Since when? I used to take under-levelled characters to the Moors all the time.
  7. Then better loot isn't an advantage either.
  8. Wait, how is an exp scroll not an advantage?
  9. Christopher Tolkien retired from estate

    And a lot that can be raped. Just look at how badly Shadow of War has handled Middle-earth. As much as I would like to see genuinely good interpretations, it will likely come at the cost the vast majority of adaptations being shit, and I'm not sure that's a cost/benefit I can handle.
  10. Amazon: Lord of the Rings for tv?

    This actually opens up a whole new possibility I hadn't thought of: a Dark Souls-style game set in Beleriand. I'd love to play a character that has to go around fighting massive beasts and powerful captains of Morgoth, with insane difficulty.
  11. Amazon: Lord of the Rings for tv?

    Is everyone prepared to see the all new, gender-bent, diverse cast for the modern Lord of the Rings?! I've waited over a decade now, since the first Lord of the Rings films happened to be an unexpected success to the mainstream, to see the rightful depiction of these much beloved characters. Okay, so this isn't real. You can stop with your heart-attacks.
  12. Finally. I'm getting sick of all this degeneracy going unchecked so that some immoral companies can make some more money for their shareholders and board members.
  13. That's the single most devious and under-handed bit of work I've ever seen from a games company. "Oh no, did we set you up to get your ass handed to you? Well, why not try this pay-to-win item?" Another company I can scratch off my ever-shortening list to buy from.