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How Long will Columbus Nova's recent troubles take to trickle down to Daybreak Games (&SSG)?

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Update!  the history scrub continues:

On 5/12/2018 at 7:09 PM, LasraelLarson said:

for preservation, info on 2 key people:

the scrubbed profile for Andrew Intratar: http://www.columbusnova.com/andrew_intrater.html


and the Cached Version


the scrubbed profile for Jason Epstein: http://www.columbusnovamb.com/jason-epstein-partner/


and the Cached Version

soo...  my grapevine thinks the next "Happening" is a week and a bit away, but before months end.

these are public archives:




they can rewrite history all they like, the internet doesn't forget.

these 2 are going to have ALL their books cracked open and poured over with a fine tooth comb.  whether it is 10 shell companies, or 100...  the LLC "Flow-Through" that likely got a lot of expenses paid and profits shifted to "former" parties...  the tax bill is coming too & it will only be that much larger, the more assets they attempt to keep in play.

government has its own cache as well:


2 hours ago, warspeech said:

This weekend on the OF a lot of people are reporting sustained gold-seller spam on all servers at the same time, clogging up World Chat.

That made me wonder if the gold sellers are trying to get every last thing they can before June 5, in case this potential customer base dries up one way or another?

or the GM's are just not banning frequently anymore...  & those who used to get their reports responded too previously are having separation anxiety when ignored.

its basically a proxy bot flooding chat with 3 variations of the same ad on every server...  & the spring fest encore just started back up.  ignore still works just fine,  & so does the chat filter plug in.  but those upset, are in a tizzy because no GM is acting on their "harassment" report and banning the bot.

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