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  2. Most likely, after following the steps from this article (which I found online), your problem will be solved.
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  4. another game that had a big following for private servers was legend of mir, but there was never an english client leaked for that, only chinese and korean. that alone made getting it running for english speakers difficult, the client side was resonably easy, it was the server side that was hard (with the exception of the autopatch on mir 3) i quite enjoyed working on that,had it fully working but never started a server for the masses as i never had the time, i do keep looking to see if there have been any lotro server files leaked but have never found any. i would love them just to see
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  6. Have you tired creating a burner email account to use
  7. i have a similar problem, however the site wont accept my gmails
  8. I wouldn't want Amazon near the LOTR canon and I'm glad this MMO has been cancelled. Say what you will about Turbine and SSG's project management of LOTRO through the years, but they at least aspire to be faithful to the game's world and setting. Amazon makes glossy, soulless, drab trash. New World is looking to flounder completely, and most of its other projects have turned sour.
  9. It's amazing the lengths Jean will go so she can sit on her fat ass day after day playing video games. Now she knows after this recent round of poverty pleading she can bullshit people and get paid for it. No doubt she has eyed up other similar avenues for predatory adventures. She writes about job hunting but she won't leave her house to go out and find an actual job. It doesn't matter what state in the US she lives in. Anyone whether they are eligible for unemployment or not, can use the services from that states unemployment offices and websites to find employment. But... that means sh
  10. Seems she got sacked before illegibility for covid extras, there was some mention way back how she had received more than deserved and had to pay it back. I took a look at a no views sorting packs out stream. They're quite revealing as she rabbits on, she compares gear mostly for look but you get to see the stats and choices. Also the load of worthless crap she hordes. Because she has never bothered to actually achieve anything in game nothing is finished so no access to mote/embers sources. She obviously still gets some pointers from the forums but misconstrues, starts on another g
  11. I hope she's filing proper tax returns. It would be a shame if the IRS took an interest in all this free income.
  12. I have not been inflicting myself so much of late so I missed this grift of 4 months ago: Fundraiser by Jean Prior : Help Druidsfire and Thiefkitty Stay Afloat (gofundme.com) $4200 on top of the covid relief extras; thank you muppets... I wonder if any will go toward furnace maintenance or Rav 4 servicing, no WOW conventions yet ofc?
  13. Aus Altem entsteht etwas Neues... so heißt es und ist hier für Interessierte nachzulesen: Aus Altem entsteht etwas Neues (Link) [QUOTE]Celebriaen Elanesse. Wer schon länger in Mittelerde weilt, dem sagt dieser Name bestimmt etwas. Die alt-ehrwürdige Sippe prägte einst die Geschicke in Mittelerde (Belegaer) und ihr Heer, die Thela Estel erlebte manche Schlacht und marschierte an vielen Orten gegen die Feinde. Der Funkenflug traf Aerendir, den Túr, und konnte mit ihm über die Celebriaen Elanesse, Projekte und Hoffnungen sprechen. [/QUOTE] P.s. Interessierte (Elben-)Rollensp
  14. Amazons MMO seems to have been cancelled: Amazon and Leyou have canceled that unfinished Lord of the Rings MMO | Massively Overpowered (massivelyop.com)
  15. I wouldn't bother with PvMP. It's just trash. Especially on Landy. Even if SSG puts out the PvP gear Vastin says is in the works, it will only amount to another monetization scheme. Nostalgia isn't enough for me. My last recent log on was to inform my kinmates I stopped and to kick me from the kin roster if that suited them. I've concluded sometime ago, the names you mention and some other no lifer forum handles appear that, that forum thread is trash polluted by their presence. For me to be ask to post in such threads is about the same as asking me to stick my fingers in dogshit
  16. The only fun for me in this game is purely nostalgic and have nothing to do with the current game. I'm lvl 120 and had no interest to level up to even 121 even when the entire game was free last year xD Sight seeing old landmarks and soloing old instances is kinda fun. I usually go to reflecting pools to do various ancient history quests. PS. I do this maybe once a month or two months to satisfy my nostalgia. The community and what's left of the old whales and trolls are worse than they've ever been. Just look at the official forums and you'll see the usual suspects like that 115 y
  17. Great to hear. Hope it carries on being fun. I am loving it too
  18. I've been away for 2+ years, pandemic seemed a good reason to pick it up on a lark. I have been very pleasantly surprised by how much fun LotRO is on Landroval, though I haven't tried PVP again (yet). Instances, some shocking epic quest turns, and still some friends playing make the experience good. Some of the game-killing things (aka helms derp skill trees, without enough skill points to cross-pollinate) have been mitigated to some degree, since we have so many skill points now. It's fun again! I was as surprised as anyone. Seeya there (once the downtime is over).
  19. Game is very fun again. There are enough Class Points to overcome the huge initial failing of trait trees, so you can cross-pollinate to a stronger degree.
  20. Greetings everyone. Been away for an absolute age. They never did change my Bounders Bounty name. Thought I would check back in here and see how the saner folks of the community are. OF is still a mess.
  21. During a pandemic, I get bored. I have a question. Anyone playing this game?
  22. And this is why I quit as an alpha tester after Mirkwood.... this was looming on the horizon. And the fact that "elite raiding guild" fucked up the raids I had tested and balanced for months.
  23. Viele Jahre sind vergangen seit dem man die Elben dieser Sippe oder sogar das Elbenheer der Thela Estel durch Mittelerde ziehen sah und doch sind wir nicht gen Westen gesegelt. Noch sind wir da, auch wenn wir die Belange der anderen Völker eine kurze Zeitspanne, gemessen an den Lebensjahren der Elben, als unwichtig erachteten und uns um uns selbst im Verborgenen sorgten. Vielleicht hat der ein oder andere die Elben dieser Sippe vergessen, vielleicht sind die Erinnerungen an uns verblasst... so mag es den Anschein haben, und doch... gewiss ist, dass wir noch nicht diese Gestade verlassen und Mi
  24. You can just buy 3 120 valars @$60 a piece. Each comes with a bunch of Virtue tokens. Pay enough and you never have to do another virtue deed or weekly for whatever future the game has for them. In pandering to a load of inept people who were clueless on how to go about building a functioning ILI they changed the max usage to 120 from 119. Because filling that request meant more sales. Now you can use your $$$ to circumvent the entire virtue grift that was to be the ILI grift replacement. However SSGRedPanda will have sold his grandma for profit some time ago if you're interest had been
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