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  2. The racism of the left again. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-51506733 I wonder if the student would still be there if they were white and said something that fucking ridiculous.
  3. Seems like most people have turned away from legendary servers (As expected as ToO was really the last raid worth a shot) We do have 105 with throne, but will legendary servers survive this? The next max levels has no end-game what so ever (epic battles?... ) Logged on Anor the day after release.. Saw 170 non anonymous online.. No idea what peak numbers on these servers are, but they look so dead.. was logged on for 30\40min.. nothing was said in world chat. Very hard to post this as there is a big ass google ads banner over the "post" button
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  5. Just because a career change happened doesn't necessarily mean it was because she couldn't find work and not from a change in direction. For example, my sister went from being a marketer/analyst at a pay role analysis company to opening her own bakery.... mostly because she has basically wanted to open her own bakery since college, and the former job was a good way for her to put herself through culinary school. If she really wanted to continue on with that company, she could have, but she just wanted a change in career. That's actually fairly common, truth be told.
  6. That would explain why I had no idea who that was, I jumped ship at Helm's Deep and only briefly popped back for the Limited Servers up to Moria. Looks like she wasn't particularly sought after as an EP after that if she had to turn to opening a board-game cafe.
  7. That would be the Executive Producer who led the LotRO Turbine team during Minas Tirith, Osgiliath, and server consolidation. Same one who claimed there would be EU servers in Amsterdam. She was laid off with Sapience before SSG took over. I'd rate her performance 2/10 as EP. That's being generous.
  8. Someone called Athena Z Peters? Genuinely, no idea who that is, apparently worked for Turbine/SSG though.
  9. Of course you remember who owns the aforementioned Adventure Pub.
  10. Last week
  11. Ha, I'd completely forgotten the Limited Servers even existed.
  12. SSG is really going to promote this one. You can expect lots of ads while browsing. You can expect trailers at the movie theater. Emails by the millions. Maybe even some billboards and radio commercials. Rohan LS is going to be fabulous. Get your VIP and join the millions having fun! But... Again, nothing but a mention on some dudes live stream no one watches. A post on the LotRO forums. Cost efficient? Yes box is checked. Easy peazy? Yes box is checked. stupidly lazy? Yes box checked. Don't think that is all. SSG has loads of motivation and they can't be restrained. SSG is going to be at Pax East. SSG wants to be embarrassed showing their broken laggy games. Again Don't get all flustered if you are a die hard idiot. Afterward, you can meet SSG here. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?678428-SSG-Community-Meetup-Adventure-Pub-Friday-February-28th-7-10p-Eastern A table top focused gastropub. Gastropub?!! Sounds like an entry to the emergency room asap. Where: Adventure Pub in Arlington, Massachusetts When: Friday, February 28th 7:00pm-10:00pm Eastern What: Free food and games, full cash bar available, Q&A, fun, swag, and surprises! Now, I don't know about you all, but I'm just setting my face on fire getting all heated up knowing all the SSG crew will be there. And... If you want a great laugh read the linked post and see who owns the pub. Rohan? Never heard of it.
  13. That's probably the best joke you've told all thread 😃
  14. Wait... Are you saying MSN showing news from every source there is, is MSM? Where does a person go to be informed? Timhat? Ted Cruz? Alex Jones? I didn't see you deny or contest those articles linked. Oh wait again. You can't because they are factual content.
  15. So you're saying Democrats don't do the same thing too? As it's apparent you're a sheep listening to the MSM.... I think the conclusion is already forgone, so the rest of your post doesn't matter.
  16. Is Trump's world becoming unglued? Trump now needs another chief of staff. Imagine that. A military guy defending those who use military protocol. Trumps gets pissed and fires him. Kind of rich of Trump to say someone can't keep their mouth shut. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-hits-back-at-john-kelly-cant-keep-his-mouth-shut/ar-BBZYhwp?li=BBnbfcL Barr standing his ground against Trump on his over zealous troll tweeting. How long before Barr gets fired? What is the number up to now for Trump firing White House staff thirty? https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/barr-blasts-trumps-tweets-impossible-for-me-to-do-my-job-abc-news-exclusive/ar-BBZYHjr?li=BBnb7Kz Trump refused to learn when you place yourself in a public office, you need to not say dumb shit. Instead of waking up to this reality, Trump chooses to act like a criminal. Someone who has something to hide. Trump is a classic example of how a paranoid person in power abuses power. I highly doubt Trump will ever understand he has caused all his own problems as President. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-says-he-may-stop-allowing-aides-to-listen-to-foreign-leader-calls-following-infamous-ukraine-call/ar-BBZYCM6?li=BBnb7Kz I think many of these people who work for Trump are just tired of the idiot we call President.
  17. Calling David Rubin a high profile democrat is a joke. And the Republicans only let the voters decide AFTER they have gerrymandered the districts in their favor.
  18. There is no comparison. Was Obama put through the Impeachment process? Was Obama Impeached? Was Obama charged or indicted on anything? Republicans had opportunities with majority and yet nothing happened. Don't try and tell me they didn't because Republicans have a higher moral ground than any other political party. Because Ha! Ha!, that would be just dumb. Just who exactly is the Deep State? I need a good laugh. Tell it true in your own words. Republicans only say, let the voters decide if they think those votes go to Republicans. Come now, don't say stuff that has no equitable value. You ignore those politicians represent voters. You can't argue both ends of a burning candle and have others expect to think it makes sense. I don't think there is enough available public information to believe your conspiracy. I do see a problem with voting in general, but lets not forget Trump ask other nations to interfere. Personally I prefer paper ballots.
  19. I see that comparison (predictably) went over your head. It's cause the Deep State heavily favors the Democrats, and while the Republicans have slowly been cleaning out the syncophants, it's a very slow and arduous process. This is the difference between Republicans and Democrats, Republicans want to leave it to the voters to decide... Democrats want to rule with an iron fist and decide for the people It's also strongly suspected that the reason why Democrats are so anti-voter validation is that it would basically highlight that they can't get elected unless they hack the election system.... kinda like what was exposed with the Iowa Primary issues.
  20. Well, here is the thing. Obama isn't the current president, so I couldn't possibly be talking about him. If Obama was such a crook, then why isn't he being charged? Republicans had the majority in every branch yet the only one bitching about Obama is Trump. And... of course you. The continued deflection complaining about past administrations just comes off as being an insecure bitch. Which btw is how I see the bully Trump when he doesn't get his way. Looks like the AG Barr is going to testify about his recent actions concerning Stone's sentence. I say he won't show. By the time, to appear arrives, Bolton's book will be released. I see no way Barr will invite the mere chance of any real truth escaping his mouth. Under oath he would be siting the 5th amendment to every question outside of the actually recommended sentence change subject. Even though those lines of questioning are related. As I said before. Impeachment was just the opening salvo. Now the Republicans played their best poker hand, they have no trump tricks to play.
  21. ------ In other news, I felt Ben Shapiro actually did a fairly decent analysis of New Hampshire, also including a few tips to the three Democrats that listen to him that would actually help them against Trump. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-CQDckgHRc
  22. Sure you're not describing the Obama administration?
  23. Need to focus on the first part and, really, get the second part out of one's thought process.
  24. This is correct. Aside from wiping his ass with the Constitution, over stepping the separation of powers, inviting foreign powers to interfere in US elections, aiding and abetting his criminal friends, evading taxes, and stealing tax payer money, Trump has not done much except wake up his wife in the late night to do his tweets for him.
  25. So yeah, take a good hard look at the results for New Hampshire ( https://www.cnn.com/election/2020/state/new-hampshire ). Sanders and Buttigieg pulled in roughly 148k votes, with close to 250k votes for all the Democrats. Flip to the Republican side, and Trump pulled in about 130k votes... without even trying. That's going to be a problem for the Democrats as right now the field is so divided that it makes it easy for Sanders to win... especially since people like Warren and Biden aren't pulling out (yet). With the exception of Bloomberg, Klobuchar, and maybe Buttigieg, Trump would mop the floor with any of the other candidates. The spectacle with those three would make it interesting, to say the least, but I would suspect Trump would still win out in any event. Perhaps, but then again, maybe the Republican party needed to be re-centered? Either way, the first term results merit a second term, as does sending a giant FU to the MSM and their dogs, the Democrats.
  26. Trump is the most RINO President there has ever been.
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