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  3. You can just buy 3 120 valars @$60 a piece. Each comes with a bunch of Virtue tokens. Pay enough and you never have to do another virtue deed or weekly for whatever future the game has for them. In pandering to a load of inept people who were clueless on how to go about building a functioning ILI they changed the max usage to 120 from 119. Because filling that request meant more sales. Now you can use your $$$ to circumvent the entire virtue grift that was to be the ILI grift replacement. However SSGRedPanda will have sold his grandma for profit some time ago if you're interest had been
  4. Besides the LIs, you also get a number of trait points that take you over the max you can spend. Plus some virtue tomes, allowing you to get cap in half a dozen or so. The virtue tomes are account bound so can top up other toons as well. It not just for the weapons. The Valar accelerators were 75% off in November (Black Friday?) sometime and I got a couple for levels 105 and 86 toons.
  5. Makes one wonder whether players approaching 120 may just buy this Valar for the weapons.
  6. There is a Valar boost you can buy that levels you to 120 and gives you 2 LI tokens that can be exchanged for 2 7-legacy LIs. Those have close to max main DPS/healing legacies, though the other legacies are about 30 tiers below current max. That's about as close as there is.
  7. This cost 4995 LP back then. Someone on the OF did the math and figured it would cost 52,000 LP to max 2 weapons. This Catch-up Box would be a drop in a bucket. No, I expected max weapons - and I already wrote earlier in this thread that, seeing the expense, this will not happen. SSG will want to mask the costs by offering upgrades in bits and pieces, for mithril and with offers such as just linked. What I have found with SSG is that they started out with better offers (example: tripple bonus LP) and then don't have that return to the store. I think it's the same with th
  8. I was hoping they'd hurry up with their civil war and allow me the satisfaction of a told you so post. It was close, a minute here or there and a 50 odd yards and all it would take is a President with two brain cells and a synapse to invoke martial law and take it. Repeating his mantra "The Election was stolen" for a couple of hours is enough to make Trump self-delude so a month of it and it's fully ingrained now, evident by the defence team's withdrawal sighting conflicts in approach to take and no money up front ofc. Just bizarre no defence yet the jury is bought and paid for alrea
  9. Yes, this is exactly the kind of thing that would be attractive for people with money and no time to gather. I'm surprised they don't sell it more often. My apologies if this is what was meant.
  10. Well, they'd probably just have this bundle make a return... https://www.lotro.com/en/game/articles/lord-rings-online-black-friday-deals New Item: Catch-up Boxes for your Legendary Items! In this box you will find the following: 100 Single-tier increase Catch-up Scrolls of Empowerment* 10 Five-tier increase Catch-up Scrolls of Empowerment 5 Ten-tier increase Catch-up Scrolls of Empowerment 25 Catch-up Star-lit Crystals* 10 Elegant Heritage Runes of Legend. These will grant item experience points.*
  11. New patch this Monday raises the max tier for (almost?) all the barter scrolls, plus adds more for certain weekly quests. The number of non-tiered scrolls will be less but overall sources increase and are easily attainable, though bound to account. I'm fine with 6 year old level 100 content from over 3 expansions ago not giving endgame scrolls. YMMV.
  12. I find the situation very sad and often irritating. Especially when I read their forums. Repeatedly week after week the same shit show where SSG just needs to piss off players to keep some silly status quo. That being SSG can't let any player exist without fucking with their mind's creating crisis after crisis. How some analytical junky worked that out as a positive is mind boggling. The sad part is that there are still diehard morons who suck up all that negativity SSG spews out and convince themselves somehow it taste like caviar. Their addictions are real and SSG loves it. Though I don
  13. What keeps coming up in the Forum threads is that the grind may be very daunting for new players. When it's daunting a trip to the store may be more easily made. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?685689-The-new-Imbued-LI-grind-plan/page4 It doesn't matter to SSG/DayBreak/Whoever that a player spending tons of cash doesn't know how to play the (end)game. Only thing that matters to them is that you spend muchos $$ in the store. This is an interesting question: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?685657-What-is-the-total-cost-to-level-a-Legenda
  14. I remember the ex-dev who used to post on these forums before he/she passed away said Turbine had pumped quite a bit of money in to bringing LOTRO to console but obviously it didnt go anywhere.
  15. I'm honestly surprised Gondor content, which is, what, 6-7 years old now? - still gave endgame scrolls for that long. While they are soloable, I never really collected them from Gondor. I always use Motes/Embers to trade for max 74 scrolls then relied on Box runs, Marks/Medallions and instance drops for the last 9 tiers. Not sure the point of the Dol Amroth scrolls though. They max out at tier 44, which is pretty much the default tier when you imbue an LI. That part of the changes is dumb for sure. So, the grind remains unchanged for me. Maybe not for others. But this doesn't le
  16. Recalling some things that have changed .... There were several exchange items that were abandoned at the launch of the Agmar expansion. It was either recipes or crafting resources. https://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Item:Blackened_Boar_Intestine https://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Category:Obsolete_Crafting_Trophies - Crafting Recipes - Collect recipes from dead mobs, exchange them with daily quest npc or buy from faction npcs. The only place that Hope could collect was crafting by the jeweler, exchanging a reputable item with glorfindel in Rivendell. War fog - it was n
  17. Despite, by now age old and repeated, promises of SSG and its precessor that the legendary grind is under consideration, SSG, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to make the legendary grind even worse: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?685661-I-don-t-know-about-the-new-scroll-of-empowerment-grind I therefore expect that SSG will announce in the near future that it will start selling expensive endgame weapons in the store. Some players will be very relieved to be able to bypass the excessive grind. Others will be maintain that 'the grind is doable'.
  18. Hi elves, dwarfs, numenors, orcs and wizards! I'm Misha from Russia. I start to creating an interesting project about Tolkien's trilogy Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit. If you have free time, please answer a few questions. 1. What things, accessories or symbols (not persons) do you want to see in this video? 2. What makes LOTR universe recognizable? 3. What is your favorite scenes, moments or quotes from these movies? 4. Which color scheme do you prefer: Dark (Mordor, Moria, night, dark stone) or Light\Natural (Rivendell, Rohan, Elves, Shire)? Your answers wil
  19. I'm curious what hope crafting item was abandoned?
  20. We'll see if they change the barter cost for Ancient Ithil Coins from Throne T2, Roving Threats or straight Marks/Medallions. I've found Gondor dailies not worth the time/effort and haven't done them in months. I haven't heard (yet) of any changes there on Bullroarer. Currently, you need about 35ish scrolls per legacy you want to max. All but the last 9, so 3/4 overall, can be bartered with Embers/Motes. The SoE thing, while theoretically bad, will have small impact, imo. The change did get me to cash in lots of coins I had sitting on several toons, netting me about 60 scrolls.
  21. Good Morning! I was trying to remember the Features abandoned by the developers! Feature - hope - crafing item. Feature - dread on maps. Feature - fog of war. Feature - death penalty. Feature - Moria lighting. Where it was necessary to use a bar. Have you liked any Features that don't exist in the current game?
  22. I would like to have access to the content mentioned. I'm making a list of materials derived from the original work. My focus is the games created. Mainly the lotro.
  23. They kinda stepped back. The only change for Rep Tomes is that they'll now bind to account. Also, they increased sources for SoEs. BUT the main source of top tier SoEs (80-83) will be behind a paywall, either you buy their latest dismal "miniexpansion" and grind them there or get them straight from the cash shop. Apparently you'll still be able to get all-tier SoEs through bartering / RNG from a number of sources, but I bet they'll fix the odds in their favor and raise the number of required barter items. Communication of all these has been as heavy-handed as expected. Someone at the OF c
  24. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/house-impeaches-trump-for-incitement-of-insurrection/ar-BB1cImdc?li=BBnbcA1 The House voted 232 to 197 to impeach Trump exactly one week after rioters forced lawmakers to flee from the very chamber in which they cast ballots in the fourth presidential impeachment in US history -- and the first time a President has been impeached twice. I was reading a few other news articles. In more than one were spoken opinions where a President must be in office to be Impeached. Claiming if when the Senate returns, Trump will be out of office and can't be Im
  25. It's the gift that never stops giving. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-55642101 A new impeachment possible to keep his shady, incompetent ass out of office forever.
  26. The Release Notes for Bullroarer Update 28.3 - Preview #1 includes these gems: So no more grinding the Minas Tirith dailies to get SoEs. And there seems to be relatively few chances to get SoEs from the current end-game content. It seems the only way to get them is to grind one or two a week or buy the scrolls from the store (or using Mithril). Plus, the change to the reputation accelerators means that end-game reputation becomes that much more of a grind (unless, of course, you buy the large ones from the store). I haven't been playing the game much lately, but have bee
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