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  2. Deaths are doubling at the same rate, too, which means potentially a million deaths by the end of this month assuming the infection rate doesn't slow. If Germany's figures are to be believed, then they are the country the world needs to imitate in terms of reducing fatalities. 85,000 infected but 1,107 deaths. They failed miserably at containing the virus, but they're at least managing to get people through having it. Meanwhile France has only been including hospitalised deaths in its figures, which means it could even surpass Italy's death rate. And this is why I've been saying lockdowns are dangerous solutions to this pandemic. So many people now are being hit by unnecessary lockdowns when it should've always been lockdowns for the vulnerable (sick/elderly). I've got a few mates back home who are now unable to work despite being fit and healthy. Two are self-employed but don't fit the government's criteria for help, while the other two worked for a company that's going belly up already and even the stupid 80% government salary thing won't help it. They're just lucky they have savings behind them, unlike these companies that make a killing for their management but can't handle a rocky few months. It should be fucking illegal.
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  4. So we now have over 1 million confirmed cases world wide and over 50000 deaths. It took less than a week to go from 500000 cases to a million.
  5. I also live to a relative large cluster (above 0,2% of the population tested positive) in the Netherlands; Though that is mostly because it are smaller regions and people in nursing homes for the elderly attracted it. Especially deaths/100k population are high. I've got 4 relatives that have had Corona-like symptoms (one sat in a train next to somebody coughing heavily couple of weeks ago, one has been in a meeting with 2 confirmed cases, 1 had nursed a patient) but none of them tested because symptoms were mild (no hospilization need is mild these days...) And some collegues too with possible corona symptoms, but none tested as far as I know Maybe I've had it too, really mild symptoms, and my wife too, 2/3 weeks ago; But that likely was the flu or common cold. 3 young kids going to school/kindergarten is almost a guarantee for getting that a couple of times/winter
  6. Nope, I know nobody. I've had about a dozen say things like "well I was feeling a rough a little while ago", and even I got hit hard with flu at the start of the year that was worse than any other flu I've had, but that seems to be it. Nothing but speculation and stories and no actual confirmation, I guess because nobody really wants to waste time getting tested if they experience non-apocalyptic symptoms.
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  8. I'm a little north of you, don't know anyone who's tested positive, though one of my friends did get tested last week and was waiting to hear back. I haven't heard back from him since then and will try to get in touch again later this week if I don't hear from him before then.
  9. Anybody live close to a large cluster of cases? Im just outside of NYC with about 80,000 positives within 50 miles of me. Amazingly I do not know one person who has tested postive, just a few of "My uncle's coworker" etc
  10. https://www.nature.com/articles/nm.3985?fbclid=IwAR1unPVainUR65XDBAZF7DhHNHfk8AHdDwUTfRxXora7cHRbCUCBICcqyL0 A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence The article is from 2015 and has a recent edit addition. Change history 30 March 2020 Editors’ note, March 2020: We are aware that this article is being used as the basis for unverified theories that the novel coronavirus causing COVID-19 was engineered. There is no evidence that this is true; scientists believe that an animal is the most likely source of the coronavirus. Will the near future provide some insight with details, or will history be rewritten?
  11. To further back up what Doro said, I have no problem if it is called the Wuhan or China flu. A dozen or more afflictions are named after places. The Left is wasting their time arguing with Trump on this. He's done so much else poorly that that ain't the hill to die on. Seems like Covid-19 is going to stick though. One of the few things he did do well is do the travel ban from China. He did nothing with the time that was saved though. His lies on testing early on were bad. Not all on him though. CDC and FDA have much to answer for there. Though he WAS in charge and should have handled testing better. South Korea should have been the model. As for missing masks and sanitizer from hospitals, I hadn't heard this and blame nothing on Trump here. Of course, his style of leadership during this has been abysmal. But nothing new here. Has been that way for 5 years with his political run. It's completely idiotic but his base loves that he's idiotic because it pwns the Libs.
  12. Read your own line again. Slowly. Even slower than normal. See the bit about people in this thread? That's the bit where you're talking absolute shit yet again. Nobody has said any of what you were pissing about, yet you still tried to suggest any of us align ourselves with it. That TDS you constantly bring up is your own Trump Dependency Syndrome kicking in. Back on to actually important issues; Europe hits 30,000 deaths, with two thirds in Spain and Italy alone. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-52117883 There's been stories in Spain of retirement and care homes for the elderly being abandoned by workers for fear of contracting the virus themselves, as well as authorities struggling to adequately store the rising number of bodies. With funerals in a lot of countries now being limited to less than a dozen attendees allowed, these deaths come with the added pain for families of not even being able to be there to bury or cremate the people they've lost.
  13. Wrong. You need to read that last line more carefully, since you patently did not understand it. (Emphasis added to help comprehension)
  14. Cool, let me know when the results are in. Ok. Yeah, in a country over over a billion people, the guys who were doing mask production are the same guys who were doing the clinical trial. They've been busy little bees.
  15. and they are starting all over the world... as the media now inquires about timelines for approval and the like, everyone is going to get a crash course in the Bureaucratic red tape that exists in the States. another little thing i never linked here was how Washington State, which was one of the first flash points in the US has had better success than New York, did a couple of things like ignoring regulations around testing, to fast track response time, a move that is being credited as succeessful. regardless, these delays will serve to highlight many issues with the current supply chain and why it is that things like test kits don't get made over night. i think for the smarter here, it will be self evident how this ultimately helps Trumps position. plays right into his hand in fact. ;) https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-52092395 seems the helping hand China is sending is not so welcome. but they sure managed to conduct a reliable double blind, non defective clinical trial in short order.
  16. You've literally got no clinical trials to back up your position, and the only one available (which I posted) disproves it. Yet you think it's me with his head in the sand? Don't get me wrong, I'd love for a solution to this virus that's already available. However, there's just no evidence. I'm not gullible enough to buy unverified claims, and I'm certainly not going to trust the gut feeling of Trump of all people. If actual clinical trials show it helps, even for some segments of the population, then great. Until then, you're falling for clickbait and unproven claims.
  17. you do know it is more than just the French and South Koreans who've had success with this drug... right? bah why bother, keep your head in the sand. right now time, my oldest friend, will take care of this for me.
  18. You're trying to back up your claim using the French "results" that claim the drug actually reduces recovery time, which is nothing to do with improving conditions until the natural recovery occurs. Currently no evidence to make such a claim in the context of this virus. The French "results" weren't a clinical trial, which is another part of the clickbait you've fallen for. People are recommending anything right now when it comes to life or death situations. If someone is going to die, they're willing to try anything based on results from other diseases. But none of it is based on confirmed results. Which aren't COVID-19. Some drugs help for some diseases, but can exacerbate others. The current data is far too low to say hydroxybloxyclororhrorowhatever is an effective treatment for this.
  19. not confusing anything. this is therapeutic to improve conditions and mitigate surges of critical conditions where respiration is needed. i never called it a cure. the tech mag did use sensational language, but that does not eliminate the benefits of this drug. it does work to keep a persons immune system from deteriorating to the point secondary issues and organ failures make things much worse. from china. how come the french trial produced different results? why did South Korean CDC also recommend this treatment? and this drug HAS been tested for Malaria, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis & AIDS as a successful immune modulator. the reason you'd use an immune modulator on a Flu though... well ther is reason why some would be worried about that regard, because it showcases some of the more irregular features of this new virus...
  20. Two things: 1. You're confusing potential management of symptoms with a cure. Paracetamol is as much of a treatment and even those sorts of drugs also have their concerns. 2. The only supposed clinical trial has shown no effect. As someone who has repeatedly claimed concern over unforeseen long-term effects of the virus, you should be applying the same suspicion to any claims of an untested, unverified cure.
  21. last post edited to include key missing video segment. you still have failed to show why it is click bait. but here is more proof from me that it is not click bait: https://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2020/03/12/South-Korea-experts-recommend-anti-HIV-anti-malaria-drugs-for-COVID-19/6961584012321/ ^that^ is from March 12 2020, before Trump ever said anything about this drug. it is not click-bait and in my previous post i have explained why an immune modulator drug is effective for this particular disease.
  22. No, quite obviously I asked if you can find anyone here that agreed with the media that Trump shouldn't call it the China virus. You know, that thing you claimed despite the lack of any evidence to support it. In the very last line in your post where you tried to shove 4 failed points in your own imagination on the rest of us here.
  23. That Trump is racist? I'm quite sure a lot of the TDS sufferers here believe that, despite the lack of any evidence to support it. Where did I say anyone here has said that?
  24. why would a drug for treating Malaria have any effect for a flu? answer, it would not. but this isn't just a flu bro. hydroxychloroquine is an effective immune modulator that has success in treating Malaria, Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis & AIDS... in other words immune compromised sicknesses. so why is this working? ... and yes it is working, even before the French clinical trials & before Donald Trump promoted it as potential therapeutic treatment... South Koreans (and others) have also had success with its use. anyway getting into a discussion that this forum isn't really prepared for... the SARS like spike receptor for Covid19 is optimized by a factor of 10 for transmission. and while that is important for modeling infections... and it could be naturally selected for through mutation over a significant period of time... the optimization for transmission by a factor if 10 is a rather aggressive mutation adaption to say the least. a concerning thing, but... this isn't the part that concerns me the most. once transmitted, the attacks on the immune system, whilst not identical to other immune system compromised diseases, STILL compromises the patients immune system. this is where secondary issues become a risk factor, when normal immune function is compromised & also why this hydroxychloroquine treatment is having reported successes. additionally to the above... the other factor of this virus, hemorrhagic attacks on organs beyond the lungs causing damage, collapse, and internal bleeding. ... so yeah an immune modulator medication is effective therapy. it is not click bait. and it has been successful. there is proof and as time rolls on that proof will become ample. with regard to that SARS spike receptor transmission factor optimized by a factor of 10X... what an efficient little adaptive behavior to have occurred entirely naturally... unless that isn't how these modifications occurred at all: edit: whoops the above video was missing this section: it is entirely plausible this little designer chimera was cooked up in a lab. The Wuhan19 CCP Chimera Virus.
  25. Can you find anyone in this thread who agreed with the media on this? He wasn't too slow, and nobody has said that here. It's the domestic spread he's fucked up. Testing alone =/= preventing spread. Where has anyone here said that?
  26. Rebinging TNG myself. A couple years ago I did the whole thing (ToS, Animated, films, TNG, films, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise) spread through several months. I thought I would never get the chance again, though I occasionally put on the odd favourite episode or two. Now in this bleakest of all times it provides me with the necessary escape (together with my ongoing translation of Lucian's True Tales).
  27. Media: Wuhan Virus. Woohahn Virus. Chinese Coronavirus. Chinese Wuhan Virus. Wuhan Chinese Coronavirus. Trump: Chinese Virus comes from China Media: Orange Man RACIST! Trump wants travel ban, so racist won't do anything. *10 minutes later* Trump so useless, too slow in implementing travel bans Trump is useless, there's not enough testing! *testing increases* zomg! Orange Man so bad, infection rate skyrocketing! Media: looks like masks and hand santisiers are being stolen from hospitals Trump: looks like masks and hand santisiers are being stolen from hospitals Media: zomg Orange Man is accusing doctors and nurses of stealing from hospitals. How dare you! This, and more, is the level of disingenuousness propagated by the Media and mindlessly gobbled up by the TDS sufferers within this thread and elsewhere.
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