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    Macron Explodes over Climate Stuff

    That's the interesting thing.... most of the world is bending the knee to China and their rape of the environment... and then they throw stones at the other countries as if they can somehow make a dent when China outnumbers almost everyone else by at least an order of magnitude.
  3. Splay

    Macron Explodes over Climate Stuff

    Ya not entirely and the subject matter more discusses deforestation than the seasonal fires lit on existing farmland. The newly deforested land will be the next farm field for more seasonal farm fires. Still, comparatively to what China is doing, Brazil shouldn't be a discussion at all.
  4. Almagnus1

    Macron Explodes over Climate Stuff

    You're missing the punchline to this entire joke.... the fires are really just farmers preparing their fields for sowing seeds... https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/08/24/world/americas/amazon-rain-forest-fire-maps.html Macron's an idiot.
  5. Yesterday
  6. I remember this whole bit of insanity. There was a player on Landy who instantly bought a load of keys just to get that very horse. Once he had it he stood atop the West Bree stable master gloating how he knew the horse would be removed and he'd be a few who could proudly mount his rare store bought horse. I had a chat exchange with this player. Who by the way is terrible on his Champ and Reaver. In this exchange he attempted to suggest my Hobbit looks bad and looking good is far better than being good in game and real life. My Hobbit wears a tattered tunic and trousers colored black. His Champ is always decked out in the newest store cosmetics. He stood there for days wanting attention so bad. Right on the spot of the stablemaster. So eventually I told him he was a store bought bitch and that looking good in a game is something but being bad at ezpzy pve is just terrible. He rode around me on his unearned steed and did laugh emotes. Until... I place my Fashionable title for him to see. Then he went silent and stopped moving. In a short moment he put in world chat he had placed me on ignore. Oh it was justice. To this day he hates me and tries to troll me through say chat on the occasions he logs on. I found out later when he did a spar with his kin leader and lost, then he left that kin. Looking good is fine and well in a game and in real life but if you are a worthless fuck who looks good you have very little value to anyone anywhere. Least of all to yourself. This guy I describe is a classic example of who SSG wants as a customer. Someone who impulsively spends their money on useless items and then leaves shortly after. Maybe to return one day to do it all over again. The customer they don't want is someone who displays some sort of loyalty by knowing quality when they see it and are willing to be honest and even critical when needed, to keep a product to a standard considered quality.
  7. Every time I "almost" feel bad for this Tolkien sim, I bring out a vivid little memory from last year... Beta in early 2018: Some players spotted undocumented change that wasn't in Bullroarer notes: a new [pick-a-mount box] added to lootboxes, containing steeds from raid meta-deeds. (Like the Steed of Many Colors, and other ultra rare steeds earnable via challenging game content). I started a thread about it, which quickly filled with so much player rage (rightfully so) that DrOctothorpe came in, apologized, and promised to remove these raid steeds from lootboxes before it hits live servers. This was done. Summer 2018: Another update hits live servers, and some players spotted undocumented change that wasn't in live release notes: a new [pick-a-mount box] added to lootboxes, containing steeds from raid meta-deeds, such as the Steed of Many Colors. But wait!... This horse has now been renamed as Steed of Shifting Hues, so nobody can ever claim or prove it was the same steed - per SSG logic. And sure enough: multiple rage threads over the broken dev promise got infested by the full army of SSG brown-nosers with their usual derailing, heckling, and ad hominems claiming this steed is "different" and "obviously not the same". This is on live servers, btw, so by the time the shitstorm brewed some idiots have already spent cash on lootbox keys to "buy" this steed, so it's a massive legal mess on top of an already PR disaster. It was getting so damn ugly, Severlin was obliged to insert himself into the thread giving some bullshit shady words like "oops this was a mistake we don't know how it slipped in there, we're seeing what we wanna do." No bans or infractions, of course, on toxic turdlets openly attacking/ridiculing anyone expressing indignation over the whole thing. A week later: The "promised solution" arrives. And what is it? A new steed is added to the Isengard raid meta-deed. And how does it look? An exact copy of the Steed of Many Colors, but repainted in shit-stain colors that alternate in a brown shit-stain smudge. I am not joking. What's more, the horse under this shit-stain caparison is an exact copy of Forochel reputation mount - again no joke. And a terrible eyesore of color mismatch. Hurray, now you get this "new" shit-stain steed for completing the raid meta-deed. While the actual, original, Steed of Many Colors was basically stolen and trivialized by becoming just another lootbox item any fat idiot can buy without playing the actual damn game. You'd think they could've shoved this new shit-stain horse into the lootbox, while leaving the raid meta-steed alone, but nope. So every time I get nostalgic about Lotro, I think of this and nostalgia instantly dies. I also think about the time and effort spent earning the original Steed of Many Colors, which was my most prized steed (I did the content on-level). All those good memories of raiding with friends, now re-painted in shit stains. What kind of company fucking hijacks their own game content *and* shits on its players to this extent, all at the same time? No better cure for Lotro nostalgia. Ironically, the only way left to "preserve" the Lotro legacy is for SSG to croak before they mutilate the game's earlier (more 'classic') content even more. Btw anyone who was following along with the above drama, and yet still gives them money after all that, deserves a lobotomy.
  8. Splay

    Macron Explodes over Climate Stuff

    Doro, you have an excellent grasp of the overall big picture when it comes to our ecosystem and how humans affect its change. Historically those in Brazil employed slash and burn for farming. The difference now since a global economy and big business comes into the picture is those farmers don't move on to the next piece of fertile ground. They keep those previously cleared out areas and expand on them. What was once done, actually promoted natural growth in a forest. Now its just a slow ever-expanding, depletion dependent on petroleum based fertilizers. Also as you elude to, the need and available resource of fresh water for an ecosystem to survive comes into the math as well. Much the same was done in the United States during the peak of the Colonial era. The Appalachian mountain chain along the east of the US were originally Chestnut forest. Huge trees felled for making ships. Those mountains since that time have been completely stripped bare from Maine to Georgia six times. Though since the late 1960s the forest have become managed in a way that is better than all the previous times. Using selective methods rather than the complete clear cut strategy. I don't even understand how Brazil can come into any discussions, when it pales in comparison to what China has been doing for some 40 years. At least India with its 1 billion plus has breathable air, where as China's air can corrode the body off a car in ten years time. That's not even counting for how it affects a person. Perhaps the amount of pollution China creates will kill off enough of the Chinese to help contribute to some closer notion of balance in regard to the human incursion on this planet. I don't see the fictional planet of Coruscant, as a place I like to live. Sure looks cool in a movie, but give our species another 500 years and it will be close enough to reality. What's a tree precious? Never seen one, but I'm sure we can find a picture of one archived on a website.
  9. Doro

    Macron Explodes over Climate Stuff

    It's all virtue signalling and fear-mongering yet again. Brazil's had forest fires before and there's been much worse (interesting that a lot of media outlets keep showing a graph of increased forest fires, which conveniently only goes back to 2013 to hide the actual comparison). The amount of rainforest actually on fire is miniscule, and even if 100% of the fires are intentional (which they aren't), then it's being fuelled by a need for farmland because the West keeps relying on it for beef and soy products. Yeah, let's shove our demands over there to rid ourselves of responsibility, then act all indignant when a new moral outrage is manufactured. It's hypocrisy to ask another population to provide for you while also demonising them for doing what you'd already done yourself. All of it pales in comparison to the true concern of the ever-expanding human populations (with China and India being the biggest players in it). CO2 is pretty much nothing in the grand scheme, especially when you take trends over the last 50 million years for both atmospheric CO2 and temperature. They keep saying about the global average increasing by 2100 to as much as 2 degrees Celsius since pre-industrialised times, and yet urban heat islands already create a 2 degree Celsius difference compared to surrounding areas without even trying. Wipe out natural areas to replace them with concrete jungles, and that's what you get. And you can't even try to revert back by planting the amount of forest needed because (even ignoring land use) the sheer amount of water needed would once again be incompatible with the demands of a overpopulated nation. Modern humans are just a disease.
  10. https://news.yahoo.com/merkel-opposes-macron-threat-block-164247790.html Funny how they don't mention the rampant polution of China and India... yet seem to focus on Brazil (which, to be fair, is warranted as deforestation of the rainforest is removing natural CO2 scrubbers). So yeah.... maybe if Trump keeps trolling hard enough, eventually he'll force the EU to collapse as it seems he's already showing the cracks between France and Germany XD
  11. From having played DDO, it was pretty clear to me that DDO got the lion's share of dev treatment, while LotRO got whatever was left over, likely cause DDO is cheaper to dev for (they control basically everything there as long as they stay compliant to the 3.5 Eberron or Forgotten Realms settings), and SSG figures LotRO will work because players are dumb enough to support a bad product because they've managed to convince a majority of them it's a Tolkein sim instead of a game, and they should help support the Tolkein sim....
  12. In their myopic 'vision'... DDO seems to be that. I admittedly know zero about DDO, never followed it, never checked it out. I've only become cognizant of it due to SSG pushing it and shoving it in my face in fucking Lotro channels. Yes, communication channels reserved for Lotro discussions get clogged with DDO updates, DDO previews, DDO hype - ya know, the kinds of things SSG is utterly silent about when it comes to actual Lotro. I was flipping through a recent SSG interview transcription - "by Lotro fans for Lotro fans" - and at least half of that content was fucking DDO-related. Quite extensive developments too - when compared with Lotro development standards. Not to mention actually talking about tangible, pragmatic upcoming things players can expect. It's like these fat management nerds cast a spell of Bumbling Idiot Persuasion and were in danger of actually knowing what they yapped about. But then the moment passed. I don't know how established or monetizable DDO is, but sounds like that's their mattress money and they're just dicking around with Lotro thinking they can get away with anything by these Tolkien IP cocksuckers who put up with anything. Forget "Minus Morgul", SSG misspelled the word "hobbit" in official public communication, for crying out loud. I do think it's no coincidence Made of Lions, still retained on their payroll, is an "ex-lawyer." Someone has to wiggle their incompetent nerdy lardasses out of all the legal nooses over lootbox stuff and other legal implications of their treatment of paying customers.
  13. It's going to hinge on the perceived value in the Minas Mogul package prices. They fucked up last time because they just don't know the game they had/have. How likely is it that they know any better now? I this SSGRed_Panda in the hot seat for it? What's crazy now is that all the fluff fans are having their means of bartering what they want driven by loot boxes too, these were peeps happy to regularly use the store and buy the premium packages without another thought. But even if players see value in the pack prices can they forget the constant squeeze on their resources of late. Mac P.S. The Brexit vote was just to establish that the UK has 17 million morons who thought our moron politicians could extricate their way out of more than a paper bag.
  14. Last week
  15. I'd say these decisions are made on a quarterly basis. Seeing how an already mostly developed "expansion" (Ikr lol) is around the corner, I say if it happens, it wont be until the beginning if the new year. One, the incoming revenue may keep the sinking ship afloat thru another lunar cycle. Two, if sales tank, when they return from the holidays, they can then make preparations to reduce or close the servers entirely. Either way by mid summer of next year, it will be over. Oh btw. Who in the fuck goes on vacation, holiday or not, when their company is floundering? Same as Turbine, SSG are a cocky bunch and their hubris is deep ingrained to the point of stubborness. So any reduction in servers means SSG has to say to the gaming world they are failing. I could almost seeing SSG pulling the plug suddenly, than having to endure the embarrassment. One thing I never understood is why SSG hasn't been working on a new project through all this time. It could very well be happening but not on SSG time or books. A back up for employment security for the eventually end of LotRO and SSG. I'd say they would be total dumbasses to not be doing this because... Lets face it. These nerds aren't getting another job making games.
  16. Literally at any point from now, considering the numbers are at what they were when the last ones happened.
  17. Almagnus1

    How to lose players and alienate games

    I think a lot of it is the frustration of having to deal with the Twitter rage mob cause this post sums it up pretty well: If you go through that Reddit thread you can definitely feel the dev's frustration.
  18. Back to the thread... based on population decline, when do we think we're going to see the next server mergers?
  19. So you're saying that the formation of the Lodinistan Caliphate is a good thing? Yes, but the question becomes how many servers will be
  20. Well, Brexit is a stupid idea; At least not done to help the citizens of the UK, but just to give some Politicians power and wealth Same goes for Lotro, as long as it gives some people enough money, it wil go on...
  21. Brexit means Brexit, except for Lotro, YAY!
  22. IMO I can see SSG dropping Language support (like French for example), and maybe the Legendary servers to help reduce overhead. I mean, aside from shooting the legendary servers once SSG realizes that nobody wants to play them anymore, I can see Siranon (FR server) and Gladden getting the axe first.
  23. I could see it happening, considering current trends. Logins for all servers are at levels equal to or lower than they were just prior to the first merges. The Limited Servers are at the same level as servers that were killed off during the merges, so they should really be the first to be put together. Looking at the figures, they could easily merge all the US servers into one, and all the ex-EU servers into another, without ever hitting the sort of numbers they used to have during LotRO's prime for a single server.
  24. Necroing this.... So given what we've seen with the Legendary servers, does the population data back up the assumption that we'll see server merges within the next couple of years?
  25. Be thankful that you didn't, as I'm fairly certain she was part of the "I don't like you so I'm going to report you as a troll" crowd.
  26. She probably would've done had she been posting when I was. But my list is the result of a few from years ago and most from very recent, so I never saw her "in the wild" so to speak.
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