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  2. I'm pretty sure his family gets the security protections too. Not sure if it continues for them after he kicks it tho.
  3. At this point, I'm hoping he's the kind that sprays gasoline everywhere and then forgets to leave when he lights it (true story, a drug dealer in my old neighbourhood did that after the council kicked him out of his bungalow). The idea that he'll just scurry away without any repercussions is annoying. Doesn't he also get that ex-president stuff like taxpayer-funded private security and special privileges for the rest of his life? That's 5 or 6 years of wasted resources.
  4. The narrative is slowly unravelling to the normies. Figures so far have had to be reduced because of over-estimating supposed COVID-19 deaths, because they were counting people who died from anything no matter how long after they had the virus. But it looks like they're taking it in baby steps to admit figures are still inflated. From now on, they'll only count deaths within 28 days of a positive lab result for the virus. Not people who have died from it, not even people who died with it but from something else. Nope, it's anyone who got a positive result and died within the month, cause of death regardless. Can't back track all at once, or people might realise they overreacted and will start questioning what really has been killing old people, i.e. government lockdowns. No mention of what they're doing with suspected cases or those deaths where COVID-19 is mentioned in any capacity (which seems to be a large segment, based on what I've seen so far). I'll bet they're still counting them in addition.
  5. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/m7jkxq/trump-just-admitted-hes-sabotaging-the-usps-to-screw-up-the-election Trump is going to be the kind of nightmare tenant that clogs all the plumbing, steals the copper pipes, and takes a huge shit on the living room rug
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  7. I think at this level they have a pretty thick skin. Well, except current Prez, of course.
  8. Could Klubochar take the personal attacks as well as Harris could? Still boils down to one side playing with one rule set and the the other no rules and believing the democrat apocalypse shit they spout.
  9. Bombadil was a limited time deeding event server where you were just exposed to grieving by another faction with zero PvP rewards system in place. The advantage was that you could move your character on it's conclusion, free, to a home server INCLUDING both US and EU server as the target. We can bet no thorough testing has been done as to the impact of these chars on the old servers though. The utter contempt to use the existing transfer mechanic despite the many warnings was gross stupidity. But gross stupidity seems to be held in some regard at SSG so... The bigger picture problem has had my attention though. I did put in a /bug report a couple of days ago entitled: Systemic server side data fetch failures not being handled. Surprisingly it has been sent up the chain or disappeared into an abys of denial. It would have to go through several layers of moron even if there was anyone with the nonce to address it though. Mac P.S. Only renamed when there is a conflict, the dormant char retaining their name. And working that way since the datacenter move and loads of people cheated out of a choice name.
  10. Bombadil is their pay to win server (imo) but with that being said it throws sort of a bone to the pvp crowd who are so often ignored (although I don't pvp)
  11. Bombadil is the "special events" server - it just hosted the Tournament of the Twins event. What should happen is that an existing character that has not been logged into for more than a year is supposed to be renamed with at ~1 at the end. What is actually happening is that the character being transferred onto the server is always being renamed.
  12. Well, Harris not my choice. Way too authoritarian for my taste. Too bad Klubochar bowed out.
  13. Seems SSG have finally taken a look at some code and realize it been FUBAR since 2015 cheating player's their rightful names. And Bombadil chars can just suck it up alongside them.
  14. "Hey, John, what's this all about? What's this a tour of?" The reason I'm not posting in German.
  15. He doesn't need this knowledge to do his stuff. We do.
  16. I think States have been massively adjusting on the fly since March. A very minor rounding error won't even register.
  17. To learn from history you have to know your history, and Trump clear doesnt
  18. Don't states have budgets already allocated/approved that they have to adhere to tho? Do they have a process to adjust spending on the fly, or do they just spend whatever and figure it out after the dust settles? (must be nice if so)
  19. Excellent read. I could be more worried if Trump had the intellect of a Putin but with the likes of Barr and Pompeo held by some religious fervor then what lengths wouldn't they eventually get to if allowed? The polls show them they're loosing the election: The Administration filled with lackeys. They have normalized moving federal forces around the country to "assist" and had those forces be normalized to it, preying on their patriotism. So already not far from taking over CCN and other media offices for sedition and a few governor's offices who are in-league spreading the fear further afield. Which side has all the guns anyway? History tell us it has happened before so we learn from it and don't let it happen again. But other's will learn it's happened before so can happen again. It doesn't need a mastermind behind it just the gradual steps along a path. Mac
  20. I've become a bit of a fan of Christ Cuomo and the Don Lemon handovers. Some of the Governor Cuomo interviews have been hilarious. Swab in particular: https://edition.cnn.com/videos/politics/2020/05/21/chris-andrew-cuomo-swabs-test-joke-cpt-vpx.cnn
  21. I'm just astounded that someone though to give him a graph showing US vs The World and he couldn't even comprehend what that meant. "We are doing better than the World" - Proof he is on another planet? I can't deny it's the first true thing he's said during this. I see his aids were enquiring about a Mt Rushmore addition. No wonder he wants to fight for onerous monuments. But he had telegraphed this by having a rally there. He didn't go for the Blimp Trump that met him on his UK visit oddly. I'd have that flying above Mt Rushmore as a more accurate measure of US Presidents. But he is utterly convinced he is the greatest. No one is like him so no one could be better and it's his duty to prevent loosing at all cost. So the real danger is ahead. Loosing can only mean he was cheated.
  22. For California, with 40 million people, it's a difference of 14 million bucks. The total budget for California is over $250 billion. I think States will be okay.
  23. I'm there to give them a hard time. And I want to be around to check the bodies to make sure they are dead.
  24. 'it's not the players job to leave the game. how about it being the company's job to fix the servers after 13 years?' ^^that particular line caught my attention. y'know...if you (in general) are still playing the game 13 years in and the servers are still fucked...well, maybe it is the players "job" to leave the game.
  25. Took a snapshot of Evernight /World chat loging off tonight. Edited out the names and swearing and all the non English and Instances/trade calls. Can't have any cussing for you delicate lot ;) ### Chat Capture: General 08/09 10:04 PM ### 'what the hell is wrong with ssg and their servers' 'the hamster isnt getting food' 'nothing wrong this end - have you check your own settings?' 'Mine is fine too' 'i thought they'd upgraded to a guinea pig' 'loading screens not progressing again' 'ah that happens to me all the time on login' 'the server is leaking for the past few days' 'I had one stuck loading screen an hour ago' 'after this much time that is called a game feature' 'that problem never went away. it's load-related. never see it on, for example, Gladden' '13 years and still these kind of issues....' '13 years of sorrow and you still can't bring yourself to leave' 'maybe it's that you like the issues so you have something to complain about?' 'Atleast my game doesnt crash if I use too many swift travel horses in a row xD' 'said nothing about 13 years of sorrow though you are not wrong' 'I like to complain when things go to #### for 13 years' 'You keep giving them money if it works for you' 'i would like to lodge a complaint about the people complaining about the complainer' 'but ................you're the one complaining while playing and paying for the game?' 'I'm here because it's lord of the rings, couldn't care less about the company' 'glad to say Im not paying' 'what difference would it make? it's not like they put any of that money towards better infrastructure anyways' 'if you know how to read, I didn't say the game itself sucks but the server infrastructure' 'quite amazing how there are still people in the game who refuse to acknowledge the existence and severity of issues present' 'XXXXX are you a bot of cordovan' 'quite amazing how there are still people in the game complaining about how unplayable it is but still playing it' 'lol, you think Cordovan ever comes near this game?>' 'we pay for this game we have the right to cry abaut it' 'it's not the players job to leave the game. how about it being the company's job to fix the servers after 13 years?' 'Why would they if people play anyways?' 'that's thje worst excuse ever - I pay for the game so I can complain - the best complaint you can make is to take your business elsewhere - no-one in the in0game chat gives a #### about your issues' 'Xxxx I can imagine ssg thinking that' 'which is pretty bad' 'It's exactly what they think "D' 'all you do here is fill the chat with your bile while nothing will ever get fixed' 'Same with Blizzard any any other big company' 'go complain to the people who can actually do something about it' 'you seem to give a #### because you replied and keep hammering your #### to me' Just incase some of you miss lotro /wd chat
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