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  2. https://massivelyop.com/2020/12/02/lord-of-the-rings-online-composer-revives-his-music-company-after-ponzi-scheme-fiasco/ Didn’t know he had gone through all of that a while back now. Most have been a nightmare.
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  4. ..... SSG was already owned by Daybreak. SSG didn't want to admit it to its playerbase, lest it dampens spending. Daybreak was therefore called 'publisher'. Now Daybreak is sold and Severlin writes the above... no.... you are a piece of carrot in the soup that is called Daybreak which is being eaten by EG7. Face it.
  5. Looks like LOTRO may be getting a console conversion Some links to some interesting info: https://tagn.wordpress.com/2020/12/02/daybreak-revealed-in-enad-global-7-presentation/ https://massivelyop.com/2020/12/02/everything-we-just-learned-about-daybreak-thanks-to-eg7/ Also, here's the investor presentation PDF from EG7. It's odd the way the information tap has just been turned on, as we move from a privately held company, Daybreak, to a European public firm, EG7. EG7-Investor-Presentation-Dec-2020-Acquires-Daybreak-Games.pdf
  6. They're claiming to have 2022 pinpointed as the time when LotRO gets an "upgrade", so if they last that long get ready to see an absolute shitstorm as bugs upon bugs appear.
  7. Wonder if that includes lifetimers or if it is how many people are paying every month Revenues of $9.9 million for first 3 quarters on 2020 dont seem to bad. Also they mention bringing the game to next gen consoles and trying to capitalize on the Amazon TV show.
  8. https://www.enadglobal7.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/EG7-Investor-Presentation-Dec-2020-Acquires-Daybreak-Games.pdf Interesting to see official numbers about Lotro. Total users: 108K Users with VIP (monthly membership): 41K
  9. From Severlin: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?684810-Daybreak-Acquisition-News-and-Standing-Stone-Games&p=8049624#post8049624
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  11. The delights of a two party system where each side is deathly afraid of becoming irrelevant. Willing to drag everyone into the us vs. them struggle.
  12. Congress needs to take back its authority. Way too much power has been ceded to the executive branch. And, it WAS wrong when Obama did it. Rule by decree is not good, no matter the party. One needs to win the political argument and gather the votes required to enact policy. If you can't, then tough. Senate control has nothing to do with the Electoral College (not to mention that under Obama, the House was also Republican for 6 of his 8 years). Pinning that on McConnell ain't gonna wash, sorry.
  13. Yeah, but no. The fine print actually means that half of that money goes to an actual "defense fund" after the legal limit of $5000 to the turd campaign and $35.500 to the RNC is paid. It's a money grab. It was actually not "not right" when Obama did it. Obama had McTurtle who stonewalled every. single. bill. He still does. Congress is broken. McTurtle broke it. Harry Reid started down that path I'll admit that, but McTurtle took Reid's path and amped it up to over 9000. The fact of the matter is that the Democrats and non-Republican leaning population are in the majority in the US. The
  14. In the emails they sent out begging for money for the lawsuits, in the small print it mentioned that half of all money received would be used to pay reelection debts
  15. Considering Trump is now lying to the degree that it's impacting social order (with roughly 70% of Republicans in some polls claiming they believe there was voting fraud despite no evidence having ever been presented to a judge in any of the many cases Trump had his cronies open as a distraction), is that enough to have more legal consequences against him when he's finally dragged out by his hair? It's obvious he's doing it to cause unrest and squeeze some cash out of idiot donors who think he's going to put funds he's begged for into recounts, so surely the law has to step in at some point, r
  16. Ugh. Congress has ceded so much power to the executive branch already. That's why the president can issue executive orders and change things all over the place. It wasn't right when Obama did it, nor Trump, nor Biden. Congress needs to take back its authority.
  17. There is some real truth to Barr and 2024. He'll wreck whats left of the Constitution that Trump hasn't already. I read some of his published material. The guy has this thing about co-equal branches and how it is interpreted. Essentially he thinks the Executive branch deserves a bigger slice of the pie. I haven't given weight to anything he has said while working for Trump. Barr knows AG is a stepping stone, so he'll say what he is told and endure the fallout. Honestly I don't think Barr is presidential material. Pompeo? I don't see it. He is tainted by Trump.
  18. They're preparing for the Pompeo/Barr ticket in 2024. I'm pretty sure that anyone associated with the Trump administration can kiss their political aspirations goodbye.
  19. It's time for the purge, Esper out. Who needs a Defence Sec. anyway? And we thought the pandemic was going to make the WH a ghost town. Anyone know what Barr and Pompeo are up to? Taking self-isolation ultra seriously all of a sudden?
  20. The content devs got on-board with a DDO youtuber to show us the intent behind the mega-patch. It was instructive but all far too late. But it was still aimed at a demographic that doesn't exits, a whale that can learn to play and new players that have a fortune to outlay their first day in game. The issue being Marketing only markets selling us the expensive fluff and fails to market the fricking game. But that's all they care about. But the devs hide in there own bubble and deny the bad influence of their DDO masters they're beholden too. They recently proposed changing a weekly 5
  21. I still can't work out if QuartermaserU left SSG because he was embarrassed over the blatant bottom feeding or was let go because he showed his embarrassment. SSGRed_Panda shows no such qualms. He isn't hampered by actually playing the game and any concerns as to the damage he does to it in meeting his targets with the changes he implements that drive players towards purchases.
  22. A couple of points: I'd consider it a huge mandate given that one side followed no rules, lied and cheated their supporters as well as took risks with their health. There wasn't even a policy presented, just an I'm great, we're great and things will be greater - along side the usual Bogyman threat alternative. If you learn early in life that cheating is easier than work then when an aid says your winning Pennsylvania with 55% you can be dumb enough to take it as 55% of all the votes rather than 55% of those counted. As far as he's concerned he had won it and then he isn't - so with y
  23. No mandate for that, imo. I'm opposed to those ideas AND opposed to bailing out banks and business sector. And I think social security has been a ponzi scheme from the get go.
  24. It's such a 2020 thing for Trump to say isn't it? "Why are all the mail-in ballots going for Biden?" I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that he spent the last 3 months telling his flock of followers that mail-in ballots are full of corruption so they decided to vote in-person while the Democrats mailed them in. Also, I just read that his Chief of Staff has come forward saying he tested positive for COVID...days ago...and didn't tell any of his staff and even attended Trump's "election win party". I mean...fuck all of them--whatever happens to them, they have it coming.
  25. They gutted the Voting Rights Act, purged voter rolls, closed polling places, removed ballot drop boxes, fucked with the Postal Service, attacked voting by mail, and ignored a pandemic...all to try to keep their Dear Leader in office...and they STILL lost. Also...refuse to let states count mail/absentee votes early to speed up the process...then cry that the changing vote totals mean FRAUD ON A SCALE WE'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE!1!!!! Fucking fucks.
  26. To me the meaning of a moderate, centralist means being able to pick and choose sensible positions from the political spectrum. If they reside outside of the center as long as they provide positive outcomes the majority of the people can benefit from is fair game. With that said, free education and healthcare are within that meaning. Just because they are social programs doesn't meaning they are leading the way to socialism. I find it funny when people make opposition to those two ideas, but at the same time don't consider bailing out banks and business sectors socialism. Also the same pe
  27. First of all, the margin of victory in the popular vote is (so far) less than 3%. While Biden did get over 50%, which is good, it wasn't like when Obama won in 2008, which was by 7%. Also, the Senate stayed Republican and the House lost some Democrats (though they still have majority). Many leftist causes lost on the proposition ballots in States. A strong mandate would be to have flipped the Senate and gain seats in the House. Biden ran in the primaries as a moderate, beating the likes of Sanders and Warren. He doesn't have a mandate for sweeping changes, imo.
  28. I know, I know, nobody wants those nasty social programs that benefit the people at large. No to universal healthcare, no to college tuition, no, no, no. "But how are we going to pay for it?!" We can't pay for anything NOW. We're running a multi-trillion dollar deficit. If we're broke I'd sure as shit prefer that the money we say we have goes to helping people instead of buying another jet. We pay taxes and our roads suck, our education sucks, our healthcare sucks, too many people are living in poverty. Where is all my tax money going? Maybe they're spending it on hookers and blow. I
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