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  2. Not a lot of Hobbit on Hobbit fighting
  3. I am not sure about PvP being antiTolkienesque. One of his main themes is civil wars, the kin strife, the Kinslayings, Arthedain vs Cardolan vs Rhudaur. None of the participants in these is portrayed as purely evil.
  4. PvP seems a bit of an order of magnitude or two different than High Elf players. Not sure who will do this. Or, what happens if you don't join a brothers' faction? Capped at 10 unless you join?
  5. I read that the lights get turned off at 11pm every night. Not sure if that is true but this could be a big nothing burger.
  6. Here's the pic doing the rounds: Apparently, protestors turned up to the gates of the White House, and Trump had all the lights turned off. As someone so aptly put it, like a house on Halloween that doesn't want the kids to knock because they've got no candy (or Bojo going into a fridge to escape cameras). Not a good look, as they say nowadays. People turn up to show their anger, and the president hides away in his bunker hoping they'll leave. Doesn't exactly show strength of character or leadership, at a time when he could be using this to try to turn people around (or at least away from Biden). As usual, all talk but nothing to back it up. It also suggests their defences are pretty weak if a bunch of protestors storming the building is a valid threat.
  7. Seems to be things are getting less strict now that Christopher Tolkien is out of the picture and they were already pretty lax before, what with living dragons, elk mounts, High Elf players, Beornings, etc. Whatever rule was in place at the beginning was slowly tiptoed away from over the years with each new lore-breaking change. That, or the years of claiming we were never allowed were a lie. I still think this has come far too late. The days of avid PvPers in LotRO ended a long time ago, hell it was dying while I was still on it during RoR. Even early on the Limited Servers, those of us who were begging to get the Ettens opened were few and far between, and the sparring fight club that was set up only really had a dozen or so people in it (which ended pretty quick because it was so unbalanced that a burg with all teal essence gear could nuke opponents in a couple of seconds). The sorts of whales that usually prop the game up weren't fans of PvP to begin with, either, so not sure who they're catering to. Any bets on what other gimmick servers they'll open? Perma-death servers, no level servers, hard-mode servers, no mob servers, man-only servers, chicken/animal servers? If they don't do a zombie server, they're missing a trick.
  8. Last week
  9. Right.. and done with this conspiracy theory bullshit. If you want to discuss the tensions at the Chino-Indian border, feel free to open a new topic. Without bringing up the protests in the US over the murder of a restrained black man by a man with a badge this time. Without linking it to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  10. Obvious racist post deleted. @LasraelLarson if I see any more of that shit again, that will be your last day on this site.
  11. I thought pvp was banned from happening due to the people who grant the LotR licence not allowing it? Isn’t this what some people have wanted for years? Why not do this before?
  12. yeah no... Toronto will likely try some solidarity fires shortly. Montreal may also start some solidarity fires. Canada ruffling Chinas feathers only goes about this far... https://www.politico.com/news/2020/05/27/canada-consequences-china-huawei-extradition-us-284779 Canada can't even get 2 diplomats returned safely... this country is a joke. that said... foreign money is spent North of the 49th in buying up real estate and laundering money. Canada left wing doesn't have remotely the same kind of funding as its southern counterparts. so that solidarity burning is slow to uptake, if at all. and the powers that be up here don't want to mix social distancing messages. so also chances that messaging will continue in that direction with no property damaged by peaceful protestors looting & burning shit. China will fuck with Canada on its own terms and time. right now you state siders are the bigger prize. cause you actually can do something militarily if China goes in on India and Taiwan. Canada can't do shit. in fact, unwittingly Canada is more likely to do Chinas bidding currently. we would not be the only round eyes collectively guilty of such. ;P
  13. China has not let the virus pandemonium go to waste. China has moved to take away Hong Kong's autonomy the above was only a matter of time, China has legitimate claim to Hong Kong. but if that were simply the only play... it is not. China builds up military air base on Indian border at Ladakh in the Kashmir how many days before the killing begins here? this is China second play and it happened almost in tandem with the move shift in Hong Kong. and now with riots and chaos spreading across the US... how long does Chinas recent testing of the waters with military exercises around Tiawan turn from cold aggression to hot conflict?
  14. Rats, I could have waited 3 more months to start my 3-month subscription back up (after 5+ years of not playing) a few days ago. I missed the extension until end of August and thought it was still end of May. Will have to look into seeing what's available post-Helm's Deep to unlock. (Basically North Ithilien, Mordor, Dale-lands and beyond. Perhaps Gondor, though my toons will have long passed that by then.)
  15. Was handed over about 6 months ago, IMO. But he keeps digging himself deeper and deeper no doubt.
  16. You'd expect in the older population more females to die, because we have more elderly females, since their life expectation is higher; You'd expect more males because smoking is a risk-factor and more males smoke --> maybe more males with lung cancer who have died? You'd expect more females because they have a higher risk of getting Covid, because we have more females in healthcare/elderly care on the other hand, they have more protection there, so they should have less chance of getting it because of the protection. So I've got no idea
  17. Moderated again. Doh! https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/twitter-flags-trump-tweet-about-george-floyd-protests-for-glorifying-violence/ar-BB14KkmP?li=BBnb7Kz Twitter has flagged a tweet from President Donald Trump early Friday morning, saying it violated its rules about "glorifying violence" after he tweeted that "when the looting starts, the shooting starts" in regards to the ongoing unrest in Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd. Twitter flagged the tweet, which is now only visible if you click on Twitter's flag. Trump is handing the 2020 election to Biden.
  18. Looks like he's throwing a tantrum over it. https://eu.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2020/05/28/trump-social-media-order-expected-go-after-twitter-facebook/5265312002/ It makes total sense he'd do it, though. He can add Twitter (and social media in general) to his list of scapegoats/red herrings he so often uses to avoid responsibility. I'm with you on politicians on Twitter, Splay. The moment I saw supposedly respectful news programmes offering up Twitter screenshots as important to stories, I knew the bar had been lowered. Meanwhile, an American city is on fire because once again US police have murdered a person through their fascist brutality. Biden's playing the virtue-signalling sympathetic angle (easy to do when you don't have to do anything about the situation). Trump's going military, but it's sort of preaching to the choir to turn predominantly black neighbourhoods into (more of) a war zone.
  19. Good move on their side, it made me think about coming back but the in game store and the tides it have with the game does concern me too much to give it a try. The last time I actively played the game was too grindy for my taste and from what people have told me and what I read I don't believe it has been approved. Anyway if they will reduce the in game grind I may consider coming back.
  20. And confusing when you look at breakdown by sex. Deaths between males and females every year are roughly equal (which is itself interesting, since more men die from things like cancer, suicides, or even workplace accidents, so there's something killing women at a greater rate that must "balance" it out), and yet this year the split between is still 50/50 so far. That's despite 60% or more of COVID-19 deaths coming from men. Since women also tend to live longer than men, you'd think there would be more killed by the virus that overwhelmingly kills the elderly, but seemingly not. The poor health of male pensioners seems to be the biggest risk for them. So what's pumping the number for women? It should be closer to about 55/45 (under the flawed assumption that most of excess are because of the virus), but it's equal. Since it's not the virus, what is it that's killing older women at such a disproportionate rate? The government has a lot to answer for, especially now it's getting clearer among the general public that roughly half of all excess deaths are due to the fear-mongering and lockdown, and also potentially responsible for an unknown number of those in the expected deaths if it turns out rates have dropped for other causes of death during the same period for young people.
  21. The high cost of content has been a common complaint of new players for a long time now. People in game have been talking about this all evening, and it's going over really well.
  22. I assume that the last 2 months of freebies resulted in much more spending on store items than they otherwise make from selling zones etc. Hence this proposal today on Facebook: "We have announced free questing coupons and VIP updates for both The Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online! Thanks, MassivelyOP, for covering the announcement here": https://massivelyop.com/2020/05/28/lotro-and-ddo-lets-you-fully-unlock-all-of-the-content-to-date-forever/?fbclid=IwAR0XYGZjVMBQhU-pyRIsyr1yWHjNVw6lpMivQGgkd_n7RbX8vsCrREYpKSU OK, everybody who has had a beef with how expensive the cumulative content is for Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online is — now you can’t complain about the cost any more. That’s because Standing Stone Games just announced that it’s going to be making a huge chunk of the content to date free for everyone who is currently playing. The studio experienced a huge shot of success with its spring promotion that unlocked all of the expansion and quest content in both DDO and LOTRO, extending it twice (with its current end date set at August 31st). Apparently this promo has proven to be so successful in drawing and retaining players that SSG is prepared to give all players a “coupon code” at the end of summer that will unlock all non-expansion zone quests forever. “To clarify, the coupon code includes the quests that are not considered part of an expansion pack quest content,” SSG said on LOTRO’s forums. “That’s why there is a difference there. So the coupon code will grant you quest zones like Evendim, Eriador, the Gondor regions, but not for example Isengard, Moria, Rohan, etc. Hope that helps.” Happily, the studio also said that it’ll make many of the non-recent expansions and instance clusters for these games available in the store in the future for a buck each (or via earnable in-game currency, which means you can easily earn those for free). Additionally, both games are upgrading their subscription plans with more benefits. DDO is adding a scaling XP boost, while LOTRO is granting a vendor that’ll give characters access to town services and two useful buffs.
  23. I'd like to see a comparison between those "excess" deaths and deaths attributed to Covid-19 in each of those countries. For example, what is the "official" death count for Covid-19 in the UK? Edit: found it. Something like 38000 deaths from Covid-19 in UK. But excess deaths of 60000. This is why I'm very sceptical when someone says Covid-19 deaths are being overcounted. Sure, some of the excess deaths are due to suicide, cancer and other things caused by pandemic (over?-re-) action but not all of them.
  24. Empty words from the Corruptor and Chief. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-to-sign-executive-order-on-social-media-companies-on-thursday/ar-BB1 President Donald Trump is poised to sign an executive order on social-media companies Thursday, escalating his war on Twitter Inc., although it remains unclear what it will entail. Some dogs don't have enough sense to know when its time to lay down and stay there. These companies could ditch their US assets in a heartbeat and move elsewhere and still retain their customers and nothing would stop this. Also anything signed by Trump will surely be objected to and not pass a judicial litmus test. Again empty words by non relative person. The last thing Trump needs to do is alienate more working Americans while thinking he could actually get re-elected.
  25. I'm actually enjoying seeing Trump's candle being lit at both ends involving privately owned, public social media sites. There may very well be precedents taking place for the future. I said way back somewhere here, in this thread. I didn't feel Twitter was the appropriate place for any US President to use for sending their messages to the citizens, of the United States. One, being the US administration already had long held avenues to do this. Two, by Trump using Twitter, meant those traditional paths were eliminated, and consequently bypassing a vetting process, concerning messages to the people. Three, Trump using Twitter to publicly direct his administration, ignores chains of command. Lastly, It's just the wrong place to be while existing on Executive tax paid platforms. Having Trump be a usual dumbass may, in the future, pave the way for legislation denying politically elected members, from using social media, while they are in an elected office position for the term length. Where Trump blurs the lines between opinion and malicous propaganda, other politicians do not tread, when they are on their own accounts. Well, at least before the era of Trump stupidity this was a non common event. Newspapers in print don't count because they provide no place for comments. What they do provide is an editorial page. So, this trend may be subverted because of Trump's rabid rants on Twitter. I find an interesting Irony, Trump can't block people on Twitter and can't threaten social media sites for moderating him. Trump is fairly predictable, so I expect he will trash Twitter while using their site to do it. Now, I can't help to wonder how that will go, because everyone knows all too often, what it is like to be moderated and acting out negatively to the moderation, usually leads to a banned account. #@realDonaldTrumpbannedfromTwitterlmao
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