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  2. The Streamer in the coven who actually started her on the fund me path with the new furnace, McVeganPants, was hired by SSG. Jean got to supply a reference. And Dumberer himself still doesn't get he's being trolled every which way by the sycophants and his colleagues both. He's actually "enjoying" playing with the gift of New LIs just now but it's soon to return back to the purgatory of repeated defeats as he hasn't the means to understand the game's mechanics along with Jean and her ilk.
  3. Darmokk

    New World

    How did this work out so far? Does it have a store and if so how heavy is the in-your-faceness of the advertising for it?
  4. It is only if you have profanity filter on, so I have never noticed this before. Is it standard for all names of games or just this one?
  5. Yeah.. this sucked. Now everyone can see the insane amount of money I rake in through twitch. Which isn't much to be honest, I'm sure you can find me somewhere near the bottom of the list though.
  6. What to say? https://www.cnbc.com/2021/10/06/twitch-hack-amazons-video-site-breached-exposing-future-product-plans.html KEY POINTS A hack hit Amazon’s Twitch on Wednesday, exposing information on payouts to content creators and an unreleased Amazon Game Studios product. The anonymous hacker said they were releasing the information to “foster more disruption and competition” in a post to the anonymous message board platform know as 4chan. Amazon’s video streaming service Twitch was hacked Wednesday in a breach that included details on payments to content creators and an unreleased product from Amazon Game Studios. The anonymous hacker said they were releasing the information to “foster more disruption and competition” in the online video streaming world, and called the Twitch community a “disgusting toxic cesspool” in a post to the anonymous message board platform known as 4chan. Twitch confirmed the hack in a tweet, but did not provide details on the extent of the hack and what data was obtained. “We can confirm a breach has taken place,” the company said in the tweet. “Our teams are working with urgency to understand the extent of this. We will update the community as soon as additional information is available. Thank you for bearing with us.” The hacker took more than 125 gigabytes of data in the breach, according to the 4chan post. The data also reportedly include Twitch’s source code and mention of Amazon Game Studio’s plans to launch an online store for computer games, which would be a rival to industry leader Steam. A representative for Amazon Game Studios did not reply to a request for comment. Amazon bought Twitch for almost $1 billion in 2014. The site is primarily focused on videos and live streams for video game enthusiasts.
  7. Thank you, MueR. I've been going through my post history last night saving some of them in a txt file for recordkeeping, and while revisiting some very old threads have once again been amazed by the amount of thoughtful commentary and careful attention invested in those discussions. Happy to hear those threads won't disappear. This forum serves, in a way, as a definite history of Lotro as chronicled and meticulously documented by its actual players -- in real time, as it happened. The eyewitness, oral history of the game's (mis)management and (arrested) development. The Decline and Fall. The threads from 2014 especially are remarkably visceral, more painful in hindsight knowing their vehemence and raw emotion were about to be engulfed by a void. No finer storytelling on these matters, telling it like it is. And it was all unfolding live. Whatever the capering sycophants from the official forum claim to contribute with their Landroval cliques and RP elitist buffoonery, this forum space is the definitive Lotro Chronicle. Open for anyone to read.
  8. I've just set up a discord server for those who need it @Aegledor, https://discord.gg/j84V2wEZyT Thank you for the birthday wishes @Urwendil. I've just turned off registration on the forums. I've decided not to shutter it completely.
  9. And not to let it go amidst the forum closure discussion, happy birthday MueR 🎈
  10. No joke, quite seriously: does the community here run a Discord server? I really felt a good connection with the vibe, ambience and sentiment people have here for LoTRO, and would love to be able to stay in touch and commiserate--even from a distance, one could say.
  11. Thx for keeping this forum for such a long time! And sad to see it go, but understandable
  12. I'd love to retain this thread, to be honest. Newer people don't believe me when I tell them about this debacle.
  13. Does someone know how to upload this entire forum and the archived CM forums to Wayback Machine?
  14. MueR, thanks for having a place where Turbine/WB/SSG/Daybreak/EG7 shenanigans could be faithfully reported to other players, long before the companies themselves would ever own up to them (e.g. the massive forum user/password hack - Yes, this was the first place to put out the warning to everyone). Hopefully, some other medium will arise to keep the owners of LOTRO in check. To Doro, thanks for the fun. You made this place so un-boring. To Fundin and Vorontur, sod off.
  15. I think it's enough for followers to be there basking in the close association with the team and Cord in particular, can't be actually listening to things of important they don't have a clue about. The rest of us were fine with someone breaking the normal squeaky clean spin narrative we get every other stream. Cord thinking their twitch community is the life blood would help if it wasn't the bunch of narcist hangers on he's let Druidsfire assemble. Mac P.S. Even Blud's gone overboard with his head up his arse of late. And the guy that was called PositivelyEvil with a array of caps has his room light up with new subs. But what can you do when the content is Lotro, hang up some bunting by all means!
  16. He's only the producer and shows some promise but has the weight of SSG against him. Sadly he's trying to change the monetisation model in the near future but really needs to look at making the game deserve our money rather than just prey on the whales. The call for more comms is just more spin and avoiding all the issues, a ramble through SoA content area over the wading through treacle in the latest content areas. Sapience's little helper has picked up the ball and is running with it like Forest Gump, but not the brainy one. Still doesn't get how every wrong choice he's made means constant defeats on level landscape. Still playing how Sapience and Druidsfire taught him, ineptly but more so if that's possible. Mac
  17. Thanks for hosting, thanks for the nod to passed shit storms. I have seen the drop and followed suit mostly. There might be a new shitstorm in the offing if any one is interested. An O-forum post message sent to Cordovan and Raninia the new Producer earlier to day "Cord Ah sorry I don't have popup enabled for messages else I might have taken a different line subsequently. First time I am reading this. Ah yes Jean Prior - what webs we weave when we practice to deceive? I don't suppose Raninia has had the Jean Prior conversation. I had hoped your distancing from from Druidsfire as co-host (her title?) was as a result of some realisation of what you were dealing with. The standard for dealing with a narcissist is to not provoke and distance yourself. You had invited her to your home so I could understand. I figured you were too scarred to remove her official stream and moderator privileges, she was in some fury at the time. Leaving her to prey on players was unforgivable though so it would seems that was too much to hope for and your remain under her influence. Please do some research and find what traits indicate borderline personality disorder. People go to extraordinary lengths to hide being the target of a confidence trick from others and themselves. The internet gives these sociopaths more chances to prey on others and a whole bunch of people ill-equipped to deal with them. I've put in the hours of research watching the lesser seen Druidsfire "content" and it's a sorry sight. Only a fraction of her whole output but with many gems to confirm my assertion. She does let her guard down and the mask drops but who's ever going to watch a video of her coloring in or her mulling over the debacle over her wonderful BlizzConn "personal friends" falling to sexual misconduct where she admits the friendships are made up, doesn't have a peer group so just pretends. Just as she pretended to be part of the WOW Classic streamer peer group and it was her choice not to be on the same early server invite for content providers. But she also has the classic traits for reckless behaviour that her followers are their to help with. From the made up progress bar for her BlizzConn trip to pressuring others to setup the furnace donations and latterly the full gofundme that sucked in a number of lotro players. That a school teacher with a number of children under her care playing lotro being duped could have cost her job, one real lowlight. The reckless playing of Lotro on company time, the whole day sorting out finances on company time and streaming it for any to see. Even ignoring job leads for months because of her elevated slot as the co-host, the desperation in her voice because SSG were giving her a platform no other would. You add in the constant disparagement of you and the professor on her own stream channel and suggesting neither of you could function in game without her, another common trait, shows how little you have done to police your streamers. I was astounded when you made that sexual predator an official streamer for a week, maybe you were out of that loop at the time, can't imagine what that staff member thought of that. My problem has always been that you've been duped as a company, using her flattering, sycophantic "journalism" for years (though it has tailed off) so have no idea if any of you have the sense or gumption to actually investigate. Your company default to deny suggests you will rather put off the consequences until they are far beyond addressing. As I can only think prior replies to admonishment have been deleted unread or read and dismissed I felt I should copy in the boss who would be certainly unsullied by Ms Prior. But she purports a peerage with so many, could it be actually true of SSG? If anyone is interested I'd need some lead time as my upload is dire. I still have some recordings from before she did a sweep of more damaging output. Just wish you'd do something to protect your players if you can't help Jean with her problems. I had thought Jean's sister could be a point of contact but it seems that the Community manager role she has and her streaming might be part of Jean's issues given her ambition to be Lotro's CM. Good Luck" please move to the old thread if you don't want me hijacking this thread though. I've been trying to poke her into working on LI main stat for the sake of her viewers because she's recently started this woeful "Completionist" deeding series because she got the wrong end of the stick about how useful virtues were and instead of using the valar 120s to harvest virtues for her main like everyone else does she took off on this deeding tangent. Used the valars to actually level more toons into her standard oblivion of ILIs with zero resources to make them work. Anyway I was a little too eager and didn't realise that the new Items of Legend in beta are to have the DPS stat, Tactic damage/healing advanced just by re-forging and all her struggles should go away. My problem has been she will never listen to any advice except that which produces an immediate effect so it's only via oblique messaging that kind of works but it's not fool proof, hence the current tangent. Needed a big poke and Cord caught it /slap. I would help if the old thread survived a few more weeks... Mac
  18. Really sad to see it go. I came here only a few years ago, and I've never really posted but I've enjoyed the forum a lot. Is it possible to archive it for offline use? Does this community have a Discord that people use to connect to? Especially valuable is the posts left behind by the ex-Turbine QA tester that passed away not too long ago. So much other good stuff on here, too.
  19. Ty MueR for the time and effort. Things... go away...
  20. Thanks for everything. This site has been an invaluable sources of information and honest discourse over the years. But I suspect that now the EG7 project has taken a turn for the worse and ex Daybreak CEO Ji Ham is back in the big chair now that Robin Flodin has been ousted, I wouldn't be surprised if LOTRO runs into problems. Share value has dropped and they may start culling those games not making sufficient money to balance the books.
  21. Now who will hate on the Heydts? Glad I dropped in. Didn't know it would be to say goodbye.
  22. I never expected the game to outlast this forum, it seems I underestimated the power of the whales. What will become of the EU forums archive? Many gems like this are found within the archives: http://archive.lotrocommunity.eu/en-gilrain-general-discussion-840/267132-celebgil.html Anyways thanks for the good times!
  23. Since the forum is closing down, I am dumping a couple of screenshots from a few years ago. Additionally I would like to thank a certain poster here who showed me some insane exploits even when I had lost interest in exploring. Note, these exploits have been fixed for some time now. I don't know if this exploit had any name but anyways I call it "Skystairs". Behind the Forochel - Angmar passage: Climbing the Endless Stairs from Foundations of Stone: Only to be met by the ceiling... Attempting to climb the Endless Stairs from Zirakzigil, stopped by an invisible wall: Yoloing down from the invisible wall:
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