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  2. Postal 2 giveaway on GOG: Last 46 hours as of posting this...
  3. Steam 90% of the time, and Epic Store. They deal in local currency and prices are reasonable especially during the very frequent sales. Back in the relatively more reasonable times when I could afford to spend in $/€ I used to buy on GOG and Humble Bundle too.
  4. I see a bit old topic. Refresh this topic. Where do you buy games? Are there any sites where to buy cheap games?
  5. I, too, decided to return to the game quite recently.
  6. Are you still playing this game?
  7. Hot off the press: On Viktor Vekselberg tail again.. Russian oligarch Vekselberg hit with US sanctions - SWI swissinfo.ch
  8. Georgy Chumburidze was perhaps in the Moscow elite in order to get into Harvard and Stanford after the Moscow degree. The seed money and a lot of very happy customer contacts came from commission selling "40 to 50" "money no object" luxury yachts to Muscovite Oligarchs each year between 2003 and 2008. If we learn nothing about oligarchy it's all about the yacht size. Cordoban has yet to reply to my email. You need lowlifes to round up the dissenters and send them off to the Gulag though. The duped citizenry can tell themselves that they must be subversives or they wouldn't have been treated so. Just as Russians are convinced their Ukrainian family members must have been nazified by it's leaders. But you can't save someone from their own stupidity. No one easily gets to admit they've been duped. The good news is that Georgy's 100 mil cut of EG7 is worth around 20 mill euros given the plummeting share price since. Seems it's not so easy to hang onto your money when you move out of Moscow and become a "Citizen of the World" in Monaco - LinkedIn. I feel for the Swedes at EG7 who must be wondering how they got themselves into this perplexing position, greed? A load of Russian studios that have staff and players who believe in the "rescue" and a bunch more in utter abhorrence of the attack. Can't have the revenue streams being interrupted by taking a stance though. But I haven't checked EG7's site today... Putin still needs his glorious videos of the freeing of Kyiv and Odessa (too many Russians know it well) in order to hold onto power so it's looks likely they'll be the target of the chemical weapons. Aleppo could be flattened before attacking the last places of safety, so I hope it can be different here with structures above ground to hide in. None of the staff at any of the studios is hired to ask questions. I'll miss your contributions if you do...
  9. Mac you bugger. I am compelled to post this even after stating here I had already likely made my last post on these forums. https://forums.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?692938-with-most-companies-pulling-out-of-Russia-when-is-SSG-Daybreak-going-to-ban-Russian-IP-s-and-transactions&p=8128126#post8128126 Xsolla is owned by a Russian and has Russian employees in Russia. EG7 is now a front for the sanctioned Columbus Renova investment group from Russia. inb4lock That post was the first of several shitting down the throats of SSG and their fanatical acolytes. Some note on Cordovan and his thread locking post. 1. The original time stamped to his post was 8:40 2. The time stamped changed to 4:40 within ten minutes of its creation 3. His post says he was going to give users a few hours to amend their posts. 4. The thread was locked in 15 minutes. I was in the process to make a final post but before I completed it I realized the thread was locked. My final went like this. "I will not change one word. I stand by what I have said. If you and SSG can't handle anything I have said, you can fuck off." Not to my surprise, I have read CCP and Eve online are conducting a charity for Ukraine involving the games PLEX. I'm sure that will piss off the Russian bot fuckers using PLEX for RMT exchanges. In that thread, I did ask of SSG to initiate something in the way of a contribution for the humanitarian efforts for Ukrainian's. It's pathetic Oleg who is a Ukrainian can't even stand up for his heritage. It is as I said here before. Oleg/Raninia is just a go between translator doing the bidding for his Russian overlord. If Oleg was on fire, I won't bother to piss on him. Well, that era is over for me. I have many other accounts but I won't put an effort to posting there again. They will have a new forum in the future. I may feel differently by then. Maybe? Idk?
  10. So for the first time I decided to comment on my ban with CS. No begging apologies from me though. ME: "I seem to have been banned by mentioning the name of the major shareholder of EG7 with known interests in Russian Infrastructure and business associations with Russian Oligarchs. Namely Georgy Chumburidze - Ivan Tavrin "In response to a question about the origin of the three Cypriot companies that own Vertikal, Chumburidze replies that the company is fully controlled and managed by him. Chumburidze is one of the founders of another large company - Innova, the Russian localizer of global multiplayer games, as well as browser-based online games." "According to the latter, Georgy Chumburidze, the founder of Vertical, mentions friendship with Ivan Tavrin, CEO of MegaFon, at business meetings" Ivan Tavrin, long-term ally and business partner of Alisher Usmanov who ranks at No. 7 on Biden's newly released Oligarch Hit List. Is it still policy to hide such associations or Cordovan's utter ineptness and wilful ignorance on any subject?" Cordoban: " We do not permit political discussion on the forums, and you were not banned for that post but rather for your extensive fighting, insulting, and deliberately violating the rules knowing a moderator was not around to take action. We have no intention of allowing the kind of behavior you and others engaged in during that thread discussion to ever be permitted on these forums." ME: "Cordovan (Standing Stone Games Help) So you do get to make up the rules, police them and take on the task of dealing with complaints. Perhaps they aren't your rules though. I wasn't aware that a moderator wasn't around prior to this ban. I was aware that you have been away since. Perhaps you are confused once again. I do not have access to the forum's messaging to know what thread you are referring to, the messaging popup failure would be down to whoever is responsible for the forum's many quirks. If the current world events don't transcend the rules right now I don't know what else has to happen. The rock you were under obviously wasn't fallen masonry in Mariupol. Perhaps a google search on Viktor Vekselberg and Jason Epstein when you got the message that it was Daybreak taking over had you uneasy but you failed that test by using the "Indie" Studio suggestion in actively hiding the Daybreak link. The LLC you hide behind created by the Daybreak (LLC) Corporate Lawyer. Perhaps the Kiddies fundraising adjusts the karma a little in your favour. But you are set up like many other Studios; your keepers will handle all that backend stuff while you get on with developing your games, no need to bother your pretty little heads with the nasty stuff. No need for your players to worry about wider issues is your job. So you get to remove anyone that might disturb your flock. When Putin can fool most of Russia and a good deal of the US then people willingly playing or developing a fantasy games are an easy mark, especially with minions with more interest in their jobs than wider concerns to do their bidding. You reveal how much you lack an enquiring mind in your gameplay and total lack of context in all your game related comms. That you and your EP aligned yourselves so ineptly with the loathsome Jean Prior (your company hires the cohort who put her on the easy "grift" of followers as a recoup from pathological deficiencies) just tells your masters they have the right team in place. Then we have the EG7 a small Swedish company taken on a roller-coaster ride. Robin could have done some due-diligence but had the classic entrepreneur traits driving him. Now Jason had implausibly survived the previous Russian oligarch sanctioning so is another one just more water off a ducks' back? Perhaps once again no one did the due-diligence of the man they were inviting in. Jean once admitted to making up the "close/personal friend" thing after a Blizzard Con kind of shattered her game developer devotion, briefly. Is Georgy Chumburidze advocacy of friendship with Ivan Tavrin, the business associate of Alisher Usmanov just the same thing or a real friendship. Either way seeking the patronage would indicate an alignment of views, and very much put him in the pro Putin camp at least for some period of time. The utter lack of even a comment on Ukraine from EG7, Daybreak and yourselves when so many are making tangible changes in order to do what they can to stop Putin say much to me. The irony will have escaped you: you return to post that you will be reviewing posts that have broken your rules and players have a window to come into line or disappear. Very much the Putin playbook. You aren't the least equipped to handle any of this though are you? None of us can know if 2015 started syphoning off our western currencies into Putin's War Coffers. It was inexplicable when Putin started his "rescue" of Ukraine, is it inexplicable we have all contributed? You weren't so concerned for our Ukrainian brothers with not telling them it was Putin stopping their payments. When the LLC thing goes away and Putin's strung up it will all likely be revealed, you won't have the excuse you had no idea. You'll likely have Jean to worry about then though." P.S. I had a trawl through the thread on the forums that cordovan threatened and took a look see at the where the post history stopped. Jerry's been busy, lots off to the gulag and the dumb ones left to continue posting. He seems to have kicked the guy who's been wasting his life transcribing Cord's streams, he did mention all the Russian Studios now under the EG7 umbrella, though fell short at investigating the man behind them and his three steps to the Kremlin half those needed for a Kevin Bacon link. Mac
  11. I see Cordovan's back: with a warning to toe his line or you disappear from the forums. Why does that sound familiar? Surrounding yourself with sycophants who tell you what they think you want to hear, utterly miscalculate the prevailing situation and making up what is and isn't the the truth for the believers. An irony that will escape him! He can comment on Russian's inability to purchase as a result of new sanctions but ignored calls from Ukrainians as to why they'd been denied so long - Putin's sanctions on Ukraine... Still nothing out of EG7? Share price is too low to jump ship? Maybe they are taking that "neutral" Swedish line? I have to feel sorry for this little Swedish Company who get's taken on a roller-coaster by an "entrepreneur" dazzling them with promises. They invite the sharks into their little pond as if the shadow that's followed them since Viktor Vekselberg got sanctioned was beyond due diligence. Who then invites Georgy Chumburidze into the feeding frenzy. No wonder they have to employ invertebrates to do their bidding. I got the company I once bought some sheets from emailing me their promise to give all profits from yellow and blue product line purchases to the relief cause. And it's move along, nothing to see here from SSG.
  12. So my hunch of several years that the who thing was a Putinite money laundering scheme was correct after all 😏
  13. EG7's acquisition of Innova put Georgy Chumburidze it's 100% owner into the position of major shareholder of EG7, approx. 11% Jason Epstein is only at 7% Verticali - Wikipedia A long-time friend of Ivan Tavrin turned out to be the owner of an infrastructure company - Vedomosti Yay for google translate! A 99% owner of a Russian Infrastructure company? Top of the tree at EG7? The OF has peeps calling for Russian players to be prevented from playing while the Monaco domiciled primary shareholder of the group must be wondering where he is on the potential sanctions list. Players should be more concerned all US EG7 titles aren't shutdown. SSG aren't beyond astounding incompetence though. Maybe that 11% holding could be sold and proceeds spent on Ukraine relief efforts, following Abramovich's lead? I may have to ask a question on the Live stream unless someone wants to check my sources and add to that discussion.
  14. I'm less worried about a game account ban now. Irony will escape Cordovan that my penultimate post was mention of the oligarch investor at the top of EG7 and everyone in the West is taking the opposite line right now. Wielding Ill-deserved power surrounding yourself with sycophants who owe their standing in telling you what, in their corrupted ignorance, they think you want to hear. How bad can that get you? I guess it's his classic Pavlovian response to the pathetic loosing the argument and resorting to "report".
  15. I just got my 4th Forum Ban I have to come clean to you guys Ballie was all me, I just felt I needed to keep that one quiet. If you want to check out more recent contribution take a look through Braer post history. Don't know if I should keep it up or wait for new forums and open season for all of us to contribute once again. Mac
  16. I only recently learned about this: the native Mac version was discontinued a couple years back. Instead they shipped the Windows version with Wine (a Unix to Windows API translator). That might even have worked for a while. But the Windows port of LOTRO is still 32 bit, forcing the use of a 32 bit Wine. MacOS since Catalina doesn't support 32 bit binaries anymore, including emulated ones via Wine. Maximum shoot-into-foot by neglecting the build. Just move to 64 bits already.
  17. It gets better: they versioned them in order to force players to ride goddamm ELK. I wonder who was the genius responsible.
  18. Apparently, Update 32 versioned The Trollshaws, and so now you have to rediscover all the stablemasters. Since you can only discover them by actually visiting the settlement/camp, it seems like they are deliberately making players waste their time or spend mithril. Stupid.
  19. I'm not a lawyer, but if I read this correctly, the sale will simply transfer the rights to a new entity. Basically, Saul Zaentz has passed the gaming rights - pending approval - to SSG, and any contracts between SZ and SSG will remain in place until that contract expires. The main motivation in any deal is profit, and, based on that leaked E7 presentation, I doubt the new rights owner will take an ax to the contract since LOTRO still seems to be profitable.
  20. https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/lord-of-the-rings-the-hobbit-movie-gaming-rights-for-sale/ Hmm I wonder what this means for Lotro?
  21. The Rewards Track is just another gimmick, and it will stagnate after Gundabad fades into the past.
  22. From the Bullroarer thread for Update 32, end January 2022: Raninia: I wanna push back on this idea that you can release a "Complete System" ever - there's no such thing, and you should be extremely skeptical of anyone who goes around saying they're going to launch a complete system. The reality is all development, but especially development on a live product, like LOTRO, is iterative. We're always learning from feedback and adjusting things, creating new things, etc. No live product is ever completed, and no new additions to it are ever "complete" in any sense of that term. Our specific goal here with releasing the Reward Track in Bullroarer is to gather feedback so we can better shape development. It wasn't that long ago that you and others were saying that we should be using the community more to solicit this exact feedback, and we've been doing it with Bullroarers for 32 for almost a month, and we have more Bullroarers to come. And even once it releases, we know there will be more feedback to take in and learn from for future iterations. LOTRO is never complete, and it never will be complete. There's always more cool stuff to add I will just comment on this one, as it this my job too to deliver working software. When you decide to refactor/reingeneer a working (no matter how badly) and full featured system, you have to replace it with another working and (at least almost) full featured system. Any failure to do so will result in a terrible backlash from your customers. Even if you deliver the first version of the new system without all the features of the previous one (which is ok, can happen), you should flesh out all the missing features in a reasonable amount of time, a month let's say, a couple sprints. The previous system: * was badly engineered (roughly summarizing the infamous leak post from palantir) * resulted in performance problems (again palantir) * was working from a player's point of view, had soe, crystals, runes, relics, all that is needed to build the weapon * the materials were available to every playstyle, from solo to hard core raiding The new system: * has been in place since october, so almost four months * has still not replaced the old system * has no clear in game tutorial, no in depth explanation on the official web site, players must look for non official sources to understand how it works (not just how to maximize the functionalities in the current meta) * has RNG placed all around to increase grinding (citing alts is a poor excuse given how much alt-unfriendly the game has become) * materials are no more available to all play styles, i.e. gold traceries available as RNG only from T2+ instances, raids (yes I know there are a couple of landscape drops) * has still no reward track on live, the RT on BR is well let's try to be polite here, is unfinished and very very stingy This is your problem. A fully working, grindy system was replaced with an unfinished system, and even more grindy (if one wants to get teal traceries at least). It doesnt matter if it's better engineered from a dev's point of view, you have to sell it to customers, not to engineers who can appreciate the better execution. Let's repeat this: YOU have to sell it, it's not your customers that have to buy it. YOU have to sell it to customers, not the opposite. Even if many of your customers are LOTR (not LOTRo) addicts who keep playing only because this is the only MMORPG about LOTR and they are absolutely scared of the game shutdown, so they keep fuel money in. A final note, agile is about delivering working software, it's the only true aim of the metodology, check the agile manifesto. It's about delivering working software in an iterative fashion, working pieces that blend one after one in a whole functioning piece of software, it's about collecting feedback from your customers and changing plans according to feedback. Again, working pieces, not beta software, not ever unfinished systems, not bug plagued products (gundabad at release, took a month to fix the major bugs, not even most of the minors). It's about learning from feedback, not ignoring it as you do most of the times. I want to say that I love the enthusiasm you provided here but, as it currently sits, there are plenty of older cool stuff that needs to be worked on before new cool stuff should be added. For example, the allegiance (Mordor and Gundabad) UI, and now this horrendous reward track UI, both should be vertical. The LI system has hardly changed at all since its release 3-4 months ago. Past grinds are too long for what they are worth (Fangorn dailies and reputation, Herbalist dailies, MT, Felegoth, Dale and Erebor reputations, etc) I get they were once endgame grind at a point in time but nowadays they just are too long to be considered going back to engage with. I can create a lengthy list but I will leave it to those examples. It is very interesting, that someone from SSG is writing that. Your posting is very interesting also, because you are writing about software development, and you are totally right with what you wrote here. Unfortunately, we didn't see much from SSG in the past, in terms of software development skills on the scale, you are talking about here. Therefore, I am very interested to know which one of the SDLC* are you using resp. which one are you talking about here regarding SSG. Waterfall, Feature-Driven, Agile, Scrum, EP, Lean, Spiral, Rapid, DSM, else? Please excuse me that I ask so, but all the software development models include some basic principles and tools to work with them. Things like using a version management software, to avoid things that happened to SSG multiple times in the past, as to fix a bug in one patch and to re-introduce it in the next patch. Simple things like an issue or task board / tracking software. Just to name one example: the Name of the instances in Minas Morgul: first released on the German client with English names, then fixed the issue in a patch, and then 3 patches later the names were changed back to English. I am thinking it is very nice, that you are talking about software development, but if you do so, please consider that we see each time a patch is coming out from SSG how the software development process is working at SSG. ad *) software development life cycle This is true, we have asked Turbine and then SSG for years to listen to community feedback. You are now beginning with that and I really appreciate your effort to come here read the forum and answer to issues and question. Even EG7 CEO Ji Ham admit that LOTRO "have been underinvested under Daybreaks ownership alone" (fun fact: he was the CEO of Daybreak for the last 6 years), so we know that there are more issues with LOTRO as just some software development problems. Just ... well, there is no time to rest on the laurels. You are in a very unfortunate position, as many things that have been ignored for years, are now escalating. The only thing what could help is to listen more than ever to the customers' feedback. For example, one of the most shared feedback about the legendary reward track here is: removing the RNG from it. It is now up to you to prove your words. Hold it right there, Satan ! I'm usually on board with what you write, but this had me fall off my chair. It's quite the opposite, as far as endgame goes lvl 85 was the worst. Makes one wonder if you were there at the time ! - Remember farming t1/t2 instances for abysmal chances of getting gold gear ? Ask any champion that never managed to get his Malledhrim boots (+16% critical multiplier) what he thinks about it. Remember, there was no other way than RNG to get those. - Remember the farm trains to drop Horse-Lords recipes off of random mobs ? - Remember it was so horrendous and led to so many raiders quitting the game that French kins got world first and second of Flight to the Lonely Mountain ? Lvl 85 was the epitome of unhealthy abysmal RNG-driven bullc**p. I agree that current iteration on how to get gold traceries is terrible. If you want my take on it, which likely none does, the current RNG path should contribute to a non-RNG path. Say that you drop a gold (respectively teal) tracery that is useless to you, then disenchanting it should give you (on top of the Ancient Scripts) a token. When you have 3 tokens, you can trade those for a Cracked (resp. Shattered) tracery.
  23. Tomorrow the game will see some maintenance and 'an updated LOTRO.com will be launched'. Quite interesting that we get that update now, and I have no idea whether old forum content will survive. So here are, for posterity's sake, a few more highlights from our much beloved developer and some of the responses he received. I am making a second thread about another discussion with some priceless discussion beside this one, because it becomes way too much when a second post in this thread would be merged with the first post. Bear with me. This is from the 'Comments on the new reward track' thread. Sentences in italics are what Raninia is responding to: Raninia: Hey folks, thanks for the comments, gonna try and answer as much as I can. 1. Please stop using Horizontal UI's - Make the reward track UI vertical - Please! Sorry, we won't be able to fundamentally change the UI at this time. We're going to continue to iterate on the current version, as there's a lot of additional UX we want to add to make it more pleasant of an experience. 2. The ability to apply multiple runes at once is an ABSOLUTE MUST. Clicking on heritage runes for hours on end to apply all the ones you've got is just going to lead to RSI. This is something we addressed in the Bullroarer notes, but to reiterate, yes. 3. There are no values associated with the purple scroll bars i.e. you should be able to hover over them and see how many points you have and/or how many you need to finish that level/award. This is intentional. We'll see how this plays out in the first season, and decide on the future from there. 4. Traceries awarded should be via a tracery selection box and not randomly assigned My understanding is that this is intentional. The Reward Track is a supplemental system, not intended to be the main way you progress your Legendary Items. If you get drops that aren't useful for a particular character, many will be useful for an alt, and any that aren't can always be turned into Ancient Script. BTW Everybody - Be Warned - If you double click on a box containing Ancient Scripts and you are cap then you just LOSE the lot. There is no warning that you are at cap or a mechanism to stop you opening the box - Perhaps there should be one of these. That's a good thought, we'll think about that. Also BTW - Which developer thought it was a good idea to change the sorting of heritage runes in our vaults. They used to be sorted on rune value so that if you wanted a low value rune you went to the left hand end of the line and if you wanted a high level rune you went to the right hand end of the line. I'm not entirely sure what they are sorted on now (perhaps name?) but they are totally jumbled up and you can't find the one you want without hovering over each and every one you've got. I'm not sure if anything has changed, but if so, it sounds like it may be a bug. Please go ahead and file one so we can investigate. Questions: #1 does your progress get erased when they start a new season if you dont finish the season you were on? Yes, as there will be new rewards and a new track, any rewards you don't earn or claim in one season won't be available for you to earn or claim in the next. This doesn't mean that rewards won't be repeated - we expect Traceries, Tokens, and Ancient Script to be pretty consistent in every season. Even new unique rewards may reappear in future tracks after their initial appearance, once we begin to add them. #2 Do we really have to have so many different heritage runes? There's a 320,000 and a 335,000 for example. The number of different ones could probably be cut in half with no ill effects. I know it takes up bag space which is monetized, but I literaly cant buy anymore space. For whatever reason, I have single Tomes of defence taking up 5 different spaces in my shared storage and I cant even sell them in the AH. It makes me question the "free" hobbit gifts and code of the week. I don't think we need to in the future. We'll be removing the heritage rune grants from Gundabad quests with this update, and we'll be thinking about more broadly reducing the number of runes and their correlated drops throughout the game, but there's a lot of sources of them in almost fourteen years, so it'll take some time to find all of the ones we want to change. ==== Here are a few responses:
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