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  2. The sad thing is that (generally speaking) if someone's best achievement was inside of a video game, it means their life is completely meaningless and they really didn't contribute anything of value to society. It's like all the land whales on Twitter that form the outrage mob. A complete waste of space with nothing useful to contribute to society. It's truly a sad thing.
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  4. Yes everything Wrath of Winter said above and more. For me Morpheus defines this very well in the 1st Matrix movie. What he says can be adapted to near every moment in a persons life involving the sensory feedback loop for validation. “The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.” ― Morpheus The Matrix The will to be goal driven is probably one of the best facets of humankind, but too often its stretches into the weird for many who only exist, to further the boundary, to maintain the same feelgood from the initial experience. Today, I see a vast majority of society goals as something not intended to create "Validation", but to keep those in the experience to continue to reach for that which is not intended to be grasp a hold of. In online games its the repeat grind. In life its the perfect credit score. Many other examples exist bth they are too numerous to put here. Imaginary benchmarks that have no solidity nor tangibles of real value. Just made up to keep you plugged in with the hopes you will never pull the plug. People grow up with games, video game, phones, computers all using up a days time. Next generation is born into this cycle and don't know any difference. Revolve their lives around these time sinks. Next generation is born into same cycle and think it is all there ever was. They can't conceive of a day before all these things existed therefore in there minds they always existed. Since they can't step out of a box they aren't aware of, they will defend what they know, because somewhere within this box they find meaning which validates their existence. Even if it is all a machination of someone's they will never know. I do readily and openly admit, I love to fuck with people who are plugged into society. To stick a splinter in their mind about what for, why they exist, and best of all, the value of their existence.
  5. I love the one who says they are technically savvy but didnt think to put a password on
  6. And then they take it further by setting up alt accounts for their kids, paying for those too. While game companies definitely target gullible children... The hyper-focus on kids in all those news stories could well be a projection screen for their game-addict parents (the interview sources for such reports) too stuck up their own ass to admit their own issues. How thinkable is it for a kid to pilfer a parent's credit card? Chances are, if kids resort to such behaviors, their parents are (a) enabling them (b) absent and not giving attention/a fuck (c) both at the same damn time. Wouldn't be an issue in the first place if those same parents didn't plug their kids into tech devices to shut them up, which of course frees up the time to...plug themselves into the same devices like the mature adults they are. Just the mindset to hook their kids on the same pill, then point fingers to deflect responsibility. Of course, the news reporters don't ask "where were the parents" because underage gambling addiction gets more clicks and outrage points than the basic vanilla kind. The real "RPG" in Lotro is all those stagnant cucks roleplaying functioning adults. I cringe at the premise of making game accounts for (no shit) six-year-olds, or at the thought there actually are upper teens out there who've been plugged into that game by their parents since age nine because same parental figures don't wanna be alone in their misery and "play as a family." Some people shouldn't reproduce.
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  8. If they go for a microtransaction model like the last one, I wouldn't be surprised. It's everywhere now, and mostly seems designed to exploit kids. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-48925623 What makes me laugh is that these stories are all about how stupid kids are getting hold of their parents' bank details and spending hundreds, if not thousands, on a game... meanwhile in LotRO we've got supposed adults likely spending the same. Literally duped like these kids, but too caught up in their Stockholm syndrome to realise they've been exploited. At least the kids have the excuse of being ridiculously naive and idiotic.
  9. Almagnus1

    Shadowbringer Class Changes

    So, now that we've had a chance to play Shadowbringers a bit, what's your thoughts on how your classes work at 80?
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  11. warspeech

    FFXIV: Shadowbringers Patch Notes

    Thanks so much for the Steam info. I am really enjoying the game and want to continue with it, so I'm glad to know all this before I buy.
  12. Yeah... there's been enough stuff that I've seen through Joe Rogan that the trans MMA athlete stuff is basically "that's a man, still a man after they've been injected with drugs, and shouldn't be fighting women" from his point of view. Amusing that he sees it so clearly yet somehow growing boobs makes you a woman... Amusing how much that ideology is basically a religion....
  13. Sometime ago, maybe two years, possibly more, I made a post in a thread about how Amazon would go big if they obtained rights to the Tolkien universe. Not long after, a series by Amazon was announced, and a 500 million dollar tag was attached to it. In this, I also said, I saw a new LotR based game coming after. I didn't hit the bullseye, but I'll be satisfied knowing, I was close. I'll dig the thread up later when I have more time and edit, add it here. I won't be so interested in this new game if it is attached to Amazon Prime in some measure relating to accounts. I hardly watch television as it is. There isn't enough time in my day to be a lounge lizard eating Bon Bons. Reading the recent news, I didn't make the leap that this project would be usurped by Amazon as many others have. I still see it as a Leyou owned game who managed to purchase some Tolkien rights and has some help by an American company being Amazon. Though admittedly I haven't been following this game other than seeing the momentary buzz from time to time.
  14. soccer/football is indeed huge globally. i was aware of the Australian push... i guess on the EU side of the pond in this particular instance, the news hasn't passed to this side. perhaps the individual nations on the EU side needs to play U15 boys? Matildas-lose-7-0 Dallas under-15 boys squad beat the U.S. Women's National Team regardless, hadn't seen the issue pushed beyond the 2 nations in the above linked examples.
  15. Football ("soccer") is the biggest sport in the world, though. Whether it's popular in the US or not doesn't really matter, especially when the biggest drives for this unbalanced pay have been outside the US too.
  16. can you imagine if... instead of US soccer, which is very small, relative to other sports that within the US are vastly more popular... imagine if women's basketball demanded equal pay? the disparity between US men and US women in soccer is no were near as large as it is in basketball. professional level male basketball make millions more than women. there is a reason why soccer is the initial target. the backlash is much smaller than if they had started with basketball. they picked the target for a purpose & are aiming for a president, before attacking bigger fish. Soccer in the US is small potatoes compared to other sports. but, the game "CARD" being played is all to familiar. this attack will continue and more water carriers will come forward until it seems an onslaught. they are aiming for capitulation. we shall see if it happens. but it is interesting how a sport where non biological females can compete: regardless of genre, no one seems to be asking for a base salary. which i of course find interesting. but when something recreational turns pro & exists entirely around events, marketing and promotion, to garner viewer coin... base salaries, really aren't that relevant. and considering how small they would be comparatively to names who can draw big tickets... it is no surprise "base salary" is not an operative phrasing. i wonder why these men never bitch about getting paid less than their fe-person counterparts? or why there aren't more: i guess we will never know...🤔
  17. a sure fire way to get me to never play it. & since i am predicting a dumpster fire and won't touch this one regardless... they might as well do something like that, for all it would matter. i did not need Amazon Prime to watch, "Man in the High Tower" or "Punisher"... you'd be surprised what you don't need & still be able to watch commercial free, selections of your choosing. imagine gating you through a prime account would give them a lot more than just a bank statement. sometimes it feels like people are still equipped with the brains of: a long, long, long time ago... in an entry level job... a lifetime away... a former employer of mine... sold a "SMALL" soup in a 8 oz. cup like this: and for 2 dollars more, a "LARGE" soup in an 8 oz. bowl, like this: when an adult fe-person asked, "how big is 'SMALL?' & 'LARGE?' what is the difference?" i actually filled the cup with hot water and poured it into the bowl in front of her... i shit you not, after seeing with her own eyes... she asked for a large. for some, there is no help. feeling dumb comes naturally & is deeply rooted.
  18. Lasst uns alle ... Platz nehmen für das Spielen der Nationalhymne... ??? seems perfectly normal. 🙄
  19. Wrath of Winter

    Apparently in the US... only feminists give a shit about Soccer?!

    Ah, a long known truth of life... feminism, with its varied guises of other 'liberal' -isms, is but a social platform for histrionic tantrums, micro-aggressions, and macro-resentments, tailor made for, and by, borderline personalities on antisocial rampage because they weren't luvved enuf in their formative years or whatever. As ideology, it's entirely vacuous and as empty as their own suits, premised on tearing down others instead of building anything up - existing solely to give meaning and expression to their destructive urges. It's nothing else than a set of manipulative strategies of self-validation, re-coloring these pathologies as socially virtuous. Its doctrinal posturing of enlightened clarity attracts the weak and insecure eager to up their social rep, whereby its genius as a pyramid scheme: it is driven not by altruism, but by angst and fear, perpetuated by fragile egos too terrified of others' opinions of themselves. Expecting logic or reason out of this pyramid scheme is like expecting Cordovan to fart diamonds. Its whole attraction lies in being a refuge asylum against logic and reason, whose adherents can mask their intellectual deficiencies in critical thinking by lining up to get their pats on the head and virtue stickers for their profiles, clutching feel-good vibes like alcoholic clutches a bottle to distract themselves from their depression. It's why they get offended by everything that contradicts or disagrees: it reminds their pathological safety bubble may burst any moment, and fear of their negative thoughts getting in triggers that frantic shrill defensiveness. Just another symptom of same toxic mental disease. As is immunity to facts. So much easier to avoid when adjusting expectations accordingly.
  20. It all depends on your sport, but part of the issue is that the US is just so freaking huge compared to something like the UK. I mean, there are counties in Texas bigger than your entire country! (Ok, maybe not really, but you get the point)
  21. I watched this at 6:30 am. Put on my headset and turned it up to 11. Walked out the door for work and said "Fuck Ya!" This world's got nothing if you can't go apeshit at a football game. Might be just the reason I need to take a vacation and head across the pond for a month or so. American sports seem a rather boring affair in comparison. The tribalism is magnitudes beyond insanity.
  22. She's shaking because when she hears the hymn she gets reminded of all the millions of people she betrayed and the country she destroyed, for zionists sake. I wish her a slow and painful death, may she forever burn in hell!
  23. They could make it a sub based game, with your Prime account counting as a sub
  24. I don't have Amazon Prime myself but I might take the 30 day trial one day. PS. I would also prefer to pay for a great game rather than play a free one that's all about trying to extort money out of me.
  25. Oh, I expect the monetization of the game to be exactly like how Amazon does it.... Everywhere, and so good you don't even realize your sending them your bank balance, but so clearly flagged that when you realize what you did, you just feel dumb.
  26. Are we talking S1 - 4, or are we talking the slowly building trash heap that was everything after?
  27. Well, if they manage to make a decent game that launches during/after the 1st season of their LotR-series, which will be of GoT-quality, the game will be a huge cash-cow. It all depends on how good the amazon-series will be.
  28. I'm just dropping in a hint for anyone researching the "competition". Is the plan to make money out of the game or further drive the core business? I'd think the latter or they'd want Blizzard sized numbers. It maybe just a speculative investment to see where it goes but at least there's a stash of cash to go all in with.
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