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  2. Hello! Recently I've returned to Lord of the Rings Online and started to play (and make video) in totally new (for me) perspective - to study and enjoy Tolkien's lore and exploring Middle-Earth without haste: Will be glad to see your feedback!
  3. The US and its political history existed before your age of reason. Clinton and the 90's LMAO. I don't see how this matters. In 2001 Trump was registered as a Democrat.
  4. Garcia did not run against Katie Hill. he ran against a very heavily endorsed Christy Smith. Katie Hill resigning was just a reason for the election... Christy Smith wasn't getting a naked hair brush from Katie. doesn't seem to be the obvious connection why a different Democrat lost.
  5. She's a distorting force in US politics and really just needs to go away... instead of fundraising for Biden https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/496097-hillary-clinton-appearing-at-virtual-fundraiser-for-biden Eh, point... but at the same time Amazon has (more or less) built a complete shipping infrastructure as many of the packages I am getting from them are delivered via Amazon courriers, and not the USPS. That said, the USPS isn't the shining beacon of a shipping service as it once was, so if they cut a stupid deal.... It's because it's the district that had Katie Hill https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katie_Hill_(politician) , who was basically a slut that not only cucked her husband by nailing her male staffer, but also had a female lover on the side too. Rumor has it that revenge porn happened along the way, and on her final address to congress she blamed the patriarchy for her sexual actions... rather than own the mistakes. Apparently district 25 was so appalled by the actions of a Democrat that, by the way. For reference of what we're talking about, here's the district that's just due north of LA: Joe Rogan getting signed over to Spotify as an exclusive deal is a huge game changer, depending on how Spotify lets him do things. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/20/business/media/joe-rogan-spotify-contract.html It could be one of the wildest months on YouTube as Rogan will basically broadcast to both, and force the YouTube censorship issue with the retort of "what are you going to do, ban me?" That's why you gotta focus on equality of opportunity as focusing on equality of outcome gives you the totalitarian nightmare of China. When you have the NAACP putting distance between you and them, you know you dun screwed up. https://www.naacp.org/latest/naacp-statement-endorsement-comment-former-vice-president-joe-biden/ And the amusing thing here is the North/South split in the Civil war was largely a Republican/Democrat split with the Republicans in the North and the Democrats in the South. The thing of it was the South was largely Democrat until the Democratic party started moving away from them in the 90's (thanks in large part to Bill Clinton's shenanigans), with the South being Republican largely a recent thing. Amusingly, after that much of the South improved as the only Southern state that's still in the shitter is the only blue Southern state remaining - Louisiana. You need to go learn your history before you start spouting shit. And yet I'm still a registered Republican and (as usual) you're having problems coping with reality.
  6. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt that you hadn't, as it definitely changes things. It flies in the face of what's being claimed. He didn't say "beat", he said "be", the context (and the sound) heavily backs that up regardless of what some claim to hear otherwise. People don't even have to make up things either, he's already using those Acme curved pistols to shoot himself with the whole "you ain't black" nonsense.
  7. Are you suggesting over 3 million voters stuffed the ballot box to give Hillary the popular vote? I hope you are aware the total number of voter fraud in the whole US history doesn't come close to 3 million. I doubt it very much. Amazon is now a monopoly and the single largest contributor to trash in the US. Amazon is way beyond resource intensive with their wasteful packaging providing its goods. NYC or any other area would do well not having Amazon. Their pay is shit and their safety record is consistently the worst of any current US company. This was no surprise to anyone. You should learn about the districts history before praising the return if the messiah. Lmao! Trump didn't and he couldn't. First off it is a Governor's decision and churches throughout the US have spoken their mind. In this, a majority of religions have independently decide to keep their doors closed. The Trumper Tantrum Donald spewed, equals nothing. This a perfect example of how I know you are a dumbfounded dipshit. If what you say was even remotely true then all those Democrats would be residing in the southern states. That would mean lots and lots of voters in rural southern areas are Democrats. Hold the presses! Rural southern districts are Republicans. Imagine that! Even Fox News is growing tired of Trump. Soon as one of them says something sensible, Trump goes on a Twitter tirade. Which btw, is happening with more frequency. You push yourself off as a Republican and conservative. I know this is a lie. You just use it as a whining platform, because in truth you are a disgruntled liberal capitalist. Because, if you were really a conservative you'd espouse those inherent values all conservatives have and you don't. I, to a degree see lots of your generation as talking bobbleheads who haven't a clue about what is really going on. Keep on hangin out with the upvote/downvote crowd you'll do just fine.
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  9. and yet he beat Hillary too. lucrative for Amazon a company that fucks the US postal service up the ass and gets away with it, (not to mention Amazon employees.) without some hard data, there is a 50/50 ballpark chance blue NY also rewards her for it. i think she is an idiot. doesn't mean i am convinced she is going away anytime soon. and their districts will likely re-elect them as well. Rashida is almost a guarantee. could be his last name? until i can find some actual voter registration turn-out data, hard to say exactly why, unlike the more recent clear backlash to the Northham gun bans in Virginia that flipped the vote to Republican. you have any incite into why this district flipped? is there a clear candidate for the switch? i am unaware of one in the District 25 case, demographics aside. hey man, if wishes were reality... currently i'd be hoping for the mother of all tsunamis... but if i am honest, all the fun i had back in 2016 (even Trump seemed to enjoy it more) is kinda a fraction of that currently. and i am seeing that reflected elsewhere. i got my nose up a pretty large cross section, rather than hug boxing a circle jerk. there are hard core blue wave believers as well. if you can't see the billions in Chinese money behind that... or the fact that a HUGE bulk of social media figures from 2016 are flat out de-platformed. it isn't just Milo that is gone, not remotely. & Trump is still just "monitoring" the situation. the only thing i see is a fight tooth and nail down to the finish, which is not guaranteed until it is over. thanks for that really fucking obvious insight. this is me saying no shit. tribalism will never die out and you are a little naive to think it will. there are altruistic benefits to in group out group dynamics. it isn't 100% downside all the time. but plenty of white folk think that, and they will get squarely fucked in the ass as reward. take that to the bank. it wasn't severe. dumb yes. assumptive, definitely. but severe? not really. he has said far worse..
  10. And even more proof that the Democrats (and the news media) have completely lost it, articles like https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/24/us/politics/trump-2020-election-voting-rights.html that start out with really bad fan fiction: Anyone that believes this drivel needs to go seek counseling as they've become detached from reality.
  11. And yet, that was an Obama specific thing. It's been speculated that HRC only had the votes she did largely because other Democrats were stuffing the ballot boxes. That only worked for Obama, and every single Democrat that has tried it has largely crashed and burned. For example, AOC is probably not going to stay in Congress because she cost NYC a very lucrative deal with Amazon (among other things). Several of the other members of the woke brat pack are outright racists (like Rashida Talib and Ilhan Omar). If that were true... why did Mike Garcia win the 25th Congressional district seat in California by 10% over his Democratic opponent? (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_California's_25th_congressional_district_special_election ). If you can't see the tide going out right now, don't complain when you get nailed by the oncoming tsunami. And if the Democrats continue to obstruct Trump on getting things open, Trump will force things open (like he did with the houses of worship recently). And that's precisely what Trump is banking on. Also, the "you ain't black" gaff is just the first in a VERY long line of gaffs Trump is expecting from Biden as he's basically put Biden in a xanatos gambit (see https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/XanatosGambit ) - Biden stays off the air, Trump rails on him for basically being a sock puppet that's to physically weak to be President, Biden goes on air and he generates pro-Trump campaign commercials. It should have died out many decades ago, and the only people that still going on about race are the actually racist. That said, when a politician makes a truly racist comment, I'm gonna point it out as it's a very solid reason why they shouldn't be in office - and not racist by some bass ackwards leftist definition. What Biden said was wholly unacceptable and totally racist and only demonstrates the typical Democrat "get back on the plantation" attitude towards the black community they have held ever since their party founding in the early 1800's - and enough of them are starting to feel it that they're walking away from the Democrats. Zuby's twitter thread (all 14 tweets of it) do a great job at summarizing exactly why what Biden said was equally as offensive as telling a Holocaust survivor they should be thankful for the Nazis. If you don't get the severity of Biden's comment, you're just out of touch. =/ You had better start looking at what's going on with the ratings for the US news organizations, especially the massive layoffs for BuzzFeed (https://variety.com/2020/digital/news/buzzfeed-cuts-staff-salaries-coronavirus-pandemic-1203545104/#! ) and Vox ( https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/17/media/vox-media-furloughs/index.html ) because they can't generate the revenue off of this woke propaganda they've been peddling. CNN and MSNBC are lagging behind Fox (usually quite badly - https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/may/10/inside-the-beltway-not-running-white-house-press-b/ ), and the left leaning news sources combined are generally less than what the leader for the right leading news sources do (I don't recall where I saw that metric). Then you have the entire death of the Hollywood celebrity and late night TV shows as the lockdown has shown the entire lot of them to be grossly out of touch boomers that are absolute shit at YouTube. The short of it, Americans have stopped being fooled by this entire Democrat/Media machine, and it's falling apart - and anyone daft enough to believe that it's still working is going to be in for a rude awakening come November as the sum total of everything going on in the cultural landscape has shown the societal pendulum has started swinging to the right, and will continue to do so while the idiot leftists that have tried to brace it on the left side are about to get ran over by the very force of change they tried to halt.
  12. Oh yes, because quoting a far left blog as a "news source" is a conclusive way to "prove" something.....
  13. not bullshit. they wanted to give the opportunity to open worlds as well because the reality on the 10 remaining worlds changed when those 18 servers closed. it WAS free for a brief time. why it continued to be free beyond that period... well the leaving open repeat transfers for failed item movement... seems to be the window they are either unable to close, or lack the time budget to do so. managed to find the time to add a fee for storage though, so on that motive, yeah bullshit. don't expect them to ever give explanation of why they can't leave the repeated storage movement as security against failed item transfers off closed servers... but stop the ability for non character movement storage shuffling on live. regardless, its free use was never intended to be an unlimited ability, rather just a security against failed item transfers, as repeat attempts worked to get them moved over without needing an employee to manually move shit. avoiding needing employee intervention for every failed item transfer is probably why it stays open to this day... though only SSG could confirm that. now the question you need to be asking is what happens if i pay and an item transfer fails? get them thinking about actually having to use employees to fix, or perhaps charge backs from digital monetary providers, etc.
  14. oh sweet summer child... you think i haven't seen the whole thing, or that it changes anything? https://youtu.be/nbnJ5pTsP6o?t=566 the above is timestamped to include the question & Joes full response. after he says he will "be(at)" Joe Biden, he then spews a delightful bit blather, never really nailing any point home. even in the full clip, most still hear beat. regardless... every time he comes out of the basement... even virtually, it is a gift. not estimating anything. looking at reality: in 2016 88% of Black voters voted Hillary. in 2008 it was 95% with historical Black Turnout for Obama, down 2% in 2012. Joe Biden was Obamas wing man. in spite of everything he has said in the past that was far more racist than this little stupid, "you ain't black gaff." you are slap stupid if you think the Black voter turnout for Biden will be lower, or the same as it was with Hillary. lets just say Trump does shift another 100,000 votes from Blacks into his column... i highly doubt... IT WON"T FUCKING MATTER. that many more than showed up for Hillary will show up for Joe... because Obama. Obama was and is this very woke shit of having the correct set of progressive values. Biden was his wing man. when it comes to Trump... Whites, then Asians, then Hispanics... and then Blacks. focus on where you stand to gain the most. if you plan to win that is. look how fricken close the white vote is to the national average! 1992 Bill Clinton got White folk a little bit excited... even more so than Obama. did not last of course... still national average rides with White people... even with their collective declining enthusiasm and numbers... culture has been on a shifting course since the 60's... it does not shift back overnight. & if it doesn't shift back, but continues. you can kiss America good-bye. China is ready and poised at every opportunity to steal that world placement by continuing to push the shift started in the 60's. this has been building momentum for decades... with foreign intervention, from former USSR... in the past decade China has supplanted that old USSR regime. yes some additional Black folk will vote for Trump... it won't remotely decide this contest though. White voter apathy however, may actually cost Trump the 2020 game. we'll see how long it takes to get this economy back on track. November 2020 may not be enough time with so many things shut down, but that could also hurt the Democrats just as much with soo many extending shelter at home coming from Dem States. the backlash from "you ain't black" will be dwarfed by any backlash to lack of economic security... as time proceeds on, becomes increasingly dependent on reopening. if Democrats continue to message shelter at home and lock-down, that will hurt them more than this you ain't black will ever hurt Biden. have fun LARPing that you care about racism... realistically, the payoff won't matter. i am not estimating anything. nor am i counting on simple "woke" fatigue to be enough to turn back what has been building momentum now for decades.
  15. Bullshit. If that was never its intended use, they would have limited the shared storage transfers to only be from closing worlds to remaining worlds, and made it a one-time only thing. They posted more than once about shared storage transfers being free between worlds, effectively advertising this feature to be used exactly the way people used it.
  16. and that was never its intended use. now you pay. you should have always had to pay. it was only free to acclimate 28 servers into 10. the only promise of remaining free was OFF a closed server. they did leave themselves wiggle room to allow brief free periods at an undisclosed time in the future from open worlds. regardless, what you did was not intended to be free AFTER the consolidation period ended. congratulations on getting away with the dupe as long as you did. consider yourself lucky. if you thought that was the intended design... sucks to be you. maybe they will allow another grace week or two at some near future date, otherwise... transfers cost money, storage, or character. if they ever close more servers, i would expect it to be free again then as well. closed servers should still be free, but i've heard that still doesn't work. maybe SSG now thinks it is just better to force people to re-roll? yet they still hold all that old data? either open closed server transfer for free, or fucking purge that shit! have the balls to tell folk who have character data on the old servers they missed their shot... SSG shit or get off the damn pot. regardless open server transfers... you pay for.
  17. Shared storage transfer was free the whole time till they shut down transfers with no warning. I used it several times to move gold from one server to another.
  18. I have been thinking... (warning bells ringing) ... What does the leadership of the top three countries in the world (as far as number of deaths from Covid is concerned) has in common? They are idiots? It's the first answer that springs to mind. First, but not the best - Johnson is NOT an idiot. The real answer is - all three - Trump, Bolsonaro, Johnson have truth and reality in disregard. What they want and will - that's reality for them. Think about it when you elect your new leaders. Or count the coffins.
  19. Cause Trump has never said or done anything racist, sexist, xenophobic https://www.vox.com/2016/7/25/12270880/donald-trump-racist-racism-history
  20. And one last thing on this, finally we have a black guy calling out the Democrats for the racists they really are:
  21. And Biden is gonna be drug by his comment, I mean even the interviewer said this: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2020/05/22/5242706002/
  22. And.... this is why Trump is going to beat the crap out of Biden in November... https://shop.donaldjtrump.com/products/youaintblack-tee-1
  23. To be fair to him, he doesn't say "beat" he says "be". He was asked a question about whether or not he's going to be copying policies of other Democrats and he dismisses it by saying he's going to be himself. That's why the question isn't included in the clip, or it immediately provides context for what is no more than (drum roll) fake news.
  24. Last week
  25. So Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson's top advisor, drove from London to County Durham, some 270 miles, with his wife and 4 year old child when he and his wife were both infected to stay with family as the needed help with the child. Anyone else doing this would have to go, but the government are defending him saying he did nothing wrong, even though the rules say if you have the virus then do not leave your house. His wife wrote an article in The Spectator about their London lock down even though they were not in London.
  26. The same thing is happening on the Conservative side in the US. Its wrong to deny this and stupid to try. Sensible Conservatives don't run for their pom poms and cheer morons who go into public restaurants armed for war. Guys like Timhat continually grind away at a Liberal dead tree and complain there are wood chips everywhere. All the while ignoring the lead to the right has been overtaken and extended to the horizon, by fascist nutcases. Anyone with a clue knows how extreme socialism and fascism ends with one conclusion. Mass death, anarchy, poverty. These truths are well known. When the proclamation that god is dead was announced, the future was already predicted. In the 150 years since that moment, Americans are still just as dumb as when god was alive. Meanwhile the corporate rich are still, all too willing to stand on the backs of the poor, and wave any banner you prefer.
  27. every Thursday?!!! here in Vancouver Canada every GODDAMN night at 7 PM for 3-5 minutes they go off.... since like early March... its May 22. this ritual of the idiots can't die in a fire fast enough. should have ended 3 weeks tops. ...and nightly. many things have been exposed. here is hoping enough have learned some valuable lessons as to avoid repeats... those who learn nothing from history are doomed to repeat it. as for the push of the latter... that is some Saul Alinsky 101 in action. "never let a crisis go to waste." that is one thing the world has no shortage of... opportunists.
  28. I think you're overestimating how attractive the woke points are to the average American. There's been enough failures in cinema, comics, TV, and other entertainment because the companies chased after the woke stuff.... and then #GetWokeGoBroke happened. There's a reason why the Democrats have a rather large #walkaway movement...
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