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  1. The only fun for me in this game is purely nostalgic and have nothing to do with the current game. I'm lvl 120 and had no interest to level up to even 121 even when the entire game was free last year xD Sight seeing old landmarks and soloing old instances is kinda fun. I usually go to reflecting pools to do various ancient history quests. PS. I do this maybe once a month or two months to satisfy my nostalgia. The community and what's left of the old whales and trolls are worse than they've ever been. Just look at the official forums and you'll see the usual suspects like that 115 y
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  2. I wouldn't bother with PvMP. It's just trash. Especially on Landy. Even if SSG puts out the PvP gear Vastin says is in the works, it will only amount to another monetization scheme. Nostalgia isn't enough for me. My last recent log on was to inform my kinmates I stopped and to kick me from the kin roster if that suited them. I've concluded sometime ago, the names you mention and some other no lifer forum handles appear that, that forum thread is trash polluted by their presence. For me to be ask to post in such threads is about the same as asking me to stick my fingers in dogshit
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  3. And this is why I quit as an alpha tester after Mirkwood.... this was looming on the horizon. And the fact that "elite raiding guild" fucked up the raids I had tested and balanced for months.
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