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    That may be a joke but I think it would take at least this many films to cover everything that happens in The Silmarillion.
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    Ignoring that I was just pointing out yet another example of your spasticated double-think, I'll bite. Except it was Iraqis who did that, in response to a US airstrike. Shenanigans with ships, which were false flags. And flying a red flag after having a general murdered, yeah they're in their rights on that all things considered. Which is just talk, which you say is cheap. You mean the US starting a conflict with Iran. Benghazi is in Libya, not Iran. There's only something like 2,000 miles between them, but I'm not surprised you'd confuse the two. Using some idiotic excuse like "but dey both Muslim!" won't cut it. Saudis. In fact, going by the default narrative, Saudis led by a man the US propped up. Again, no surprise you'd pick something that stupid. You'd have to provide evidence that many of the terrorist attacks in Europe have been due to Iranians. Obviously, you won't provide that, like every other claim you make, but I'm just letting you know that bullshit doesn't stand until you do so. Go suck Trump's dick a little more, you ignorant cunt. Every post you've made on any subject relating to politics has been either blinkered or flat out wrong. Honestly, it's laughable but you're just as cowardly as Trump and won't face up to your own failures. Go ahead, post some shitty car or some other shallow nonsense to cover yourself. Maybe make some weird brag over interconnected web of thoughts, like you're somehow a genius. I'm up for a laugh.
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    "Firms urged to crack down on office football chat" https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-51261999 The unfortunately named Ann Francke, a person nobody has ever heard of before, has somehow managed to get on the radio and voice a retarded suggestion: companies should stop so-called "football banter" in the office. Why? Because women feel left out. Ignoring that lots of men also don't like sports, lots of women do like sports, and there's no suggestion to ban stereotypical female topics like shoes/handbags and what trashy telly was on last night, why the fuck does she expect people who aren't interested in a subject to have to feel included when said subject is discussed by other people? Fucking hell, these sorts of women give women who feel comfortable in offices a bad name. It's always got to be stepping on eggshells and trying to make women feel better in a space they shouldn't be in if they feel that way to start with. If you don't like football banter and can't bear other people talking about it, leave. Or do what I do and just tune it out. Much easier than trying to dictate speech AGAIN.
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    Biden will get the Democratic nomination. The process to get the nomination is governed (largely) by the democratic national committee. In U.S. politics, once you get the nomination most candidates swing back to the middle, biden can do that quicker than the rest due to his decades in politics. You've got about 30-40% of the electorate (less so now perhaps) that switches parties regularly. As an example I've voted both dem and republican in the past as at various periods I thought the other could do a better job. Biden has been near or at the top of polling for democrats since before he declared officially. I dont think its going to make much difference though, I dont see Trump losing. It's been non stop negative press on Trump for 3 years and his approvals ratings still hover 40-45%, any other president in history with this kind of negative press would be in much worse shape. If the economy keeps humming along Trump should be okay. I think it will be another case of he wins the electoral college but not the popular vote.
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    All I essentially said was "not zero". That's about as far from absolute as you can get. Hilarious fanfic. There's more evidence that LOTR was real.
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    I feel sorry for you if you think the world has only offered you those two choices.
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    Looks like Severlin answered the questions with a sense of truth. 10k log ons per day. He is including alt cycling in this count, so at optimum the number is more like 8k and possibly much less. Anyway, let's stick with his number of 10K. The last expansion's price was from $40 to 140$. The rest of what he says is being underplayed. They sure are worried and though more Tolkien world exposure does indeed captivate generally more interest. Very little will go SSG's way. Hmm? Thirteen year old MMO or a brand new MMO? Which way will I go? Ask this question to a person with a small amount of disposable income and the answer is obvious. It doesn't matter if the person stays with the newer MMO. What matters is if SSG can endure the introduction of another competing MMO. It doesn't matter if the MMO is not LotR proper because Tolkien is Tolkien regardless of the setting. Everyone who indulges MMO's and Tolkien will choose at first the newer MMO. Well, because it's new. If Amazon's new game flops, it may not matter to SSG's continued development of LOtRO. Can it and they survive? It's not looking good for SSG.
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    Has anyone actually said it was going on? I don't read it here. Maybe your friend Timhat is still going on about it. Idk really. Once I saw him for what he represents, I found his words a continuation of fake news pouring out of the Conservative Media Complex. The place you hang your own hat. The real humor (if was actually going on) is knowing you'd be a worthless piece of shit, stealing loves of bread at the nearest convenient store to hoard for the coming rapture.
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    Implying Trump is from the working class is probably the most ridiculous thing I've heard. This week.
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    That would be a first. But no.
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    If you have to tell someone you're trolling them then you aren't doing a very good job.
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    no Jew ever comes to bat for poor Bernie, but... whole merchant fleet ready to go for ^this^ guy... so i am like: poor Bernie can only muster "SPICE" girls: and in spite of all of it... the hair sniffer is probably gonna be the guy that gets the prize: 🤡🤡🤡🌎🌎🌎
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    So Trump is the Joker, a psychotic criminal, finally something that I agree with
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    Is this the new thing? The fact that you use this as a dig only shows that you lack the ability to have an original thought. Trump's a boomer and the majority of the people that voted for him are probably also boomers. Ergo, voting for Trump was bad. Thanks for finally admitting that.
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    The people in that film were much smarter. This is like that movie Canadian Bacon when they sent morons to start a war with Canada.
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    Happy New Year, everyone!
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