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    current year 2018 & the cluster-fuck churns. tis a spectacle to witness. some D-List "game" writer thinks they are the shit, & in fact the material they produce is utter... then gets all uppity about said crapulance when a non challenge too is issued... wrongly cries mysoggyknees & the Bolshevik White Knight Brigade comes out in force looking for a pound of Kulak flesh. witting Bolsheviks operating in full awareness of motive & agenda, make me puke. & they know who they are, (as do i) dishonest cunts. unwitting fools who play into their hand... the world is full to the brim with the generic award recipient & socially/functionally impaired. those useful idiots programmed in the Marxist doctrine to deploy every disparagement to other the Kulak that the programmers may seize the means to establish power... not at all ironic, they can name 57 genders, but how many of them know about the Holodomor? it was never taught in Holocaust class... the cult like partisanship this has all produced is stupefying, yet entirely predictable. thing is for myself... GW2's main appeal was always the mechanics & design behind the world. the story was never anything to celebrate, not at launch & definitely not in the year of employ this "Dime a Dozen HACK" contributed. should her gleeful disparagement barrage too any and every e-rag that would listen (& believe) also land her in court... i'll have a good hearty laugh!