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    almost. reason i haven't made a rundown myself here in print, is because huge chunks of this are twitter threads, with multiple deletions, archives buried in Reddit threads etc. big massive cluster fuck. so i just settled for windbag potatoes hour long version as it pretty much covered the main issues. anyway Doro, i will attempt a short list, with no links as that would take forever... Jessica Price makes 30+ long twitter (her personal account & part of what she latter claims is the reason for why she reacted) thread giving insight into what she considers the difficulties with writing for the MMO genre. GW2 vlogger & game player "Derior" thanks her for the insight and adds one "'slight" criticism. Jessica responds, "thanks for telling me what we do internally, my dude 9_9" Derior says he was just attempting dialogue & getting shut down is disheartening & apologizes. Jessica starts new thread quoting Deriors first response & plays the female game developer card... she frames his motives as harassment of women & from there it grew this back and forth is now happening in multiple different threads, with many participants. initially it was folk saying this doesn't seem to be what looks like misogyny, but rather a fan attempting interaction. Jessica continued to invest in the framing of women dev harassment & other parties also begin to re-enforce that frame... (i would even say create the issue/problem where none existed.) & she continued to use incendiary tweets... many have been deleted since. Peter Fires another GW2 story narrative dev jumps in to defend & ends up in the hole Jessica dug playing defense. as he now defends the framed narrative of harassment of women developers, he starts using incendiary language as well, accusing the convo to be one sided man-splaining. so whole thing is at cluster-fuck levels now, creating biggest reddit threads in GW2 history & this whole mess started July 3 & GW2 head guy shows up the day after the holiday July 5th & fires them both. & from there Jessica went on to do interviews with all the game-journo sites who had already started running sympathetic stories to her. Peter Fires went silent. Jessica Price was with GW2 for just over 1 year. Peter Fries over 12. that is about as bit sized as i can make it. thing i find most interesting in all this is the political agendas behind all this bullcrap & the methods employed by the actors involved. i think it is important to call out & counter at key opportunities: http://www.rockingphilosophy.com/2013/10/countering-alinskys-12-rules-for.html