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    Some names I recall, and I'm not even that active there anymore. It's been a while since the last run-down, but I see some new and some usual suspects on this list so I'll take a stab at filling some in with own experiences. Arnenna - publicly cancelled her VIP and is critical of SSG, but makes the mistake of engaging (and continuously baiting) forum trolls as if they're capable of honest mature discussion. Too polite and circumspect for a lotro forum, strikes me as genuinely nice person blinded by own inexperience of dealing with toxic personalities, thus unwittingly enabling them, to the point that her (rather substantial) criticism of Lotro management not only loses its edge but is downright hard to even detect, negating the very point of outspoken critical feedback. Bohdb - a self-precious snowflake, immediately palpable by custom pet photo avatar on a fucking game forum. Textbook cluster B personality disorder specimen, whining on forum about whining on forum. Enters threads to distract self from obvious self-resentment and excrete on others' views. Pathological toxic turdlet. Boraxxe - 2013 player council member, in other words a good-for-nothing useless mouth who thinks he's good for everything. Anyone with an urge to insert their own real-life selfies into their online game forum sigs reveals their IQ even before anything is posted. Inane, irrelevant posts with forgettable content, made by a stereotypical extrovert who needs to dump his excess energy at anything that breathes. Self-aware of own mediocrity, hence the idiot selfies in signature to attract attention. Obviously it worked, as it's the only damn reason I even recognize this fucking name. Dinara - no recollection of this one, other than seeing similarly vague generic 'female fantasy' name handles on forum posts that get easily butt hurt over anything that doesn't clap and cheer for SSG. Goes hand in hand with black and white thinking, picking sides, triangulating, and other 3rd grade slumber party bullshit these name types never seem to outgrow. djheydt - pathological narcissist sociopath incapable of basic human empathy or reciprocity. Is only into Tolkien and Lotro insofar as it creates a platform for trumpeting one's own "expertise" - since no other author and no other game generate such promising yield of worshipers. Predatory. Enough was said about this one over the years in these forums. I'm just gonna say I'm glad I studied some psychology and can pull the plug on some forum personalities without garnering them with the same human regard that they lack. dsltn07 - no idea who the fuck this is. Probably some sock puppet account of another name on this list, sounds so try-hard generic it seems contrived. jakeatkisson - never seen this one around. Langie - no recollection of this one. maartena - stopped posting and isn't around on forums, for very obvious reason... things have been quiet and non-controversial lately for the most part, so no "hot issues" to excrete unsolicited opinionated mental diarrhea at. Perhaps licking his hurt oversensitive ego after being taken to task in his Legendary sub-forum thread about "asshole in Misty Mountains". Surprisingly easy to shut up and take down, if publicly catching him at his own inconsistencies. Just a small-office-administrative weasel type, sickeningly smarmy but hilariously soft target. Dramatically losing forum "relevance points" now that SSG moved to livestreamers/twitch as their ass-kissing sources (clearly alien turf to him). Known for giving "personal opinions" on Bullroarer content without actually having logged into Bullroarer to "personally" see and test such content first hand - per his own admission. SSG and Lotro development is standing on the shoulders of these feedback giants, obviously. Mar-Evayave - never posts anymore, and good fucking riddance. Going by how much she was fellating Turbine's management and Lotro's development, you'd think she would be active on forums giving advice to new players, answering questions, posting screenshots and game experiences, etc - Funny how that ain't so, ain't it. Made herself scarce soon as Sapience got the boot. I had a lot of fun trolling her in 2014 by calling out her self-righteous BS, wherein her best attempt at trying to shut me down amounted to resorting to her bogus morality posturing, then curling up into a ball and whining when that didn't work. (Incidentally, that was in a thread started by a member of Lonely Mountain Band bragging about contacting Guinness World Records to count Weatherstock attendance. Which quickly descended into a shit-flinging fest of hurt fragile egos, when this announcement wasn't greeted with the orgasmic excitement they were expecting. Still a fun thread for the lols, reminding how fucking culty and toxic the Landroval RP cummunity really is.) MAWorking - vaguely rings a bell. The only thing I remember about this name is how forgettable it is. Nymphonic - a gloomy self-resenter, as evidenced by forced excited inanities he only ever posts. Never engages in actual conversations or discussions of on-point issues. His contrived mask of pro-Lotro cheer has multiple cracks: such as his own self-admission that he never spends real money on Lotro (all expansions bought with LP from lifer stipend), or his repeated claims that Lotro is just one of several games he's fiddling with and that he'd abandon it anytime it stopped serving his needs and never miss it. You can smell some antisocial-narcissism here, but he's far more emotionally intelligent than Bohdb and camouflages it far more subtly under his cheery hobbit mask. Inserts self into critical threads to shoot down others' opinions/experiences while passing himself off as a winsome exemplar by never actually getting argumentive but trying to overwrite others by sticking to his scripted "well I'm having fun." Looking at his post count, one has to wonder why someone who has so much fun in Lotro spends all this time on internet forums claiming to have fun in Lotro, instead of in game actually having it. Funny how that goes. Radhruin_EU - thicker than a gelatinous soup from Soviet communal kitchens in which cooks wash their feet. Claims to have "decades" of RPG "experience", which gives good indication of his personal life status and demographic he falls into. Imbecilic mind-blind hypervocal turd who gets off on trying to get the last word in everything "lore" related. Pathologically incapable of recognizing difference between his own convoluted interpretations and objective textual affordances, as well as difference between own head and other people's minds. Shits on others' creativity and imaginations, obviously incapable of creating or imagining anything of his own due to being dropped on his head hurled against the wall when born, repeatedly. I hope someone curb-stomps him, what a waste of tissue and organs. The only twat on my ignore list besides the Vanya pervert. thinx - I'm most certain he does not. Trobon - never heard or seen this one. Vanyaerunanethiel - plenty said already in another thread about this sexual predator still running loose and ban-free. Coming soon to a child Lotro player near you. whheydt - still out there in the wild, but posting privileges have been suspended years ago and good riddance. Wolfhelm - no recollection of anything worth noting. YvainBlakhart - never encountered this one, and I'm sure I'm not missing out. Fun group. Lotro official forums are a hoot. So is the game development. "Powered by our fans."
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    She does keep finding a reason to sub doesn't she. She says what she sees but misses a lot besides. I have a feeling that I got an infraction because I had a run in with her and maybe Lord.Funk white knighted and reported me. She's not the worst. But I see her magically leaving a discussion when she realises she has no ground to stand on. But I don't think she can actually entertain that SSG management are the corrupt dishonest entity that they are. Too many arrive at an opinion without a reasoned argument. I've long though the report must be their only weapon when challenged. I never needed such because I can stand by my argument or yield to another's if appropriate. The rest of these names contain some serial lotro under achievers. But at least it's a public forum (excepting most of us ofc) just think what diatribe must be going on with the sycophants and Jerry in their private streamer channels.
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    Arnenna is the prime example of why SSG, in the end, will never change. Yes, she publicly criticizes them on the forum and yes, she said that she cancelled her VIP (only to resub later for the "legendary" server). But, she keeps saying, "if SSG does x, I'm going to quit." SSG does x and she is still around. Now take that example and spread it over years. She keeps moving the goal post and thinks that simply playing the game, but not giving them any money (even though she is) is "not supporting them". Bottom line, she can't let the game go. And SSG depends on people like her. Don't let the forum criticism fool you, SSG has their hooks in deep.
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    We all have a breaking point, but when you have just pissed off your player bases with a loot box scam and they called you out on it, maybe calling them ass-hats is not the best way to apologise. I suspect many off us here have had to deal with horrible customers at some point, but I doubt many would have say anything to the customer. Bitch about them internally with other staff but not to their face. That is a sure fire way to loose players
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    My small estimation... this new dwarf race gets +5% fire damage race trait bonus, to leech two birds from the same paycheck (pushing Runekeeper sales, of course). Either that, or +5% melee bonus and ability to play burglar, but this will not bring them extra $ and makes too much sense for their convoluted harebrains to even consider. Cosmetic races are the new "classes", cheap to stamp out and keep players orgasming at the mere premise of rolling yet another alt through same stale content. Another hobbit 'race' is almost certainly a guarantee with the Scouring content, by which point there will have been more hype for upcoming Amazon series and a Dunedain cosmetic 'race' may not be far off. A Numenorean-theme PvP monster class would be intriguing (even if just a 'baddie' LM clone), but of course this, too, makes too much sense for their convoluted harebrains to even consider. It all comes down to a bunch of overgrown D&D nerd-asses gradually diluting Lotro with this kind of nonsense 'content for sake of content' to the point of it becoming just another stale, bloated, generic MMO. All their touted emphases on being "story-driven" in their updates is coming to bite them in the ass. They're obviously running out of stories at breakneck pace, and to keep the blithering lore idiots happy they've gotta keep churning out inane diluted soap nonsense that pretty much turned Lord of the Rings Online into some very bad long-winded Forgotten Realms fanfic. All the railroaded hand-holding single-story-arc quest lines since Isengard felt like someone's self-indulgent fan fiction, and what in Epic Volume I was a gripping drama with strong-developed characters has by Volume III become a daytime soap yawn-fest you couldn't pay the elderly to watch. I'm nowhere near end game (just approaching Gondor), and storylines keep getting more diluted already. From what I've seen in Mordor content and the new Vales of Anduin stuff, it's not even Tolkien anymore but a bunch of geeks nerding off on Tolkien characters in their convoluted harebrain scenarios. Who wants to play some overgrown D&D nerds' regurgitation of what they "imagine" happened after the Ring? It's like eating other people's vomit. The strange irony of it all is... it's not so much that their focus on "stories" (at expense of end-game content) ran Lotro into the ground. It's that these "stories" come from the same narrow-ass D&D mentality incapable of grasping complexity and originality of Tolkien's creative multi-layered world-building, and instead applying the same D&D-style scripted formulaic bullshit to stretch and dilute "lore" to the point of nullity, as characterizes the self-perpetuating "pyramid scheme" of D&D mentality that industrializes imagination by reducing creativity to recycled plot devices, scripted scenarios, statted items, etc. Wait til Rhun or Harad arrive, with addition of a generic desert Lotro's generic MMO status will be cemented. Any Exec Producer with a pittance of common sense (and maybe a business school diploma that wasn't print-on-demand) would know to push more Tolkien in a Tolkien game and keep the players "in the LoTR books" instead of rushing them out. After hand-holding them through Mordor, Dale/Erebor, and Dwarf strongholds, returning to "Minus Morgul" after destruction of the ring makes it just another generic boss lair region, robbing it of its LotR-related potency and terror. This linear narrow-ass D&D mentality keeps seeing LotR content in terms of "sequels", incapable of grasping that what makes LotR attractive to fans is the immersion into that world while it happens, not the sequenced hand-holding through and out of it. There's this myth that "raiders quit and only the lore fans keep playing". But more accurate perhaps is to say, the ones who stopped playing are the imaginative/creative minds with quality standards, whereas the ones still plugged in are stagnant co-dependents throwing cash at their digital avatar "Second Life" to mask the fact they have none.
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    That started in Mordor and with the Black Book? For me it has made the stories as 'useless' as stories in other online games. The beauty of Lotro before Mordor was that the game was embedded in the books. That's gone now.
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    The Scarecrow and Toto posing as snake oil salesmen. Lmao! Severlin really needs to polish up his act. The guy can barely present let alone represent LotRO. Another addition, no one ask for. Another reason to delay fixing PvMP. Another obstacle to throw balance over the cliff. Its clearly evident SSG has no initiative to complete the story J.R.R.Tolkien wrote and his son edited. Instead they are just writing a shit history to hype an old used game, way out of date. I can't help but wonder if the Tolkien Estate even knows what these idiots are doing. MEE might have the license for the material but I find it hard to believe the Tolkien Estate would give the nod to allow a parallel story so integrated into the trilogy and not have them have some say in editing or final drafts. Many people over this last 50 years have written content involving the proprietaries of Tolkien and all have been denied publishing access because the publishers fear being sued by the Tolkien Estate. The Russian authored, The Last Ringbearer is a classic example. The Stout Axed Dwarves have a ring of power? Bullshit! Pure bullshit. All those rings were lost or devoured by Dragons. I don't recall Tolkien saying "Hey there are some Dwarves north of Mordor who hold the last ring of power outside of the Ring Wraiths or the three Elven rings." Btw who the fuck are the Stout Axed Dwarves? How did it become that an unknown clan of Dwarves have a ring of power? I guess the part of this that pissed me off the most is, by the time these idiots are done, anyone who hasn't read the books will think the PJ movies and LotRO is how the written story goes. For the next decade if I here discussions from people, they will think Tauriel was in the books and Radagast help Beornings become shape shifters. Interesting how SSG conveniently ignores Minus Morgul is and was part of the Mordor content everyone already paid for, somehow spun into a new expansion to be for sale. The sooner SSG goes bankrupt the better our world will be.