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    I can safely say I have never had power issues as a CHM. I'm a dual wielder & always have been. Post the next update (depending on what the final changes are) that might change, but at the moment I'm sticking with DW because of the disadvantages of 2H. Plus this is a game, not a spreadsheet. I don't min / max, and screw the numbers ! I know how to swing a sword for real, and I can take your 2H down with a dagger. Trust me...
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    The only way I can see 'Reputation' being useful is: * Rename it to 'spotlight' * Turn off negative reputation (or negative spotlight in this case) * Turn off 'reputation' per person. Instead show how many posts of said person is showcased and give links to said posts so anyone can read them up. * Change the 'plus' icon to a little spot or star or whatnot to indicate it is not about epeen but about it being a good post worth to go in the showcase. * You can spotlight a post you feel should be in the 'showcase'. There won't be a counter displayed. * Showcased posts should be posts that everybody feels it's worthwhile to read because it's so damn informative or something. * It should have a minimum amount of spotlight-clicks (10? 20? Whatever, arbitrary in any case anyway) to get in the 'Everybody should try to read this, it's informative' category. * Showcased posts should not show how many people voted for it to be showcased. It's in the showcase already, that's all that matters. Then it is exactly as what Raedwulf imagine it should be, I think.
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    One nice thing that has come out of this convo is that we can actually have the convo about this topic. Imagine trying to have it on Turbine's forums.
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    100% agree, but that's not mutually exclusive
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    I'm REALLY curious about it.
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    You can have both good gear and someone who knows their class properly. In most cases, gear can be an indicator on whether they do or not. Ferro mentioned the example of the +20 stat relics. That player might be good enough at playing the champion, but there are many much better relics they could use than those ones. Whether its true or not, by using those relics they give the impression that they believe that maxing raw stats are all that matters. While someone who's using melee offence/melee defence/incoming healing relics instead might not be as good as the first champion, they have relics that are more useful for their class, so give the impression that they at least know something about what type of gear they should use. If you actually know the person, then you can make a proper judgement on how good they are, but if you don't, then gear is one of the few ways you can make an estimate. If you have two players, and one has gear more suited to a champions role than the other, there's more chance that that person is better at fulfilling that role. Even if they are of equal ability, the champion with the better gear will perform slightly better. @Thorebane: If you have your screenshot, I would appreciate it very much if you could post it. If you are correct, then I can go get some incoming healing relics and see if its the same for me. If it is then I can come back and admit I was wrong. If you have gone away and found that you were wrong, then no one will hold it against you if you were to come and admit this. People (I would anyway) would think better of you if you can admit you were wrong if you are than if you argue a side then, when asked to provide the proof you claim to have, you give a bad excuse for not providing it there and then and just disappear.
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