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    You know what this reminds me of? This. ;P SNy
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    Wasn't all bad... Meet Adeline. Born July 3rd 2016. (toy over her head was my Christmas present... that's right... Uh-huh... I made her smile. )
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    I disagree with you. Breaking the rules is still breaking the rules. Some posters deliberately goad and insult others in a passive aggressive way that based on the words themselves in isolation is not overtly breaking the rules or offering insult. However viewing all the words together with a proper understanding of the tone and intention of the writer, it is quite clear that the words are bating, insulting, patronising, sarcastic, rude etc. We've all met these kind of people in real life who employ the same tactics, overtly appearing to be a nice person and appearing as such to people who do not know them. Yet those who do, know exactly that they are in fact being snide, arrogant, insincere and insulting. In English, you have to take into account the tone of the speaker and their often veiled intention, as this changes a word or phrase's meaning completely. English isn't as simple as just viewing the semantics of the words and the moderation of a forum should take this in to account. I'd argue that this kind of baiting riles people up more than the overt name calling and it is hard for many people to ignore it when it goes on and on and on, with the same posters responding to you in this manner all the time. You mention reporting. The problem is, when these kinds of posts are responded with like-for-like ie. no overt name calling or insults, the instigator is never rebuked by the biased mods but the responder is. Reporting is useless when the entire system is rigged. A forum's rules should apply equally to all.
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    FYI: I also removed the top of the forum notice about the Community Guidelines. They can still be found through the Community drop-down tab.
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    I want to publicly thank Cordovan for taking a leap of faith by reviewing my infraction history and restoring my access to the official forums, without me even specifically requesting it. I'll do my best not to make anyone regret it. I won't be disappearing from this community, though. I was here long before my departure from the official forums, and I enjoy the camaraderie, conversations, and commentary you all bring to LOTRO.
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    On the subject of gender bias, I had a funny encounter on the train today. I was heading down Putney way in London and when I got on the train the carriage was empty. I took a seat and settled in for the journey. A few stops in, and this train fills up quicker than I expected. No seats at all, most people are standing. No one needy was around to require a seat, so I stayed sitting. The next stop, this proper old boy gets on. Must have been in his 80s or 90s, but in that classic old person clothing where it's smart but you can tell they've had the same shirt for the last 20 years. He's walking really slow, hunched over, carrying a bouquet of flowers and a bag with all of his bits in it. So I get up and offer him a seat, he's clearly in some need of it. As soon as I do, this woman tries to slide in behind me and take it. The old man already turns away to go back to his spot, thinking he was too slow, but immediately this other bloke already standing puts his hand out to stop her and tries to explain it's for the old guy. She fucking recoiled like a snake. He hadn't touched her, his hand was about two feet away from her, and he was smiling and polite about it. She slinks off huffing and puffing. Now I offer to carry the old boy's stuff over to the seat for him and we turn, only for ANOTHER woman to try to take the seat. She's just seen the whole thing with the other woman, but she's still up for trying it herself. This time, my girlfriend (who is sitting next to the empty seat) tells her it's for someone else. The second woman doesn't sit down but she doesn't move away either, she just glares at this old man. The old boy says 'oh well I guess I was too slow' and is already resigning himself to giving up again but I tell him that we're saving it for him, so he can take his time, no-one else will take it. The woman looks back down at the seat and back at me, clearly ready to take it, so I point at her then jab my thumb down the train (basically miming for her to fuck off). Eventually, just as the train sets off, he makes it to the seat (literally only a few feet from him), settles in and gets out an old diary. He's not making any notes in it, he's literally reading it. It finally kicks in that, with the flowers, the diary, being alone, being so close to Valentine's day, and the location (lots of cemeteries), he's probably off to go see a dead loved one. Holy shit, the feels washed over me so quick, I can barely turn to face the windows before my throat gets tight. The only thing that kept me from actually getting teary was that I could hear the two women (who'd both retreated to the doors) bitching about how people shouldn't be able to 'reserve seats on the underground'. They got off at the next stop. The old boy got off just before my stop.
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    Oh!, I get it... you're rping a self-important douche. Great job! you really got in touch with the character.
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    Not sure that Laurelin won as such - guess it depends what was trying to be achieved. Even on Arkenstone I'm seeing people referring to the RP threads on the OF and saying they wouldn't touch the RP servers with a barge pole. And I'm not seeing many (if any) threads about Landroval. Plus there's a thread on the Eldar forums about where kins have gone - out of 29 kins in the list only one has said Laurelin and another has split between Evernight and Laurelin. So maybe the overall reaction wasn't so great after all. Unless you wanted to keep people away of course Just saying
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    Special server is special. SPECIAL, dammit!!!!
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    Anecdotal evidence doesn't normally carry much weight. But if the rules really weren't a problem, Turbine wouldn't have needed to temporarily relax them recently. Have a look at the non-naming rules, if you like. They're still fairly draconian. If you need back-up, feel free to bring that Amorey over. I've got a bone to pick with that smug smiley-spammer.
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    1. Why can't it? You've invented a problem in your very first point. 2. Anger them why? Because it's different? Because they don't get the same chance to abuse the report function as they once did? There would be no difference for them. 3. Nope, that protection still exists in other rules. You aren't allowed to harass other players. The only 'protection' they'd lose is the protection of a report function. Yeah, that option is changing it from RP to RE. The only rules lost would be the overly strict name rules (which are currently being abused and driving people away) and the chat rules (which only apply to channels that most people don't even use).
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    What is getting me in that thread is that people are coming in and offering other solutions. Different people - not the usual players. And mostly their comments are completely ignored so the arguments between the 'main players' can continue. And I've kinda noticed that it's usually 2-3 Laurelin residents vs. 1 non-resident. And, unless they are having a go at their current opponent, they only quote others who are from their community and supporting them, usually followed (by one in particular) with hugs and kisses. This doesn't help because it's making the Laurelin residents appear incredibly intolerant and insular.
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    Because it's totally the players' obligation to do SSG's job for them. Someone got PAID to produce that trailer. Let that sink in. Money that could have been spent on, oh I don't know, paying another QA tester? Or maybe even paying Amorey and Hurin a little extra to shill a little harder for them on social media....
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    I've seen a dozen threads saying they don't. But I knew before you even posted that you'd adore them, because that's what you do. You take the contrary stance to EVERY single criticism against your precious LOTRO devs. I still maintain they're paying you to do so. It can be the only logical explanation. No one could possibly be that blind, or that complacent to base mediocrity. And for the record, both your avatars look like men now.
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    As far as the price meh a bit steep for an aging engine with likely large scale re-used assets..to each their own. As far as the debate regarding forced grouping/soloing... my POV Any content you create that you feel you must force a play style on your customer..your doing it wrong. Either you marketed to broadly or designed to narrowly. If content is good people will do what they have to to enjoy it. If utilizing your content require lots of forcing mechanics ie grind, forced, grouping , forced pveing/pvping, forced well anything to keep it relevant...well it wasn't that good to begin with was it? Nor well targeted towards your player-base. If a piece of content/mechanic/system you create is seen as a means to an end and not worthwhile in it's own right then perhaps game design isn't for you.
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    You know, I was content not to respond to you, but you are going down the same path as other failed LOTRO forum CM's have gone, and you need to know some things about your job before you pursue it any further: 1. Your time at Turbine is finite. It's not a guess; it's a prophecy. You really should start putting your resume out, if you haven't already. You can blame the sale and mis-management by the owners of your company - former and latter - for that. 2. You can't do your job effectively if you don't take it seriously. You can't cruise-control it, and you can't turn a blind eye. a. For goodness' sake, get your PM box under control. You're part of a company that handles technology. 3. You have people on your community board that flaunt the rules on a regular basis and without repercussion - in your face - and you don't even realise it. I'm not talking about the obvious trolls and kids with a big mouth; I'm talking about the malicious types that have done irreparable harm a. I'll give you Leixy as a prime example. For years, his setting of people against each other - both on the board and in the game - went on uninterrupted, because he had you and your prior ilk looking like a bunch of tom-fools as he set his fires aflame and cackled while watching them burn. He had to do something so very obvious to get himself noticed, much less banned, which was to breach NDA, not on the official forums but on these forums, which he knew were anathema to Turbine. To call this lack of perception an utter failure would fall horribly short of the reality. b. In the game, there are similar personalities that come on to do the very same thing, seeming harmless but nudging this way and that, causing flame wars that have no other purpose than their own entertainment. Reports of those individuals when they do such things are summarily ignored by GM's. The +Dusts and +Genevas of the GM pool revel in a cult personality that springs up every time they deign to chat in World. How is this possibly keeping things in order? Seriously. In a ticket the specific part of the CoC/EULA that is being broken can be copied and pasted for a GM to see, and it won't make a difference. There is one fellow in the game brashly selling a Steely Dawn code without Turbine's say-so, and not a GM has stopped him. Ridiculous! c. On the forums there are those who continue to say what they will without fear of repercussion, such as Gildhur, Marevwhatever, both Heydts, Montrandir, and others, who will mercilessly pound on anyone who doesn't have a "pure" view of the game and says as much. Some of these have been responsible for marginalising players who wanted more substance from the game, who ended up getting frustrated and banned themselves in their frustration. It's hard to "debate the topic" when both sides are not given equal protections afforded by the forum guidelines. 4. If you are expecting the players who are, otherwise, playing according to the rules to make an effective change to this Wild West sort of status quo, you don't have to be a genius to realise that they have no authourity at all ... none! You and your moderators and your GM's need to step the heck up and re-establish order on your board and in your game, according to the rules that exist to protect your playerbase's freedom to play and interact. Then and only then can you throw stones around your house and not expect a lot of broken glass as a result. Here endeth the lesson. /micdrop
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    @ Psalm I don't know about Amorey, but calling Maxijenus "subtle" deserves a ban. Also the idea of Cordovan trying to insinusate, instig, insert, infiltrate, influence, whatever... to DICTATE anything we say here, has made my day. Thank you for your input.
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    I think i'd hire those people before a datacenter move, but that's just me
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    So your contention is you've never met a person with a carry/conceal who wasn't ok with the idea of walking into a church, or mall or any public area and just start shooting people. Also that you've never met anyone that handles their gun responsibly. Sorry, I call bullshit.
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    It's mild and boring as fuck.
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    All I know is that Minas Tirith looks like shit. After fucking up Helm's Deep, they did the same here. Is there even an art team left on LOTRO, specially texture wise ?
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    Bango wanted war. Bango got war. Bango cried.
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    Seldom has someone invalidated themselves AND their opinion to so many with so few words. The Turbinefreude aside, your posts are not what you obviously hope them to be. If you felt confident about what you said, you would not feel the need to mention Brokk or the anonymous private messages. (Brokk, by the way, is a good soul who would never have posted such lame attacks. Someone such as yourself trying to use him to validate your insults is somewhere between amusing and just plain invalid in its contradictory nature.) Coming to a place you rarely post to attack others? It's a sign of insecurity, not confidence. When I thought LOTRO was 'great'? I was rarely on forums. I was in game. Your little posting spree here is no different than the other occasional forays by blindly loyal Turbinites. You've cast your wide net, gotten a few responses, and will soon go away to boast of your accomplishments to a few like-minded individuals. You're not fooling anyone. You will no be so well read by friends of people on this forum.
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    Those two threads show how divisive this issue is. And is clearly is not only 2 or 3 people, since we have already 4 people in the thread arguing against being kind and letting any names pass if they can be reported. It was sad to me reading that thread first thread - but I guess I should not be surprised people can be selfish and small minded. This will just get worse as more servers open and people try to go to Laurelin. And, despite being clearly asked to make a statement, I am sure Vyvanne and Freelorn will be very late to reply and only do so when forced to. Much easier to ignore and do nothing than figure out a good response to this.
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    Evernight, as far as I can see. Seems that RPers are driving people away from Laurelin.