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    You know what this reminds me of? This. ;P SNy
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    Wasn't all bad... Meet Adeline. Born July 3rd 2016. (toy over her head was my Christmas present... that's right... Uh-huh... I made her smile. )
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    I disagree with you. Breaking the rules is still breaking the rules. Some posters deliberately goad and insult others in a passive aggressive way that based on the words themselves in isolation is not overtly breaking the rules or offering insult. However viewing all the words together with a proper understanding of the tone and intention of the writer, it is quite clear that the words are bating, insulting, patronising, sarcastic, rude etc. We've all met these kind of people in real life who employ the same tactics, overtly appearing to be a nice person and appearing as such to people who do not know them. Yet those who do, know exactly that they are in fact being snide, arrogant, insincere and insulting. In English, you have to take into account the tone of the speaker and their often veiled intention, as this changes a word or phrase's meaning completely. English isn't as simple as just viewing the semantics of the words and the moderation of a forum should take this in to account. I'd argue that this kind of baiting riles people up more than the overt name calling and it is hard for many people to ignore it when it goes on and on and on, with the same posters responding to you in this manner all the time. You mention reporting. The problem is, when these kinds of posts are responded with like-for-like ie. no overt name calling or insults, the instigator is never rebuked by the biased mods but the responder is. Reporting is useless when the entire system is rigged. A forum's rules should apply equally to all.
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    FYI: I also removed the top of the forum notice about the Community Guidelines. They can still be found through the Community drop-down tab.
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    I want to publicly thank Cordovan for taking a leap of faith by reviewing my infraction history and restoring my access to the official forums, without me even specifically requesting it. I'll do my best not to make anyone regret it. I won't be disappearing from this community, though. I was here long before my departure from the official forums, and I enjoy the camaraderie, conversations, and commentary you all bring to LOTRO.
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    On the subject of gender bias, I had a funny encounter on the train today. I was heading down Putney way in London and when I got on the train the carriage was empty. I took a seat and settled in for the journey. A few stops in, and this train fills up quicker than I expected. No seats at all, most people are standing. No one needy was around to require a seat, so I stayed sitting. The next stop, this proper old boy gets on. Must have been in his 80s or 90s, but in that classic old person clothing where it's smart but you can tell they've had the same shirt for the last 20 years. He's walking really slow, hunched over, carrying a bouquet of flowers and a bag with all of his bits in it. So I get up and offer him a seat, he's clearly in some need of it. As soon as I do, this woman tries to slide in behind me and take it. The old man already turns away to go back to his spot, thinking he was too slow, but immediately this other bloke already standing puts his hand out to stop her and tries to explain it's for the old guy. She fucking recoiled like a snake. He hadn't touched her, his hand was about two feet away from her, and he was smiling and polite about it. She slinks off huffing and puffing. Now I offer to carry the old boy's stuff over to the seat for him and we turn, only for ANOTHER woman to try to take the seat. She's just seen the whole thing with the other woman, but she's still up for trying it herself. This time, my girlfriend (who is sitting next to the empty seat) tells her it's for someone else. The second woman doesn't sit down but she doesn't move away either, she just glares at this old man. The old boy says 'oh well I guess I was too slow' and is already resigning himself to giving up again but I tell him that we're saving it for him, so he can take his time, no-one else will take it. The woman looks back down at the seat and back at me, clearly ready to take it, so I point at her then jab my thumb down the train (basically miming for her to fuck off). Eventually, just as the train sets off, he makes it to the seat (literally only a few feet from him), settles in and gets out an old diary. He's not making any notes in it, he's literally reading it. It finally kicks in that, with the flowers, the diary, being alone, being so close to Valentine's day, and the location (lots of cemeteries), he's probably off to go see a dead loved one. Holy shit, the feels washed over me so quick, I can barely turn to face the windows before my throat gets tight. The only thing that kept me from actually getting teary was that I could hear the two women (who'd both retreated to the doors) bitching about how people shouldn't be able to 'reserve seats on the underground'. They got off at the next stop. The old boy got off just before my stop.
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    Oh!, I get it... you're rping a self-important douche. Great job! you really got in touch with the character.
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    Not sure that Laurelin won as such - guess it depends what was trying to be achieved. Even on Arkenstone I'm seeing people referring to the RP threads on the OF and saying they wouldn't touch the RP servers with a barge pole. And I'm not seeing many (if any) threads about Landroval. Plus there's a thread on the Eldar forums about where kins have gone - out of 29 kins in the list only one has said Laurelin and another has split between Evernight and Laurelin. So maybe the overall reaction wasn't so great after all. Unless you wanted to keep people away of course Just saying
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    Special server is special. SPECIAL, dammit!!!!
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    Anecdotal evidence doesn't normally carry much weight. But if the rules really weren't a problem, Turbine wouldn't have needed to temporarily relax them recently. Have a look at the non-naming rules, if you like. They're still fairly draconian. If you need back-up, feel free to bring that Amorey over. I've got a bone to pick with that smug smiley-spammer.
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    1. Why can't it? You've invented a problem in your very first point. 2. Anger them why? Because it's different? Because they don't get the same chance to abuse the report function as they once did? There would be no difference for them. 3. Nope, that protection still exists in other rules. You aren't allowed to harass other players. The only 'protection' they'd lose is the protection of a report function. Yeah, that option is changing it from RP to RE. The only rules lost would be the overly strict name rules (which are currently being abused and driving people away) and the chat rules (which only apply to channels that most people don't even use).
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    What is getting me in that thread is that people are coming in and offering other solutions. Different people - not the usual players. And mostly their comments are completely ignored so the arguments between the 'main players' can continue. And I've kinda noticed that it's usually 2-3 Laurelin residents vs. 1 non-resident. And, unless they are having a go at their current opponent, they only quote others who are from their community and supporting them, usually followed (by one in particular) with hugs and kisses. This doesn't help because it's making the Laurelin residents appear incredibly intolerant and insular.
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    That's assuming she can run. For all we know, she's so plugged in to LotRO, she's gonna need some help from Morpheus.
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    Hello! I wanted to create an account here just to introduce myself, and see what's going on. I know there's been some animosity between the community folks and this forum in the past, but AFAIK it didn't involve me (much?), so I figure this new era of sorts is a good time to say hello. I'm the current Community Manager for LOTRO and DDO (and to the extent AC is still supported, Asheron's Call.) I'm an old-school gamer and pen and paper nerd. Ask me about my THACO! There's a lot of work to do in the LOTRO community in the coming weeks, and I plan to do it. If you have a short bullet-list of what you feel is most important for the community (not development, that's a different thing), lemme know.
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    What you've just said above is exactly what many posters on your forum do to any one who criticises the game. They do not engage in discussion about the topic but instead attack the poster by calling them a hater, entitled, say they don't understand the realities, should stop playing the game, stop whining etc. They deliberately derail threads and goad other posters with impunity often in a passive aggressive way that is not overtly breaking any rules. There is little fair play on your forums and that all is because of you.
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    Okay I teared up reading that, Doro. Thank you for helping that man get a seat. I was always taught to offer my seat to anyone older than me. It's a matter of respect if nothing else. BTW, you showed great restraint with those two rude woman. Afraid I would have told them off.
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    So your contention is you've never met a person with a carry/conceal who wasn't ok with the idea of walking into a church, or mall or any public area and just start shooting people. Also that you've never met anyone that handles their gun responsibly. Sorry, I call bullshit.
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    To be fair, gun violence is mostly between gangs in the US. And cops shooting people. Other than, it's 8 times more common for a gun owner to use their gun to defend themselves over actually using them for crime. It's something stupid like 1% of all deaths are due to firearms in the US (compared to vehicle deaths, which are something like 3%). I'd take that 1% any day of the week. This is the difference I've found between shit happening in the Middle-east/Africa region and shit happening in Europe: it seems to be expected. It's like people look at these areas, see how many Muslims there are and how shit it all is and go 'well, what else is new?' Tragedies, but one in a long line of them and they're not going to change because we raise awareness to it. Like IS slaughtering all those hostages so often, you become immune. You start to give less of a shit because less of a shit is being given by the powers that be. With Europe, we're literally inviting it to come over here. Sure, some people are fleeing violence. Usually, the violence has stopped miles back before they decide to settle down and claim refugee status. But I don't think the majority are looking for safety specifically, considering how many are complaining about not getting enough free shit when they do get here. Or those ones in South America that literally wanted to go back to a warzone because they decided they weren't being treated nicely enough. Poland's move to stop taking in refugees is a correct cautionary move to take. It's risky to take in thousands of unknown people when you've got a violent organisation aiming to exploit that. It's a question of whether the nation values the safety of their own people over the safety of refugees and economic immigrants. Hopefully, it doesn't just become a situation where everyone just gets used to an attack every so often, like they have elsewhere.
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    That insufferable Maartena creature is a dude? I did not know that. Well I must say each time I read one of his posts on the OF (and there are so many!) I'm very happy my kinship has decided not to transfer to Arkenstone. The guy does love the sound of his own voice. Yikes! As for U17; I've now finished all the epics, quests and dailies. The only thing I've missed is killing the warbands. I agree with those here who said the epic was pretty good; especially the ending. That said, I found the quest chain for Forlong the Fat to be pure trolling of the players by Turbine. IMO it's much worse than the questchain in West Rohan with the NPC hiding in the basement. Overall I think Minas Tirith looks great from afar and inside some buildings, but for me it's way too cluttered to even ride a horse in places. Is it worth doing? Yes, I do believe the epics are worth experiencing. Will I continue doing the dailies? Maybe sometimes just to get some more empowerment scrolls. Will I also do the BB's? Very doubtful. BTW, I must admit the most fun I've had in Minas Tirith by far has been jumping off the top and 'Doing a Denethor' (film version) with friends. We ran off the top on warsteeds dozens of times one evening and had a spotter on the ground to mark who landed the farthest out. It probably sounds very lame, but we had a great time. That evening when we were all jumping together, someone said, "Well, I guess we've found the end game. Thanks Turbine." Out of the mouths of hobbits.
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    All I've done so far is the epic and a few other quests that I picked up along the way. I've only been doing an entire update's content on my main for the last few releases, and my other two 100s I just use for crafting/resource gathering. I haven't been plagued by the crashing that others have run into, but my laptop is old and that could be why - I'm not able to run with ultra high graphics and I'm already used to logging out often when the memory usage gets too high. I think the crafting this time around is ridiculously tedious with both tier 9 and tier 10 mats dropping in the new area. I haven't seen any believable justifications for this from the blue-names on the OF, other than "we wanted it that way". So my strategy will be to finish the update on my main while I'm still on my sparsely populated, closing server, and see if I can buy the mats I need once I get to my new server, which I expect to have a more lively AH. I liked the epic a lot, but I don't see myself running the EBs more than the required one time, and I'm satisfied with the look of MT and the surrounding areas, given the current state of the resources TB has to throw at the game. The amount of tedious hunting for things and running back and forth to try to stretch out the time people spend finishing the new content is painfully obvious, and annoying enough that I'll only do it once. I'll gear my other two 100s out with crafted stuff and call it good enough. I know a lot of people like this now - high-level alt-ing seems to be diminishing more and more in my circle of friends. If I had to give U17 a grade, I'd give it a B-, and that's only because the epic brought the average up a lot in my opinion.
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    It's mild and boring as fuck.
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    this, in a nutshell. the fact that you, presumably a grown man, actually typed that sentence is a bit sad.
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    What a tempest in a teapot this has become. The problem is three pronged as I see it. 1) Special people on Special server with Special rules... isn't that Special! 2) A$$hats that abuse the Special rule set. 3) GM's that do not have the time or lore knowledge to respond to tickets in a thoughtful manner and depend upon cookie cutter responses. Solutions: 1) Change #1 and you eliminate the ability of #2 to be A$$hats and allow #3 to operate at the same incompetent joke level that exists on every other server. 2) #2 exist in every game and not much you can do about them except ignore them as in #1 or implement a solution like #3 = see below. 3) Devote the education and resources to #3 to permit the time and knowledge to properly evaluate a ticket involving RP issues = money = not happening. Turbine has implemented a temporary solution that ignores the Special rules. IMO Turbine will simply make this solution permanent... quietly so as not to upset the Special server. Officially the Special server will keep their Special rules but in practice become an RP-EN server. Bango is really turning into something Special it would seem. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?579158-Convert-all-RP-Servers-to-RE-Servers&p=7465875#post7465875 "First of all I just want to say thank you to those who sent me PMs after I logged off. It's not nice being harassed with the threat of losing a char name of 8+ years, especially with the threat of a rule that covers every server. Let's hope that sort of behaviour gets cracked down on". Any game has to be wary (officially) of Copyright and Trademark infringement. Bango seems to miss the point though.... NOBODY would care about his use of the name if this whole a$$hat reporting nonsense hadn't raised it's ugly head. Live by the sword... die by the sword. Yes the Trademark rule applies to every server but if people would just chill and let everyone have their own fun it wouldn't be reported and wouldn't be an issue. Bango can kiss his name goodbye because Turbine has to follow up once reported... shame as Bango is a cute Hobbit name and it certainly doesn't get MY panties in a bunch to see it used in Middle Earth.
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    Just in response to OP... I really think the only reason Frelorn locked that thread was due to that personal dig at him in the last post - and nothing to do with thread's subject. As I've been lurking more on the official forum lately keeping up with transfer information, I saw the thread where Bucko's forum "signature" developed (the one being referenced) and must say that it's really been taken out of context and Bucko's spinning much more drama out of it than the original moment was even worth. Here was the context: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?577411-Server-lag-is-a-disgrace&p=7446187#post74461 Recalling Bucko's posting style using "typical turbine" as his trademark phrase in everything, I didn't see this as anything more than a friendly jab back at him. From keeping up with CM posts in dev tracker over the past year, Frelorn sounds to me like a genuinely easygoing fellow with a sense of humor - nothing at all like Sap, no sarcasm-dripping-venom-ego-snark. Just a gamer dude. All of a sudden, Bucko gets butthurt that someone made the same joke back at him that he makes in every post: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?577411-Server-lag-is-a-disgrace&p=7446212#post7446212 So apparently it's in his signature now, minus the silly face emote that was meant to indicate it wasn't serious. Like a kid picking a fight, getting attention, and suddenly pissing his pants at not having anything to say back. Suddenly it's all "boohoo community manager backtalking meee", while Bucko's own original posts weren't exactly phrased like he was contributing anything "serious" either. Regardless of the thread subject, the way someone brought up Bucko's signature in that post pretty much guarantees a lock to prevent that from escalating into unnecessary interpersonal drama and mud-flinging. And it's already prone to exaggeration/misinterpretation, that quote out of context. It's a shame this had to happen in this particular thread, as the discussion was very interesting while it lasted. Really think it's just a coincidence though. Consider the fact that Bucko's account still exists on the official forums even while bearing that little quotation (in an inciting way). What would Sap have done to him in the same situation? Nope, Frelorn's no Sap. _______________ Edit: What I do find very peculiar though... is that I can't find anymore the thread on Landroval official subforum with the name "Thanks for making my choice to not go to Landroval easy" - I linked that thread earlier in the "Finding a new server" thread here. That thread started by Kickman about his negative experience on Landy, and a hoard of Landy divas jumping back in defense, circling their wagons and spewing venom at anyone who touches "their" Landy. It was 13 pages and many posters commented there that looking at that thread, and the kind of reactions new transfers to Landy are receiving, makes them not want to transfer there. Has this thread been deleted? Or simply moved somewhere out of sight? It's simply gone from the forums. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?574580-Thanks-for-making-my-choice-to-not-go-to-Landroval-easy In which case... it is rather revealing to what extent some "owners" of Landroval are still able to apply some Turbine-pressure to make themselves look good. A thread criticizing Turbine only gets a lock, accidentally perhaps, but it's still there. But a thread criticizing Landroval server... poof, whoosh, never happened!
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    Yes it was Mango I was talking about - not offensive, but probably lore breaking. I totally agree with offensive or stupid names - I don't enjoy seeing those either and years ago did report a couple on Gilrain which were incredibly offensive. I scrolled through a list of people on line and there were others that were just as silly and non-Tolkien yet, from the kin names and level, I feel they have been around for some while without a forced rename. So I have a suspicion that there are a few 'jobs worth' on Laurelin putting on their name-policing hats and reporting anyone who they believe is new and doesn't fit their own rules. Someone said that GMs watch chat and rename people - really not sure if that is true. It sounded like trying to pass the buck to me. Like Longbottom, I don't RP either but have also played on RP servers in other games and generally much prefer the community as they tend to be more mature and helpful. It was that community which attracted me. But mostly what I saw on Laurelin were antagonists along with conflicting advice. Respect should be given both ways. The move was forced - we didn't choose it. And, with only 2 EN servers, there is very little choice of where to go. Yes, I know I could have gone to a DE or FR server (as has also been pointed out by residents on Laurelin). But I do like to chat in World at times and it would have become a very lonely place not being able to speak either of those languages. Yes I knew about the lore-appropriate names and did express my concerns on some of my names (Tippie Toze, Solstice, Jadis, Aiyamhi Knotlow, Heritage Rune (she was Heritage years before runes were introduced), Malibu) to another person who had played there and they felt they would be fine as they weren't offensive or stupid. Now I just don't know - I'm apprehensive when logging on with those characters and certainly won't say anything in World Chat with them. Not sure I want to play watching my back all the time so a move to Evernight might be the best idea.