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    There's more of the same. Myself, I wonder why reasonable people able to apply critical thought would even still play this POS game. In the event the setting and lore had caused any to stay, all the earlier talking about how the servers would be moved into existing datacenter locations belonging to WB (ie: known speficiation, people on premise that know them, that kind of stuff) and how everything was super-duper and well under way (in the rest of the world meaning that they did actually started to deploy, run and test stuff there), then suddenly followed up by talking about delays, and afterwards the admission of only one, not two datacenters, and now finally, out of the blue, mysterious problems that they are unable to locate, let alone fix, those reasonable people would then have applied their ability to think critically and arrive at the logical assumption that, plain and simple, they have been bullshitted all along. And then there are those clowns such as him wondering why there's so many complaints. SNy
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    I guess that's what happens why you buy components out of the back of windowless van. Should have left Sapience keep his red stapler.
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    I feel sincerely sad for the tech people at Turbine who's trying to fix this DEBACLE while their efforts are being marred by the usual BULLSHIT Turbine's PR are throwing at their customers. "We are continuing to look into the connection issues"... "We are continuing to work towards putting out a hotfix to address the issues"... "We do not yet have a time for the hotfix but we will post it as soon as we know." "We are testing a potential fix to the recent server issues." "Citizens please open a ticket and stand in line"... "There's nothing wrong with you radio yadda yadda yadda"... And then there's the legion of FANBOIS screaming "Well done Frelorn" and "Thanks Vyv" and ignoring how AWFUL Turbine has always been whenever they need to perform key tasks (anyone remember Codemasters' migration?) finishing with the release of MT and the dismal Bullroarer tests on the new, improved hardware. "New" "improved" hardware. They're asking for a leap of faith in order for their customers to swallow this toad. While they don't release tech docs (and they won't), I'll translate "new" as "not the ones we were using" and "improved" as "they allow us to save lots of money yippee". I think that Turbine won't be fixing this as there's no fix. The fix would be more powerful hardware which they cannot / will not afford. The management is just waiting for people to get used to the higher latencies and the higher lag - most of us will, and we will forget that the game used to run smoother. Some people will be leaving of course - it's all a matter of how many. If enough remain in order for the operation to be financially productive, management will probably get a bonus. If too many leave, they'll just pull the plug. They're just raising the ante. Well, getting to Mordor was not supposed to be a Casual Stroll, was it? Sorry for the rant, I had to let steam off and won't risk doing so at their toxic forums.
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