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    It did for me too, I'm just stupid (or optimistic as someone suggested) enough to not have given up completely. When I heard about the server merge, hw upgrade and the server move to EU, I knew that was the make or break point for me. If they had gotten rid of the lag, moved the EU servers to EU and the merge would have made the servers active again, I probably could've come back. It's pretty obvious that isn't going to happen.
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    Being in the Helm's Deep beta was what got me to join this community. I can't see myself being able to afford a new computer in the foreseeable future, so for me once my laptop dies, that's probably the end of the road for my gaming hobby. I would like to see the end of the game, though - very curious to see how they handle destroying the Ring.
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    My willingness to pay for a trash game ended about then; with brief re-subs until RoR hit, never dropped a dime after RoR. My willingness to play at all ended with wilder more, and my willingness to test on BR ended with HD It rather depends when one joined I think. If you were used to SOA MOM time frame that game REALLY went down hill in subsequent years. If you joined SOM it could only improve(not like it can get worse unless you HD it), same for enedwaith and HD. ROI was a mixed bag for some but, was probably the last time any type of quality work was put into it. That and the stat cap removal hadn't reached it's full potential so earlier content was still viableOnce later xpacs and the bigger and bigger stat #s the game world became ALOT smaller and more segregated at any given level.(and oddly enough as the band narrowed one would think balancing would become easier, apparently not for Turbine.) And ROR was rather Bleh. The game has steadily devolved since in terms of content, polish, balance, technical upkeep, and CS. In fact I don't think the game has even managed to tread water in any area of gaming or support since ROI, I can't think of an area anyway. If you joined when the bar was particularly low your tolerance might be higher.
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