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    Not every well paid job requires a degree, some people are better suited to skill based training. Skilled work such as eg. electrical, plumbing, carpentry, mechanic pays reasonably well (at least here in the UK) and requires practical training. Better apprenticeship and training schemes would help people who are not suited to an intellectual\theoretical school\college based education acquire skills that can still provide them with reasonable pay and job satisfaction. Education isn't just about getting good at maths, english and science and then getting a degree. Education can be about acquiring any skill
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    Yeah, I did have problems coping with them throwing fits and ramble incoherently. The most fascinating thing was how they managed to switch from admiration and praise for all things Clinton to sudden verbal abuse and hatred for those same things, without Clinton doing a thing, just courtesy of votes being counted. Also of course, the superiority complex of some and how they show their true faces. Priceless. SNy
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