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    Lotro 2007-2010 That is how dead Lotro is to me. Lotro took heavy punch with some parts&decision made in Siege of Mirkwood (too small expansion, introduction of cheap grind content = Skirmishes), then it took an mortal wound with F2P transition. Some medicine was applied (content patch instance cluster) but it was like painkiller for cut off leg. F2P and some other changes (EU servers transferd to US, instance join panel, Instance scaling, extension of Skirmish) were way too great. Few months after F2P Lotro finally died for me. I havent played Lotro in years and I am never going back.
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    On top of the Black Gate, looking into Mordor: Mordor side of the gate, shame that you can't get far here: Better view of the Black Gate taken by another exploiter explorer:
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