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    I used a Blessing to catch up with some friends that were leveling in Moria. It was a mistake for 2 reason. First, the friends stopped playing soon after. Second, even with the virtues & the gear in the package, I had to complete the Moria intro & unlock the LI system, and Moria itself was not really a pleasant experience. The guys I was running with intended to do the instances on-level, but the toon was completely not ready, and it took a lot of work to get him even remotely ready.
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    I used one for my warden on my 2nd lifetime account that I hadn't login into for 3 years, thinking I'd be ready to join endgame with an alt quickly. That was wrong
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    I get the feeling that someone stands behind the dev diary writer with a stopwatch, tells them they have ten minutes to produce a diary, and then says "Go!"