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    That's assuming she can run. For all we know, she's so plugged in to LotRO, she's gonna need some help from Morpheus.
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    I can't ignore the androgynous running animation in female elves. I suppose that is how Amorey runs irl because, of course, she likes it.
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    I stopped giving them my money a long time ago. We are definitely not the only ones, seeing as they made it impossible to get Mordor with LP at Launch. With that move they showed without the shadow of a doubt, that things are worse than they've ever been for them financially. High elves being locked behind an extra 40 $ paywall, another sign of the times. On the plus side, there still seem to be a huge amount of whales who see nothing wrong with the way things are running down, so I could see it going on for a few more years. When it finally does go down there is no doubt in my mind that we will get a 1 month warning before the sunset and it's all she wrote... There will be a whole bunch of very disappointed people who've 'never saw it coming' I for one have no issue with waiting for Mordor until winter, seeing as there isn't even a raid/instance cluster available at the moment, and Mordor being in really bad shape only means that I get to enjoy the game in a more finished state! And I'll take a hard pass on High Elves! All things considered, I don't see my time and money as a bad investment at all. I started playing when Moria came out, and I always enjoyed my time. Of course, it always kind of sucks to see such potential go to waste, and to see a product go through so many detrimental changes over time, but I did play EQ before LotRO so I guess I have developed a thick skin when it comes to getting disappointed by MMO development.
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    TheyBreakGames (C) and StandStillGames (C) present the Don't Buy Mordor Trailer Not all legends are truly tested, viewer discretion is advised!