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    Then there's the entire debacle over Battlefront 2 and lootboxes which is going to cause issues with gaming because (so far): EU is probably going to ban lootboxes Hawaii is looking into this issue, and will probably classify Battlefront 2 as a gambling game due to loot boxes (which means other US states are soon to follow) EA so badly screwed the pooch that it now has has Disney mad at EA because of the damage done to the Star Wars brand If the keys for the lootboxes and mithril coins for hobbit slots are a significant chunk of the LotRO revenue... that's a really bad thing for LotRO because another company's stupidity is going to hurt LotRO. It's one thing when they do it to themselves, it's another when (how did Warframe put it... oh yes) "A Cult Worshipping Money" does it to everyone else.
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    Microtransactions are not the problem, the problem is the gambling nature of those loot boxes. On it's core the loot boxes provides a temporary and short excitement and it meant to get people addict so they will use this again while spending money. If a gamining company wants to turn their game into p2w it's one thing, but what we witness right now is the gaming industry is slowly turning into a casino.
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    Microtransactions in general are an issue entirely separate from in-game gambling that is rooted at real-world money and leads to any kind of potential reward. Regardless of whether the reward is real-world or in-game. If it starts at real money and there is a large chance to lose the money it is gambling for money. I don't think anybody can expect the latter to stand up to scrutiny in jurisdictions where gambling for money is regulated. LOTRO is just too small to go after them with the attorney general here in MA.
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    Loot boxes need to go away, period. I don't mind micro-transactions. WoW and FFXIV have them but they're all fluff really--mounts, cosmetics, housing items...the fact that those items are on the store doesn't bother me because it's a direct, honest purchase. There is nothing direct or honest about a loot box.
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    Yeah, the entire microtransaction stuff needs to die.