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    *******If you havent played Mordor and plan on playing it please dont read on******** I havent seen anything here about the Mordor exp besides some release notes. With a character at level 105 from last year and enough Turbine Points in the bank I was able to purchase the Mordor expansion. I was extremely surprised and somewhat upset at how early in the game flow and how easy the "destroying" of the ring event happened. Im in a semi social kin so game play is fun as are my kinmates but in now way shape or form was I ready for this event nor did I know it happened so fast and painlessly. It was the one thing I really ever wanted to do in Lotro since I stopped playing and to have it happen when it did was quite a stomach punch. I have kinmates at the cap doing 120 endgame stuff and actually thought they were still working their way towards the ring event. Anybody else taken back by this? Im glad this didnt cost me any money, I'd surely be upset if the "climax" of this game were to be in the first area of the expansion and I actually paid real world dollars for it. Im still going to trek through Mordor at a leisurely pace and finish up, but the fact that what I am playing for happened quickly and easily in the beginning still gnaws at me. After 11 years this is the best they could do?