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    I wonder what the whales and Standing Stool Games fanbois will do if the other Middle-earth MMO turns out to be a fun, well polished and supported game. Lotro has benefited from being literally the only game in town when it comes to Middle-earth-themed MMOs. The devs can do practically anything without repercussions, whereas competition can breed excellence. It amazes me that no one until very recently had the thought of investing in a new Middle-earth MMO. All it would take is one glance at Lotro to conclude that, if people are still supporting this dumpster fire of a game, there is money to be made.
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    You know what, I'm weirdly enjoying myself at the moment. Ignoring all the mithril coin buttons everywhere, the layering system keep re-loading whenever you enter Bree, the trait trees, the virtues sending you to the store if you click on the quest, and the general petty nature of the players, it's partially still the "old game" (I suppose that petty nature as always been there). I hadn't levelled any alts since they did all the revamps, so a lot of it is new to me (considering as well that I quit when Helm's Deep came out). I had no idea just how badly they'd fucked up the landscape and made pretty much everything connected. Places that used to be sheer cliffs, designed to funnel you around the map, are now gentle hills. The Barrow Downs and the Old Forest were the biggest surprises, since you can just run basically anywhere with no real issues. The new Eriador map looks shit, and strange that they didn't keep up the same style for all zones. Most of the quests now are ridiculously easy, and they replaced a lot of decent old quests with new shitty ones. I haven't seen a single rare mob yet, which might just be because so many people are playing in so few zones. And the Auction House doesn't have much going for it in the way of an "economy" still, with barely any crafted pieces being put up. But there's something nice about the enforced level cap of 50. It makes it feel achievable without a grind. I've only just reached Ost Guruth & Esteldin and I'm L30, even with the -40% xp debuff. Going up to L50 doesn't feel like an issue at all. The fact that everyone has been pushed into the same boat on that server makes it feel more encompassing than if you were to just set up a kin to do the same on a regular server. We're all playing in the scope of SoA (well, SoA that's been put through a blender), and the end-game isn't far off, a bit like a strange farewell-tour. I can't see it being the same when they eventually raise the cap enough and people start hitting that boring SoM/RoI content. Definitely not worth paying VIP for, though, so at least my lifetime account has some use for a short while.