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    It's all good, I put that stupid cunt on ignore with some others. In fact, this is where we're at so far with the ignore list (just people who have so far shown their true colours). Bohdb - obviously mentally handicapped (even for a festival-obsessed fanboy), no point even trying to explain shit to them Dinara - some fanboy cunt, nothing valuable to say djheydt - old, blinkered, lacks any sense of empathy that a regular human would have, not long for the grave dsltn07 - some ass hat that think he's subtle with his shitposts but isn't, can't seem to actually read or understand what's said in plain English Langie - can't even remember what this nonce posted, I just know it was enough for me to dismiss them as an ignorant prick maartena - goes without saying, but I will do because fuck it: smarmy, baiting, shit-eating faggot, and "he" needs a good fucking slap Radhruin_EU - so far up his own arse that I'm surprised he's not suffocated (and it would be nice if the lifeless prick did), knows a pretty average amount about Middle-earth but a few morons seem to praise him for it, thinks he's some gate-keeper for Tolkien and misapplies his personal head-canon of Middle-earth to everything else YvainBlakhart - some low-level fanboy shitposter I'd wager that list is going to keep growing as I'm adding as I encounter them, but so far I think I've gotten rid of seeing most of the waste of flesh NPCs.