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    I'd take a bet that he doesn't see the irony in writing his signature all in caps.
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    I'm glad I started that thread, because it turned into something quite magnificent.
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    Say a guy called Tarantula with a huge creepy spider as an avatar ? Hope your girl is doing well though Could be worst ? Glad to see you guys still have a sense of humor. On topic: LOTRO is only a very pale shadow, faint memories of Middle-earth and epic stories I still love. I refuse to be a statistic, use the store or play a game just out of my passion for the work of Tolkien. The LOTRO I remember was awesome , not perfect, but a solid game, but this was many years ago. It is sad to witness its decline, sad to see how people prefer a mediocre/bad run instead of letting it go slowly and peacefully into the West. Anyway sorry about the 'creepy' avatar guys, I won't change it though, it has been with me for too many years and I am quite font of it
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