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    this assumes the relationship between SSG & Daybreak isn't a toxic cesspool, because if that relationship is strained, you can bet that would be reason enough. we know (NOT suspect) that Doctor Octothorpe was terminated at the beginning of December (12th.) 2018. & whenever something like that happens, one is left wondering was that it? and i do need to remind everyone of the fire sale they had from December 7th through the 16th called the "Legacy Bundle" for $199.99 USD: https://www.lotro.com/en/LegacyBundle so Daybreak terminated at least one SSG employee, right during a fundraising period... not just fundraising at Lotro, but also at DDO. in fact Daybreak did this funding package drive at every title in the entire studios portfolio. Everquest, DCU Online, H1Z1, Planetside, etc. etc. etc. yet Daybreak fired Doctor Octothorpe before the funding drive was even over @Lotro. & Doctor Octothorpe was the only one we got wind of due to his twitter feed. well there are 2 things i do NOT assume: 1.) Doctor Octothorpe was the only one let go. & 2.) SSG & Daybreaks relationship is all roses & joy... an entire shit-show is entirely within the realm of possibility. what fucking company fires a company tent pole mid funding drive? Daybreak games has managed just that. yet i am sure there are folk who assume i am jumping up and down with joy that Severlin may have also been terminated. those people are frankly idiots who are DEAD WRONG. whomever is tasked with writing both DDO's & Lotros annual letter, may find the most difficult part, is establishing a positive tone, when it is entirely likely that Daybreak striped all revenues above and beyond the most basic operations at all these studio games under their umbrella to fund the new Planetside Battle Royale game slated to launch this March. (or worse, clear their books of any trace of Columbus Novas money.) it is a repeat of Infinite Crisis all over again. and for those who can intellectually grasp what that means, my reasons for being pissed & acting like a bit of an attack dog, become crystal clear. anyway Kick, there are actual reasons for all of this to be dovetailing downward & they aren't actually SSG's current tiny roster of employees. i actually do STRONGLY suspect Daybreak is behind much of the current quagmire.