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    I want a private reprimand as well, for liking this post. Then I will feel really at home (as on the OF)
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    Yeah that's REAL rich, coming from you... You've been one of the biggest asskissers on the OF for as long as I can remember. By constantly decrying criticism and feedback, YOU are partially responsible for the state of the game today, and jumping on the bandwagon in the product's twilight will not absolve you from that blame. And I really hope you get to read this before Doro deletes it and privately reprimands me for calling you out, you shameless hypocrite.
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    I remember being taught as a child that snowflakes were beautiful and unique. They may be fragile, but do you know what happens when you gather enough of them together? They cave your roof in and shut down the roads. Pro-tip, when someone gives you the benefit of the doubt it's wise not to immediately turn into a Fox News meme.
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    Why would you expect any sympathy from us? We know you and your “here have a banana” attitude too well. The only reason you are not stalking the OF is because your former master Sapience got a dishonourable discharge and the current CM dislikes the game so much that he even ignores you shills. Also, you are such a pathetic attention seeker that you need to come here for conflict now that the OF is dead thanks to you and your peers.
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    The great thing is that the books still exist as they were written, and SSG can't change that.
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    Thanks for the mention along side of these illustrious players. Zip too? I hadn't realised. He has more game knowledge in his butt cheek than Cord will ever stumble across. I was pushing a little further than usual to get the ban admittedly, just a reaction to yet another obviously foreseeable cockup. But being up against the law maker, judge and prosecution who sits alone in the appeals court it was only a matter of time. The precursor was my suggestion that SSG should suck his... in reference to a wholly ill-informed prominent twitch streamer who gave the game a big boost and asked for a T shirt for his trouble while referencing cock sucking on the sound track, getting a thumbs up from Cordovan had me thinking it was fine for use as a reference myself, apparently not. As much help as I was on the forums it was mostly about helping people around the Turbine/SSG fuckups. Even the best that are left still give SSG too much benefit of the doubt. He really has all the cards, he can't make more than a pair from the 52 but we have none. But Queen ShelobDruidsfire reigns supreme over her stasi underlings on twitch to keep Jerry save from harm when we go there to hold them to account. Mac
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    Welcome Macdui, and honestly a big fucking loss to what was left of the official-forum community dregs there. Bans of zipfile, siiperi, Hejaza_Arkenstone, Kickman, (a few more I'm forgetting) and now you, pretty much seals the coffin on posters actually knowledgeable about their classes still invested enough to speak out and clarify issues etc. Weird consistency in these recent bans going after a very specific player demographic. Even a year ago the forum ratio of opinion diversity wasn't half bad; all it took was a few months of Cord's fatass nerd banhammering rampage to turn the place into 2.0 of Sapience playground. Must be the saffron lipstick on the ass kisses...sure is addicting. Btw, your old forum thread on Anniversary year-quests with tips for lowbie alts was hugely helpful, back in the day when I still cared to play it - cheers for gathering and sharing all those tips. Keeping up the irony in banning players who actually contribute constructively to game community, while sheltering narcissistic cluster-B personality disorder case studies who post such turdlets as "why I hate grouping" and other gems that sure create a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.
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    Zeitraum: 25.02. - 03.03.2019 23:59 EU-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 456): Logins EU-LOTRO US-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 453): Logins US-LOTRO
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    The servers are being moved to Cord's windowless van in the parking lot. It's where he keeps his beaded curtain, patchouli, and lava lamps.
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    In my opinion at this point every time they revamp an old system it's only to squeeze more money. The virtues system doesn't really need a revamp only need to become an account wide so one won't need to farm the same trait over and over again, but then who would buy all those wonderful virtues booster packages.
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    I'd say the thread will get back on track, but there's not really anything more that could be discussed about the letter since it's so void of content.
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    I'm not removing anyone just because they're a bit of a cunt (and I don't have the authority to do so without permission even if I wanted to). You don't need to act like that's even a possibility here. I'm just saying it's petty to use pass-agg if you have a problem with what someone else has said and that you do it a fucking lot. There's no moral superiority or maturity to being like that, nor can you act innocent after doing so (general you, not you in particular).
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    Stop the mind reading Added: Who would have ever thought they would charge for the removal of essences? Or charge 50MC for a starter horse? Players should expect anything and everything being changed for the worst possible scenario... all for the almighty $.
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    As has been said as long ago as the introduction of the store, from now on the game will be designed around the store... except back then no one knew what would be eventually in it. From a monetization presentation I learned that the goal is for it to not be the icing on the cake but to be mixed in with the entire dough. I think we can see that well, at the moment.
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    You think you're cute, you're just obnoxious. Of course I use a different alias here. I wouldn't risk getting banned from the game because you and your circle jerking friends would find a way to report me otherwise. And I'm no snowflake dear, I can live quite happily with the likes of you, but that does NOT come with a courtesy card. Whenever I feel like calling your bluff or just pissing in your general direction I'll be doing so. You know that you deserve it and besides you love it. And if you "very much like to read more thoughts of the latest news from LOTRO" go get them from the MORONS you encouraged to steal your game from you. Go watch some of their pathetic streams. Just get the fuck out of here, for Christ's sakes.
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    You wouldn't enjoy posting here if it were not for using the same name as on the OF. Your intent is to aggravate, otherwise you wouldn't be here. You don't even like us. I am sitting here laughing at your post with all those quotes. I don't want to use my OF forum name here, because I don't want run the chance of losing my accounts, because of what I say here. You don't have to fear being kicked out there because you sucking up so much, while here you don't have to fear a thing. That is the difference. I don't call what I do hiding. I call it sad necessity. To take the idea of strong snow a bit further, this is what happened in Fort Erie on Sunday, when individual ice molecules clumped together: You be warned.
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    I may agree with you, but in my case it’s this very loser who gets on my nerves. I cannot stand passive aggresives and she wrote the book on the matter. Also, she’s not a defector, she’s a bore just short of victims on the other forum.
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    In case anyone ever wanted to experience the 21st Hall with pouring down rain inside, now's your chance until they fix it in the next patch. They did some updates to Moria in anticipation of opening it up on the Legendary Servers, and whoops, it can rain in there now. Maybe if you're lucky you'll get snow too. Edited to add: Looks like this is just in the skirmish version Battle for the 21st Hall. Good memory! How about an "away with you!" for old time's sake.
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    "Yes to an LI revamp, in due time." This should have happened years ago. Literally. To say "in due time" now is laughable. But coming from SSG, expected. Much like the spelling errors.
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    Exactly fucking this. I spend that much pretty much every day on lunch. I could lose that much and it might be an initial twinge of annoyance but I'd soon forget it. However, they're still paying a company that's not only incompetent but openly disdainful of its customers. "But what about the entertainment/time value?!". "What about wanting to keep the game going no matter what?!" It's about the fucking principle, that they give money, even small amounts, to help keep a bunch of morons in a wage. They're the sorts of people that take no issue with getting stepped on or fucked over, so they see no issue with being treated like a walking wallet with the brain capacity of a dried slug. Absolute NPC, sheeple, normie cunts. Edit: oh yeah, and an expansion for "Minus" Morgul. Doesn't sound much like you could make a zone out of that. Barad Guldur had Mirkwood. Orthanc had Dunland. Minas Morgul has... a vale? Now, I don't know how much is already available in-game to reach, but from the this, it doesn't look like a lot of room at all.
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    God dammit! When will people learn that it's not about having the money, it's about being manipulated by underhanded business practices. Yeah I have 20 bucks every 3 to 4 months to give them, but why the fuck should I when they're intentionally turning the game to shit in order to make spending that money seem like a good idea. Fuck that SSG cock gobbling fucktard who came up with that bullshit justification. Yay Shelob, finally! Only over a year since it was fucking relevant and we visited her god damn lair. Hey how about we don't add instances and raids revolving around actual bad guys from the stories. No, let's add a buggy pile of crap about an orc prison guard, something something vampire, and a raid that has nothing to do with the story.
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    Zeitraum: 18.02. - 24.02.2019 23:59 EU-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 455): Logins EU-LOTRO US-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 452): Logins US-LOTRO
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    The real engrish is. I'm still calling this thing vaporware until it appears as a download (or demo'd on a stream). **goes back and reads letter** Wait a sec.... **checks time** Oh... sarcasm detector fell asleep >.>
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    Well that is quite a solid plan for the future, new 64 bit client in the work and also a new expansion on the horizon. Also glad they did listen to the feedback about Mordor
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    Zeitraum: 11.02. - 17.02.2019 23:59 EU-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 454): Logins EU-LOTRO US-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 451): Logins US-LOTRO