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    This is the rub of it. They recently re-opened the winter festival on the servers, which gave a lot of people a laugh. So blatant is their lack of content for the casuals that they have to recycle more and more often. However, I repeatedly saw people asking for people to actually turn up for things like snowball fights or that weird theatre thing. I thought fuck it, I'll go have a butcher's. No layering mechanic needed, it was really, really dead. There's more people sitting AFK in 21st Hall than there is doing the festival. There's round the clock runs of Turtle, despite raiders being a small percentage of the player-base. Yet the festival doesn't get a lot of interest? Heavily suggestive that the majority don't do festivals, and yet it's the flowerpickers who keep getting changes and additions made for them. Precisely because they're the sorts of plebs who would use 45 mithril coins a night on rezzes. The whales (and I don't mean that about any particular streamer's weight) are the ones still funding the game, despite their small numbers. They're the only ones who need to be kept happy, and seemingly it doesn't take fucking much. But hey, if they're happy, good luck to them... the crayon-eating little bastards.
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    vBulletin's moderation is a straight forward when it comes to permissions. There isn't really anything complicated about it. Cordovans experience using the forums over time, has shown his knowledge of it, is limited. Think about this for a moment. There is no sensible reason to allow the CM of LotRO the "actual" Admin of the forums. This is why when a forum user get a ban that can never be lifted he can't change the permissions to allow you to be active. Its because the CM didn't place the ban or when the CM uses this choice they can't undo it. Also worthy to note is, when no reason is specified, its likely the CM had nothing to do with it. Who would have the top level admin of the forums? Hmm... Also there is this. If you are willing to contact vBulletin explaining the situation with Cordovan's mail exchange with you, there is a chance you can have the permissions reset by them. ofc with the SSG nod. Though this would bring into light the Admin forum chain at SSG isn't performing as one voice. This is why Cordovan tells you its easier or best to just create a new forum account. Which by the way means creating a fully new account for game and its forums. This reads like you had a smokescreen thrown at you from SSG via Cordovan passing the buck because admitting fault or ineptitude isn't acceptable.
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    I'm sure we'll see plenty of stockholm syndrome suffering addicts waxing lyrical about how much better everything runs on the 64-bit version without realising they're still running 32-bit
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    That scene was appalling. I said as a joke "and now he stabs her" and my partner was midway through saying "yeah, that would be pretty obvious" when he actually fucking stabbed her. Then the dragon melts the fucking throne, a throne made with fucking dragon fire before without melting it completely (which seems to do whatever's needed, like it used to just melt stone like at Harrenhal, now it explodes stone like TNT). Really? The dragon got the symbolism of the Iron Throne did it? Or did it think "oh no, mummy been stabbed, must be stabby chair"? Their desire to rush to the end left them with nothing but hack moments. I mean, come the fuck on, why is Branston pickle now the king? He made it clear he wasn't a lord or any of that shit any more and was well above it, suddenly he's like "yeah, let's king this bitch up". He's pretty much come out of nowhere to all the other lords and either they didn't tell anyone else he was magic until then or they all just accepted it really easy. Gendry had the strongest claim after Jon, considering he was a legitimised bastard Baratheon, and even he would've made a better choice than Richard Branson (still a bad choice, but you work with the shit you shit up). Arya's magically an explorer now? Made more sense in the books, they set up that sort of a person, but for the TV show she didn't really have any of that. She fucked off to Braavos after her dad popped his clogs, trained to be an assassin, became an assassin, used her power once, did some zombie killing, then got scared of zombies, teleported behind the Night's King, and never did any ninja stuff again. Cool, it's all over, I'mma fuck off in a boat to the west to see what's going on in Americaros. I've got to stop now before I start getting more annoyed. I could re-write that whole fucking season to make more sense, and I think that's what annoys me the most; if an amateur could do it, why the hell are those couple of fags getting paid hundreds of thousands to do a hack job?
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    As it stands on BR you could be Middle-earth's greatest deed completionist and when you hit cap you'll have gotten around rank 25/60 on all virtues and some alt veteran slacker gets rank 50 on them the day U24 goes live. It's all about harvesting the morons and attempting to garner support for the system by the old timers who get a skewed initial rank. Sap/Cord have done their best to get rid of those who don't rely on belief systems to arrive at their opinions, I will expect those who have exposed them will be joining us soon. It's like the rep you need at each new area' if you don't use rep accelerators throughout you end up half way to kindred. Virtues will be earn half from what's available in game and half from the store. But e-commerce rules the roost the devs and systems guys can knuckle down or walk.
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    Blessed was the day I walked out of this wreck.
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    I think this posts sums it up nicely: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?&postid=7934324#post7934324 What the OP fails to note is the motivation for the changes: to drive people to the store. Now the deeds will be designed so that you can't get to max level on all virtues, and will need a tome of VXP or a VXP accelerator to get there.
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    There's not enough boobs worth seeing in the world to save the final season's bad writing....
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    I dislike the Bloodthirsty Dwarf writing in the GoT. He's a decent writer, but I got pissed off reading his series around 2005 (A Feast for Crows). Ages later, I got dragged into watching GoT (intro music, clothes) and was surprised by the good quality of the series. The final episodes, while visually interesting, are an exercise in imbecility as far as plot, military strategy, character development, and idiotic behavior of the protagonists. So yes, I sometimes dislike the G.R.R. Martin hype, but at least he is a writer. What passes as writing in the final series is ... I have no words. For idiots, by idiots.
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    Came to this thread in search of some recommendations, as other have before me... Strangely, feels good to have my suspicion confirmed that MMO market seems to be ailing and there haven't been any standout titles that didn't fall into the same old predatory milking cashcow formula. Perhaps the MMO phenomenon is reaching the end of its shelf life, having only been successful when it was a new experience to the now-veteran gamers. That sense of adventurous innocence of early MMO gaming era, once trampled on by developer/management ineptitude, can never be restored or replicated. This may sum up why the well of MMOs has dried up. Imagination and critical thinking are becoming such damn perishable skills in these days of 1.6-second attention spans and compulsive smartphone clicking, the mainstream is not even catering to anyone with average/above average comprehension levels. I know the whole ┬┤generations getting dumber' trope is as old as time, but both tech and tech addiction are accelerating so fucking fast it's like watching the crowd get progressively dumber in real time, now at accelerated pace. Who needs content with intellectual complexity when you can shit out pixel-clickers that charge real cash for interacting with their fandom logos? For every intelligent gamer (who would immediately see through this bullshit, thus not worth marketing to), there's several dozen no-ones shambling through their non-lives who would excitedly pay to become co-dependent on mindnumbing content distracting them from their issues, interpreting consumer abuse as token of attention and marketing exploitation as love. Case in point: Users orgasming at the mere premise of paying more.
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    I've picked Runescape back up again. It's amazing how far it's come, even if it is still visually an absolute mess. I think it's only the nostalgia in me that's got me interested, considering that was the same reason I was playing the LotRO limited servers. But I've said it before and I'll say it again: MMOs just don't hold the same appeal to me as they used to. There's too much grind and too much time invested for it to be played properly, when it could all get snatched away from you by a single shitty dev decision. The hardcore MMOers expect insane levels of dedication and socialising, while the casual crowd that's mostly catered for are effectively retarded and so are given mind-numbing content in return. It's just not worth the hassle any more.
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    It's a pleasant lush and verdant landscape. You can access it via the Misty Mountains, Lothlorien or the Mirkwood Forest Gate. Judging by the map we may get a Upper Anduin region that include Mount Gundabad. Also There may be an Eastern connection into the middle area of Mirkwood that we don't have at present. They've incorporated the existing Beorning starter area well. The Beorning settlements are suitable rustic but when you look hard, a lot of the building asset are weathered and lichen covered Rohan architecture. However this is a test build and fine tuning may be done. The Gladden fields are interesting as there are abandoned dredging equipment and half orc dredgers. This may well be a nod to the fact that Saruman made extensive searches to find the ring. First impression is this is a pleasant zone and a good "filling in of the gaps".
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    The green grass of LotRO was polluted by the wrong fertilizer and killed large portions of the yard. In those dead areas other species emerge take root and gradually change the look of the yard. The passerby looks in disgust and ask what the hell happened to that beautiful yard? It is always hard to predict what will crop up when a niche becomes available. I cant play a Minstrel, so I'll highlight player homes and make it sound super cool. Hahahahaha!
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    She is already that monster and has been for quite some time. Remember back in the day when Sap gave a forum member a special title for transcribing his streams and that forum poster became a monster acting as if they spoke for Turbine (even stating it in a few threads).... that is what is happening with this person. They act as if they are part of the company and speak for the company on the OF and in streams. Cord has given these streamers to much rope (hell they moderate his official streams and silence people with honest questions) So, yeah, that monster already exist sadly. On another note, a family member decided to play Lotro today for about an hour..... they called me and said, "Is the game always this dead? Isn't this the anniversary?" They logged in, started grinding tokens before they checked the rewards and were more pissed they just wasted an hour. Made me laugh and tell them "See why I barely log in anymore lol"
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    Thanks for a wholesome laugh, for real though. Before that sideshow came on board a year ago, Cordovan's streams at least contained bits and pieces of relevant info (like, actual content that draws people to tune in, who'da thunk?). I'm no media user but even I tuned in sometimes just to hear what's cooking. Stopped watching the moment that sideshow took over, I mean can that WASP nasal accent get any more abrasive? Damn, my ears. If SSG team had more intelligence, I'd be tempted to see this luring in of "streamers" as strategic diverting of attention onto random nonsense, letting themselves off the hook for giving any kind of real updates/answers - but obviously this is too much mental gymnastics for the likes of Cord and Sev, so I'd just chalk it up to the irresistible feel of saffron lipstick on their obese glutes. The more I read blue name replies on official forums (even MoL is picking up on snark, team spirit must really be rubbing off), the more I see the entire SSG operation as mere clueless bravado of a bunch of nerdy cucks who think "owning their own business" equates failure immunity and automatic omnipotence in all business matters - they really do think the sun is shining out of their asses. I've never owned my own biz so obviously can't judge, but when a noob like me gets a feel they're committing every single mistake and walking into every single delusion trap a business noob can possibly commit and walk into, the actual bullshit must really be exorbitant. (I still miss some posters here who were sharing some pseudo-corporate observations on Lotro team's ineptitude back in 2013-15) Maybe that's the saddest part (sad as in just sad, not even haha sad). It's no ulterior greed, no masterfully manipulative business model, no elaborate fleecing schemes. Just a bunch of unwashed nerdy cucks who own a share in their own company, entangled in a pathological kissing fest with their Cluster B personality-disordered customers and feeding off each others' narcissistic supplies. Each side literally bloating and feeding off each other to own advantage. It's a fucking mental health hazard. This toxic psychological shit is for real. (Edited to add: After writing last lines above, being on this forum is starting to feel like being a fucking survivor of emotional blackmail/narcissist abuse/whatever, it's all there is to that whole official Lotro "community" circlejerk. Looking back on earlier discussions here starting with post-Helms Deep beta and onward, hard not to see it in those terms, especially when freshly-banned newcomers arrive to gain some mental clarity and closure. Mental health is real and mental hazards are real. No hobby gamer in their right mind would suspect what ill convoluted mental shit is being enabled by Turbine/SSG/CM's behaviors, and by the time they find themselves personally affected (after denials, dismissals, brushing off, all staple coping patterns) it's hard to rinse and purge. Really not much of exaggeration to have called this forum a support group between 2013-15, so damn much there needed venting and airing. Reading up on borderline/narcissistic personality disorders and behavior patterns really puts much in perspective. Certainly makes one spot it from a thousand miles off.)
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    Part of our transition to the final phase had our champs with a long CD skill to negate damage from the 12 tentacles. Might have been an item clicky or maybe a horn, not sure which now. Often we'd be waiting on one CD or other before proceeding. If melee got aggro on the final two tentacles there was an AE knockback triggered, it would cut dps and possibly leave toons in the roving patrol that would need range to come off target to help them out. We'd learnt that we were all basically squishy classes if we stood in the wrong place so it was key to be always in the sweet spot. One error like an auto attack felling a tentacle at the wrong time could have the watcher on full corruptions and healed to full. But we were mostly a casual kin that played together and stepped up once or twice a week to raid. We had feedback threads we'd all chip in our thoughts developing our own strategies, we made a point of not going outside the kin for help on tactics. As you say it's the whole journey that got us there; the tough Dark Delvings that had 4 or 5 of us switching in kin members to get their last piece as it was a degree or two harder than the other 6 mans. Developing a strategy as a group and putting it into practice and tweaking where needed. The big advantage of radiance was that everyone in the raid was there on merit and not just getting a free ride to the rewards and each member had the confidence of every other member, mostly: Me and Crit at odds over target in the video, I was upside down dangling at the time the other side of the watcher. If you can bare to dig up the previous ranged strat video, the Watcher was actually hardly in our thoughts for much of the fight. It was execution of a process in each phase and only one ranged tank was on him throughout and offered just a few seconds in each cycle when the raid focused on the watcher. One of the pains was having to wait around for 10 minutes after a wipe for the defeat dread to go away, that made us more careful not to screw up, that and much fewer options for rezzing in combat back then. That it took us months after the server firsts didn't matter, we were a bunch of n00bs figuring it out ourselves and finally getting our "own" Boss kill. Effort = Reward.
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    Re: graphics difference with 64bit In-game textures have been receiving little tweaks here and there for years in ongoing fashion, tucked in random updates. Like the update to the cosmetics textures from very early assets, that used to look real blurry when zoomed in - a few years ago they attained the same meticulous texture detail as the later post-Rohan assets. Part of what made old player avatars look real dated - even back in 2012/13 the original avatars looked great in their context, but overall graphic textures weren't as detailed as they later became. Before server mergers, population on Riddermark was so sparse I could actually play with ultra-high settings on everything, and when playing slowly just for wandering around and immersing, those little graphic tweaks were really noticeable. Had to turn down my graphic settings after migrating to Crick, and kept them low ever since (maybe because with massive disappointment in SSG, I didn't wanna be reminded how visually nice this game still is, and only dunked in and out for practical stuff like keep in touch with some players or help with raids - easier to treat it as "just a game" on lower settings). All of the above is to say... the compliments coming in about Lotro's incredible graphics are of course well deserved, but folks who really did work on them got laid off long ago, most likely. Nothing to do with new client, just the contrast between lower settings and high/ultra high. Same with new avatars, ultra high settings + new avatars gives it a real impression of newness. But it's been this way for a long while already.
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    There aren't any good MMOs out there today. They're all toxic cesspools of entitlement, exploits, and corrupt developers who couldn't give less of a shit about their player base. Gamers have largely moved on from those halcyon days of camaraderie and cooperation for a common goal. Today, it's all about instant gratification, pay-to-win cash stores, and bad-mouthing kids on the other side of the globe through comms/Ventrillo/Teamspeak/Discord for the lulz.
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    I get that this person is incompetent, and likely with more than just the game, but it feels like you guys are giving her far too much attention and importance. I wouldn't have known who she is at all until people here started posting links to her streams and giving her a spotlight, which is often what streamers want. They're a literal nobody, but there's a growing theme here like she carries any weight (no, not like that) in the "community". Careful you don't create your own monster.
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    Was my very thought as well.
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    Massively OP reports that DDO is getting a 64-bit client "similar to LOTRO's" . It also says Rohan housing is in the works. No timeframe given in the Massively summary and I have no plans to read the interview they quoted. Not interested anymore. https://massivelyop.com/2019/04/06/lotro-announces-rohan-housing-while-ddo-is-slated-to-get-a-64-bit-client/
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    Secret World Legends. They already shot themselves in the foot when they "re-released" Secret World and didn't transfer paying customers' characters over, but they've also been having insane client issues with lag so bad it's practically unplayable. There's no dedicated, in-depth wiki either like bigger MMOs have (which LotRO also lacks now), which doesn't help the appearance of a healthy game.
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    My experience working on the European service was that DDO was very much propped up by LotRO. My understanding was that this was also the case for Turbine in the US. Our understanding was that the FtP and the microtrans shop went live in DDO first as a way of testing and honing the tech before deployment to LotRO.
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    This is on the LS, Anor. Yes my kin WAS one of the spammer kins (which thankfully stopped a good month ago). Good mix of causal and hardcore players, quite a few that have been around a while, some still play live servers, many are old school returning for one last shot. Like I was stating above, I'd bet its a good snapshot of the server overall with better than 80% that stopped in and gave it a shot now long gone. Did a Turtle PUG a few days back and it was good to see that Doro character there
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    Zeitraum: 18.03. - 24.03.2019 23:59 EU-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 459): Logins EU-LOTRO US-Logins vergangener Woche (Datenwoche 456): Logins US-LOTRO