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    I got my Cleganebowl, that's all I ever wanted. It wasn't as long as I'd liked, and the editing was rough as all hell with all the constant cuts, but at least it's done now. They can finish up rushing the hell out of the story without me expecting anything.
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    So after seeing ep 5... I'm convinced the only winner is HBO.
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    not what i am saying. the only things that hit somewhat hard are the adult gwibers and the giants & while those things aren't every 5 feet, except a tad bit with the giants in giant home... even there you kinda have to purposefully ignore everything around you to get a second by accident. what i am referring to is the generic wimpy mobs (orcs, dunlendings, wargs, wolves, cunannun, wights, tree trolls and the slightly similar to limfram lights) literally every 5 feet that aren't remotely hard to fight, but it is like clearing 300 trash mobs before reaching a Boss fight in an instance... filler. it's like the back and forth for the Hobbits in Staddle, except there are 50 fly swarms between each hop. i should also point out i am not referring to those in and around the little villages either, or a wolf den, or place where you would expect to see an enemy mob in some concentration. i am talking all over the landscape willy-nilly. i think the design was intended for landrushers so they wouldn't fight over mobs, or be like the faggots of yore needing to form a queue line for quests & or spawns... if the above was still commonplace in design & player made queue lines were still a thing... no damn way would i ever touch this genre. but generic trash landscape mobs every few feet so the hordes of players on launch day & for the first couple months have plenty to kill; becomes a time wasting nuisance when the zone is no longer populated with hundreds of players. there isn't much difficultly until you get an adult gwibber, or giant, which is a segment of a zone segment (Thrors Coomb.) it also looks UNNATURAL as fuck, but then so does Enedwaith itself in some regards. every few feet just some random eazzie-pezzie mob, so even kiting, at some point you will have to stop and dispose of the remaining train. nothing difficult, but moving around the zone is just tedious. unless you are over-leveled. all that said, this is LOTRO and i am sure there are some folk who will have difficulties fighting even a couple generic mobs, but most players can kill them easily enough. yellow champ could dispatch any train easily. if you think these things are difficult, you are probably doing something VERY wrong. if you are the kind of person who likes fighting 300 trash mobs just to get to a challenge, well... until you enter giants home, or face an adult gwibber... you shouldn't have to manage much of anything. giants home doesn't need any changes. tiny villages, animal dens, camps etc. would be natural places for mob density. even having a roaming hunting party, or something like that. but trash mobs every few feet is just liter & once the land rush of post launch ends... just bad design. the only reason to have it like that is when there are actually hundreds of players in the zone. even though it does look unnatural, it kind of has to be that way initially. 1 or 2 or 5 years later though... ;)
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