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    if you are just starting out, this new system is initially fairly decent as you can slot 5 choices immediately & begin leveling those (one at a time) immediately. so initially for a new person, getting virtue traits leveled is going to be much quicker than it used to be when a deed was locked to a certain virtue. if you have just one spec of 5 traits & that is it... this new system will be OK & less work than previously. "IF CLAUSE INCOMING!" "if" virtues remain unchanged (they keep there current values & aren't swapped again) & no other new virtues are added... & "if" virtues remain at level 60... (((they won't but will go up when the level cap goes up, so you'll be doing more work when the level cap raises.))) the new system is OK... "IF" for anyone wanting more than one 5 virtue spec, (or even a completionists) SSG just added another massive MASSIVE grind. & you can bank on the level 60 cap raising with the next level cap increase. so short term, this new system is going to feel OK. as time wears on, folk will be as sick of it as they are the LI grind (and every other system grind in this game & there are plenty.)
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