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    Well anyone with sense will know this release is still unfinished so won't need to rush to buggy content and will just use stockpiled points. It still amazes me that there are people willing to give SSG any money at all, be it for VIP or expansions.
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    Its official. Splay is now on the ballot in 48 states. I'll be running on the Death Match platform. Every candidate must face off against me, in a no holds barred death match, at an arena of my choice. #Splay for President 2020 In the event no one is left by the voting date, I will win by default.
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    The early zones until 75 are fun and enjoyable looks great and unique. the real pain start once you start leveling everythin between 75 - 110/115 (this is when I stopped playing).
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    They're banking on gamblers and big time whales, subbers and small time micro-buyers are irrelevant.
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    I still amaze people actually defend their pricing. In gw2 you pay for each xpack 30$ (two so far) and you unlock almost everything the game have to offer. In swtor you sub for one month and it unlocks all the content that has been released until that point. And again people won't be able to buy it with points until march 2020, are they trying to kill the game or did it work for them with mordor?
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