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    Again, and again and lol again. Did I mention its happening again? https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?676410-The-new-Minas-Morgul-Instances-are-only-available-at-Tier-1-for-launch-Tiers-2-and-3-will-be-available-soon Here is a post on top of fourth page. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?676410-The-new-Minas-Morgul-Instances-are-only-available-at-Tier-1-for-launch-Tiers-2-and-3-will-be-available-soon&p=7970976#post7970976 Now the pitch fork is out... I can trade for ember boxes min lvl 121 and get better gear than anything from playing the content. Not in line with the previous commitments made. Dissapointed is an understatement It took this post above to get SSG to respond. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?676410-The-new-Minas-Morgul-Instances-are-only-available-at-Tier-1-for-launch-Tiers-2-and-3-will-be-available-soon&p=7970991#post7970991 Cordovan says here. This is the result of T2 and T3 not being ready for a few days yet. However, this gear should soon find itself properly placed by later this week, when T2 and T3 are live. Then https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?676410-The-new-Minas-Morgul-Instances-are-only-available-at-Tier-1-for-launch-Tiers-2-and-3-will-be-available-soon&p=7971049#post7971049 What happen to brand new gear should NOT be earned for real money on release???? You linked to your own policy lol : "On the day that new content is released, players should not be able to get the brand-new gear with end game currency or Store purchases." This shouldnt apply or what? SSG Cordovan response below. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?676410-The-new-Minas-Morgul-Instances-are-only-available-at-Tier-1-for-launch-Tiers-2-and-3-will-be-available-soon&p=7971208#post7971208 Ultimately we had to decide if this was worth delaying the expansion by a couple of days for, and made the decision to keep on schedule, since the fix would be out within about 48 hours of launch. But yes, we do take this statement seriously. "We"? I started a post asking who the "we" is. I deleted it, because I knew, it would go unanswered. Currently lootbox gear is better than anything to be had in game. This is because the players are being spoon fed the content through a trickle one drop at a time. I expected that tbh. Anything to stretch the butter as far as possible across the last piece of toast. The kicker here is a key will get you the best gear in game for the moment. Again Turbine/SSG gives a small portion of the players a boon and again hiding it behind and oopsie. I gotta call bullshit! These aren't mistakes. They do this at each release. No SSG doesn't take ther policy seriously. They use their rules and policies when its to their benefit and only then. Other times its a. "Aww we made a mistake. Sorry guys." Anything to sell those fuckin keys. I stopped playing and just for reasons like this post. I haven't brought up the launcher and couldn't give two fucks, other than to affirm here the reason, I quit LotRO. One big shit show, who pander to dimwits, all the while shoveling shit down their throats and having those very dumbasses ask for more.
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    Groundhog day, SSG style. Except there ain't gonna be a happy ending here, folks.
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    "Oh thank the lord we're no longer under the oppressive regime at WB. Daybreak is going to be totally hands-off. They're only publishing the game." Remember this line of thinking? LOL I cannot wait for this game to die, completely.
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    There are one or two threads where folks are venting their disappointment. The only issue...SSG isn't doing anything they haven't done before (i.e. Mordor). All this anger over something that isn't going to change. SSG already showed you who they are--years ago. If you continue to stick around and play the game, you have no one to blame but yourself.
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    The game is expensive and the grind is there to direct people to the store, The problem is not the booster the problem is the idea of people having to pay just to skip stuff in a game, cause the grind is too extensive and simply not fun. Long time ago I realized it's not a game with a store, it's a store that have game.
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