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    We are the A Team now guys! https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?676837-Yula_The_Mighty-missing&p=7974309#post7974309 "Many escaped the stockade of these forums, admonished for infractions they claim innocence (partially). Going underground to fight injustice they can help you, if you can find them." Mac
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    Err hehe hell ya! Ballie workin the board. <------------Carpentry speak https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?676840-Holy-purple-poodles!-Valar-buff-to-120-vs-played-to-120&amp;p=7974307#post7974307 I believe the virtue tomes from doing the quest were bound to char or intended to be and will be stated as so in the update slated for this week (last Monday). I have to wonder at the people making these decisions at SSG who just have no appreciation of what efforts players have put into progressing their ILIs, virtue ranks, trait points and gear. I'd ask them to take a wander around the Eyes & Guard tavern and remember the input of all the names, do they even know of them any more? It seems like the latest valar is designed purely to progress Cordovans's valared character to a point his free LP can finish off the final build to a point he has the chance not to suck so much. Is he remotely likely to read what his skills do all of a sudden and understand how to get the most out of them? But in creating this bypass product for cheats who never could be bothered to play the content of these forgotten devs and properly learn to play and progress they get to pass all the folk still on their struggle to progress. We do the right thing and anyone can just pay their way passed you. The marathon runner slogging away to be beaten by another taking an Uber to the finishing line and extoling how virtuous they are with thousands in charitable contributions to their cause. But the whales are maybe too dumb to know the gift they have been given to fix their chars and waste the opportunity. Those that could only reach these heights by paying can't sustain that level through their own efforts, they don't make any effort. Others a "free" toon to "harvest" for their mains. I hope the delay this week is some realisation of what damage they have done to the game, but it's unlikely they care enough given recent history. Layin that shit down the center of the road.
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    The mental gymnastics going on in that thread by the "regulars" is astonishing. The gem is Arnenna who claimed she wasn't going to be buying the expansion because of how it was being monetized (wait for it...she bought it) and now she is trying to claim some type of high ground because she isn't spending money on other things in-game..."Leave those that wish to feed the monster - face the monster. Imma be a million miles away from that, just playing the game..." If you bought the expansion and are actively playing the game you are feeding the fucking monster. It doesn't matter what SSG does, let's be honest. Those type of people won't--can't--log off, uninstall, quit, etc.
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