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  1. (snip) Cordovan modelled the desired behaviour: valar and skip Skip the time, skip the grind, skip the game He did it without even pulling his wallet, which tells the audience: yes, it's that easy Those who followed suit are now willing to buy lootboxes as well WAI
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  2. I learned why Tim always wears a hat. Tim has a tattoo on the back of his head saying, Horcrux space for rent. Presently, Trump placed a part of his soul into Tim. If the hat were to be removed we'd see a Trump face on his bald head. Every time we hear Timhat say things like this below, we can know its Trump talking. I want nothing. I didn't know them very well. It was perfect. I did nothing wrong. Timhat doesn't realize it, but every time he pushes his glasses up, its because Horcrux Trump and Timhat share the same ears. You can tell Timhat struggles for dominanc
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