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    Well you are here soooooo..........
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    I can't imagine dreaming in the shower. Sounds kind of dangerous tbh. Dreaming suggests sleeping and those two don't mix. A metaphor? A literal device I've never seen before? The rest of the post though seemingly thought out as a good scenario likely can never happen. SSG has their hooks in LOtRO awfully deep and won't let it go readily. SSG plans to milk this cow until it dies. MoL recently said he and SSG are in no hurry to do the Scouring of the Shire reaffirming SSG will continue to destroy and mutate LotR and Tolkien's other works in ways we can't imagine. Jeff Libby's story telling is at best mediocre. Sure he has the Lore to work with but honestly at his age it should be a premium showcase of a man's creativity not just a so so read. I still say SSG should complete the original story and add his stuff after the fact. It is because He and SSG has chosen the opposite, I stopped playing despite the game itself not even performing on par for its age. Fear, risk adversity, greed, drive the direction of LotRO. So the OP's dream is just that. SSG would rather pull the plug than have another take this game to a higher plane of existence. On another note relating to the direction of LotRO. It is still true. I no longer play this game, though I do keep in contact with some who do. In this, a person who wanted to play a Minstrel for the first time, ask me to guide them through the class. Not a flyby course but much more in depth. I said, I would offer help as long as it didn't require me to log into the game. I agreed to do this while we used headsets and 3rd party tools. While she was playing, I received virtually a play by play of everything she was doing along with our continued conversations. Early on, I arrived at a conclusion that came back to me again and again. This was the fact whole quest chains are now absent from the game. Some quest chains now do not have their end chain goal or their rewards. Just small, not critical, but enough to have originally got me to log on many evenings in my past. There were so many, I can no longer recall each event. She is now in her level 40s and still my memory serves me that at each recognition of the past is no longer represented in the present. I bring this to attention for this reason. SSG is systematically removing content from past Turbine employees who perhaps SSG does not hold in a respectful regard. Also this includes systems in the game. Systems which are being replaced rather than fixed, upgraded, and or maintained. When this realization became apparent it brought about new light on why the game is what it is and how it exists in the future. Basically anyone that doesn't remain in SSG's grace has their work erased. I imagine if SSG could legally get away with it, they would also remove those past employees from their credits list found on the launcher. As time passes, I dislike those at SSG who command the road it travels and even more so for the roads they left as dead ends. But... when has it ever been so that losers, the lost, or the dead write history?
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