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    no Jew ever comes to bat for poor Bernie, but... whole merchant fleet ready to go for ^this^ guy... so i am like: poor Bernie can only muster "SPICE" girls: and in spite of all of it... the hair sniffer is probably gonna be the guy that gets the prize: ??????
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    So Trump is the Joker, a psychotic criminal, finally something that I agree with
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    Ignoring that I was just pointing out yet another example of your spasticated double-think, I'll bite. Except it was Iraqis who did that, in response to a US airstrike. Shenanigans with ships, which were false flags. And flying a red flag after having a general murdered, yeah they're in their rights on that all things considered. Which is just talk, which you say is cheap. You mean the US starting a conflict with Iran. Benghazi is in Libya, not Iran. There's only something like 2,000 miles between them, but I'm not surprised you'd confuse the two. Using some idiotic excuse like "but dey both Muslim!" won't cut it. Saudis. In fact, going by the default narrative, Saudis led by a man the US propped up. Again, no surprise you'd pick something that stupid. You'd have to provide evidence that many of the terrorist attacks in Europe have been due to Iranians. Obviously, you won't provide that, like every other claim you make, but I'm just letting you know that bullshit doesn't stand until you do so. Go suck Trump's dick a little more, you ignorant cunt. Every post you've made on any subject relating to politics has been either blinkered or flat out wrong. Honestly, it's laughable but you're just as cowardly as Trump and won't face up to your own failures. Go ahead, post some shitty car or some other shallow nonsense to cover yourself. Maybe make some weird brag over interconnected web of thoughts, like you're somehow a genius. I'm up for a laugh.
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