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  1. I've just set up a discord server for those who need it @Aegledor, https://discord.gg/j84V2wEZyT Thank you for the birthday wishes @Urwendil. I've just turned off registration on the forums. I've decided not to shutter it completely.
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  2. Thank you, MueR. I've been going through my post history last night saving some of them in a txt file for recordkeeping, and while revisiting some very old threads have once again been amazed by the amount of thoughtful commentary and careful attention invested in those discussions. Happy to hear those threads won't disappear. This forum serves, in a way, as a definite history of Lotro as chronicled and meticulously documented by its actual players -- in real time, as it happened. The eyewitness, oral history of the game's (mis)management and (arrested) development. The Decline and Fall. The threads from 2014 especially are remarkably visceral, more painful in hindsight knowing their vehemence and raw emotion were about to be engulfed by a void. No finer storytelling on these matters, telling it like it is. And it was all unfolding live. Whatever the capering sycophants from the official forum claim to contribute with their Landroval cliques and RP elitist buffoonery, this forum space is the definitive Lotro Chronicle. Open for anyone to read.
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